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Cream Pie
This is a true story from my past. I dont embelllish my stories with huge cocks and balloon tits. This happened to me some time ago and it seems like only yesterday.

I was married but spent most of my effort seeing a woman who was about 14 years younger than I am. I will call her K. This is the same person from my previous story.

I had an apartment building that needed work. I went there in the evening, expecting to see K at a certain time. After she was about an hour late, I was getting a little annoyed but didnt plan on staying much longer. This was before the day of everyone having a cell phone so I couldnt call her. I was putting my tools in my Suburban intending to leave when she walked up from her car. We got into the front seat of my vehicle and started to talk.

I could smell cigarette smoke in her hair and she had been drinking a little. This didnt turn me off, in fact I kind of was aroused by it. As we talked the windows of the vehicle started to get fogged up. We were sitting in the driveway of the rental, but because it was in an older neighborhood, the front of the vehicle was almost touching the garage door and the back was almost to the sidewalk.

Having a very open relationship she soon admitted that she had gone to one of her old hangouts before meeting me and had run into a friend. We talked some more and she admitted that she got a little drunk and had lost track of time. She also said he didnt want to let her go so she had to fuck him so she could come see me.

I acted a litle put off and she was soon kissing me and chewing gently on my ear. I moved from the driver's side to the middle of the front seat and she was soon straddling my lap.

She was in the mood for foreplay and I kissed her back as I played with her bra, loosening her tits inside of her shirt. We went on like that for some time, planning on going into the apartment but she preferred rubbing against my crotch in the front seat of the vehicle while we made out.

She was not drunk but she wasnt sober either and pretty soon she was breathing very hard while she gave me a lap dance. Her breath was sweet as she panted and rubbed her tits against me while she did her best to stick her entire tongue down my throat.

The interior of the vehicle was dimmly lit from a street light about 200 feet away and I knew that no one could see inside of the vehicle unless they came right up to the window with a light. The only people likely to do that were cops, so what the hell I decided to continue right where we were. Hiding in plain sight can be very exciting

We worked together to get our tops off and we nipped at each other's nipples. She has a fabulous tongue, long supple and strong! I got my pants off first and she unzipped her jeans. She has ample hips and I helped her peel the jeans off. As she got her left leg out of the jeans she put her right foot on the seat so that I would work the pant leg off. I can see it just like it just happened. As she rested that foot on the seat, the light was coming from the same direction. Her pussy was just below eye level and directly over my cock as I sat there. I could see her hair and the lips below.

As she moved a thick thread of pussy juice and cum dripped down from her pussy and oozed over my cock. I was looking at the fuck juice from her other friend drip over my cock. There was plenty of pussy juice too. I stopped her from moving and watched this sticky fluid stretch from her pussy to my cock. It didnt flow rapidly but it continued to ooze for several seconds.

The look of lust in her eyes was more than I could stand, I pulled her down and my cock disappeared into her pussy. We didnt move, I looked into her eyes and started talking to her. 'Hold still, just feel my cock inside of you, dont move. Just look at me".

We held still for several seconds and then I reached out and pinched her nipples, not hard but enough to make her suck in a breath. Using her nipples to guide her, I moved her up and down and back and forth slowly. "I feel your cunt full of cum you slut" "Yes" she moaned "Yes." "Does it feel good to have my cock soaked with his cum?" "Oh yes! Now fuck me." "No. I replied "I want to see you cum for me now.

There was so much juice running over my cock and my lap that I could feel the stickiness between my legs as it ran unto the blanket under me. I move my cock very slowly and very slightly in her pussy and kept up talking to her. Moving my hands from her nipples, I grabbed her ass and started to work her up and down on my cock.

Her orgasm was so sudden that it took my by surprise. Rocking back and forth rather than up and down, she came so hard she became limp in my arms.

I laid her back on the seat with her head by the passenger door. One foot was over the back of the seat and the other was on the dash. Kneeling between her legs I saw her smiling up at me. The smell of sex was so strong I couldnt stand it. I positioned myself between her legs but before I could push my cock into her she reached up and grabbed one of my nipples. She pulled me down and gave me a deep kiss and whispered in my ear that she wanted to taste herself on my lips.

I didnt hesitate, going down on her I started licking and sucking on her musty cunt. I lifted on the backs of her knees and drove half crazy with my tongue.

She pushed my head away after a couple of minutes and looked into my eyes as she said "Now fuck me.

I was in a position where I had good leverage. I pulled her farther under me so that I could have fucked her ass or her pussy with her legs held so high. I put the head of my cock between her lips and pushed in as far as I could go. Her amazing pussy started to pulsate and I could feel her muscles trying to milk my cock. I thrust back and forth for several minutes while she had several small orgasms. "Now it is your turn"she said.

I had my hands under her on her ass, her legs were extended above her head and I was rocking the suburban as I pounded into her. "Oh yes oh yes" she moaned and then looking at me intently she said "That cum was for you as much as me" She started kissing and licking my face getting all of the juices from her pussy. The thought of some other guy doing the same thing to her just an hour or so before took hold in my brain and I felt the tip of my cock take over. I pushed and prodded and wiggled my cock until I was past the point of no return. I started to cum and as with so many other times she hit her peak at the same time and we rocketed into the point where two people feel like one.

I doubt K will every read this but if she did she would agree that we were fuck buddies all of the way. I am sure she also would realize that I loved her then and I love her now. As she once told me, "Some people you just never get over" K I will NEVER get over you!


2006-05-07 04:15:59
Nice Story and it's tru sum people u jus never get over


2006-05-06 05:47:37
Good fuck story. I don't care if it's true or totally made up, but it's a good fuck story. Thank you. 9/10

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