Lorelai and Chris have a little fun
Christopher pulled up in front of the Dragonfly Inn. He turned off his motorcycle and stepped off. He walked up the stairs and was about to walk in but paused for a second. He was wearing leather pants, an AC/DC shirt and a leather jacket. Lorelai had called him just a little while ago and said she needed to talk to him. He had rushed over as soon as he could. Wondering why she called him he walked in.

Standing behind the desk was Lorelai she was wearing her usual work attire, a light purple blouse, a dark purple skirt and high heels. When she saw him her eyes instantly lit up. “Hi, Chris,” she said chirperly, “I’m so glad you could come.”

“Hi, Lor,” he responded, “how are you?”

“Okay, I guess,” she replied. “But, horny,” she thought. She hadn’t been dating anyone for a long time, so all her sexual energy was being built up. “And you?” she asked out loud.

“I’m doing fine,” he said, “only I haven’t had sex in a month,” he added in his mind. Ever since his wife had left him to go to Paris, Chris hadn’t had much time to do anything but look after his child and go to work.

“I’ll be with you in just a second, okay Chris. You can sit down and read a magazine or something.” Lorelai told him. Chris nodded and went over to sit down in the lobby while Lorelai walked off. When he sat down he began sifting through the magazines to see if there was anything interesting. It was mostly just home and garden stuff until he got to the bottom. On the bottom of the stack was a porn magazine. “I wonder what this is doing here,” he thought to himself. He assumed some kid had left it here for a joke, so he picked it up and began to flip through it. It was a standard porn magazine. It started out with single women posing in alluring positions. Christopher’s cock started getting hard seeing all the models posing naked. Near the back of the porno they started adding some sex scenes. One had a brunette on the floor with her ass in the air and a hung surfer dude pounding in and out of her pussy from behind. He was holding onto her hair and looked to be in total control.

Chris was just getting hard looking at all this stuff and he couldn’t wait to get to a private place to jack off. He was about to turn the page when he heard heels clacking on the floor behind him. He hastily shut the magazine and shoved it under the chair, right before Lorelai turned the corner. He quickly stood up and instantly realized his mistake. He was incredibly hard from the magazine and his cock was making a tent in his pants. Lorelai was now standing right in front of him and she was staring right at his crotch.

“Hey, I’m back,” she said slowly, “I’m glad you’re so happy to see me.”

“Sorry about that, Sherri has been away for a while.”

“No, its okay, that’s kinda what I called you about,” she started to move in closer, “you see, I haven’t been with someone for almost five months now, and well you know.” She reached up to his pants and was about to stroke his hard cock when he pulled away.

“I don’t know Lor, whenever we do this, bad things happen.”

“This is no strings attached. I just want to be your little pleasure slave tonight. I just want you to fuck my brains out,” she whispered seductively. She reached for his pants again, and he did not pull away. She began to massage his manhood from outside his pants. “Come on, just this one time.”

Chris didn’t know what to do. He was as horny as hell and here was a sexy woman offering to have string free sex with him. Yet, it was Lorelai, and what she was doing felt so good. He just couldn’t resist. He pulled her face closer to his and began kissing her. He shoved his tongue into her mouth and began moving it around in there. She responded by squeezing his cock with a gentle rhythm. His hands roamed down her back until he found her ass. He began squeezing that in the same rhythm. Then he snuck up into her skirt and discovered she was no wearing any panties.

He was about to start fingering her, but she pulled away, “Wait a minute. I reserved a room for us upstairs. Let’s go there.” She began walking towards the stairs. As she was walking she swung that ass of hers around.

“Goddamn it, I want a piece of that,” thought Christopher. He caught up with her and slapped her ass. She squealed but began to move faster. They got up to their room and Lorelai hastily opened the door. They both raced in. “Come here my little slut,” Chris growled. He grabbed her and began making out again. This time she reached down into his pants and began to stroke his warm cock. “Oh yeah, that’s what I’m thinking about babe,” Chris murmured into her mouth. He roamed down to her ass again and this time made it up into her skirt. He took his middle finger and plunged it into her pussy. She was soaking wet! He began moving in and out of her pussy with ease.

“Oh God Chris, I need to see that fucking cock now!” she screamed. She pulled away from his finger fucking and pulled off his T-shirt. She started licking his chest, paying special attention to his nipples. She swirled her tongue around them and got them all wet. She then moved down to his pants, where his cock was forming a huge tent. “Hello, big boy,” she whispered. She unbuttoned his pants, then pulled down the zipper with her teeth. She then pulled down his pants and his boxer shorts together. Out sprang his straining cock. Now that it was fully erected it stood proudly at eight and a half inches long and about as thick as Lorelai’s wrist.

“Wow, have you grown Chris?” she asked enticingly.

“You’ll just have to find out,” he replied with a huge grin on his face.

She began licking just the head of his cock. Swirling her tongue around the head of his cock, she slowly began to push it into her mouth. As she got more and more in, Chris was feeling better and better. Finally she had it all in and began to bob up and down it.

“Wow, Lor,” he gasped, “you’ve gotten better at this.” She responded by increasing her tempo. “Oh, yeah, suck that cock bitch, suck it hard.” Chris could feel he was about to cum, so he pulled out of her mouth. Lorelai realized what was about to happen and began to stroke his dick up and down. He shot his first string of pearly white cum into her hair and then began shooting allover her face. After he was done she took his cock back into her mouth and sucked it dry.

She then stood up and pulled her clothes off faster then Chris could comprehend. Her body was perfect. She had a clean-shaven pussy and flawless round breasts. “Come here my little bitch,” he beckoned. She walked over to him, swinging her hips as she went. When she got to him he picked her up and put her down on the bed. He got on top of her and stuck his tongue down her mouth. She responded quickly and they were soon tongue wrestling. He reached down to her pussy and began to piston in and out again. He started with just his middle finger, but soon he had three fingers going in and out of her pussy at the speed of light.

Lorelai was moaning all over the place. She had never felt this good. What Chris was doing to her pussy was blowing her mind. She could feel it building inside of her and finally she orgasmed like she never had before. Her body shook with passion and she was riding a high. When she finally came down she felt Christopher kissing her breast.

“Yeah, bitch, you liked that didn’t you.” Christopher hissed.

“Oh, baby you have no idea,” moaned Lorelai.

“Well now that you’re all nice and warmed up, let’s get to the main event,” said Christopher. With that he moved his steel hard cock to the edge of her pussy and plunged in without any further ado. They both gasped at the same time. He gasped because her pussy was even tighter then he remembered. She gasped because his cock was bigger than she remembered. Chris soon began moving in and out of her very slowly. He would periodically stop when he was fully in and lean forward and kiss Lorelai. She would respond by roving her hands all his hot body. She would tweak his nipples and squeeze his ass. He would then begin moving in and out again. Soon he was going swifter, and she was wailing like a banshee.

“FUCK ME CHRIS! RAM THAT HOT COCK UP IN MY PUSSY! FUCK ME, FUCK ME!” she screamed. Chris moved faster, and faster and finally he could feel the pressure building in his cock.

“I’m gonna blow, Lor, watch out!”

“Fill me with that hot cum!”

Chris stopped pumping in and out of Lorelai and just buried his cock in twat. He started spurting like there was no tomorrow. He was on cloud nine. He had never cum this much. His cum went deep into Lorelai’s pussy and she loved every minute of it.

“Oh, yeah Chris! Shoot that sperm deep inside me! Shoot it, shoot it!”

After Chris was all emptied out, he pulled his cock out from Lorelai’s wasted pussy and lay down next to her on the bed. He reached over and began to caress her breast. She sighed and closed her eyes. “Ohh, Chris that was wonderful.” She then felt something touching her leg, she looked down and he was hard again. “Chris, you’re ready for more?” she asked in disbelief.

“Yep, I get you as my bitch for one night and I am going to take complete advantage of that!” he responded and he began groping her breasts even more. She laughed and started to stroke his cock. She took his meat in one hand and began to move up and down slowly. She then took her other hand and started to stroke it in and out of her pussy. He moaned from her caresses and began to move with her hand. Finally he had had enough. He knew what he wanted, and he was going to take it, no matter what she said.

He pulled away from her and flipped her onto her stomach. She kept on fingering her pussy in evident pleasure. He started kissing her body, starting with the ears and moving down her back and finally onto her scrumptious ass. When he got to her ass, he gave it a little slap. She moaned in appreciation. “You like that bitch, yeah I know you do,” he whispered.

“Oh yeah, Chris, slap that ass of mine, slap it, slap it!” she responded. He complied quickly and began slapping her rump with vigor. She started pumping in and out of pussy harder with every slap. Her ass was soon turning red. Chris stopped and stroked his cock for a couple seconds. When it got nice and hard he leaned down and began to lick Lorelai’s fingers as she pumped them in and out of her pussy. She crooned in pleasure. After a few seconds of this, he pulled out her fingers and started licking her pussy from behind. He then started tracing a line with his tongue from her pussy to her asshole. He began dipping his tongue in and out of her splendid bum-hole, eliciting sounds of extreme pleasure from Lorelai.

Chris could take it no longer. He had noticed on their way in that the inn supplied lotion to their guests on the bedside table. He grabbed the tiny bottle and popped open the top. He squirted a little onto his cock and rubbed it all around. Then he put a little on Lorelai’s sweet asshole. Around and around, his finger went, spreading the lotion. Finally, he stood up behind her, and whispered into her ear, “You ready for this Lor?”

“Yes, Chris, fuck that slut ass of mine, fuck it!” she practically yelled. He needed no further encouragement, and proceed to place his steel-hard dick right behind her asshole. He slid the tip in slowly, experiencing exceptional ecstasy. She seemed to be feeling similar feelings from the sounds she was making. He began to push slowly more and more in. Pretty soon he had half of his cock in her tight asshole.
He was in paradise. Her taut ass was pressing into his cock with great warmth and joy. Gradually, he began to move in again. He was met with a little resistance, but he only pressed harder. Soon, his entire cock was up in her ass, to the balls. She gasped a little from the girth of his organ in her.

“Don’t worry, my little bitch” he hissed “this won’t hurt a bit.” Slowly he began to pull out of her, and when he was almost all the way out, he plunged back in with vigor. Crying out in surprise, Lorelai arched her back. After she had quieted down, he began to casually move in and out of her. Her hurt silence was soon replaced by cries of pleasure. Enjoying himself, Chris reached under her and began to squeeze her tits with great manliness. This only elicited more cries from her. He began to pick up his pace, slamming in and out of her at even greater speeds. His balls were slapping her behind loudly and he was joining in her cries of ecstasy. Wanting to cum on her breasts and face, when he felt his orgasm building he pulled out and quickly turned her around. Before she had to time to recognize the emptiness she was feeling, he had stuck his cock down her throat. He face-fucked her for a few seconds before he pulled out and started to spurt all over he front. His first shot land on her forehead where it preceded to drip down her face. The next few shots landed on her mouth, which she briskly ate up. The last few strings of cum landed on her beautiful breasts. This cum she rubbed all over her breasts and neck.

Seeing her face, neck and boobs dripping with cum, Christopher nonchalantly said, “Now there is a perfect slut.” As he lay down next to her where they both went to sleep.


2007-06-29 08:49:37
good story! does anyone want to fuck me? i am super horny lately.


2006-09-04 11:26:59
good story but poorly written. does anyone want to fuck me?


2006-08-07 10:36:14
This story sucked just as much as your last one did, and you still deserve to get your ass kicked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...


2006-05-06 05:42:32
Well, now. This was a good old-fashioend fuck story. There's nothing wrong with that. No complicated story line, no big-ass twists in the tale. Just straight, hard fucking and sucking. Good show. Do more of these stories. 9/10


2006-05-05 01:08:32
Now can we have the mother and daughter act

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