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Responsibilities don't become any easier
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After witnessing my step-daughter masterbate on a live sex site to the thought of me, I sat there for a few minutes in complete shock. I could hear the clock ticking up on the wall behind me. My eyes were still glued to the now black box on the screen where Paige had just been. It was as if she knew it was me, but there was no way that she could have. The feeling inside of me that was telling me she wanted it to be me, almost made me feel sick. My erection was starting to fade, part of me was glad that I didn't play, but the other part of me was floating around disappointment of not having a play. The shame of what I had just taken part in was washing over me, but I took solace in the fact that I had my answer.

This wall that she had put up between us was starting to crumble, and she didn't even realise it. I heard her bedroom door open and I quickly exited the browser, I brought up my emails and quickly clicked on a work related one after seeing the three emails from the website I had subscribed to.
How was I going to talk to Anna about this? And if I wasn't going to talk to her about it, how could I hide it? Was I really the type of stepfather to have web sex with his stepdaughter without her realising it was me?
Every night she would go online and fantasise about having sex with me, and while doing so countless men would jerk off while watching her. Me almost being one of them. Using her to jerk off and then disappearing into the net.

I heard her foot steps on the stair case and began a slight cold sweat, she soon appeared in the doorway wearing a red night robe which she held together with her hand. She was still wearing the stockings, though all I saw was her calves and feet.
She looked at me for a moment, appearing a little confused. I flashed her a quick smile and returned my eyes to the screen. She walked passed me and to the refrigerator, opening it to take out a carton of orange juice.
''Up late.'' she mumbled. I was surprised at first, normally she wouldn't say a word to me. I turned my head slightly without completely facing her, ''Yeah, just going over work stuff for Monday.'' I told her.

The atmosphere was tense and awkward, I had the idea that she was maybe a little ashamed of herself for having the feelings. I tried to think of something to say, but all that came out was ''Are you wearing tights?''
I could have slammed my head onto the table right there and then, I heard her puff a sigh as she drank the juice from the carton. I heard her pull on the refrigerator door and put the juice back, the door slammed close as she walked out of the kitchen. She stopped before reaching the stairs and turned her head towards me, ''I'll leave you to your emails, that email about deals at Wall-mart has had your attention for quite a while.''
I hadn't even noticed what it was I had opened, she turned back and headed back up the stairs. I wasn't sure, but she seemed to be in a better mood than I'd known her to be in. Maybe it was the fact that no other online user had lasted as long as I did, or maybe she was tired.

I deleted the emails from the website and closed the lid down on the laptop. I glanced up at the clock on the wall, one-thirty. I didn't know when Anna would be back, and I wasn't that worried. I switched off the kitchen light on my way up the stairs and stopped outside of Paige's room.

I thought about what she might be doing, would she be sleeping, or would she be waiting for me? I raised my hand to the door and heard nothing but silence, the feeling of dread and fear was starting to consume my insides, I was about to knock the door when I lowered my hand. I turned away and walked into my bed room.
I dropped my bottoms and pulled off my t-shirt, climbing into bed felt good, but the feeling I had once I was tucked in didn't. The feeling of my erection pressing against the bed sheets as the images of Paige danced in my mind.
I wasn't sure how long I was led there, but I eventually fell into a restless sleep.

I couldn't have been asleep long, because I still had my erection. The feeling of somebody climb into bed with me was what woke me. I felt a hand press against my chest, and then slide down to my abdomen. I was about to call Paige's name, when I felt lips press up against mine. I was shocked for a moment, and instinctively, I returned the kiss. I reached up and felt the back of someone's head, expecting to feel the long black locks of my step daughter, I slipped my tongue into her mouth. I felt her climb on top me, her naked skin rubbed against my own. With a swift motion my hand clamped down onto her bare ass.

I brought my hand down to her thigh, and felt the fabric of her stockings. My erection was almost too much to bare, I grabbed both of her ass cheeks and lifted her onto me, hearing her moan out loud in my ear as she brought herself forward.
I slipped into her with ease, she was wet and wanting it and I was willing to let myself go and give it to her.
My nose knocked into one of her breasts, I quickly opened my mouth wide and took in as much of it as I could, as it with drew from my mouth a lightly bit down on the nipple. Again she moaned. She was bringing herself up and down on me, riding me like it was what she was born to do, it had never felt this good before.

Through the darkness I found her lips, we kissed hard and passionately, her tongue danced with mine and for a moment they were like two lovers on a dance floor. I pushed my hips up off the bed and she went with it, we were in complete sync as she moaned louder. My hands ran over her thighs and up her rib cage, I squeezed both breasts and sucked on each individual nipple.

Ever since I first laid eyes on her in that online chat room, this was what I had been wanting. I was starting to feel my orgasm build up inside of me, all I could think about was screaming out her name, 'Paige!'
But I kept it in, I kept it in and used my hips to do the talking for me. My hips and my seven and a half inch cock. She made a sound like a woman sobbing, I could feel her tighten around me as she came closer.
I pulled her close and held my arms around her as I thrust in and out of her as hard and as fast as I could.
And then she gasped and went rigid, I exploded inside of her. We came in unison and it felt better than anything I had ever experienced.

A few moments passed until I realised I was still holding her in a bear like grip. I let my arms drop to my side and felt her hands again on my chest. She pushed herself up and that was when I realised, I had just been fucking my own wife.

''That's quite a welcome home.'' she said. I looked at her, containing my shock, containing everything. I immediately thanked god for not allowing me to scream Paige's name. I looked up into the eyes of my wife and finally managed to smile, ''Well I missed you.'' I told her.

Despite the obvious lie, I was thankful. Thankful that I hadn't just fucked my stepdaughter. Because as soon as I had come, I had felt this incredible bolt of shame. I guess it's like that for a lot of males that are under the influence of their cock, men will do anything when they have blood coursing through their members. But the moment that blood leaves, it's replaced with shame. At least, it was for me.
She kissed me and we both soon fell asleep. It was a better sleep than it was before, I guess had I off whacked off to the thought of Paige I'd have felt worse. And I wouldn't have been able to satisfy Anna.
And hell, Paige didn't know I had been online with her, so as I drifted to sleep I drifted with a clean conscious.

The next morning I woke to find that Anna had already gone, she never really was one for a lie-in. Even on a Saturday, and even after a night out. I checked the clock and after deciding that eleven thirty-two was a good time, I rolled out of bed and threw on my bottoms from last night.
I passed Paige's door on the way to the stairs and put what had happened last night to the back of my mind. Today was a new day, a day of Paige 'hating' me and a day of me sitting in our garden not giving a crap.

I entered the kitchen and saw Anna standing at the sink, she was wearing her pink night robe and didn't appear to be in anything else. I crept up behind her and slid my arms around her stomach, kissing her on the back of her neck.
''Oh about time, I was beginning to think that it was you out on the town last night and no me.'' she said. She took my hand in hers and turned her head towards me to give me a kiss.
''What's say you kick Paige out of the house, and we spend the day in the pool wearing nothing but each other?'' I suggested. She laughed a little, ''That sounds great,'' she began. ''But two things, see Paige is already out.'' she told me.
''Oh well that's phase one.'' I replied.
''...But she will be back just after lunch time with her friend, Jenna.'' she finished. That was all I needed to hear to deflate.

Jenna was a nice girl, but she was the complete opposite of Paige. Which wasn't necessarily a bad thing, but she would often flirt with me, even in front of Anna. My wife of course found it hilarious and knew how much it made me feel uncomfortable.
Jenna was a little shorter than Paige, with dark blonde hair and a round face. She wasn't a large girl, but her round face reminded me of an artist named Chris Burnham. She looked just like one of his characters. She had these large eyes and a small mouth, but she also had these melons attached to her chest. I mean, she had some of the best cleavage I had ever seen on a girl her age. And she knew how to get the things she wanted with it.
As a man, I couldn't begin to speculate on what size her breasts were, but it must have been a double letter, whatever the letter was.

''And I trust you will be here to watch Jenna and Paige while I hide at the local boozer.'' I said. Anna smiled and shook her head, ''No, I will be at the gym with Monica.'' she told me.
''Monica that Polish chick you work with?'' I asked, she answered with a nod of her head. She turned to face me completely and pulled on the chord that tied her robe, it slipped open revealing one of her breasts.
''And you mister, are going to watch the girls like a responsible man and make sure they don't get into any trouble. Or else you'll be finding yourself thinking about last night while you tug yourself off in the spare bed room.'' she told me.
I reached out and took her breast in my hand, ''I think I might be able to manage that.'' I told her. She snapped her robe shut, ''And don't go egging on Jenna.'' she warned me.
''What're you talking about?'' I asked.
''You know what I mean, don't go flexing your muscles in front of her. We joke about they way she looks at you and the way she is with you, but baby, that's a honey trap.''
''No, you joke about the way she is with me, I don't find it funny at all.'' I told her.

Anna left a little before one, leaving me to sip a cold beer in the garden. I heard the front door open and soon close and I knew who it was, I didn't need to get up and greet them.
Sure enough Paige walked out onto the patio carrying a shopping bag, wearing cut-off denim shorts and a white tank top. She looked at me with what I now know to be a forced look of disdain. ''Mom at gym?'' she asked.
''Yeah, she hasn't long been gone. Buy anything nice?'' I asked her. Through the thin material of her top I could see that she was wearing a purple bikini top, I started to wonder if she was wearing the matching bottoms when I noticed that she was scowling at me, ''Since when do you care?'' she asked me venomously.

It felt as though whenever she was out of her bedroom she carried a sense of resentment for her own feelings towards me. I can't for the life of me figure out why she wouldn't play nice, maybe her feelings towards me disgusted her.
''Jenna here?'' I asked.
''No, she's coming later. When she heard you would be watching over us she had to run home and dust herself off.'' she said. I smiled and held back the laugh, Paige looked away but for a split second I thought I had seen a smile appear on her face. She quickly turned back around and walked back inside though.

After my third or fourth beer I was eyeing the pool, I cast a glance up at Paige's window and then decided to pull off my top and slip into the water. I floated for a little while resting against the edge when I heard footsteps behind me, it was bare feet slapping against the hot concrete and as much as I wanted to I didn't turn around. Instead I pushed off the edge of the pool and floated over to the other side, before I turned around I heard the splash and was hit in the back by the waves. I then turned around and saw the figure swim up to me, a head broke the water and I caught a flash of cleavage before it disappeared back into the water and I was met by Jenna.

''Hey there,'' she greeted me, despite my obvious surprise I returned her greeting with a smile. I edged backward and was pressed up against the wall. She was about a foot away from me and looking into my eyes, I glanced up at Paige's window and couldn't see her there.
''You alright?'' she asked me, ''Yeah, how are you you Jenna?'' I asked in reply. She tipped her head backward into the water, forcing her wholesome chest out of the water for a moment and brought it forward again, ''I'm good.'' she said smiling.

Her black bikini held everything in place tightly, with her bust size it must have been a tight fit. In the back of my mind I pleaded with Anna to come home. Either that or Paige to walk out, but a couple of seconds passed and I realised that neither was going to happen.
She span around in the water and drifted backwards, towards me. Her back and shoulders bumped into my chest as she brought her head back against my shoulder. I looked down at her bulging chest and felt my cock knock at my shorts.
Her face looked up at mine and her green eyes met mine, she smiled for a moment as I pushed myself up against the edge of the pool. She was letting her body and actions do the talking for a change, I guessed she was inspired by the fact my wife was out.

Her creamy white skin was pressed up against my body, her shoulder dropped a little as I felt her hand grasp my cock. And of course, it was solid as a rock. Her mouth dropped open in surprise, half of me wanted to jump out and run away. But it was the other half of me that was in control as my hand came up and cupped her breast.
It felt like I was squeezing a pillow, she brought her head closer to mine as her eyes closed and her lips puckered a little. I leaned in and our lips met. What was I thinking? I had been completely seduced by this chick, her hand slid down into my shorts and firmly grabbed my cock. My hand dropped down from her breast and glided between her legs, my other hand went under and pulled my shorts down. My cock acted as a belt for a moment and it took a second to pull the shorts down over it, but it was freed as I pulled her bikini bottoms out of the way.

I lifted her a little out of the water as I brought my knees up, my cock pushed at her vagina and without any waiting or warning, she brought herself down on me.
She moaned out loud, and it was a long moan. Almost as if she was re-thinking the whole thing. But she kept on pushing herself down as I cupped both of her breasts. ''oh my fucking god, yes.'' she moaned as I slipped deeper inside of her.
I didn't realise that slipping deeper into this much trouble could feel so good. We floated through the water to the other side of the pool, she held out her hands and held on to the edge of the pool as I slid in and out of her slowly. I wasn't about to go balls deep, she wouldn't be able to take it. And I didn't think at the time that I'd be able to take it either, I'd probably shoot my load in seconds.

We created wave after wave as I built my rhythm, I exposed both of her wonderful breasts and caught a perfect view of her rock hard nipples slipping in and out of the water as I felt myself building towards my orgasm. Her head was flying backward and her eyes were rolling in ecstasy, I hadn't even realised that she was climaxing. Her initial moan of pleasure was all I would hear from her, she climaxed in silence as the only noise I could hear was the waves splashing around us.
I leaned backward with her on my chest and my cock slipped out of her, I only had a moment before we slipped back under the water but that moment was all I needed to shoot three long jets of semen up her body. She squeezed one of her own breasts and wiped off my cum, shoving it hungrily into her mouth as my rod slipped quietly back beneath the water.

A few moments passed by before she spoke, ''I never, ever, dreamed that it would happen.'' she told me, she turned her head to look me in the eye, ''It's what I've wanted since I first saw you.'' she said. I kissed her gently on the lips before drifting away from her, I went under the water and retrieved my shorts from the pool floor, slipping into them before resurfacing. By the time I broke the water she had tucked herself back into her bikini.
It was still a blur to me, I had never cheated on Anna before, and I was having a hard time believing that I had cheated on her now. Jenna was Paige's best friend, my step-daughter who was seemingly harbouring secret desires for me.

I was in the most fucked up situation I had ever been in. And at least for the time being, there was no end in sight.

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