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This story is a fiction, but slightly based on things that happened in my teenage years.
Before the story begins, let's get to know the characters.

Kyle, at age 14, was about 5'7" and weighed around 125 pounds. He had a slightly athletic body, because he spent his weekends playing sports with his friends. During the week he was home all day. He was homeschooled. Every tuesday, he had a guitar lesson. He was a skilled bassist, but had plenty of room to improve.

Kaitlin, nicknamed Kat, was beautiful. At 15, she stood 5'4", and weighed about 125, same as Kyle. Her bra was size 34C, and she wore size 16 jeans. Her virginity had been taken by a friend who left her for another girl, and both her and Kyle hate.

Now that you've read about the three, let's begin.

Kyle was lounging on the couch in the living room when the phone rang. It was about 5pm on Friday, so he had the phone right next to him as he waited for her to call. He picked it up, smiling. "Hey Kat!" He said, closing his laptop and setting it aside. "What's up?" He asked as he stood up to walk outside. As he opened the door, he stood aside to let his dog run by first. He sat on the back porch, talking to her for about 15 minutes.

After the call, he walked inside and gave the phone to his mom. "I'm going down to the park. I've got money to get myself dinner." He said before walking out the door.

As he walked down the street, he waved to some kids playing soccer in the street. They kicked the ball to him, which he kicked into their goal. This was a usual routine. He continued down the street with a smile.

He was wearing a shirt with a picture of Joe Satriani on in, he had bought at a concert a few nights ago. His hands were in the pockets of his loose jeans. As he walked by the basketball courts at the park, he saw Kat up by the front office. He smiled and ran up to her. "Hey, babe." He said, kissing her lips softly as he took her hand. "Where's your dad parked?" He asked.

Soon they were sitting in the middle row of a Durango. Kaitlin's dad kept looking at the mirror to make sure they didn't fool around. Kyle knew not to do anything near him. He merely held Kat close and kissed her cheek, whispering in her ear alot.

After 10 minutes of this, her dad dropped them off at the theatre. He put his arm around her waist and walked her up to the box office. "What do you want to see, Kait?"

"Hmmm... I wanna see the Benchwarmers." She answered, kissing him.

He nodded and walked up to the window. "2 for the Benchwarmers, please. 7:15." He said, giving them time to eat. He paid for the tickets and went to the food court. "Here's $20. I'm gonna sit around here." He said, kissing her once more before they went seperate directions.

After they ate, they had 10 minutes before the movie. They went to the bathroom before they went to the consession stands for a large popcorn and supersize coke, and a huge box of skittles. Then they went into the movie room. They got perfect seats, in the middle. No craning your neck, or having too many people in front of you.

The movie was uneventful. He loved her and respected her too much to try to fool around in public. Plus, he was a virgin. As they walked out of the building he called her dad to pick them up and take them to the park. The sun was down, but her dad drove away. She had a bag of clothes and was going to stay the night at Kyle's house.

After a 15 minute walk to his house, he had to hold the dogs back so she could put her stuff down. He let them go after she had and they almost knocked her over. His dogs loved her almost as much as he did.

They went to the living room and sat down to watch TV. After a while the dogs jumped onto the couch on either side of them. "Hey girls!" He said, petting the one that was next to him. He smiled as he looked over to see Kaitlin kissing the other dogs nose. When she turned around, he kissed her deeply, lovingly.

They watched TV peacefully until around 10pm. His brothers had both left overnight for a concert in the next state, along with his dad.

After they switched the VCR to the game channel, he folded out a bed in the couch and turned on his Xbox. As they were playing Halo2, his mom went to bed, leaving them alone at 11pm.

They soon started their own game of "When you kill me, I feel you up." So he killed her a few times and she rubbed his dick through her pants. They did this alot, but they didn't get very far. She had been saving herself for when they married. Sure she wasn't a virgin, but she hated the one that had taken her, and made a vow so she wouldn't be hurt like that again.

Soon enough, his controller started responding slowly, and she killed him a few times. Around 1am, they changed it so that whenever one of them killed the other, they had to take a peice of clothing off. by 1:30, she was completely naked, and he was in his boxers. He killed her one more time, and they had to switch back to feeling eachother up.

A little bit before 2, she got up and turned off the game, her shaved pussy wet, and his 6.5 inch dick hard as a rock. She knelt down and started sucking it. He was surprised, but let her do it. She swirled her tongue around the tip a bit before taking him down her throat, and after a bit of bobbing her head, she pulled back mostly, running the flat of her tongue along it. As she sucked on the tip, he came. He shot his wad into her mouth and she swallowed every bit.

She used her hand to rub his cock softly to keep him hard. She slowly moved up and kissed him deeply. He only barely tasted his cum, and kissed her back. She slowly guided his dick to her entrance, and even slower, lowered herself on it. They were both moaning. She put her hands around his neck as he gently held her hips. She slowly rode him, moving up and down on his cock. They kissed deeply and he broke the kiss once in a while to say "I love you so much, Kait."

After he blew his load into her, she held him tight, keeping him inside her. She soon fell asleep with her head on his chest. He slowly and carefully moved her aside, sliding out of her, and put his boxers on before covering her up and laying on the other couch.

In the morning, he acted worried, and on the way to the park to let her dad take her home, she knew why he was worried. "Relax, Kyle. My parents have had me on the pill since I turned 14." She said, kissing him deeply. There was still a hint of cum in the taste. He was home 10 minutes later, getting ready for a soccer game.

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2008-05-27 19:56:32
sucked sucked and sucked more detaile alot more. trust me im the pro


2008-02-09 14:41:19
There was lots of unnecessary detail throughout the whole story so it was quite disappointing to get to the sex and have barely any detail what so ever. Lots of room for improvement, but good first attempt.


2006-04-28 02:39:20
I'll work on more details with word and edit those in.

Will post again after I do so.


2006-04-25 22:54:52
work on it... more details.. less gramatical errors.. sure its a sex story.. but noone wants confusing literature...


2006-04-25 20:07:51
crap needs more details

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