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a small story of a dream rape!
As he forced his wide dick into my untouched virgin pussy, i screamed out in pain as i felt my hymen being ripped in two and my innocence being forced off me, i was tied to a pink bed in a cold damp mock up of a little girls bedroom, the floor littered with used condoms full with cold spunk and tissue. With my legs tied with 2 skipping ropes to each side of the bedpost my little bum was hanging over the bed and my arms tied to the head rest i could not resist his dick pounding my tiny vagina. He grabbed a hold of throat and squeezed it hard pumping his dick faster and faster untill the burning pain between my thighs was making me scream in pain my naked and sweaty 18 year old body was being voilently raped against my will, he unreleased his hands of my sore neck i looked around in my cramping pain and saw 3 cameras filming my rape from every angle, "YOU BITCH, YOU BITCH" over and over he shouted at my crying face as the sweat from his forehend dropped down and landed in my screaming mouth, with his dirty hands back round my throat i closed my eyes to try and block out the wrong he was doing to my fragile body, "LOOK AT ME YOU WHORE!" he screamed as he slapped my face hard "YOU WANT A FUCKING DUMMY TO SUCK ON YOU SLAG!" he reached round to the small desk next to me that was full of unwashed vibrators and huge sticky butt plugs, he stopped pounding me and picked up of the mucky desk a plain black rubber dildo and started slapping my face with it, i could feel the sweaty stickyness its texture had like the one of my mothers i had found, it stuck to my face every time he beated my pretty face with it "mmmmmm" he said as he pressed his sweaty face against mine, brushing the hair gently of my face and forcing two of his unwashed fingers in my mouth "you wanna taste what some guys 1 week old seaman tastes like?" "bet a girl your age whats to know stuff like that"
"n-n-n-no" i mumbled through his fingers in my mouth, i had only ever kissed a few guys at that time in my life, nevermind tasted seaman. He reared up pulling his dick out of my vagina, letting the pain go for a moment and allowing my vaginal passage to clamp back to normal size...........i lay there and could only watch as he knelt down on a right angle to me at the side of the bed and warl rubbing himself looked for the fullest filled condom on the floor "there we go!" he said picking up the smelly rubber of the teddy bear desiged carpet, he opened 1 of the draws on the desk with the bloody sex aids and pulled out a crude stainless steel device that looked like a unwashed medical tool. he whispered gentley in my ear as i cryed like a sissy "this is a mouth clamp baby, ok?.... i need you to open your mouth, real wide ok? so you can swallow all this cum ok?" He forced 3 of his fingers in my mouth and then with the other hand did the same and forced my mouth open like you would open a bear trap "no N-no noo" i could hardly speak as i lay there pussy aching from being raped with my legs wide open for the cameras to see the bloody-ness of my cunt, tied naked to i bed sweating as my rapest forced a metal object into my salvia covered mouth with tears rolling down my slapped face (IM GETTING SO TURNED ON WITH WRITING THIS GUYS!!!!!) He forced the jaw clamp into my mouth so it was sat like a brace that was ok but salvia enducing and hurt when you tried to bite or close your mouth "FINALLY!" he said, he grabbed a few more of the used johnnys off the floor and black rubber dildo i placed at the side of my slim belly, walking back round between my legs he once again stuffed his penis into me, the firey pain shot up my spine i tryed to yell but the salvia form my mouth clamp made me gargle. he picked up the pace quick and was hurting my teenage virginal pussy really badly, he grabbed 1 of the condoms placed it above my mouth and teared it open with his finger nails the freezing cold seamen fell all in to my mouth and covered the clamp the taste was the worst ever i wasnt able to swallow well as his hands were squeezed around my throat but tryed my best as it was the only way to make the salty sweaty taste go away as to my rapest delight for every bit a swallowed i coughed it back it all over my face, he got the black dildo i stuffed it into my mouth and down my throat, he was ultermately turned on my the site of me naked tied to a sweaty bed, my 18 year old body exshausted from rape, my legs held apart, taking my virginity, forcing cum into my mouth and gagging me with a used rubber dildo! it was not long before i felt warm fluid fill my aching pussy and his hips and cummy cock stop hurting me. he pulled his dick out of me, released the clamp from my mouth and untied me, i lay there coughing up cum and seamen dripping from my pussy onto the floor aching from rape. he got up as a tried to catch my breath. turned the cameras off packed them up and walked out after throwing me a towel. i was shocked and quickly curled up in the corner as his seaman ran down my buttock, i put my hands between my legs to feel my broken pussy as it was sore from the sex that was forced on me, the seaman around my pussy was red hot and helped carm the soreness, i felt my fingers inside my self and massaged inside the aching area, i heard someone walk past the doorand pulled my fingers out of myself and tried to hide but no one came in. i looked at my warm fluid covered fingers and remembered how the older girls used to talk about the taste of it and whether they swallowed or not, most if not all the girls used too, i slowly pulled the fingers up to my mouth and licked the warm cum that had just flowed out of me into my mouth.......... the texture was amazing! and the taste was gorgous unlike cold old cum it was runny and mmmm mmmm! soon as was scooping it out and eating it, the taste turned me on and soon i discovered my clit and the pleasure they talked about when they showered together in that moment i had my first orgasm i was rubbing my pussy so hard my legs went shakey and my pussy spat all my rapists cum out of my hole on to the floor i lay theres in a pool of mixed cum and realise my life was gunner be devoted to pleasing men anyway they wanted even if i was raped again i would be ok as long as i could taste there cum!

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2014-12-03 05:54:37
Noo never write something like this again


2013-03-13 01:54:46
please more loved it

anonymous readerReport

2012-05-01 08:06:35
It's semen there is no a, besides other grammar mistakes, great story

Anonymous readerReport

2010-07-23 02:45:55
I thought it was a great story, sure it could use a bit of work, but I've been reading these stories for a good 5-10 years now, and this is certainly one of the best ones on this site. At least it's actual rape and none of that 'i got raped but enjoyed it so much' bs.

Great job.
Anyone that says otherwise is a moron and should be shot :)
and yes, I'm female. I came twice during this story. So shut up with the saying it's bad.

Anonymous readerReport

2010-04-11 21:08:10
It was alright. Alot of the time when she/he used I instead of he or and really bothered me however/

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