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Subject: A Guy Story

My name's Mark. I'm what most people call a regular guy. I'm 5'10" and weigh 175 pounds soaking wet. Eyes are gray and hair is a lightish brown. I don't have to shave every day although I do and my body hair is light and minimal. My instructor at the gym I go to says I work hard enough at my body so that it looks good even at the ripe age of 31. I have a wife and child that I adore and a great job with an advertising agency that more than just pays the bills. And of course my wife and I have lots of friends, the nice home in the suburbs and all the other accouterments that one could want in life.

The only hitch in the whole scene is that I like cock.

When I was a teenager there was this guy that lived across the alley from me named John. He was a year older than me and we hung out together doing boy stuff. When we were 13 or 14 my Dad was doing some public relations work for that magazine with the rabbit on the cover and always had a copy of it laying around in his office at home. John and I would sneak it into my room and look at the pics of the babes. One day during the summer we were looking at the magazine and I glanced over to see him subconsciously rubbing his cock through his shorts. I had a hard on as well. I asked him what he was doing and he jerked his hand away but I told him it was okay and without thinking about it I pulled down the front of my shorts and let my cock pop out. He gazed at it and then did the same with his.

All of a sudden we're both touching eachother's dicks and then jerking eachother off and it was the first time I'd ever seen another guy cum. During that summer we jacked eachother off a zillion times and finally got into sucking eachother off. I used to love sucking his cock and feeling the head swell in my mouth just before he got off. I swallowed his cum but he didn't mine. After that summer we drifted apart. But I never really drifted past my lust for cock. I liked sucking cock. I liked eating the cum that shot out of cock. I like sucking balls and licking asses. I liked pretty much everything that could happen with that region of the body. And when I finally had a cock slide up into my ass----well that did it for me. I fell in love with the whole thing.

But while I loved dicks I found that I wasn't particularly turned on by guys. I mean there were a few that got me hot but they were the extreme fem types who could put on a wig and some makeup and pretty much be girls with dicks. At some point I discovered xxx theaters and xxx bookstores and video booths with glory holes and that's a heaven for me. I could get what I wanted but without the male form entering into the equation. I still love being in a booth with a strange cock coming through the wall that I can suck. I love the anonymity of strange cock and feeling some guy cum in my mouth after I've given him the best head he's ever had.

And at some other point I discovered transvestites. I was in a video booth and the movie on the screen was a chick with dick film. I sat there transfixed by seeing this hot looking girl with a cock. The idea of some hardbodied girl with a dick made me crazy with lust and I remember that particular day sucking three or four cocks before I had enough.

I was 27 when this all happened and in the ensuing years I've had more than a few sex encounters with girls with cocks. Some of them have been sensational and some have been somewhat less than that. Unfortunately a lot of girls can't get hard no matter how well I suck them and some aren't interested in sex at all (hormones hormones hormones). But some have been spectacular enough to keep me searching for more
I keep looking and sometimes I get lucky.

A few weeks ago I was in Las Vegas on business. After two rough days I finally had a night to myself so I decided to see if I could find a girl of the persuasion that I loved. I didn't know where to look so I picked up a local smut paper and started looking. After a dozen fruitless (what a bad pun!!!)calls I contacted a girl named Brandy. We talked for a few minutes and I told her that if she didn't get hard and couldn't cum then there was no sense in us hooking up. She assured me that she could do both so we decided to meet. She asked me if I minded coming over to her place and I said it was cool. So I hopped into a cab and arrived at her place (which was in a nice apartment complex) at about nine pm. I walked up to the door and knocked. It opened a crack and I saw this really pretty face looking out at me.

"Hi, I'm Mark. We talked on the phone awhile ago."

She opened the door so I could see her. "And I'm Brandy. Come on in."

She was about six feet tall in the black heels she was wearing. Her hair was dark brown or black and with the close to perfect makeup she was wearing she was really good looking.Kind of dark complected with this gorgeous red lipstick. She had on a black silk floor length robe that she held around her and I could see black hose on her shapely legs. The way she held the robe accentuated her breasts which looked to be of the 36 variety. As she turned away from me I could see that her back was narrow and that her ass was high and tight under the robe.

"Let's get the ugly part out of the way baby." She said. I took out a a couple of hundred dollar bills and handed them to her. She moved towards me and kissed me on the mouth sucking my tongue and biting at my lips. "Now we can be lovers."

We sat on her couch and she asked me what I liked in a girl like her.

"I like sucking cock on girls like you. I like being made to do it. I like your cum in my mouth. and I love having a big cock in my ass." I said to her.

"Really? You're a little slut cockclitsucker? I love boys like you." She stood up and told me to come with her. I followed her into a bedroom. She turned and stood before me with her arms folded over her chest. "Take off your clothes Mark. Do it now."

I looked at her eyes as I took off my shirt and shoes and socks. Then my pants and underwear. I stood before her naked with my semi hard seven inch cock exposed for her to see. She stood across the room from me and slowly opened her robe, She had on stockings with a garter belt and no underwear. Her cockclit hung there. It was cut and even soft it was an easy seven inches.

Crawl over here you little bitch." She said to me. "Crawl on your hands and knees and make me hot."

I got down on my hands and knees and crawled across the room to her until I was in front of her looking up at her cockclit. She held it in her hands and started slowly jacking it back and forth as she talked to me.

"You want this in your slut cunt mouth dontcha Mark? You want to suck it and have me fuck your nasty boy face with it. You want some stick pussy baby? Tell me."

I was getting hot looking at her standing there. This gorgeous woman with a big dick. "Oh yeah baby. I want that cock of yours in my mouth. Want it to fuck my face like it's a pussy."

She held it out and it was inches from my lips. I leaned forward and touched the tip of it with my tongue. She pulled it away. "Beg for it you bitch. Tell me how bad you want it."
"I want to suck it Brandy. Please fuck my mouth with it." I begged shamelessly. "Stick it into my slut throat. Please."

She stuck it in front of my mouth and I took it in between my lips and started swirling my tongue around the head as my hand moved up to encircle the shaft. She had her hands on either side of my head and held it while she thrust her hips in and out fucking my face. Making me feel like the cocksucking whore I loved being.

"Oh yeah baby. Suck on that cock for me. Eat my dickclit." I could feel my own cock twitching. I was so hot sucking her off. She was getting really hard and her cockclit was getting bigger. My mouth was filled with it and my jaws felt stretched. She was holding my head and fucking me. All of a sudden she took it out of my mouth and held my head so I could look up at her face. "You're a good little slut Marky. I'm going to offer you something special. You want something special baby?"

I nodded my head. "I have a roommate who'd just love you baby. You ever do this with more than one partner?"

I'd never been with two girls at once or ever been in a gay type threesome before. I was so hot for her cock that I would have agreed to anything. "No. But I'd love to."

She told me to hang on a minute and she left the room. I knelt there playing with my cock waiting for her to come back. When she did she had a guy with her.

He was about 5'9" and thin. Blonde hair and very smooth all over. He was naked and his cock was big. Much too big for his body. It was an easy eight inches and already hard. And while I'm not into guys per se this guy was soooo good looking and I was soooo hot that I wanted anything they wanted.

"This is Billy. He's my brother. I love him. And I love his big fat cock. And I want you to love it to Mark." She led Billy over to me and they both stood in front of me with their cocks pointing at my face. "Billy this is Mark. Mark's a wondrous cocksucker. He loves it. Mark, show Billy how much you love it."

I took his big cock in my hands and held it while I leaned forward to take it into my mouth. I sucked the head and my cheeks caved in on him as I slowly slid my hands up and down the length of his big dick.

"Oh yeah Marky. Suck that big boy dick. My baby brother's got such a pretty one doesn't he. I love sucking it for hours on end. And I really love having it up inside my asscunt. I bet you'll love that too wontcha? Cause Billy loves to fuck hot guy ass"

She moved behind me and started playing with my cock and balls from behind. I was hard as a rock and she was rubbing the head with her thumb using the precum that was leaking out to lube me. Her other hand had my balls and she was squeezing slowly putting more and more pressure on me. I was moaning around his cock and he was fucking my mouth slowly. Then taking his big cock out and slapping my face and rubbing it around my face. All the time telling me what a good cocksucker I was. Brandy moved me to the bed and got me on my back.

She was between my legs on her knees and was sucking my cock into her red lipped mouth while Billy straddled my chest and fed me his big cock. He held my head up and slid it in and out of my mouth while she sucked the head of my enflamed cock and squeezed my balls hard. It hurt so badly and felt so fucking good that I thought I'd pass out from the pleasure of it. She started playing with my ass and let her saliva drool down to it so that she could lube her fingers. She had two fingers up inside of me and then three as she fucked them in and out of me.

"Billy baby. You want to fuck his hot ass or can I?" She asked.

"Oh you can fuck him honey. He's sucking my cock so good I just can't think about letting him stop now." Billy pushed forward and stuck his big dick down into my throat until I gagged a little. Brandy went to the nightstand and got some sort of lubricant and came back with it on her hands. She rubbed it all over my cock, balls and ass and started jerking on my shaft as she worked her fingers into my ass. I couldn't tell how many she had in me but she was fucking her hand in and out of my ass while she talked to me.

"Marky you're such a slut pig. You love having my fingers fuck you while Billy fucks your pussy mouth. Eat his dick you pig bitch. Suck his cock while I finger fuck your asspussy and get you ready for the fuck of your life."

He pulled out of my face and they maneuvered me over so that my head was hanging off the side of the bed. Billy positioned himself so that he was straddling my head and he stuck his big cock back into my mouth cunt and started shoving it in and out. In this position he could get it going straight into my throat. While he fucked my mouth Brandy got between my legs and stuck the head of her cocky at the entrance to my ass.

"I'm going to stick this stickpussy of mine into your ass baby. I'm going to fuck your brains out while Billy fucks your mouth." Her stick went up inside of me with ease after all the lube and her fingers had paved the way. I gasped around his dick as she sunk up to her pubic hairs in me. She slid it out and started sliding it in and out of me going slowly at first. After a couple of minutes she started going faster and faster and harder and harder. My legs were up and clasped around her waist holding her into me and wanting her buried there forever. His big cock was fucking my face and her stickpussy was fucking me. Making me feel like such a slut. Making me crazy for more. I could feel the crown of her cock as it almost came out of me and could feel it rubbing against that hot organ inside of me.

All of a sudden Billy pulled out of my mouth and stood straddling me so that his sister could suck his cock while she fucked me. He was fucking her mouth and his tight ass and ball sack were over me. I reached up with my hands and started squeezing his balls and playing with his ass. I could feel precum leaking out of me as I stuck my finger into him and started fucking it in and out.

"Oh yeah Mark. Finger my ass while my baby sister sucks me off. Yeah that's it Marky. Do me." I had three fingers up inside of him and he was moaning and had his hands holding Brandy's head as he fucked her face as she fucked my ass. "I'm gonna cum I'm gonna cum!" He cried out as he jerked his cock from her lips and stood over me jacking his big dick. I was up on my elbows waiting for his cum as he finally shot a huge ribbon out the slit of his cock and onto my face and chest. He squatted down over me and fed his long cock into my mouth. It was cumming what seemed like gallons and I couldn't swallow it fast enough. It was leaking out the corner of my mouth.
"Suck his cum Mark. Eat it all up you pig slut bitch." Said Brandy. "I'm so hot fucking your nasty tight ass. Oh yeah baby, squeeze my stickpuss. Make it tighter. God fuck you're so fucking good!"

She was fucking in and out of me so hard now that it was pushing me almost off the bed. Billy was now leaning across me with my cock in his mouth sucking me while she fucked me. "Oh goddamn I'm gonna cum. Oh fuck I am!" She cried as I felt a hot jet of cum shoot inside of me. She pulled out fast and scrambled up to my mouth so she could make me eat the rest of her. She grabbed my head and shoved her twitching shooting dick as deep as she could inside of my face. The combination of her cock shooting in my ass and mouth and her brother sucking me sent me over the edge and I shot a huge load into his mouth.

"Oh Brandy! He's cumming. Taste him!" And Brandy went down on my dick and sucked the last of my cum out of me. We all collapsed on the bed in that dreamy after sex state. "Marky, you're the hottest piece of ass we've ever had. Next time it's on us."

I really do like cock.

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2015-01-15 22:59:08
I'm bi in the closet and stories like this make my nuts hurt.

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2009-01-17 11:34:51
Just loved it. Reminded me of a visit I also made to LV.


2008-09-17 18:53:54
best story i have read for along time. i had to take my trousers and pants off so i could play with myself till i had a mind blowing orgazm. anon

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2008-07-15 04:12:47
I'm a girl and love to try doing it with a tranny!!!!!

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2008-07-05 19:06:59
I would Love to try this with a tranny, another guy and my wife. Something about fucking and suckingeverything in the room really turns me on

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