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The delights of young girls
The night just sort of passed and I was once again waken by the feeling of Amy’s hot sweet mouth sucking on my dick. I laid there enjoying watching this nude little 13 year old sex machine working on my cock when she said “don’t care if your awake or not “ and straddle me pulling my cock to her center and dropped herself onto my hard dick filling her hot little pussy to the brim and rode me like a bronco buster on a wild stallion
.” Fuck that’s good… ohhhh… your dick is so so big… feels too good ahhhhhh.. cummmmm…”
As she squirted her hot girl juices all over my dick and balls again I couldn’t help but do so too, filling her wet little girl pussy once more with my hot liquid cum.
“ Huuun your pussy so fucking tight soo good… Cummmminnnn…”
“Yesss.. fill my cunt with your cum… shoot that sperm in me… Give me your baby…. Cum in mee…. augggggg”.
As I filled her little girl pussy full of my white hot baby making cream she sat there shaking, her pussy spasming on my cock milking my cum into her hot wet tight young snatch.
She kissed me, sliding off my dick, bend down and licked me clean as she always does, then dressed and turned “bye Bill fuck you later” she giggled and left for school with another load of my sperm deep inside her little girl cunt.

I showered, dress, fixed breakfast, part of the kitchen did work and began working on the front guest room seeing that’s why I was staying in this house doing some minor remodel and wiring for the owner, have plenty of time, the guy who own the place wouldn’t be back for months yet.
Think about what Amy had said about more bed space maybe needed, due to six girls. Six little girls from 11 to 14 years old naked playing and enjoying each other here, while waiting for their turn of me cumming in her pussy. Each hoping to get pregnant, all six of them want a baby, my baby. Damn, my dick was getting hard again and no young stuff here to enjoy. Stop thinking and get to work.

Around noon I stopped working, got my tape measure and measured the master bedroom and the other bedrooms as well. Got in my truck and headed for the thrift store where I had picked up the mattress I had in the master bedroom and was using as my bed. Looking thru what they, had I found a couple of queens and two-twin mattress and sheets to match and a large digital clock radio. Paid for them loaded them up and back to the house I went. Backed into the garage and carried them inside. Moved the king out of the master bedroom into the adjoining bedroom and my furniture, two crates, a lamp, a TV, a radio-alarm clock and a small refrigerator.
Blacked-out all the windows that could see into the back part of the house and plugged in some night-lights from the back to the bedroom area. Repaired the ceiling light in the master bedroom and put in a couple of 40-watt bulbs. Moved the two queen and twin mattresses into the master bedroom covering the entire floor except for a four-foot strip along the end where the doors were, one to the main part, the other to the only complete working bathroom. Covered the mattress with the sheets, moved a crate in from the garage and put it in the corner for the new clock radio, observing my handy work. “Now we have a PARTY ROOM”

I took another shower and fixed something to eat and laid down in front of the TV to relax a little. I knew Joanne would be here soon as school was out and with Linda in tow. Ah, Linda the 11 year old, who would be giving me her virginity this afternoon and of course Joanne will be here also, tight pussy little Joanne who can’t seem to get enough of my dick in her little cunt and who can deep throat me like a pro. Takes all seven and a half inches of my manhood down her throat
like breathing air and sucks on my cock so sweetly. I’ll be glad when I knock her up or when she has her period, I want her to suck me off so damn bad, to cum in her mouth watch her swallow my seed, oh man, but for how her pussy comes first as with all six girls, six young girls for me to impregnate. What a great life?

Lying on my bed watching the TV, I heard them come in the back.
“Don’t worry Linda he’ll be gentle and will make you feel great” I heard Joanne say.
“Is he really BIG I heard you and Amy talking to Susie” hearing her little girl voice for the first time.
“Well he fits in me like a glove and feels sooo good inside me, I can’t get enough of it, but I really want to suck him off, to feel him drive his dick down my throat and then cum in my mouth, but this is your day…. I really envy you, wish he was popping my cherry again ”
“ That good huh”
“Oh yeal…. hold on… something different, Oh Bill where are you?... we’re here”
“Back here” I answered “ just changed up a few things, moved in here” stepping out of my now bedroom “ come on in, ladies”
As both the girls stepped towards the room and I noticed Linda was around 5-6 inches shorter than Joanne. As they stepped into the room Joanne stripped immediately.
Linda looked at her then me “ huh Joanne what are you doing”
“Hey he’s seen me naked, we didn’t fuck with our clothes on, now get undress girl he can’t fuck you with yours on”
“uh ok”
As Linda peeled her clothes off slowly I watched, she was small, I mean small, she looked like a kid 2 or 3 years younger than she really was She has dark hair, black would be a better word, almond features around her face, oriental decent I’d say, her hair hung loose down past the top of her shoulders, a nice smile, great figure, and her tits were nice sized, almost as large as Joanne’s and Amy’s put together, but there was almost no nipple just a small round button. Well maybe after she’s pregnant they’ll get bigger, her waist was flat, well maybe a little under flat would be correct, not skinny, petite, no fat anywhere and she too was as bald as a cue ball from the waist down and had just a hint of a slit between her close together thighs. I was concerned that I might hurt her due to her small size with my, as the girls call it, HUGE DICK. I looked at Joanne and said “ Linda is kind of small I not sure I should, I might hurt her”
Joanne answered back, “ she’s one of the group and you have to knock her up too, Bill, and besides her boobs are bigger than mine”
“Yeal I noticed” I said softly to myself.
Well I stripped down and turned towards Linda and she got her first look of my erect cock sticking out at her twitching, “ oh my… it’s so big…. It won’t fit, will it? “
Joanne reassured her “ it’ll fit just fine, don’t worry here I’ll show you” lying down she spreading her thighs
“Come here Bill slide that monster inside me so Linda can see you fucking me”
I lower myself between her out stretched legs taking my hard dick and sliding it up and down Joanne’s slit getting her slick little girl juice over the tip before sliding it inside her wet tight pussy. As I slid inside her, Linda got down next to us and watched very closely as my large member slipped completely inside her friend’s pussy to the hilt.
Joanne moaned “oh yes… keep going… augggg” as Joanne kept moaning I kept moving slowly out and back in her tight hot cunt again and again picking up a little speed as I stroked her twat with my harden member.
Then Linda spoke up “ Hey I’m the one you’re supposed to be fucking me not her” as she playfully hit me on the shoulder.
I heckled, “ you think you’re ready for this hunk of meat, my little pretty”
She answered sharply “well if I’m not I better get that way quick cause you’re going to put that thing in me”
And with that she laid down beside Joanne and I and opened her legs showing me her treasure, her tiny pink treasure nested in-between her tiny pussy lips and the dot of darkness, the place my dick ached to be.
“ Well come on big boy show me what you got, make me a woman, give me a baby”

I looked down at her lying there so sweetly; legs open inviting me into her virgin territory. I pulled my cock out of Joanne much too my regret, but then there was this little virgin offering me her prize and my dick stiffen up even more as if that was possible. I hovered over Linda as I kissed her mouth for the first time, her lips opened to accept my tongue and hers licked at mine. I moved down to her full tits and ran my tongue over them, not leaving a spot untouched. She moaned as the first male tongue was exploring her body, I ran my tongue slowly straight down to her tight slit and kissed her mound, as I played with her tits I slid my tongue up and down her, pressing it into her folds searching for her heat, up to her clit whiched I flicked and down to her anus and back up again. Her body began to shutter as her first male induced orgasm was building. I brought my hands down to her center and gently opened her, seeing her pink wetness and her tight opening, my dick began twitching again wanting inside her now. But I continued licking and ever so often push my tongue into her virginal canal, but when I sucked her hard clit into my mouth and flicked it with my tongue again she went off like a rocket
” Auggggg…. I’m I’m cumming….. uggggg cummmmmmin…… yesssss……”
She must have squirted a gallon of her sweet tangy little girl honey into my mouth I lapped it up like a man dying of thirst. I kept on licking and now moved a finger into play, I rubbed her tiny pussy opening getting it wet then slipped the tip inside her.
She softly screamed “yesss ohhhhh” as I pushed it in a little deeper and slowly stroked her.
As she came again Joanne kissed her as to muffle her voice and I slipped another finger inside her hot wet tight virgin cunt and moved it around in and out spreading her gently for the main event.
Joanne then rose up saddled Linda’s head and lower her hot wet pussy to her mouth.
“This will quite you down” quickly Linda shoved her tongue inside Joanne’s steaming pussy. I kept on eating Linda’s twat and moved a third finger to just inside her she was so hot and tight I knew I would enjoy opening her gate and filling her womb with my seed.

I pulled out one finger and stroked her with just two wiggling them inside her opening preparing her for my man pole and kept licking her clit and her pussy lips bring her off two more times. Mean while Linda ate Joanne nonstop, except when screaming into her pussy as she came, causing Joanne to flood her mouth, a couple of times also. As Joanne came for the third time on Linda’s face I patted her on the butt to move out of the way.
Linda moaned “where where you going I was just getting started”
Joanne kissed her licking up her juices from Linda’s face saying
“Bill’s ready to fuck you sweetie…. I’ll be back later”
I moved up and kissed Linda briefly as Joanne took hold of my dick and slid it up and down Linda’s wet slit making it all wet too, then she guided my rock hard dick to Linda’s virgin pussy hole and pushed it in. As the tip of my dick entered Linda she shook and groaned
“Oooooh it’s big”
I pushed the head completely inside her hot wet tightness and began moving it back and forth slowly going a little deeper each time opening Linda’s love canal up for the first time. She groaned again as I hit her hymen
“ugggg that’s it… that’s my cherry”
“No it’s mine now”
I pulled back a little and pushed thru in one quick motion and held myself still
“Ahhhh… that stings a little… ohhh it’s better now”
and I continued moving in and out of her again, deeper and deeper with each stroke then I hit bottom, but I wasn’t completely inside her hot wet pit.
” Oh that hurts” she squeaked
“Sorry … aaa… seems I’m longer than you’re deep” and I pulled back until just the tip of my dick was still inside her then pushed back in
” Damn you’re tight”
“ I’m a virgin, of course I’m tight”
“You were a virgin…. not anymore”
“Yeal I’m a woman how”
“And soon to be a fresh fucked one at that”
As I moved in and out of her tight wet cunt picking up speed as I went. Ever so often I would hit bottom and she’d yelp,
But I kept fucking her. I raised up a little and pulled her up by her hips and drove in again this time I slipped into her cervix as my entire cock made it into her hot pussy for the first time
” Ohhh… that feels funny.. but sooo good”
She looked down and watched my dick disappear completely inside her body again.
“ You got it all in me” she panted, “ Oh Bill fuck me…. Fuck me… it’s so good…” as I plowed in and out of her tight pussy she moaned and twisted like a snake under me. Damn what a wild ride and as I rode her, she came again.
“ Ooooohhh…… I’mmm…. CUMMmmmin…..”
I fucked her hard thru her orgasm as she soaked my dick and balls with her hot little girl cum. I kept stroking her, but then I began to feel that tighten of my balls as they filled up with my baby making sperm. I pounded her hot pussy bring her to the edge again and as she blew
“oooh… I’m cumming again… yesss… cummin…”
I shoved my dick into her with one mighty thrust as my sperm exploded out of my balls up my shaft and into her hot waiting pussy.
”augg Cumming…. Cummmmmin…. Take it”
Her body seemed to swallow up my cum as it was pumped into her preteen snatch
”YESSsss cumin me…. Cum fill my pussy with your sperm…. Fuuuuuck meee… cummmm give me a babyyyyy…..”
I just laid there on top of her as she twisted under me moaning, her hot pussy sucking the cum out of my balls. Damn it was good, As we calmed down I rolled off her onto my back lying on the bed and Joanne spoke
“That looked like fun”
Linda added “never felt anything like that, see what you mean Joanne, I feel so so good and full, how much did you put in me Bill”
“ Two balls full and more, damn your pussy felt so fucking good, give me a few and I’ll give you a refill”
Joanne said quickly “ my pussy need to be fed too, Bill”
“Don’t worry, I won’t forget you, baby”
“Guess you don’t want of me now that you got Linda” then she licked her lips invitingly.
“Ohhh” I groaned as my dick jumped
“ Joanne I definitely want you, come here girl and get what you need” pulling her to me.
She dropped between Linda and myself and bent down and kissed the head of my dick “miss me” he twitched and she began licking my now rising cock “looks like he did” then wrapped her lips around my dick and began sucking gentlely bring me to full mast before deep throating me.
“Ohh your sweet mouth…. gooodd”
Rising up off me saying “does he want some pussy now?”
I pulled her up and kissed her and whispered,
“ Wrap that tight little pussy of yours around my dick I want to fill your hot cunt with my cream”
“Oh goody”
As she swung her leg over me taking my erect cock and shove it into her pussy dropping down, incasing my hardness fully inside her hot wet tight, damn tight pussy. I grabbed her hips and held her there enjoying her heat as she rocked her body slightly. Releasing her hips I groaned
“Oh Joanne fuck me…. Oh fuck my dick… make me cum inside you”
She didn’t say anything just began moving her pussy up and down my cock fucking me as hard as she could. God her cunt was so tight it felt like our first time again.
“ Oh baby your pussy sooo goood…. fuckkk mee”
As she got closer to her climax her pussy got hotter and hotter, I felt like I was fucking a oven, she moaned
“ good… soo gooood…. Soo biggg goood…. Uuhhhh…. Yessss…. Ohhhhh…. I’mmm gonnnna cuummmmm….. aaahhhhhhh….. cummmmminnggggg…..”
And with that the dam burst and her little girl juices flooded covering her insides, my hot dick, my balls, my stomach and running down my ass and sides and onto my bed. Damn was she hot and wet, she just sat there on me shaking and moaning, I pulled her to me rolled her on her back grabbed hold of her hips and began pounding her tight litte preteen cunt like there was no tomorrow. As I fucked her hard she began bucking back to me driving my steel hard dick deeper into her wet tight little girl pussy, in which I knew I would be filling with my sperm very quick at this rate.
“Oh Joanne you feel so good I just love fucking your tight pussy.. So hot… so wet…. Sooo fuckinggg tight…”
“Yesss Bill honey fuck me… fuck me hard…. You fill my cunt soo good… You’re so biggg.. baby fuck meeee….” She moaned
I began pounding her cunt, driving my hard cock as deep as I could inside her as she humped back just as hard to me trying to drive my man meat even deeper into her hot wet 12 year old pussy.
Linda lying there watching me fucking her friend hard, slid her hand down and began to rub her clit
“ohhh that looks so good, fuck her Bill fuck her hard, uhh yessss”
I said, “ Move up on the bed and spread your legs show me your sperm filled twat”
As she slid up I whispered to Joanne “I’m gonna pull out of you, you flip over I want to fuck you doggie style while you eat Linda’s cum filled cunt”
Joanne moaned “ Ohhhhh Yeesss……….. Now to it”
I pulled out of Joanne and off her as she flip over and buried her tongue into Linda’s pussy and began lapping her twat like a thirsty dog lapping water. I moved behind her and thrust my hard dick deep inside her tight pussy and started pumping her like a runaway oil well. Each of my thrust would shove Joanne’s tongue deep into Linda’s snatch as Linda moaned “yess……. eat my pussy…….. EAT MEee…….. Joanne eat Bill’s cum out of me…. Eat me”
Joanne’s pussy began spasming and squeezing my pounding hard dick as she shook thru her orgasm she raised the head screaming, “Fuck mee…. FUCK ME HARDER…. Fuck my pussyyy… augggg” then dropped her head back into Linda’s wet cunt tonguing her wildly as she came. I sped up pounding harder into Joanne’s wet preteen tight pussy, wanting to fill her with my white hot thick sperm once again, making her pregnant hopefully.
I felt my balls tingle that wonderful feeling of them filling up with my baby making juice knowing they would shortly be shooting their hot load deep inside her tight little pussy again. As I drove my hard prick into her, her climax was building to an overload once again, as I felt her heat increased I pounded even harder into her hot wet twat, driving towards our mutual release.
“Oh baby I’m gonna cum… I’m gonna fill your tight pussy…. I’m gonna cummm”
Joanne screamed “ cummmmin I’m cummm… fill my pussy… cumin meeee” as her orgasm erupted as she bit Linda’s clit sending her over the edge and she flooded Joanne’s mouth with her sweet girl juice “I’mm cumming… Eat me bitch…. EAT MEEEee….” holding Joanne’s head tight to her mound. Right behind her Joanne’s spasming pussy and hot little girl juice tore thru her tight cunt bathing my dick with her hot cum causing me to fill her with a huge load of my sperm, shot after shot as my balls drained themselves into her wet hot little girl snatch.
“Oh Joanne your pussy….. soo good… augggg…. I’m cumming” as I pumped her twat full of my baby seed again.
As we three calmed down from our mutual orgasms and the twitching finally subsided, we fell apart on the bed in happy exhaustion.
Linda spoke first, “ That was so good…. I want to do it again, please”
Joanne moaned, “ me too, but not right now, I needed to get home and so should you, don’t want to get into any trouble now, would we.”
“Ah no, you’re right I need to get home” Linda said sadly
“Besides I think Bill needs some rest…… told you you would love it”
Linda asked timidly “we do get to come back for more, don’t we”
“Linda, look at you…. you’ve become a slut” Joanne laughed “ yes come back when ever you can…. Bill just loves it”
I just smiled staring at the ceiling.
I think I remember both girls bending over and kissed me before going into the bathroom to clean up.


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Amaxing dtory but if ur 57 like that bloke said it is a bit weird writin about kids


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.awsome story linekeep up the good writing


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