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Partially true story with me and my wife. We never made it all the way.
By time Wednesday morning of our honeymoon came, we were all fucked out. We arrived Sunday and for almost three days we have been fucking like animals. I had an orgasm 10 times in three days which is extremely many for me. My wife had to have at least 30.

In summary, on Sunday we did it on the bed, on the couch, at the edge of the tub, and on the bed again with my wife waking my sleeping cock in the middle of the night. On Monday, we did the deed with my wife sitting on the counter, again in the bed, and once in the lazy chair. Yesterday, we did it on the couch, on the floor, and in the bed. By Tuesday morning neither of us was in the mood anymore but I am not complaining.

I woke up Wednesday with my wife reading the brochure of all the activities at the resort. When she got to the pool and hot tub she fell silent. We forgot our bathing suits. My wife loves to swim. She started to get mad at each of us for forgetting.

I told her we can go into town and get her one. “They won’t have my size”, she spouted back. My wife is a large woman. She is defiantly a plus size because of her 24 dress size. It didn’t bother me because I love that she is large. Her D cup breasts give my hands plenty to hold on to and her thick legs and belly give me plenty to hold onto while fucking her. I liked her plump because of all her curves.

Well I told her that she didn’t know they won’t have her size. As we headed down the road, I know my wife was going along just to make me happy and to say “I told you so” when we can’t find anything.

After going through three stores, we came up empty handed. There was one more store left and my wife just wanted to give up. I convinced her to look at one more store. They had a sign out “PLUS SIZE CLOTHING”. My wife commented that they probably go up to 1X.

We went into the store and headed directly to the plus size rack.

“Nope” my wife said.

“What about this one”, holding up a string red bikini in her size.

“I can’t wear that”, she said.

My wife is always self conscience about her body. She has never worn anything but a one piece swim dress to cover up her body. I convinced her that nobody she knows will see her and anyway I think she would be so hot in this swim suit. Trying to satisfy me, we bought the suit for her and one for me and headed back to resort.

We got back just in time for lunch. We ate some lunch and headed back to our cabin to change. She removed the tags and went into the bathroom to change. I was betting she was going to come out with her normal cloths on and say it doesn’t fit.

She opened the door and walked out with the red bikini on. It was a little small on her big beautiful body but I liked it. It barley covered up huge D cup breasts and if she wasn’t careful she may pop right out of the suit. Her thighs weren’t covered at all except for the string keeping them on.

“I am not going, this is embarrassing me.”

I walked over to her and pulled her towards me to give her a deep kiss on her luscious lips. She melted in my arms. We embraced each other in a fiery kiss that sent a shock wave right down to my cock. I felt my cock start to wake up from its dormant state. I stopped kissing her.

“I can’t wait to untie your wet bikini when we get back from the pool”, I said.

We were both getting horny again and my wife wanted to fuck at least once today so she agreed to go to the pool.

We got to the pool and found we were the only ones there. My wife commented about where is everyone. We both knew where everyone was. It was where we would like to be but we were worn out. We needed this to get us back into the mood.

We slipped into the cold water. My wife screamed in pain as the cold water encased her plump body. She stood up and I saw her rock hard nipples through her bathing suit. Wow, she was hot. I loved that bathing suit. It made her so sexy.

Our body’s came accustom to the water and we started swimming around the pool. We were playing a game of me chasing her. I am not as good of a swimmer so it was hard for me to win. She kept teasing me and finally let me win.

I grabbed a hold of her and leaned down to kiss her passionately on her lips. I stood on the pool floor and she wrapped her legs around me. My cock started to get hard as I pushed her up against the wall. I was then able to let go and allow the pressure of her back against the wall and her gorgeous legs wrapped around my body support her. With my free hands, I slid them up her body and started caressing the side of her breasts. She gyrated her hips pushing her crotch against my hard member. I moved closer to her nipples. With my right pointer finger and ever so lightly I rubbed her rock hard nipple. She moaned in pleasure.

She let go of me with her right hand and moved it under the water. She placed in on my thigh and slowly moved it towards my cock. She rubbed by cock through my swim trunks. It wanted to come out and play. She continued to rub my cock through my pants putting me in a mesmerizing state. That gave her the opportunity to escape. She wanted me but she was being such a tease.

I caught a hold of her again, and without hesitation kissed her lovely lips again. At that moment, we heard the door open and a young couple walked in. They were about 21 and you could tell they were newlyweds like us. They quickly walked out, leaving us alone again.

My wife swam towards the steps and she got out of the pool. She walked over to the hot tub, turned it on and got in. I followed her hoping nobody would come in because of the bulge in my pants.

I got in the hot tub, sat next to my wife, and lightly kissed her on her lips.

“Where were we?”, I asked.

She told me to behave and keep my hands to myself. We can’t do anything here.

My wife was really shy about affection in public. We wouldn’t even kiss in the movie theatre because she was afraid somebody was watching. It didn’t bother me, especially here. So what if another couple spotted us? There was only adults and they knew what we are doing. It kind of turned me on thinking about another couple watching us. I needed to turn her on so she can’t wait any longer for an orgasm. That gave me an idea.

I started to tell her what I was going to do with her when we get back.

“When we get back, I am going to throw you onto the bed. I am going to passionately kiss your luscious lips and let us taste each other. I am going to move my hand on to your plump breasts and slowing move my hand in a circular motion to you nipple. When I get there, I will find its still hard and I will squeeze it through your thin red bathing suit between my fingers. Still kissing passionately, I will pull your bathing suit and expose your huge tits. I will kiss down your body to your breast and kiss all around your nipple. I will lightly brush past it making you eager for me to kiss it. I am not going to kiss it, yet. I expose your other breast and do the same to that one. I go back to the first. You are not expecting me to kiss it. I sneak up, open my mouth and take your hard nipple into my mouth.”

By this time I can see my wife getting very turned on. Her breathing increased and her hand was below the bubbles. I suspected it was on her mound. I moved closer and kissed her lightly on the lips. She didn’t move away. She told me to continue.

“I will suck your nipples in my mouth each getting there turn while the other stays hard with my touch. I start moving down your body. I get to your bathing suit. It was still wet and smelled like chlorine. I gently untie each side allowing me to expose your pussy. You spread your legs wide and allow me in to smell your sweet aroma. As I smell your cunt, you feel every breath on your swollen lips. I move my hands to each side of your cunt lips and spread it open. Your clit is swollen and is looking for affection. I am going to give it affection. I start licking around it when I feel your hand on the back of my head pushing me in deeper. I lick your clit. The waves of pleasure go through your body and you can’t help letting out a loud mo…”

Before I got the word moan out, my beautiful bride was all over me. She got up straddled one of legs and kissed me passionately. I started the fire and it was out of control. She humped my leg and rubbed my cock through my swim shorts. It was erect and wanted out.

I had made my wife hornier then a bitch. She was on fire and nothing could put that fire out except an orgasm with my huge cock stuffed deep inside her. She couldn’t wait to get back to the cabin. She needed it now. I never saw her this excited.

She got up and ordered me to pull down my trunks. I obliged exposing my rock hard dick. I sat down again on the bench and this time my wife straddled both legs. With her right hand she pushed the thin cloth of her string bikini to the side, grabbed my dick, and inserted it into her extremely wet cunt hole.

We were fucking in the hot tub. The heat and the bubbles around our bodies turned us on more. My wife frantically bounced up and down on my meet trying to make herself bring on a cooling orgasm. I needed to help. With my hands I caressed the sides of her breasts. I slid down the soldier straps and exposed her tits right in my face.

I caressed her ample breasts with my hands as I opened my mouth to suck one of her nipples. This pushed my wife over the edge. She started to scream in pleasure as the waves of her orgasm came over her. I thrusted my dick deep inside her and I sucked her nipples as hard as I could. Her orgasm subsided but she kept riding. She wanted another and she wanted to make sure I came too.

She continued to ride me like a whore riding her boss. She wanted to make me come. Her moaning started to get load again. She was holding back. She felt guilty cumming again but her body had different ideas. I told her to let go and continued massaging one nipple with my fingers while sucking on the other as hard as I can.

It wasn’t long for me. I felt the cum build up in my cock which made it larger and harder. It wanted release. It wanted to squirt its load up into her belly. Her pussy wanted it too. A few seconds went by and I felt my wife tighten around my prick as she screamed in orgasm. The walls of her vagina were trying to squeeze my cum out. Her vagina did a good job. My prick felt like it needed to explode. The pressure kept building and building. Finally the valve couldn’t take anymore. It let looses and shot the load of my cum deep inside my wife. My prick pulsated with every squirt and my wife’s cunt squeezed against my swollen prick to milk every drop out.

We were both in orgasm. We didn’t have control of our bodies anymore as we fucked. When we finally came back to reality, the thought of being watched came over us. There was an older couple in there 40s watching us. They had just arrived and were checking out the facilities. I don’t know how long they were there but the man had a hard on showing through his pants and the woman had one hand under her skirt on her cunt. When they saw we knew of their presence, they left in a hurry. I heard the woman say as they were leaving, “Hurry lets get back to our room, I need to fuck.”

My wife turned bright red. She was so embarrassed. She put on her top and got out of the hot tub. I pulled on my pants and followed her. We went back to the room and she started to cry.


2011-02-23 08:54:01
it is such a sweet me i know coz im plump my self, i know how emarssing it can get at times. but i loved the story


2008-03-04 00:46:16
Hey Ashley- get over here and suck my dick you worthless cunt. Quit harshing on somebody for grammar you fuck wit


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2007-03-10 16:58:05
size 24 is perfect....good writing


2006-07-04 03:32:02
A plus woman, size 24, would usually require some talcum powder. The powder uncovers the wet spot so you know where to put your dick!

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