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hope you like! story took longer to tell then i thought
after a night out on the town my girlfriend and i went back to here place. shes a thick in all the right places sista who moved from st. louis. MO to texas. shes goes by the name Koko and has 3 kids. the kids are 4, the boy, 8 a girl, and 12 the oldest girl.

now after getting back home we did what we normally do. she went the kids upstairs after cleaning up the kitchen and the mess they made. i have been seeing for awhile and have gotten to konw the kids real well. Shatrice was the oldest girl so KoKo kind of relied on her to most of the chores and keep the other ones in line but being 12 going on grown she started to develop other interest as all little girls do...friends, shopping, and boys! after the kids went upstairs we began to unwind and relax in Koko's bedroom. started watching a little TV and talking...its been about 3 months of dating and in those 3 months we have had some ups and downs. so at this point it was either break up or decide to actually stay together. during our talking Koko had asked me to rub her stomach because she felt a little sick...i guess from the acohol we had to drink at dinner...but in truth she was horny!

as we talked and i rubbed her she looked over at me while i was laying there in her bed and gave me this smile, grabbed my hand and slide it down over the top of her boy shorts. then she said, "Come on lets just get this over with!" and with that she reach down and slide out of her shorts and panties. we began kissing as i ran my hand over her pussy hairs and clit...i could feel that she was already wet! so i wasted no time in throwing off the covers and planting my face between her thick sexy legs. she must have had the same panties on from when we went out and didnt change into new ones when we got home and got dressed down for the night...the reason i thought this was because she wore a panty liner with her panties and when i went down to eat out her pussy it smelled kind of musty...but in a very good way...she had been horny most of the night and so the scent of her was really mouth actually began to water even before i took my first lick.

i spread her legs apart and cupped my hands underneath her ass so i could spread apart her ass cheeks and pussy lips. i began licking and kissing her clit and after a few moments of that i had her going. she pulled down my shorts and began stroking my feet laid up by her head so we were in the perfect position for a 69. she motioned for me to move my body over the top of her so she could begin sucking my dick. i did my thing and began eating that pussy like there was no tomorrow. trying to concentrate on making her cum before she had me cumming from sucking my dick. after about 15 mins i had her built up to her first orgasm. she stopped sucking my dick and began gasping for air and moaning very loadly. i began licking her asshole and fingering it to mess with her more...this sent her over the edge when i returned to give her pussy a few more good licks...she arched her back and thrust her hips up against me hard...bringing her legs up around my head and locking it in a vice like grip. as i tried to keep licking her body began to shake and she brought her legs up and since my head was trapped i was pulled away from her pussy lips but not before her hot, sweet cum came running out of her pussy! "Damn that is some of the best head i have ever had!" she claimed. i turned around and faced her she reached up and grabbed me and pulled me close...we began to hug and kiss and cuddle.

my shorts had come back up over my rock hard cock and i was pressing it up against her pubic bone right above her hot and sticky pussy. as we kissed we both began to grind on each other and again with a simple little smile she told me to remove my shorts. so jumped off the bed real quick and stripped down, climbed back into bed with her, and spread her legs apart once more. she was on her back...her favorite position...and i ran my hands down her legs and up to her stomache just as i slide my dick into her warm, wet pussy. she smiled again and tilted her head back and arched her back again as i held her around her hips. first i started fucking her with just the tip of my head and occasionally taking one unexpected long deep stroke in her...this made her gasp for air and softly moan. about 15 mins into this im taking full thrust in and out of her pussy and it just gets wetter and warmer. she has her hands back over the top of head and is grinding me in motion with my thrust while giving out little whimpers and moans each time. about another 5 mins of this and im ready for my first nut. i tell im about to cum and she grinds harder and tightens up her pussy around my cock...i was going to pull it out and cum on her because she likes that but i was to close to climax and when she tightend up on me i lost it...i just began pounding her harder as i came. cum began squirting out the sides of her pussy so i grabbed a shirt and pulled my dick out and wiped it off and her pussy too. she asked me if i had cum in her and i said yeah and of course she got kind of see she really likes getting sprayed...its part of her kinky side...the thought and idea of a man spewing his hot cum all over her gets her off...she said when i guy cums inside her it makes her feel weird and its a different kind of she likes a rock hard cock inside her and guys tend to be softer after they cum or go limp. i of course was still pretty much just as hard and was about to put it back in her but she stopped me and sad no. she was finished and was going to go clean up in the shower....this is where the fun really begins!!!!!!!

you see normally we lock the bedroom door but since the action got hot and heavy for a moment in the sheets i never made over to the door to lock it...while KoKo was in the shower Shatrice came busting thru the door and there i am standing beside the bed buck ass naked stroking my dick which was semi-hard at this point. i was still kind of in a sexaul trance so the thought of this didnt register right away with being naked and holding my cock. Shatrice mouth just dropped as she stood there in shock. by this time KoKo had the shower running and was already inside so she didnt hear her daughter come in asking out loud if whe would please turn the air on to cool off the upstairs cuz it was hot. and seeing me standind there Tricie, short for Shatrice, didnt manage to get out all the sentence anyway.

Shatrice is a very young and lovely looking girl. at 12 she had already started developing a womans body. she was a about 5'2" thin build with little perky A sized breast. still a little baby fat around the waste but that was going un-noticed because her tight round booty began to also form on the girl. i was kind of like a dad figure to her...trying to keep her out of trouble, i have baby-set them, taken them to the park, helped her with and the others with their homework. you know the typical dad sort of stuff. Shartice was only 12 but had friends that were also growing up and fast...infact Tricie told me once that a boy had put his hands on her chest and rubbed her tits, and thanks to public school education...she kind of already knew about the "birds and the bees". i talked to her about it...she seemed pretty normal for a 12 old girl and the situation was delt with. as me and the kids started bonding, she being the older, i was really trying to get close to her first. i wanted her to know that i carred for her and her mom and i was going to treat her with respect and thus she became cool with me and we kind of developed a dad/daughter relationship since her real father still lived in st. louis and KoKo never let her see him.

so i standing there naked and her young eyes are fixated on my cock. i looked at her and asked what she was doing. she tried to get out the words of it being to hot upstairs and had come down to ask us to turn on the air. now the kids had been upstairs for awhile and i imagine it was hot up there but i dont think Shatrice had decided to come down at that moment to ask us...i think she had come down earlier to ask but never made it because when she got to the bedroom door she heard KoKo and i having sex on the other side. this and the fact that she kept looking down at my cock and just had this grin on her a kids has when they've been up to no good. at this point is when it dawned on me that im naked so i kind of come out of the sexaul trance i was in when i was masturbating cuz i sitll was horny and wanted more sex but KoKo didnt. i quickly looked down and then moved towards the to grab for the covers. Shatrice actually moved towards me a couple of steps and said, "Oh im sorry!" because i was really embarassed and she could tell. i had quickly lost the hard on and was at a blank to think or say anything. she took another step and apologized again and was asking me not to be mad at her. it also dawned on me that the whole time Tricie is talking to me she constantly looking at my crouch. as i went to put the covers over my lap she said something...something that i thought i would never hear in my life and it actaully sent a bolt done my spine! she said, "Please dont!" and she had this kind of poutty sad look on her face. i was still thinking she meant about me being mad or telling her mother what had happened just now but i realized she meant me covering up my crouch. i just froze and looked up at her and she was looking down at my dick.

now im your average white guy...bout 6 ft tall...kind of athletic build since i do workout...and my dick is just a little over 6 inches but thick though. and i know that Shatrice has never seen a dick other than her little brothers when she had given him baths but he was little boy and i was an already developed man. so i sat there with this puzzled face looking at her and she began grinning this smile...same smile as her mothers!

she apologized again and took another step towards me...just about a body's length away from me now..."i didnt mean to but i just wanted to see it...can i see it?", she asked...she was curious and to her it look weird and big she told me. it was at that moment i realized that little young Shatrice was growing up...for real...and the thought of boys were on her in particular! you see Shatrice, like all little girls would flirt with me...little girls flirt with their daddys just as little boys flirt with their moms...according to Frued anyway. several times i or her mom would have to get on to her for running around the house with no clothes on...meaning she would sometimes just wear a long t-shirt and panties or even no panties at all...and of course no bra. one time she even came into the bedroom wearing a little tank top and shorts but the shorts were hanging way past her little round and brown ass...she came in singing a rap song and kind of was dancing to it...shortly after her little sister Kila who was 8 followed her into the room...both singing the song and went into the bathroom to dance in front of the mirror and pretend to "drop it like its hot"! Kila was facing Tricie and Tricie was facing the mirror looking back at me smiling. i was on th edge of the bed so i got to see the what would posses a little girl to come strolling thru the bedroom, with me and her mom both in there, and have her shorts down past her ass and bouncing her booty all over the place....nothing other than the fact she had a little girls crush on me and maybe something to do with hormones.

this all came to me quickly as i thought about all of this and thinking about her actions. so im sitting there and shes got this grin and shes trying to look over my hand which is still covering up my junk. i said, "what?" and she asked again to see it. "I just wanted to see it!" then she looked at the bathroom door to make sure mom wasnt coming out i guess and the shower was still going...then she looked back at me and asked another head spinning question..."Did you and mom just get finished having sex ?" she asked with that sheppish grin on her face...all lite up and excited! "What!" i said..."You and mom just got done having did it feel?" she replied. and then to my horrification....she said, "Oh its getting bigger again!" i looked at her looking down and i looked down...i couldnt believe it but i was getting another hard on! "Can i touch it?" bam! another jolt sent right thru me! "What...Why?" i asked. she said she had been curious and been thinking about stuff like this since we had our little father daughter talk about sex and boys.

"No you cant touch it!"
"Please, please let me just see it...i just want to touch it to see what its like!"
she looks back at the bedroom door...."I wont tell mom, so please!"
"NO, you have already scene enough...and you should be upstairs in bed!"
"I know and im sorry but i....but i just wanted to know...Look its getting bigger!"

at this point i was getting really horny and my eyes began to glaze and my mouth hung open....i was headed into another type of sexual the kind you get when youre getting a really good blow job...youre relaxed but at the same time feeling ecstasy. i just shook my head no and was looking down at my dick growing into a massive hard on. this was all happening so fast....only a few moments had past by the time KoKo went into the bathroom to take a shower and the time Tricie busted into the room...maybe 5 mins fact things were happening so fast that i didnt notice Shatrice bend down and place one hand on my thigh.

"Please!" "I promise i wont tell" "Mom got to see it and mess with it....i just want to look at it!" the rational thinking of a 12 yr old is amazing sometimes. i looked up at her...her eyes were at face level with mine...i looked back down and saw her hand...moved closer to my dick that was now poking thru my hand.

"Ok but after this you have got to get out of here!" she smiled again and said ok. so i removed my hand from my cock to let her take a look at, and Tricie's mouth just dropped as she knelt down beside the bed and me. "Oh whoa its big...i just..."
i kind of laughed at her and without really thing said, "Well its not that big...there are bigger out there i just hope you dont run into one!" still trying to be the protective dad i guess or something...she said, "Really! wow how big does yours get?" "That's it",
i said.

"Oh ok cool...its still pretty big....and you let mom touch it?"
"Uh yeah i guess so." by this time she kind had moved between my legs and was kneeling down right in front of me and my dick and her hands were right there on either side of it.

"And these are your balls huh?....pretty big know i've seen my brothers and all but this is weird"
"Whats weird?"
"Can i touch them?"
" youre just supposed to be looking...youve look so no go to bed!"
"What did you and mom do...what did mom do to it?"

"Thats none of your business and you......OOOOOOOOOHHHHHH!" without warning she touched it! lighting shooting thru my body just by a simple touch she gave by placing her hands just on each side of my dick at the base were my nuts and dick meet! i had jumped and she was this time i was gasping for air. she just kind of laughed at me and asked if i was ok...i told her yes but she shouldnt have done that...she asked why did it hurt and i said no it felt really good but you dont need to be doing any of that! "Stuff like what?" as she grabbed it again with that shit eating grin on her face! "I just wanted to mess with it really....since there is not another one around and i cant touch my brothers...that would be gross!" again the workings of a 12 yr old mind. so i kind of laid back on my elbows and allowed her to explore my cock and balls. she was bending it and twisting it...then she grabbed my ball sac and began to rub and massage them just by feeling on them and see what they were all about. she also began to slide her hand up and down my dick...i just moaned and told her that felt really good. " like this? feels good? have mom do this?...what she do? does it feel good?" i told her that it just does because its a sexual organ and its sensitve by design, and i told her that yes her mom did do that...i told her the truth that her mom and i had been sleeping together. she told me that she already knew that...some nights she could hear us and knew that something was up. then she went back into asking about what her mom does to my dick and what i do to her....she was really interested and curious. and i was getting really horny...having my dick stroked by a 12 yr old girl! so i begin to tell her that sometimes her mom puts her mouth on my dick and sucks it. "Its called giving head right?" she asked...right i told her.

"How do you do it?" she asked.
"You really just put it in your mouth and suck and lick...there is a skill to it but that kind of comes with time for some and others are just naturals at it."
"Can i try it?....its weird but i have been feeling like i want to put it in my can i?"
"yeah but just for a little bit...your mom will be coming out of the shower soon."

and with that she went right to work on it...she moved in closer and leaned her head over it...opend her mouth and slowly slide her mouth over it...just the head at first then she pulled it out and licked it a few times...."Like this?" she asked. "Yeah just like that but suck the whole thing." so she began sucking on it and she kept one hand on my balls and kind of played with my surprise she was kind of a natural...she just began exploring it with her tongue and mouth and doing her own thing to it. her mouth was so warm and she sucked dick just like her mother! all this took about another 10 mins or so to go down and i began thinking about the time and when her mom could just come right out the door and see her daughter sucking my dick....the actaul thought of that got me off....i began to gasp for air and dick became straight and hard. i grabbed Shatrice by the head and told her not to stop that it felt so good and i was about to cum in her mouth. i know she didnt know what that meant really but she did manage to keep sucking and got more into it....feeding off of my energy i suppose.
as she sucked my dick i held here head still and pulled her mouth down onto it and told her to get ready because i was a bout to shoot a load of hot cum into mouth from my dick and would try to control it as much as i could....and as she gave her final little head nods on my dick it began squirting my load right into her through...i tried to release the shots slowly but it didnt work...the first couple of ones i did. she just kind of gagged a little and tried swallowing while looking up into my eyes. then the rest poured out...really choking the poor girl. it began running out the sides of her mouth and sh began to cough and spit...she took her mouth off and just starred at my dick to see the lasted loads of cum shoot out of it and spilling over to her hand....i think this took her mind of what just happend to her because she seemed really interested in watching the cum come out and run onto her hand. she swallowed what was in her mouth and thne licked her lips and she began to smile at me again..."So mom does that...makes you cum? you said?" she asked. "Yeah" i said. "What else?" she asked with that devilish smile...i told her again well we have sex...Shatrice knew this already and knew what that meant but i wondered if had explored her own body to know any of this. so i asked her questions now...had she ever masturebated or fingered herself...put anything in her pussy...then i asked her something i didnt think i would have ever asked...but i still horny and my dick still hard....i asked if she even had hair on her pussy yet and if so could i see it. "Oh you sick rat bastard!" i thought to myself..."Stop this Stop this right now!" "KoKo has been in that shower now for 15 mins and could come out anytime!" but i didnt stop and i asked Tricie and her face just lite up with delight! she told me that she had never really playe with herself...that she has rubbed herself once or twice but really hadnt gotten anything out of it...she told me that it wasnt until really this year that she started having these weird feelings...the feelings that we talked about before.

she stood up and asked if i wanted to take off her panties and lay on the bed and i told her no to just stand there and i will do it for you and guide you. so as we stood there facing each other i began to massage her then lifted up her shirt and kissed those soft little perky A cup titties...she just softly moaned and rubbed my back. but i wasnt interested in her breast....i wanted pussy...her pussy. i began to kiss down her stomach and and around her panty line...the whole time she just kept moaning but as i got closer to her pussy her breathing got heavier. i let go over her shirt to take hold of her panties and slide them down to her ankles...hmmm it smelled so fresh and sweet! and she did have hair...not much but was growing a nice little patch. i began kissing around it and running my hand up on top...her legs were closed together...she was a little shakey and unsure....after she was about to pass to a new level in life...nothing like this had been done to her...but she was ready especially after just giving her first blow job and i as massage her thighs and the top of her pussy hair she relaxed and let me move her legs apart a little further. her eyes now became glossy and her face made that dumb face....eyes glazed over...mouth open. i turned her towards the bed and made bend over it, resting her hands on the edge of it. i knelt down behind her and moved her butt closer to the light...the TV was the only thing on in the room at the time. there in front of me was the tightest and prettiest little pussy i have ever seen. her lips untouched and nicely drawn up...her little clit stuck out so cute thru her lips and pussy had a perfectly shaped upside down V look to it...her tight little mound so perfect and drawn up...looked as though you made a fist and between your index ans ring finger you stuck your thumb thru a little...that with a nice little patch of black curly hair around it! she heard me moan and looked back at me...we both smiled that same old smile and i grabbed her by her ass cheeks and spread those pussy lips apart...neon pink was the center of her pussy hole. with that one look i just barried my face into her ass and opened my mouth wide to take her whole cunt into my mouth...she let out shrill. i shoved my tongue deep as it would go inside her pussy and used my bottum lip to run across her clit. i had to hold onto her ass because she was getting really excited and and started to wiggle about on my face...began moaning really loudly too so i told her to grab a pellow and scream into it. it didnt take but a few seconds and her little ass was squirting all over my face...milky white cum started running out of her pussy as she experienced her first orgasm...she began quivering and buckled at the knees so pushed her up on the bed...she was looking back at me fro mthe pellow and just breathing really hard...i smiled and winked at her...and said, "Now there you go...thats what the feeling is all get ready...prepare yourself cuz this is gonna hurt a little." and with that i grabbed her ass again and speard her legs apart....her pussy was so wet that i really didnt have a problem shoving my cock into her tight pussy. of course i started slow and as i slide my dick into that hot pussy Tricie again began gasping for air but this time clutching at the bed. she had never had anything inside her and she was trying to steady herself...and as i penetrated her snatch she would let out little ouch noises letting me know it was hurting...but i worked it in slowly and got my dick barried ball deep in her i was doing this i didnt feel a popping sensation...and when i pulled my cock out a little i could see the mixture of blood and cum on it...i pulled out about 2 inches and then started pumping it back she got used to the pain she just kind of laid there for a moment...i asked if she was ok and she told me that its not what she thought it would feel the feeling she had when i ate her pussy but she was ok and that she was just lying there taking it all in...said she was thinking about me and how it felt to finally be inside as she absorded all this in she began to get horny and it started feeling good because i actually thought about it to...that my 26 yr old dick was in her 12 yr old pussy...the thought of this and seeing what i was acutally doing to her got me so hard that i began fucking her faster...this brought the pleasure to her first she laid there still just thinking about it all and seeing how it felt to have a dick inside her but then she got into i sitll have to grab her hips to control her and her rhythme. she began arching her back and moaning..almost screaming again so back to the pellow she went. about another 5 mins had past and i was ready to cum again because this was just so hot and wrong at the same time. i told her again that i was about to cum and she looked up and smile and asked what did she need to do...i told her to do nothing just relax and get ready for the heat to be in her already hot pussy. i fucked her for a few more moments and then my dick went straight again and balls drew up on me and i knew i was about to i grabbed her tight around the waste and pumped that ass of hers hard against my body...muffled shrills came from the pellow and i unloaded my cum into her pussy...then she just froze as i pumped my hot cum into her slit. i fucked her a couple more time then i rolled her over still maintaining m dick inside her...this also made it feel good to her and she even kind of laughed as her feet went up in the air. i wanted to see her face as i cummed inside her...i wanted to see the look she had and the way her body looked. as i finished squirting i leaned more over here and let it just flow out of me...she smile and grabbed me by my arms to help steady me...i looked down between us and the sight of her thighs spread open with my dick stuck in her just below her pussy hair was a real turn on but i was drained and i knew i couldnt keep my dick hard after this it had been almost 30 minutes and i knew KoKo would be getting done soon...since she never stepped out for anything...i figured that she was taking a regular shower and giving herself the works...drying herself off with a couple of towels...putting on lotion and prolly body spary or something....also figured she prolly played with herself in there since our session didnt last that long. so i looked back up at Shatrice and she was still smilling at me...i asked her if this is what she wanted and she just nodded her head...i said well good now you know what its all about. i pulled out my semi-hard dick and cum just leaked out of her and down her thighs...the site was beautiful! i helped her stand up and told her to go upstairs and take a shower and wash out her she nodded again and just before turning and walking away she smiled at me one more time and then leaned forward to give a little kiss on the cheek..."Thanks dad!" she said as she casually laughed and then turned and slowly staggered down the hall...i told her to take it easy and try not to move around to much knowing that she would still be a little sore. as i watched her walk away the bathroom door about timing...i mean Shatrice had already turned the corner and went upstairs but i was still standing there naked and near the doorway....KoKo came out and asked what was i doing standing there naked with the bedroom door open...with a quick thought i told her that Shatrice had tried to come down and wanted to air turned on....i told her to go bavck upstairs and that i would turn it on for her..."Didnt want her coming down here with us and all...ya know!" i said..."Oh ok" KoKo replied. after that i asked if she was through with the bathroom cuz i wanted to wash up...she told me she was and then i went to the closet to get a new bed cover since the one had wet spots on it...KoKo's and her daughters. KoKo just thought i was being nice lol. a few days later KoKo and i broke up....actually she dumped me because i wasnt going to pay her bills or buy her a new car....i was already going broke just trying to help her raise the kids and date her plus take care of my own she kicked me to the curb and the next day quick already had a new friend that she was hanging with...some other sucker to use to get money out of them while laying on her back...its what she does best...but i kind of feel like i got the ulitmate zing on hahaha i got you to buy a $500 dollar dog for me.....oh yeah....well i fucked your daughter!

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