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His friend isn't home when he wants to collect some DVD's
Young Lee Clark and the MILF

Melanie put her book down and answered the front door.

“Hi…Mrs. Barton,” the good looking teenager asked, “Is Warren in?”

“Ehm no,” she smiled when she recognised her son’s best-friend Lee Clark or Clarkie as he was known to his friends, “he’s at work but shouldn’t be long; do you want to come in and wait?”

“Yeh thanks.” He mumbled and wiped his trainers on the door mat as he followed the slim woman into the living room.

Clarkie and Warren had grown up together and were still best friends but Warren’s family had moved to a much nicer part of town two years previously when his dad had been promoted at work and they didn’t visit each others’ homes as much as when they were younger.

“Do you want a coffee or something?” Melanie asked.

The boy shrugged his shoulders as he eyed a large glass of red wine sitting on the side table next to the sofa. “Whatever’s easiest?”
“Would you prefer a beer?” She grinned.
As her son was now 18 and Mel and her husband were quite liberal (and realistic) they let him drink alcohol in moderation, so giving Lee a bottle of beer was no real problem in her eyes..
“Please,” his face lit up, “if that’s okay.”

Melanie wrinkled her nose as if to say ‘who are you kidding – I know you’ve all been drinking for years!’

The good looking, athletic teenager followed her into the large kitchen; standing in the doorway.
BOING! His dick immediately began to twitch when she bent over to take the bottle out of the fridge flashing the back of a sexy pink G-String when her hipster jeans moved down.
He tried to hide the lump in the front of his tracksuit pants by twisting away from the middle-aged woman when she handed him the cold bottle.

Warren’s mum was quite a bit younger than his dad and a lot cooler than any of his other friends’ mothers.

“Are you okay?” Melanie asked as he hurried into the living room trying to hide his growing hard-on.

“Oh, just a bit of a strain,” he lied as he discretely adjusted his growth, “I’ve just been to the gym.”

“You’d better be careful that you don’t strain anything too important down there!” she teased; knowing full well what was hiding in his pants.

As Mel picked up her glass and sat sideways with one leg curled under the other, she motioned for him to sit near her on the four-seater sofa. Her sons’ best friend now had an unobstructed view of the crotch of her jeans, making his dick grow even stiffer as he imagined the delights hidden within.

She sort of realised that he’d had a crush on her since he was 14 so Mel had always been very friendly and flirty in his company; not knowing the effect that a voluptuous 40 something woman could have on an impressionable young lad.

“Have you changed your hairstyle?” He asked as he took a slug of beer. Clarkie was good with females…very good! He knew that little compliments went a long way with girls and complimenting Mrs. Barton was no different.

“Oh…this?” She stammered as she ran her fingers through her expensively styled coiffure, “yes; it’s nothing really; just a little colour here and there.”

Mel was very impressed that a teenage boy would notice something like her hairstyle as her husband no longer did.
“Are you cold or something?” Lee grinned when he noticed a little movement in the nipple area as his friends’ mother enjoyed the compliment about her hair.

“Stop that you cheeky sod!” Melanie admonished him and playfully slapped his arm. She’d always liked Lee as he was the opposite of her son who was short, chubby and painfully shy, just like his father. Clarkie was taller (about 5’ 8”), handsome and in naturally good shape; playing for a number of good local football teams.

He must have had some Mediterranean relatives somewhere in his past, she thought, as he had a slight olive complexion and naturally wavy jet black hair. It was no wonder he always had a gorgeous young girl on his arm.

Because he’d been to the gym he was wearing a white Fred Perry hooded top, navy Adidas bottoms and a pristine pair of white K-Swiss trainers with no socks.

They made small talk for a few minutes; catching up on family stuff and she asked him to tell his mother to call her as she was stuck at home now because she’d been made redundant four months previously.

Then the phone rang.

“Mum, Clarkie’s coming around for some CD’s and I’ve got to work over-time, can you let him get them from my room please?”
“He’s here now,” she told him, “do you want to talk to him?”

“I haven’t got time,” he cut her off; “they’re on my desk…he’ll know which ones are his… got to go.”

“I’m sorry but he’s got to work late,” Melanie apologised to the young boy as she took a sip of her wine, “do you know which discs are for you?”

“I guess.” Clarkie shrugged. Of course he did; he’d supplied them. Warren was a computer geek and had been downloading porn films for over a year and the two teenagers had a lucrative operation selling them for £5 a disc to other 6th form students and some older blokes in the local pubs. Normally Warren would bring them to College but Lee had a special order for 8 tonight from a guy in Shearers Bar.

“Let’s go and look for them, then.” Mrs. Barton smiled as she uncurled her legs. Clarkie followed her upstairs like a puppy dog. As she strode up the stairs in front of him; he had to subtly adjust his dick twice when he got another flash of her pink G-string.

“Is Mr. H not around?” Lee asked.

“He’s in Glasgow for another couple of days,” Mel sighed at the thought of her husband living in the lap of luxury while she was stuck at home, “back on Thursday.”

Mel was 14 years younger than her husband who was spending more and more time away from home these days. Some nights she worried that he might even be having an affair especially as he no longer seemed that interested in love-making; even when she was wearing saucy undies for him.

“You’ll have to excuse the mess,” Mrs. Barton smiled as she opened her son’s bedroom door, “but I guess it’s no different from yours, is it?”

“I suppose so.” Clarkie shrugged his shoulders as he quickly scanned the work station on the other side of the messy room.

The room was so cluttered Mel hardly bothered tidying it anymore; occasionally vacuuming the carpet when it looked like small animals could be living in it.

“I think that’s them.” Clarkie announced when he spotted his bounty next to a pile of music CD’s.

“Are you sure?” She asked; beating him to the discs and picking them up to examine them before he got the chance.

Slightly agitated he grunted, “Yes, that looks like them.”

“Hmmm” she snorted and wrinkled her cute nose, “are you sure? There’s not much written on them, just gobbledygook.”

Because he had feared a situation just like this Warren had devised a series of codes for the different themed movies.

“Just give me the fucking things!” Lee silently screamed inside his head.

“I’m pretty sure.” He told her a little bit too assuredly.
Mel looked at him then the pile of discs as he held his hand out to take them from her.

She wasn’t sure why but his sudden change of mood made her suspicious; and examined them more closely.

“What are they, music or something?”

“Which?” she continued the cross-examination, “music or SOMETHING?”

The look on his face gave the game away as he blushed; bright red.

“Oh shit!” Mel gulped, “they’re dirty films aren’t they?”
Clarkie shrugged his shoulders and wanted the ground to swallow him up.

“You dirty little buggers,” the attractive woman grinned, “I want to know what you’ve been up to.”

She shouldn’t have been too surprised that her son was now downloading porn off the internet as just before Christmas she’d found a pile of mucky magazines under his bed. At first Melanie had been shocked at the content; as they were much stronger than the ones her husband bought when away from home on business trips. She wasn’t proud of herself but she’d been drawn to them once too often and had even took them to bed with her when she had masturbated one night when her husband had been away from home.

“Can I have them…PLEASE?” The teenager began to beg.

“I don’t think so.” Mel taunted him, “Not until I know what’s on them!”
She motioned with her thumb that he should leave the room and get downstairs.

As he slunk out of the bedroom Lee’s shoulders dropped at the thought of the trouble he was in.
“You sit there young man!” Mel told him as firmly as possible, “While I get another drink”.

The teenagers’ eyes followed every sway of her hips as she ambled into the kitchen to re-fill her wine glass. This time his shrivelled dick didn’t even twitch when he watched her bend over and flash nearly three inches of her pink G-string and most of her bum crack when she took another bottle of beer out of the fridge for him.

“Here, drink this,” she told him as she handed him the bottle, “you look like you need it!”

Mel them knelt in front of the large screen TV console and placed the first disc into the DVD machine, again her hipster jeans rode down and the 18 year old got a first-class look at her knickers and arse.

“Right,” she told him as she pointed the control at the screen, “Let’s see what all the fuss is about.”

The screen flickered into life and it was evident that there were 4 files on the disc: MILF05 1-4.

“MILF?” she looked at him quizzically, “What does that mean?”

Beads of sweat were now covering his brow; “I don’t really know” he lied.
“Lee!” She mocked him, “What does it mean?”

“Mothers I’d like to….” Clarkie was blushing madly now.

“Mothers I’d like to…what?” She enquired more powerfully.
“Oh God,” he sighed, “FUCK. Mothers I’d like to …FUCK.”

“Shit!” Mel shook her head and pretended to be shocked at the sound of the word coming from his lips.

She clicked onto the first icon and the film began.

It was surprisingly good quality and they sat silently through the first few minutes as the scene was set: A woman asked the Best Man at her son’s wedding if she could get dressed in his room as she had just had an argument with her husband. Obviously the story was corny but by fast-forwarding Mel cut quickly to the action. The big-bosomed woman came out of the shower and provocatively dried her-self with her back to the young man who was writing his speech.

Mel and Clarkie sat in silence sipping their drinks as she continued fast-forwarding occasionally stopping to watch a few minutes of dialogue until the woman finally seduced the young man. Mel’s eyes were out on stalks as the woman on screen sucked his long cock and eventually fucked the young man’s brains out.

When the film finished Mel nonchalantly asked Clarkie if he needed another beer. He nodded his head and handed her his empty bottle, discreetly looking down the front of her tight cardigan as she leant forward. His eyes lit up when he realised that she wasn’t wearing a bra.

Walking calmly into the kitchen was difficult as her tiny G-string was now being sucked deep inside her clammy pussy and needed adjusting but she was actually enjoying the slight discomfort.

“Well” she smiled as she sat closer to him on the leather sofa and sipped her third glass of wine, “let’s see what other filth you have on here!”

The next movie was set in an apartment. A woman, looking not unlike herself, came home from shopping to find her son’s hunky best friend sitting on the sofa only wearing a pair of shorts.
Again Mel fast-forwarded past the boring bits and the woman was soon sucking the biggest cock that she had ever seen.

“Are all of the films like this?” Mel panted, “Older women with young men?”
“Yep,” Lee coolly replied; now realising that his friends’ mum was really getting into watching porn – her thick erect nipples were the giveaway!

“Is this what turns you guys on?” She grilled him with a huge smile on her face, “Aren’t the young girls enough for you?”

Clarkie grinned as Mel wriggled in her seat gulping mouthfuls of wine as the woman on the 42” screen pushed her tits into his face as she bounced up and down screaming her head off on the hunk’s long dong.

Clarkie looked at the horny housewife sitting beside him and knew that this was going to be his one and only chance at bonking his best-friends mother.

Without saying a word he eased closer and rolled a protruding nipple between his thumb and forefinger.
Melanie turned her head to face him, bit her lip and then, without saying a word, turned her back to the screen where the woman was now on all fours getting a right royal fucking from behind!

Clarkie quickly unbuttoned the tight cardigan making the panels fall open either side of her perky 34b tits.

“FUCK!” The young lad gasped at the sight of her perfect breasts and gigantic brown nipples. Melanie was lucky; even after giving birth to two children her breasts had remained remarkably firm and exactly the same size as when she had been at school.

Mel turned and smiled at him.
This was all of the encouragement he needed and he pounced onto the sex-starved mother of his best-friend.

Mel threw her head back and let out a low guttural groan as his sudden force made her fall back onto the arm of the sofa. In seconds his mouth was clamped around one diamond hard nipple while his hands deftly unbuttoned her jeans.
Lee soon flipped his mouth from nipple to nipple in quick succession making Mel mumble with pleasure as he yanked her jeans down her legs until they were around her ankles.

“Oh my… God…NO!” Mel suddenly wheezed, “Stop…Stop that!”

Clarkie ignored her and threw her jeans across the room, only leaving her wearing the tiny pink G-string which hardly covered her soaking gash.

“Oh my God…No, no, no, no…you mustn’t!” Mel sighed but showed no resistance as he slowly hauled her knickers off too revealing her most private parts.
“Fucking Hell! You’re bald!” The lad laughed when she curled her knees and kicked her panties off, “Warren’s mum shaves her twat!”

Melanie giggled and spread her legs wide open as Lee stared at her wet hole. “You shouldn’t even be looking at it!”

“It looks fucking gorgeous!” he laughed as he pulled his sweatshirt over his head exposing his ripped muscles to her gaze.

Mel immediately bent forward and ran her fingers down the tight skin and soft black, downy hair that covered his stomach until she touched the elastic waistband of his joggers.

“You know that we shouldn’t be doing this.” Mel grinned as she tugged his pants down making his stiff dick sprang into view.

“Oh shit!” Mel gasped as she clamped her other hand across her mouth, “it’s ….enormous!”
“I’ve never had any complaints!” Clarkie laughed as he waved it in front of his friend’s mother’s face.

“This is so wrong,” Mel chuckled as she nervously kissed the floppy foreskin, “I know your mother!”

Mel giggled as she grabbed the long pink cock and rubbed it across her hot cheeks, forcing his foreskin back with her face, then nibbled and licked the long hard shaft.
Lee laughed nervously as he slipped his hands between their bodies and rubbed and squeezed her tits as Mel pulled his foreskin all of the way back so that she could lick and kiss his bright purple bell-end.

Melanie was now uncomfortable sitting on the sofa as she struggled to wrap her little hand around the thick shaft as her head bobbed up and down on the first 3 or 4 inches of teenage cock.
Still holding it in her hand Mrs. Barton gasped for air and pushed him flat on his back; then with her free hand and some wriggling from Clarkie his joggers flew across the room and he too was now naked.

“Lie back,” she grinned, “and enjoy!”
Melanie then sucked and licked Lee’s 8 thick inches of fun, chewing his ball sack and running her hand through the rough hairs that covered his legs and arse as she vigorously wanked the young cock and scraped her teeth along the length until he winced with pain until she eventually swivelled her body so that she was lying on top of him with her thighs either side of his head.
As Clarkie shuffled his body into position his cock nearly caught her in the eye which made her laugh as she couldn’t think of a way to explain getting a black eye THAT way!

“Oh God Lee,” she repeated as she began sucking his cock, “this is soooooo wrong; I can’t believe I’m doing this.”

The young man lay staring at his friend’s mothers dripping, shaven twat for over a minute as Melanie slowly eased as much of his long thick cock into her mouth as possible, slowly moving her neck backwards and forwards until her mouth was completely full and she had to breath through her nose. With his cock buried deep in her mouth Lee began licking his first ever cunt.

He’d fucked loads of girls even roasting a couple with his friend Shane, but he’d never tasted a woman’s pussy before.

His eyes were like saucers as he lapped at her sticky juices; running his tongue along the slit and the flaps like he’d seen in porno films then either side of her long cunt lips. “This is fucking delicious!” he thought as he pulled her cheeks apart and poked his tongue as far inside as he could.

Melanie was in Heaven too. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d had her pussy licked nevermind actually performing a 69 which had been her favourite sex act in the early days of her marriage.

“Huh, huh, huh.” Melanie grunted as Lee became more excited and began rocking his hips; forcing his thick cock to the back of her throat.
The more Clarkie licked her cunt the more Mel relaxed and the more she relaxed the more cock she swallowed until she eventually felt his rough curly pubes scratching her chin.

“YESSSS!” She screamed inside her head, “I’ve done it!” Mel had been an enthusiastic cocksucker when at College but this was the biggest cock that she’d ever gobbled and…she’d done it! She’d fucking swallowed the lot – all 8 hard fucking inches!

“Fucking Hell…Mrs. B!” Lee howled as his knob made her neck swell, “that’s fucking awesome!”

To reciprocate the pleasure he spread her flaps and pushed two fingers into her slit as his tongue flicked her throbbing clit making her shake with excitement.

In the next couple of minutes their bodies rocked and rolled as Lee gave her a good finger-fucking and tonguing as she deep-throated his cock.

Melanie was becoming more and more desperate to cum as Lee’s tongue and fingers drove her crazy…and then he did it. His little finger tickled her anus sending electric shivers through her body. When she pushed backwards his finger accidentally slid inside her shit-chute; making Mel lose her rhythm and begin to gag on his fat cock as Clarkie pushed his fingers deep and hard into her arse and cunt.
“Aaaaaggghhh……Uuuggghhhh……yyyeeEESSSSS!” She screamed as her orgasm exploded throughout her body leaving her shaking and sweating.
“Ugh…ugh…ugh!” Lee bawled as he tried to move his head away from her cunt which was now so relaxed it was squirting bitter female love juice all over his face, but Melanie kept him clamped between her thighs.

When she recovered Mel slipped off her young lover and with a wild glint in her eyes stared at his huge smooth cock which was still sticking up like a tree trunk.

“You haven’t cum yet!” She whispered with awe as she stroked his red hot tool.

“I had a wank about an hour ago!” Clarkie laughed as Mrs. Barton scrambled onto his stomach and eased herself backwards until his knob touched her tingling pussy.

“You’re insatiable!” Mel chuckled as she fumbled behind her backside until she found his cock then rubbed his fat knob against her soaking gash and pushed her hips backwards slowly filled her cunt inch by inch.

Melanie was in ecstasy when she sat upright and Lee’s cock packed her pussy like she’d never known before. The horny middle-aged mother closed her eyes and ground her teeth as she began bouncing up and down on the fat cock increasing and decreasing her speed at will – wildly stroking and tugging at her tingling nipples as she fucked the living daylights out of her teenage son’s best-friend who just lay back and enjoyed the erotic show that she was putting on for his delight. Her cunt and stomach soon began to ache from the pounding she was giving herself but that just added the pleasure as she hadn’t had a fuck like this for at least 10 years and she was going to enjoy every fucking second.

“Huh…hah…huh.” She moaned as she eased herself off Lee’s rock hard cock, “Take me from behind...fuck me doggy style.”

Clarkie swiftly swung off the sofa and Melanie knelt on the cushions with her arse sticking out in readiness for more stiff cock.

The young lad pulled her arse cheeks apart with one hand and guided his cock into her bald pussy with the other.

“Oh shit! Lee, Lee, Lee!” She cried out as his 8 inches slid straight up to her cervix, “Do me baby! Do me hard!”

The teenager grabbed her soft hips and banged his cock deep and hard into a woman that he’d known since he was 7 years old.

“Oh wow…yes…oh wow…yes!” Melanie panted as she thrust her body back to meet each powerful push from the athletic young man, “Harder…harder…HARDER!”

“Fucking Hell Mrs. B,” Clarkie grunted, “I can’t believe I’m fucking you after all of these years!”

“Keep doing it… baby!” Mel moaned as her hand went between her legs and tickled his bollocks when ever they bounced against her.

“I can’t!” John gasped, sweat dripping from his forehead, “I’m fucking knackered…I’ll have to slow down a bit.”

“Okay…but please don’t take it out!” Melanie pleaded.

With Melanie still bent over Lee slowly began squeezing the arse cheeks and tits that he’d fantasised about for the last five or more years. As his fingers wandered across her lovely buttocks his thumb touched her anus again making her gasp. Grinning and with no decorum he suddenly began pounding her cunt again and forced his thick digit past her flexible ring.

“No, no, no!” Melanie squealed with delight as Lee’s cock pulverized her aching hole again and his thumb twisted around in her arse hole, “that’s naughty...stop it…AAAGGHH NNNNNNOOOOO!”

He pulled his thumb out and before her hole could contract back to its normal size he replaced it with two longer fingers!

“Owwwww! You cheeky sod!” Melanie cried out as his fingers began fucking her arse with the same tempo as his cock inside her sloppy cunt.

“Oh YES…oh God…oh no… Lee!” She muttered as the young boy took Melanie to sexual heights that she’d never dreamed of.

Exhausted and clinging onto the back of the sofa Melanie sighed with gratification when Clarkie suddenly stopped and withdrew his fingers from her anus then his cock from cunt.

“Oh…that was…marvellous,” She drowsily moaned; thinking Clarkie was finished.
Before she knew what was happening Lee dribbled a large gob of spit between her cheeks and lined his throbbing cock up against the puckered brown rosebud.

“NO! NO! Don’t you….dare!” The middle-aged housewife screamed. But it was too late. With only a minimum of resistance from her stretched arsehole his 8 inch teenage cock was soon embedded deep inside her bowels.

“No…I said no!” Melanie whimpered, “I’ve never done this before…never.”

“You’re kidding me!” Clarkie laughed as he spanked her arse and slowly pulled his cock back to the opening of her ring then powerfully ramming it back inside sending her forcefully forward.
He repeated this 6 or 7 times; each plunge getting harder and deeper.
“But you like it … don’t you?” He taunted Melanie as she began pushing back to meet his powerful strokes, “Don’t you?”

“Yes.” She whined; tears of pain and joy running down her cheeks.

“Huh,” he grunted as he picked up speed again as he felt his orgasm near, “HUH!”

Just as his toes began to tingle he whipped his huge cock out of her arse and grabbed her arm spinning her around to face him.

There was a look of horror on Melanie’s face as her arse began farting when the trapped wind made its way back out, but Lee didn’t care; as he was furiously rubbing his dick until it erupted showering his best-friends mothers’ face and wobbly tits with spurt after spurt of hot lumpy spunk.

Mel knocked his hand out of the way and grabbed his dick milking the last jet directly into her mouth.
Without thinking she swallowed his seed, and began ferociously sucking his cock again; not caring that it had just been buried deep inside her arse. The smell and taste were disgusting but the urge to suck his softening cock was overwhelming.

“Oh God…what have I done?” Melanie whispered as she finally pushed Clarkie away from her, “Don’t tell Warren…you can’t tell Warren…please…promise me!”
Melanie’s arse and guts began to ache so much she curled up into a ball on the sofa – hiding her private parts from his young eyes.

“I guess,” Lee taunted her as he pulled his jogging bottoms on, “I won’t tell him…but…”

“Please,” she mumbled guiltily, “don’t tell him… …you know what we did was…naughty and…wrong.”

“Don’t say that…you fucking loved it.” Clarkie chuckled as he began getting dressed.

He was right of course she had loved it; every second… every inch…every hole and he knew she wanted more!

“Here’s my mobile number. Call me when you want some more.” Clarkie chuckled as he closed the door on his way to sell the porno DVD’s.

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