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The Gift, part deux (‘tis better to give than to receive, or is it?)

After a few moments, when we could breathe again, we rolled onto our backs and looked over at the figure in the corner. Smiling, I propped myself up on one elbow and said, in my most seductive voice, “Merry Christmas, don’t you want to join us?”

You rise slowly from the chair and walk over to the bed. We stand up and she moves behind you her arms around you, her tits pressing into your back, as she slowly unbuttons your shirt. I stand in front of you and as each button is undone I kiss the bare skin that is exposed, flicking it lightly with the tip of my tongue. She pulls your shirt off of your shoulders and moves around in front of you kissing up your shoulder and side of your neck while I lick up the other side of your neck, nibbling on your earlobe and sucking it into my mouth. She reaches your lips and the two of you begin to kiss, mouths open, lips pressed against each other. She breaks the kiss and turns to me, grasping my breast in her hand, running the pad of her thumb over my nipple. With her other hand she reaches around your back and slides it down to grab your ass. I reach my hand down and fondle your stiff cock through your jeans, unbuttoning and unzipping them before moving them down your legs and throwing them on the floor. Taking your dick in my hand I barely touch the tip with my fingertip pulling a string of precum onto my fingers. I offer my finger to her and she licks it lightly with the tip of her tongue then kisses me so I can have a taste.

I stand up again and you kiss me, probing with your tongue into my mouth, searching for my response. We lead you to lie back on the bed and we kneel on either side of you. She pulls my mouth to hers and we kiss over your chest, lips apart, tongues touching, playing with one another. I run my hands up her side and massage her tits and she leans back as I move my tongue down her chest to her nipples. I take one into my mouth, biting it between my teeth and then circling it with my tongue. Your hands are on our asses, watching us, pushing us to one another, fingers slipping between our legs. I turn to you again and kiss you hard while she strokes her hand up your thigh to your rigid cock. She circles her fingers around the base of your dick and moves them slowly up and down, feeling the ridges in the soft skin. As she wets her lips and rubs them over the tip of your cock, I lie down beside you; my head near your thigh, giving you easy access to watch as you slowly run your fingers up my leg and drive them into my damp cunt. You remove your moist fingers and hold them down to her as she stops circling your dick with her tongue to lick your fingers clean. I move to take her place at your dick, licking my lips before surrounding your stiff cock with the wet heat from my mouth as I suck harder moving my hand on your shaft. She finishes with your fingers and you find my pussy again, pushing them in and out over and over as I move my hips in rhythm with your hand, your thumb rubbing back and forth over my clit. She takes over rubbing your dick with her hand as I lean down to take your balls in my mouth one at a time playing lightly over them with my tongue. We take turns, alternating who gets to take your cock into their mouth, making it wet with saliva as a little trails down our chins. We stop to kiss over you again as my hand clenches around your shaft and rotates back and forth. We break our kiss and she moves up the bed putting her thighs on either side of your head, placing her pussy within reach of your talented tongue. You move your hands to her hips, digging your fingers into her ass she moves over your mouth. You lick over her slit with your tongue, licking up one side and then the other finally moving the tip of your tongue deep within her pussy then sucking on her clit until she trembles over you.

In the meantime I move between your outstretched legs. Running my hands up your thighs, I spread my fingers around the base of your cock and begin to lick it slowly savoring the feel on my tongue as I lick up and down circling it slowly. I move my tongue to just under the head and wiggle it back and forth, almost tickling you where it is so sensitive, before moving the tip of my tongue up to the top to taste more of you. I wet my lips and hold them tightly together as I slowly press them down on the tip of your cock. Opening my lips as I go, I take your dick deep into my throat and moan at the feeling of you in my mouth. I choose then to straddle your dick, leaning back with hands on my ankles, riding you and feeling your thick rod filling me as I slide up and down. I move over and over again feeling you pushing into me.

Not wanting to be done too soon, we shift again suddenly and you stand by the edge of the bed. She lays on her back her head off the edge of the bed, her mouth open pulling your hard cock in and surrounding it with her dewy wet lips. You rock your hips and fuck her throat. You feel her moan as I sit between her legs, pushing them outwards as I tongue the insides of her thighs and then her slit, running my tongue up from her pussy to her clit over and over, lapping at the soft flesh. I stop and look up at you sucking my middle finger into my mouth, wetting it with my tongue. Still looking at you I thrust my finger into her dripping wet pussy and she shudders, her lips pausing on your cock, before I lower my head again focusing my tongue back and forth on her clit as my fingers move in and out of her pussy. She stops sucking your dick as I work her clit feverishly with my tongue. As she nears climax she pulls away, flipping over so the she is on her hands and knees rubbing her luscious ass into your groin. You take her by the hips and then spreading her ass cheeks with your hands you watch as you plunge your cock into her pulsing pussy. She reaches for me on the other side of the bed and kisses me, her tongue deep in my mouth. She pulls me onto the bed as you stroke your cock into her. I lay on my back and she licks up my thigh, burying her head between my legs and fucks me with her tongue, circling my waiting cunt and then plunging into me as you plunge into her. You watch me wriggle and squirm on the bed as her tongue is working my clit. She begins to moan again and as she is sucking my clit she shivers and cums with your dick deep inside of her. She moves to the side to catch her breath leaving me lying there glistening, wide open, and aching with desire to feel your dick inside of me. You lean down onto your elbows and holding my lips apart with your fingers, wet my pussy with your tongue, circling my clit, bringing me to the edge of orgasm before sliding up my body to fuck me hard and fast with your dick. I cum then and as I am tensing around you I grab your ass with my hands and pull you deep inside of me. You pull out then and shoot cum onto my stomach and chest. She leans down and licks it up with her soft tongue and then leans up to kiss me full on the lips as I lay there panting.

We lie down on our backs on either side of you, catching our breath, our hands on your chest. A few minutes later, she leans over and kisses each of us and gets up to dress saying that she has to return to the party. As the door closes, I lean up on one elbow and look down at you and say, “Wait until you see what I got you for your birthday.” 


2006-05-03 08:05:11
imagination is the key.. to every thing. and that is what you have taken the most advantage of.. instead of imaging others being seduced how does it look like to imagine ourself being done to.. u get a 10/10

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