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This Chapter will be fairly short as Chapter 3 will be a very long chapter. Please read Chapter 1 first
Chapter 2

It wasn’t too long after me and Caz had started having sex when things became more adventurous… Caz loved the thought of getting caught in the act so much that she would leave our bedroom door slightly ajar during sex while my parents sat downstairs watching television; just the thought of getting caught got her wet to an insane degree.

It was one particular day and we were sitting watching Galaxy Quest on DVD. It got to the one part of the film where Tim Allen wasn’t wearing anything else but a shirt, I turned to Caz as she lay on the bed and said

“I wonder if he was wearing underwear when they filmed this scene”

Caz mumbled “Oh god, I hope not!”

It was only then that I noticed she had unbuttoned her jeans and had them pretty much around her ankles and was fingering her pussy with one hand. I turned to her and said

“Need any help there?”

Caz replied with “Mhmm, looks like it… you do a much better job than me anyway”

I rolled over and pushed her thong down so it was around her ankles and pushed 1 finger into her pussy… It was radiating so much heat you would swear it was a heater and she was wet, my fingers were coated in her juices.

I lay there for about 5 minutes finger-fucking her with 2 fingers nice and slowly, she squirmed slightly and I felt her pussy muscles clamp down on my fingers as an orgasm ripped through her body. I removed my fingers and licked them clean with a cheeky grin on my face.

After 2 or 3 minutes of her regaining her composure she rolled closer to me and pushed my tracksuit trousers down with my boxers and took my semi-hard cock into her hand and slowly worked it up in her hand. As soon as it was as hard as it was going to get she lowered her mouth to it and licked the head slightly teasing me with her tongue, she then took my cock into her mouth and worked her mouth up and down my shaft while squeezing my balls with one hand.

It wasn’t too long before I groaned that I was going to cum and she said “I don’t mind” with that I released as she swallowed stream after stream of cum… she gagged slightly; it was obviously too much for her to handle.

Having kicked off her jeans and thong she rolled over and straddled me, she took my cock which was now only half hard and eased it into her pussy and sank all 8 inches into her as she leaned down and kissed me on the lips softly, she placed her hands on my chest and used her hands to raise her hips up and down my shaft.

I wrapped my arms around her and tried to match her thrusts although this wasn’t as easy as it sounds.

We really weren’t paying much attention to what was going on around us but it wasn’t till about 5 minutes later we noticed a figure standing by the while it was open; it wasn’t open fully but there was a big enough gap to be able to see directly at my bed and what was going on…

Stopping for a second we looked too see Natasha; one of Caz’s friends standing at the door.

She was leaning against the doorframe with her skirt hitched up and her thong on the floor she had 2 fingers buried in her pussy and was sighing and moaning like I have never heard. Caz and I figured the show must go on; she knew we had seen her.

From what I could see Natasha had 2 or 3 fingers buried deep into her pussy, I could see her juices running down her leg… She was arching her back against the door frame and moaning so loudly I swore my parents heard it. It wasn’t too long before I saw Natasha’s body tense up as she almost yelled out in ecstasy.

I rolled over with my cock still buried in Caz’s pussy and began fucking her as hard as I possibly could, thrusting my 8 inches in and out of her sopping wet hot pussy. After a couple of minutes I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock and wave after wave of orgasms ripped through-out her body. Caz had her first multiple orgasm and I was happy that I had given it to her.

We lay in each others arms breathing heavily for a couple of minutes when Natasha pushed the door open and walked in with a smile on her face and said

“Thanks for the show; I really enjoyed myself… maybe next time I will get involved. That is if you don’t mind sharing Caz”

Caz only replied with “Mhmm, I will have to think about that Nat”

With that Natasha turned and walked out of my bedroom closing the door behind her. Caz and I lay in each others arms giggling at what had just happened

Caz whispered in my ear “That was so exciting, I got such a rush and with Natasha watching it only turned me on even more”

I snickered quietly and kissed her on the lips softly and said “I hope she doesn’t tell anyone what we have been getting up too… I don’t think my parents will be very happy”

Caz replied with “Fuck what everyone thinks, I love you and that’s all that matters”

We lay in each others arms for about 10 minutes when I flicked the telly back on and hit the play button on my Xbox.

I imagine my parents heard us but im pretty sure they didn’t care.

If I get good comments and a good enough rating I will write chapter 3.


2006-05-01 11:58:18
I cannot give a date as i do not know exactly when it will be out.. im writing the first draft as we speak, But because i want chapter 3 to be the best as it will be the final in the series im working on it bit by bit


2006-04-30 19:33:27
dude awsome story keep it up


2006-04-30 07:03:11
give a freakin date man to when part 3 is getting released.nyways good story


2006-04-29 03:55:06
I appreciate your desire of wanting to maintain the romantic element, it is a tasty genre. Moreover, you seem to have a grasp [no pun intended] on your characters. One thing I find to be somewhat disconcerting, though, is your grammar: Pronoun usage, tense shifts, deors etc., and just an overall failure to proofread your work.

Symbiote, don't misundersatnd, I am not downing you. Instead, and since it is your job to write for your audience, you should slow down. I think you're trying to hard to please the aforementioned audience through telling us instead of showing us. Remeber, though, less is more. Know what I mean?

There are a couple more items that require attention, and I will elaborate on those soon. Overall, though, for a rookie-writer the content is delicious.


2006-04-28 18:48:19
Thanks... i tried to be deive as much as humanly possible without turning it into a fuckfest

I want the story to stay along the lines of roamace and not just hardcore sex. If you get what i mean...

Anyways, im working on chapter 3 but it will be a while till its released

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