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My Family

My name is Eric and at the time my story begins I was twelve years old. My Dad who was a fireman working 24 and forty eight hour shifts was a wonderful father who taught me to fish and hunt and I got my first deer last month. I later took my first Elk when I was sixteen. My Dad & Mom took my sister and me to a hypnotist show for my birthday. I was fascinated by how the Hypnotist could make people do all kinds of silly things that they wouldn’t do consciously. I began to read everything about hypnotism and how it worked. I began by practicing on my sister. She was very easy to put under. I would get her to clean my room and do crazy things like stand on her head or bark like a dog when we were alone.

On my thirteen birthday before I opened my presents I wanted to demonstrate my ability as a hypnotist to my Mom & Dad and my Aunt who was visiting us. I hypnotized my sister and made her bark like a dog, moo like a cow and a few other things. When I brought her out of it I realized that both my Mother and Aunt had been under also. One of the presents that I received was from my Dad and was a 30.6 rifle which is the gun I later got my Elk with. It was a wonderful birthday.

That year I took a required sex education course. I learned all about the male & female anatomy including our sex organs and their function. Up to then I had not even thought about sex. I was into fishing & hunting with my dad and practicing my hypnotism on my class mates and anyone I could get to listen to my voice.

One afternoon after school I was home with my sister Esther. My Mom had left a note that she was shopping and would be home about five. I opened her door to ask her a question and what a surprise. Esther was standing naked in front of her closet getting ready to put on her leotards. She screamed at me and I backed out of the room, but not without taking a good look at her for the first. She was tall for her age, almost as tall as me. She was just beginning to get peach fuzz around her vagina and her tits were just beginning to form. I apologized for not knocking. I got a funny feeling between my legs and my dick started to get bigger. I had started jacking off about two weeks before so I went to my room and dug out a sex magazine I had found and was using to jack off to. The picture I like best was one showing a young boy fucking an older women. So I jacked off and shot a small load onto a bathroom towel. My hard on wouldn’t go down so after a few minutes I jacked off again. This time for the first time I visualized my sister bending over and I was fucking her. After I came I felt ashamed that I would think about fucking my sister.

For the next two days I kept thinking about my sister and her nude body. I wondered how far I could get her to go under hypnotism. That night after everyone was in bed I snuck into Esther bedroom and began to talk to her telling her to listen only to my voice and she was to do what I said. I knew people would not do things unless put in the right situation. I told her that she was in her room by herself and whenever I said the word “establishment” she was too go to her room because her pee hole would begin to feel funny and she should reach down and rub it. After rubbing it for a minute she was to put her finger in her hole and shove it in and out of her hole until I said to stop, and that she would not see me even though I was in the room. I told her to go back to sleep and to remember nothing but when she heard the word “establishment” she was to perform the act.

The next day I new that Mom would be at a PTA meeting so when I got home I went to Esther’s room and knocked. She said “Come in,” Hi I said, how was school? Fine she said. I said do you know the word establishment. I wasn’t sure what her reaction would be but to my amassment she reached down and slid her panties down and began to rub her little pussy. After a minute she inserted a finger and started shoving it in and out of her tiny hole. I let her do that for about five minutes. I got on my hands and knees and looked directly at her vagina (which is what they called it at sex education. Later I learned that most guys called it a pussy or cunt). I noticed it was getting wet so I whispered go faster. She increased her speed and she began to whimper softly ummmmm. Then she kind of leaned back and shoved her pussy up and she again uttered ummmmm and she shuddered and I noticed more liquid ooze out of her hole. I said stop. She immediately stopped fingering herself. I told her that when she heard me snap my fingers she would wake up and continue to rub and finger herself until she felt herself have another of those wonderful feelings. I went out into the hallway and left her door opened just a crack. I snapped my fingers and she hesitated for about thirty seconds and then I heard her begin to finger fuck herself. I grinned from ear to ear. My god it worked I said to myself. I heard that now familiar ummmmm.

I could hardly wait for Mom & Dad to go to bed. I waited about a half hour after I new they had gotten into bed. I went into Esther room, to my surprise she was not asleep, “Don’t you ever knock?” I said “establishment” and she immediately lifted her night dress and began to finger her pussy, after a minute she inserted her finger into her pussy and began to shove that finger in and out of her pussy. I moved behind her and told her she would not remember I was ever in her room. I told her that tomorrow when she got home from school she was to come to my room. Then I told her when she saw her brother naked that it would cause her pee hole to get the same sensation she was having now and that she would desire, and want to have the thing she sees between his legs inside her pee hole instead of her finger. And when she hears the word “little camel” she will let her brother put his thing in her peephole. I left her room and gave her a chance to really massage her hole before snapping my finger.

I could hardly contain myself all day. When school was out I hurried home not talking to any of my friends like I usually do. I got home and Mom asked me if I wanted to go to the store with her. I said no I have some home work to do. She said “Keep an eye on your sister while I’m gone.” Just as she left I heard Sis come into the house so I quickly took off my clothes. I started to get hard as her footsteps came down the hall. She went to her own door and then hesitated. She turned around and came into my room I was facing the closet and turned around so she could get a full view of me. I said what do you want? She just stared at my dick as it was getting bigger and bigger. Then she reached down and lifted her dress and removed her panties and began to massage her pee hole. I said “little camel.” She looked at me for about twenty seconds and then said, “I want you to put that, pointing at my dick, into my pee hole. I couldn’t believe how well it was going.

I led her over to my bed and told her to bend over. When she did I tried to shove my cock into her doggy fashion. I could not get it in. My cock had grown to about six and a half inches and about an inch and a half around. I said wait here. I went into Mom & Dads bathroom and got the YK jelly I new they kept there. I rubbed some of it into her pussy and inserted first one finger then another trying to stretch her. I finger fucked her to get her pussy to lubricate some. Finally I was able to put the head in and I heard her say “Erick that hurts.” I whispered you will not feel the hurt. I gave it another shove and entered about two inches, she grunted but said nothing. I felt some thing at the end of my dick like a soft pliable piece of skin. I shoved again and heard something pop as my dick went all the way in. I began to thrust in and out of her really tight hole. I shot a load of cum into her pussy within a minute. Shit I said, I stood there with my dick in her little cunt and drained my balls.

I waited and my dick stayed hard so I began to fuck her again. This time I lasted about three minutes before I came again. I waited for my dick to go soft but it stayed hard and I again began to fuck my sister for the third time still doggy fashion. She had been standing there bent over not doing anything except take my cock into her pussy. Suddenly she started shoving her ass back at me and moaning, ummmmm, oh Eric don’t stop that feels so good. I felt her shudder and she pushed back real hard against my cock. She had three more of those shudders (I learned that it was called Cuming) as I continued to slid my cock in and out of her almost virginal pussy.

I was really slamming my cock into her and then I felt my balls tighten up and I exploded deep into her virginal pussy just as I heard Mom drive up into the drive way. I pulled out of her and wiped the YK jelly and cum from her cunt and between her legs quickly. I also noticed that there was some blood coming out of her pussy. I told her that when I snap my finger she would not remember my telling her anything but would remember that she wanted me to fuck her whenever I wanted because she really liked it. I said do you understand? She said, “Yes, you can fuck me whenever you want because I like it. I said you will remember nothing except what I have told you about fucking. I got dressed quickly and snapped my fingers. She looked confused when I handed her underwear to her. She put them on and then looked up at me and smiled. I said would you like to fuck me again? She said “Yes Erick how soon can we do it?” As soon as Mom and Dad go to bed I said. She smiled and nodded her head.

After dinner we all watched a short documentary on Iceland. I told my Mom & Dad that I still had some home work to do. My sister told our folks that she was tired and was going to bed. She waited in her bedroom until she was sure our parents had gone to bed and then came to my bedroom. I had preconditioned her the night before so that all I had to say to her was “listen only to my voice” and she would go under again. I told her that she had a desire to suck my cock and swallow my cum. I also told her that when I snapped my fingers she would be completely awake but would want to do what I had said without remembering my telling her. I snapped my fingers and she came awake and said “Erick I want to suck your cock and swallow your cum. I said sure Sis. I slid out of my jeans and underwear and she kneeled down in front of me and took my cock into her mouth. She began to suck it but her teeth were scraping the sides and I said wait. “Listen only to my voice” I said, and as soon as she was under again I told her that when she sucked she would suck it like a Popsicle and should try to suck all the juice out without letting her teeth touch it. I snapped my fingers and she returned my cock to her mouth and began to suck. Boy did she suck. What a feeling as she slid my cock in and out of her tight little mouth. I came within a couple of minutes shooting a nice load into her mouth and she swallowed it all.

I had recently looked at one of my friend’s porno books and learned that women seemed to like men eating their pussies. I told Esther to take off her clothes and lay on the bed. She asked me why and I told her I was going to give her a pleasant surprise. I spread her legs and looked at her pink pussy lips. I kneeled down in front of her and spread her lips. I had never done anything like this before so I inserted a finger inside her hole and smelled it, finding no odor I put my finger into my mouth and tasted my finger. There was only a faint taste of what I guessed was pee and a very slight salty taste. I inserted my tongue between her pussy lips and I heard her moan slightly. I began to run my tongue up and down her slit and inside her it. I notice that when I ran my tongue over the top part of her slit she would jump a little and moan louder. I took the tip of my tongue and explored that area. I found a very tiny pinhead protruding from that spot. Each time I played with it with my tongue she had that reaction, like she was getting a very light electric shock. She would also let out a moan. I really started licking and sucking that area. After about eight minuets she grabbed my head and pushed my face tight against her pussy. I felt her shudder and knew she had had a climax. I continued to eat her little pussy making her cum several times.

It seemed a little remarkable that at almost twelve years old her body was able to have an orgasm. I lifted my face from her pussy and inserted my cock. It still took a little effort even with all her juices flowing. I looked at her little titties and inserted her little nipple into my mouth as I stroked in and out of her tight pussy. There wasn’t much there but she seemed to respond to my tongue rolling around her nipple as I sucked. I had to shush her because she was beginning to moan too loudly and I was afraid our folks would hear. I was able to last a little longer this time and when I felt that feeling in my balls I pushed he legs over her head and plunged straight down into her hole and shot my load into her. I felt her shudder and moan as she came at the same time. We fucked three more times and we took turns eating each other once more that night.

For the next year we fucked at least once every night and some times two or three times. Esther had started having her period shortly after her twelfth birthday. Her pussy now had a crop of light brown hair around it and her tits had begun to develop. At 14 I was growing also. I was 5’8”, very big for my age. I guess it was because my Dad was 6’3” and my Mom was 5’10”. My sister had grown taller and at thirteen she was 5’2” and was the tallest in her class. My cock had also grown to seven inches and two and a half inches around. Esther, pussy had expanded to take all of me as we both grew older. We had experimented over the last couple of years trying every position we could think about or read about. I even fucked her in the ass one night but it hurt her so bad we haven’t tried it again.

We lived in a three bedroom house with only one and a half bath rooms. One night I had just gotten ready for bed and needed to go to the bathroom before I went to Esther’s room. I opened the door and walked in. I guess Mom had forgotten to lock the door or it had not fully latched because she was standing there completely nude just stepping out of the shower. She had a towel wrapped around her head but that was all. We both froze for about ten seconds. As I backed out of the bathroom apologizing I couldn’t help but notice what a great body my Mom had. She had long legs her pussy hair was well trimmed and it was a very light brown like Esther’s. She had very nice tits which I learned later were a 36C’s. Her nipples pointed just a little down and her areolas were about one and a half inches around. As I shut the door I realized that seeing my mother like that had made my cock hard. I went back to my room and began to jack off. I was almost ready to cum when my mother walked in. She stopped and just starred at my cock for about twenty seconds and then stuttered “I’m, I'm ssssorry Erick” and backed out the door. I was so in shock that I lost my hard on. Later I went back to the bathroom and peed. As soon as Mom & Dad were in bed I went to Esther’s room and we ate each other and fucked a couple of times. I loved to fuck Esther’s still very tight pussy but that night I couldn’t get my Moms body out of my mind and imagined what it would be like to feel those beautiful tits and to fuck my mother.

She never mentioned that night. The only thing was at the breakfast table the next morning when I came in and looked at her she turned beet red. I started to say something but she put her finger to her lips meaning don't bring it up, and I never did.
(Continued) All rights reserved to the Author.

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