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A father causes daughter to lose her inheritance, and has a helluva time in the process.
Part I

I carried Mia, totally unconscious, to my bedroom and laid her in the center of the bed. The fifteen year old breathed steadily and deeply, a sure sign she was not about to come to. Looking at her laying there, so sweet and innocent looking, I almost had second thoughts, but pushed them away. She was going to get exactly what she deserved, the fucking bitch. I unzipped my slacks and pulled my hardening nine inch cock out and stroked it a few times to get good and stiff. Once my staff was fully erect, with veins showing near the surface and pre-cum on the tip, I climbed onto the head of the bed, near Mia’s face. I turned her face to my cock and rubbed the tip over her lips, cheeks and neck, until her porcelain skin glistened with my pre-cum. Then I used my fingers to spread her lips open and slid my cock into her wet warm mouth. I let her lips close naturally around my throbbing shaft as I began sliding it in and out. A couple times she made soft gagging sounds, until I got the hang of how deep into her throat I could go. Even though she wasn’t actually sucking me, the whole experience...face fucking my drugged 15 year old virgin daughter...made me incredibly hot and I soon felt my climax approach. I took hold of a handful of her long blond hair and fucked her mouth hard and fast. Groaning deep in my throat, I knew my orgasm was just about to happen. I pulled my cock out of Mia’s mouth just in time to squirt my jiz all over her angelic face. “Aaaaahhhhh,” I moaned as I splattered Mia’s face with my hot sticky cum. I left the mess on her face to dry so in the morning she would know very well what I’d done to her.
I lay beside Mia for a few moments, catching my breath, before continuing. Looking at her, I thought about the last two years, since my wife, her mother died. I know it sounds fucking terrible to say about my own daughter, but we were never close, even when my wife was alive...and now I virtually hated her. Since my wife died, Mia had become impossible, swearing at me constantly, skipping school at will, being brought home by the police, smoking pot in our home, you name it. Now I was finally putting my foot down, in a way she would never forget. I knelt next to my daughter, and began stripping her. Initially, I started to unbutton her blouse, then realized there was no point in being delicate. So I tore the blouse open, causing buttons to pop off and scatter. Turning her upper body, I pulled the sleeves down her arms and off. Once the blouse was removed I tossed it aside and tore her bra off in a similar manner, leaving light red marks on the sides of her chest wear the material had resisted ripping. Now she lay there topless, still out cold, and I admired her tits, easily 36C with big dark nipples. Next I tore the button off her jeans, ripping the zipper in the process. My heart was pounding in the anticipation of raping my daughter...who I had drugged to assure her lack of consciousness...and I pulled her panties down with her jeans. I tossed those garments with the rest of her clothes, and took a long moment to gaze at her impressive body. My eyes drunk in the curve of her tits, rising and falling as she breathed, then passed to the flat of her stomach, and continued on to her long legs (she’s 5' 9"), tan and shapely from lots of tennis and other outdoor activities. My eyes lingered down the outside of her left leg, down to her petite feet and toes, complete with pedicured nails. Then I worked my way visually up the inner part of her leg to her smooth and creamy thigh. Finally, my vision fell to her cunt, with the fine lustrous patch of corn silk-like hair. And the folds of her virgin pussy, looking so warm, moist, and inviting. My cock was quickly stiffening again as I continued my violation of my teen daughter.
Taking hold of her soft round tits, I squeezed them firmly, before rubbing her nipples roughly between my thumb and forefinger. They quickly hardened like small pebbles. I pinched, pulled and twisted them until they stood up tall, turning slightly red with blood rushing to the surface of her skin. Next, with heart racing and breath quickening, I took one into my mouth. I sucked it like an infant nursing at it’s mother’s breast. I took the entire tit into my mouth, as though attempting to devour it. After a time, I moved from one tit to the other, giving it similar treatment. Now my cock was fully erect again and I felt an urgency to get the deed done. Sitting upright, I contemplated her pussy, stroking it with my fingers. After spreading her legs to a rather obscene width, I played with her cunt, finding her slightly swollen clit. Rubbing it with my fingers caused her to sigh softly, but did not threaten to awaken her. The sleeping pills I had dropped into her pop had her out good. Slipping a finger into her cunt, I met the expected resistance of her hymen. She had been careful to preserve that, at least for now.
Now I moved between her legs and lowered my head, sniffing the musky scent of her pussy. Then I tasted my daughter’s cunt with a long slow wet lick. God, I was getting so fucking aroused by this! I used my fingers to spread her pussy lips and flicked my tongue over her clit, causing another soft sigh from the unconscious teen. I sucked her clit into my mouth and it released sweet juices, which I slurped up happily. I went back to licking her pussy, going at it like a crazed animal. She made only the same sighing sounds as earlier when her orgasm hit, but the flood of juices pouring from her cunt signaled that she had indeed climaxed. I licked her cunt clean and dry.
Now I readied for the act that would ruin all Mia’s plans. Her mother had been heiress to a small fortune, a result of my father-in-law’s business acumen. Much of this fortune was endowed to Mia when her mother died, to be granted to her on her sixteenth birthday, with two provisions. First was that she still be in school at that time...this she technically was. The second provision being that she still be a virgin on her sixteenth birthday...this she would not be!
Raising Mia’s legs so they draped over my own, I scooted forward on my knees until my cock head was against her pubes. Taking my thick hot shaft in my hand I pressed it to her fuck-hole. The head of my cock slid into her just a bit and I took hold of her hips and pulled her to me, hard. My cock slid into her a bit more, but I realized she was still intact. Pulling her to me again, I thrust my hips forward, feeling the resistance of her maidenhood, then feeling it give way. My cock slid deeper into my sleeping daughter’s pussy and I began pumping her with long slow strokes. She sighed again, but this time I paid no attention. The act was done, she wasn’t a virgin any longer. My cock slid deep inside her and I reveled in her tightness. Taking hold of her firm young ass I increased the speed of my fucking. Now pounding her deep and hard, I was nearly out of my mind with lust, lust and the joy of knowing I was truly fucking my daughter in more ways than sexually. I lifted her ass off the mattress with my strong, unyielding hands and drove my cock into her cunt, trying to literally impale her on it. The bedsprings creaked noisily and I was grunting and groaning as I thrust my rod to the depths of Mia’s pussy time after time after time. Finally I felt my orgasm approach, as I pounded myself into Mia with great animalistic fury. Sweat ran off my face in streams and felt near exhaustion from the ferocity of my fucking, but still I slammed into Mia’s pussy over and over again. When I knew that at last my climax was at hand, I pulled my throbbing, aching cock out of Mia’s cunt and squirted a huge amount of sticky, warm cum over her stomach and tits, just another sign for her to discover of what I’d done to her. “MOTHERFUCKER!!!!” I shouted as my climax washed over me in waves. I collapsed onto the bed next to my daughter. Laying there for some minutes, I finally caught my breath and was able to stand steadily. Picking up the Polaroid camera on the night stand, I took a shot of Mia’s face, with my cum drying to a thin crustiness on it. Then I photographed he belly, with my jiz still wet on it. Finally, I shot her pussy and the bed sheet under her, both spotted with blood, sure indications that she’d been fucked royally. Leaving the snapshots on the night stand next to her, I left her to sleep in my room as I went to a very satisfied sleep in the guest room.

Part II

“NOOOOOOO!!!!!,” came Mia’s howl of shock upon awakening in the morning. She had slept late and I was almost finished with breakfast. “What did you do to me, you fucking bastard?” she screamed at me as she bounded down the stairs. She entered the dining room on a dead run. She stood there seething at me, totally naked, having not taken the time to grab so much as her robe. I looked up at her calmly.
“I fucked you,” I answered simply, as I finished off the last of my eggs.
“It won’t work,” she argued. “It doesn’t count if I’m raped.” She was a slut, but she was a bright one, understanding immediately the reason for my actions. I shook my head.
“Check the will, babe. It says you lose out on your inheritance if you are not a virgin on your sixteenth birthday,” I explained. “It doesn’t say a word about any exceptions for rape,” I smiled smugly.
“I’m calling the police,” she threatened. “You’ll go to prison for this.” She turned to the wall phone.
“Yes, I’ll go to prison, and then what of you?” I asked. She froze with phone in hand as I answered my own question, “You’ll go to a foster home of some sort, until you’re eighteen. But then what?” I mocked her, “You, get a job? That’s a laugh! But that’s what you’ll have to do, with me in prison,” she frowned. “Now, I promised your mother I would take care of you financially, and I will...but not from a prison cell!” I looked at her confidently and awaited her response.
“Do you know how much I fucking hate you?” she asked icily, if somewhat rhetorically. I pushed my chair away from the table and stood.
“Well, that may be, but I’ve got to tell you, standing there all bare-assed naked is giving me notions,” I looked her naked body up and down lewdly. She shook her head and tried to cover herself with her hands.
“No fucking way asshole!,” she vowed, turning to exit the dining room and head up stairs. I followed her. She quickened her pace, and so did I, but just enough to stay close. She ran up the stairs, with me hot on her heels. Entering her bedroom, she tried to slam the door on me, but I got into the doorway too fast and threw my shoulder to the door, causing her to go sprawling on the floor. Barely rising to her feet, she half crawled, half jumped into her bed. Landing on her stomach, she pulled her knees to her chest, balling up into the fetal position. “NO! Don’t you dare touch me, you fucking pervert!” she warned. Climbing onto her bed, I saw the inviting target her ass presented to me.
“Oooo, what do we have here?” I asked teasingly. I put one hand firmly on the back of her neck to hold her in place and stroked her ass with the other. “Don’t touch me,” she begged, her sky blue eyes glistening with tears. Ignoring her, I pulled my cock, already fully erect, from my jeans. I spat into my free hand a half dozen or so times, and smeared the spit on her ass crack and then some on my cock head. Reaching under Mia, I managed to spread her knees just a bit and pressed my cock head to her puckered asshole. “No, please don’t Daddy,” she pleaded. I wondered when I had become “Daddy.” Tossing that thought aside, I forced my thick cock up Mia’s ass about two damn, she was tight! Her asshole was stretched way beyond its normal limits by my two inch thick cock. She buried her face in her pillow and screamed into it. I took firm hold of her hip with my free hand....still holding her in place by the neck with my other....and drove my cock deep up my daughter’s asshole. I could feel her entire body tense up and she again screamed into her pillow. I pulled my cock out so just the tip was still inside Mia, then paused for a few seconds before slamming it home again. I slapped her bare ass with a resounding “CRACK;” damn I was enjoying myself! I began pumping her asshole with long smooth strokes, and it loosened up and accepted my bludgeoning rod more easily. Mia wasn’t making much noise now, and she seemed to emotionally accept what was happening as well as physically. Feeling she wasn’t likely to struggle now, I took my hand off her neck and now used both hands to work her hips against my thrusts. I gave myself up to the ecstasy of the moment and closed my eyes as I continued my long slow fucking of my teenage daughter’s asshole.
When I opened my eyes some moments later, I saw Mia was now supporting her upper body on her hands, with her back arched and head thrown back. She was rocking her hips forward and back of her own accord and had begun to moan obscenely . I reached a hand under her and fingered her pussy. She was practically dripping wet. “Oh yeah Daddy,” she cooed. “Finger my cunt while you fuck my asshole. I’ve had a bunch of guys’ cocks in my asshole, but never any as big as yours. Fuck, this is so good!” I worked her clit over with my finger and she quickly reached climax. “OOOOOOYEEEEAAAAHHHHOOOOOOOOOOO,” she screamed as her orgasm hit her like a sledgehammer. I continued to pump her asshole as she gasped to catch her breath. Reaching under her, I grabbed her tits and fondled the nipples. “Yeah Daddy, play with my titties,” she encouraged. “Cum in my asshole Daddy...I want to feel your hot cum squirt up my asshole.” Hearing my own daughter use such language, as I reamed her sexy asshole, drove me nearly out of my mind.
“I’m gonna cum,” I shouted as my own climax got very close.
Taking hold of Mia’s hips again, I slammed my cock into her 3 last times, extra savagely, eliciting a sharp “unhg” sound from her with each thrust. Then I shot my cum deep into her asshole.
“WHHHOOOOOHOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO” I whooped as my entire body felt as if it were electrified. My cock continued to spasm and shoot additional doses of cum up Mia’s asshole for several moments before my orgasm finally subsided. Mia and I collapsed onto the bed, her in my arms. After several moments, she broke the silence.
“Well, I guess we figured out one way we can get along,” she suggested, with a wink and a grin.

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How could you do this to your own daughter?? Even if this story is just a fable, this nonetheless should never crossed your thoughts. You are a disgrace, and you need to be ashamed of yourself. You are a nasty Bastard !!!!

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you should make part 2

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