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I groan and turn in bed, throwing the covers off of me in the process. As I had expected, she’s left without saying goodbye. The digital watch standing on the ebony bedside table of the hotel reads four o’clock in the morning. I am hung-over but not to the point where I can’t recall what had happened the previous night for I still remember how it had all started. An image of the woman on her knees next to the bed, her face and bust pushing against it, still vividly haunts my mind. Who was she? Questions are buzzing in my mind making me dizzy. Why? Who? She had whispered her name to me…. What was it? Yes, I remember…


It seemed it was going to be just another Saturday night spent alone as I lay on the couch watching a DVD I had borrowed from a friend. It had been a month since last I had sex! A month since I had signed my divorce papers and moved out to this new house. I was so horny that I began masturbating again. I thought of hitting the bed early but just then the phone rang. I waited for it two ring three times before picking it up. It was Sean on the other end of the line. He was proposing I go with him to the new nightclub that everybody was talking about. The Pulse. I was reluctant to go but Sean, my friend since high school, somehow found a way to convince me to go with him. Thank god for that! A half-hour later I could hear my friend honking the horn of his BMW down by the parking of the building. We talked about the usual stuff as we drove towards The Pulse. Something inside of me, I recall now that I think of it, told me it was going to be an interesting night out. The pulse turned out to be a very classy nightclub with big leather couches on the upper floor from which you could see the dance floor downstairs. The music was perfect and the drinks even better. Nothing extraordinary, only the usual, I thought.

But God had something more for me that night. A woman climbed up the stairs and walked towards the bar. My eyes immediately turned to look at her as if by instinct. I couldn’t help staring. She was the kind of woman you only see in the movies, or hanging up high, their faces and bodies all over advertisements, the kind of women who know that you’re looking and are used to it. She was wearing a long red dress; the dress was cut down in the middle showing only one of her long legs and was wrapped tightly across her body. The garb outlined her boobs noticeably, boobs that I could already imagine myself holding firmly with both my hands. But what truly bedazzled me was her firm ass that was looked upon by every man and woman alike in the room. Her blonde hair fell freely to her waist. I couldn’t see her face, but that did not matter for I knew I would fuck her anyhow. Sean looked at me knowingly. I don’t know what came into me at that moment but as I stood up and went over to the woman in red, I felt as if at that moment I could do anything and everything and defeat every obstacle. I could feel people’s eyes boring into me as I sat next to her and ordered two drinks for us. Pushing back her hair with thin, aristocratic fingers, she smiled at me. She had eyes from another world, a mixture of green and blue, a small nose and luscious cherry-red lips that made a ravishing strong contrast with her perfect gleaming white teeth. And to think that for a moment I doubted her looks! I gave her my name then:
“And you are?” She did not answer; still smiling she sipped her drink. But I persisted, continuing:
“Won’t you give me yours?” Again she turned to face me.
“No.” She whispered and her voice sent shivers all over my body, piercing my innermost feelings and sending them berserk.
“At least not yet.” She laughed silently to herself.
“I saw you coming in and couldn’t help coming over to you. I rarely, if never see woman of beauty such as yours.” I would have continued with my cheesy flirts and compliments but at that moment my world turned around as the woman whom I now know as Lyn put her cold, soft hand on top of mine clutching it passionately.
“Follow me. Don’t protest. Just do it.” She stood up still gripping my hand. I fumbled for money put a 10-dollar bill on the counter and stood up not waiting for the bartender to lend me the change. We walked quickly together, got into her car and drove to the nearest motel. She sat me down on the bed. With one quick movement her dress had come off and she was standing in front of me with only a bra and thong of the same exotic red color. I gaped at her my mouth wide open. My dick was now completely erect and stiff, pushing against my pants, looking for a way out. She laughed and I found myself laughing too. Then with all the grace in the world she took off her bra to reveal breasts that defied gravity and were crowned by Lucifer’s most beautiful sin: crimson small nipples. Oh how I wanted to stroke them, lick them… I couldn’t help myself from stroking my penis as Lyn began to take off her thong, slowly bending then slipping out of it. As she stood up and came near me, I had a perfect view of her charming pink slit, which was topped with curly blonde pubic hair. She was now just in front of me. I was gasping for breath stroking my dick under my jeans faster and faster until she slapped me on the wrist. I looked at her inquisitively and she just shook her head and took my hand out from under my pants and away from my dick up to her mouth. With her tongue she erotically licked my fingers making my dick throb uncontrollably. Her saliva dribbled down my palm pleasantly.
“Ohh yeah...” I mumbled. Next she took my hand to her cunt pushing it between her legs. I began stroking her clitoris with my hand as she wet all over it. I knew she wanted more and for that reason I inserted my middle finger into her as she howled with pleasure.
“No… enough…” She got to her knees pulling out my hand and licked it clean swallowing her juices.
“My turn…” I closed my eyes my breathing accelerating as I felt her hand open my zipper and reach for my cock. She got it out professionally and started stroking it with her hands, masturbating me.
“Umm…” She muttered, as she tasted my tail, her lips squeezing shut I could feel her hot breath as she swallowed my dick licking it with animalistic ardor. I opened my eyes to the magnificent sight off Lyn licking me lovingly, her eyes looking right at me. However the moment I felt I was going to cum, Lyn stopped in mid-movement and got up. I got up too, taking off my pants and tearing off my shirt, I stood there in my underwear waiting with anticipation. Lyn took a pencil from the bedside table and pushed it in her hair so that it made a neat bundle. Then as she turned, I saw for the first time her solid, round ass as she headed for the left side of the bed.
“Ohh…” I exhaled. She got on her knees, her breasts and face stretched out on the bed. With one finger, she pointed to her bag, still baring her mysterious smile. I rummaged through her purse, knowing that whatever she wanted me to find would be interested. There was some money, lipstick, a small mirror, a cell-phone and a tube of… something. I got out the tube, and almost immediately realized what it was: lubricant.

“Fuck me from behind.” She ordered. And I obeyed.
“It’s so hot…” She murmured as I touched her butt with the tip of my tail.
“Burning.” I answer holding her waist with my hands. With one huge effort and a beastly rumble I pushed my dick into her small asshole. She seemed used to the pain of having your ass fucked and took pleasure from it. The bed began shaking and moving with a loud squeaky noise. I cupped my hands around her breasts and began caressing them gently playing with her nipples and pinching them. I felt my penis sear with pain as her asshole tightened from the contractions that were making her cry out madly. She slid up and down my tail and with one hand I started playing with her cunt a constant “Squish, squish, squish…” noise echoing in the room as I fucked her behind. As my sexual fever rose I began kissing all around her neck, licking her ears…

With unwritten consent, I got my tail out of her and she jumped up on the bed facing me. Oh God how I wanted to fuck her! Next I grabbed her legs and opened them. Her feet and toes were those of Goddesses surely. I kissed her toes at first sticking my tongue between them as she moaned and masturbated herself. But afterwards I went lower and lower, I noticed that she had taking her hand of her slit and had thrown her head back on the bed. I knew what she wanted; however I did not linger long on it. At first I kissed her pussy, smelling her juices and tasting them, subsequently I almost began “French-kissing” her pussy, to finish with the crescendo as I licked faster and faster sucking her clit vivaciously as she wet all over me, grabbed my hair, pushed me against her, cried out my name, howled, hooted… I knew she’d had an orgasm, ever good one if I should add.

I had stopped licking her. My lips now went up a notch as I kissed her belly going all the way to her face. Leaning against her, my dick sat down between her pussy lips and every movement I made they would rub against it delightfully. Her boobs squashed against my chest and she whispered erotically looking right into my eyes.
“I know what you want naughty boy…” throwing her face at me, she bit my lip. Her tongue slipped into my mouth, caressing mine, I tasted her saliva, and I tell you friend, it tasted like nothing I had tasted before. How can I describe it? Imaging all the beautiful things in the world… It tasted just that. One on top of the other we rolled so that she was on top of me. Our kiss broke only for a second as she adjusted my dick so that she sat right on top of it. I felt it slip inside her and howled with bliss. Our kiss resumed as I grabbed her ass, my nails digging in her flesh, pushing her against me, she rode like a cowboy would ride a bull. Up and down, back and forth.
“I can’t… I can’t anymore…” She smiles leans against me and whispers to me in her sexy feminine voice.
“My name is Lyn.” And just at queue she contracts, all her body shaking, her pussy tightens in a furious grip and I spill all my sperm into her. She pants letting from time to time a gasp leave her, feeling my hot liquid rush into her.

“Oh, Lyn.”
And we fall asleep, huddled together.

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2012-01-06 09:25:41
There's a screet about your post. ICTYBTIHTKY


2006-04-28 01:36:49
She would really have to be a champion assfucker to be "used to the pain of having your ass fucked" when he basically slammed his dick up her butt without preamble, preparation, or even any forepalay.
Other than that, great story.


2006-04-27 18:33:36
Very interested. Please write mor of Lyn. This storyline is H O T. I cannot wait til the next chapter. This is intriguingly a long distance story. It could never end.


2006-04-27 13:17:20
good story, really erotic.

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