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Only True Story about a Niece
My wife rolled off me after our last orgasm. I know it was the morning and I had a plane to catch but we had to get sex in one last time before I left for a week long convention. We had no time to cuddle as I got up and hurried into the shower. It was Monday and I didn’t know how I was going to last till Friday night for a fuck.

After my shower I went downstairs and my wife had my breakfast on the table. I sat down to eat but hurried so I wouldn’t miss my plane.

“Remember dear, you are meeting my niece on Thursday night for dinner” my wife reminded me.

I remembered. I am meeting my wife’s niece Tara for dinner. Tara was a gorgeous woman. My wife was only three years older than Tara but Tara looked like she was 22. She reminds me of pictures that I have seen of my wife before I met her and she put on a little weight. Tara was so hot. She was tall at about 5’8” and the same height of my wife. She had dark auburn hair, green eyes, and a great smile. Again, she was the same as my wife. Where they differed is Tara didn’t put on some extra weight like my wife. Yeah my wife had three kids but bad eating habits and no exercise has made my wife a plump woman.

I am not complaining though. I loved my wife’s body and I loved that she was confident with it and knew how to use it. I never was turned off by her body and adored her “fat”.

Tara was probably still overweight according to a doctor but she looked good. Her beautiful curvy body was always highlighted by the tight and skimpy clothing she wore. I would love to shag her just for the fun of it. The thing is my wife would be OK with that. We are in an open relationship and are OK with each other getting around. Her only rule was that we need to be able to love each other and simulate each other mentally and sexually. All the experts say that open relationships don’t last but we just celebrated our tenth anniversary and our relationship was stronger than ever.

I hurried to get dressed and to gather my stuff. We kissed goodbye and my wife walked me to the door.

“Now, don’t take advantage of Tara. She is happily married and she doesn’t have a relationship like ours. “

I responded “OK, I love you” as I headed towards the car.

The convention sucked. It was all men and I didn’t get any scenery. I talked to my wife every night on the cell phone.

However, I wanted more. I wanted my wife’s touch. I wanted to snuggle in bed with her and fondle her luscious breasts. I wanted to taste my wife’s mouth. I wanted her to moan in pleasure as I ate out her sweet pussy before fucking her. I want her mouth on my cock. I wanted to fuck her. I had to pull out my cock and bring myself to orgasm. This was only Monday.

Tuesday was worse. I played with myself while watching a porno flick on the TV. I had an orgasm but it wasn’t good. I wanted my wife’s touch. She knew me better than I knew me. She knew how to bring me to a mind blowing orgasm without neglecting herself. I knew how to bring her to orgasm without neglecting myself. We worked together and how I wanted her with me now.

Wednesday was the same. I couldn’t even masturbate. It wasn’t the same. It felt so lonely. I felt bad wasting my sperm. I wanted my wife to hold and snuggle.

Thursday I was going to meet Tara. I know I was going to want her but I wasn’t going to push anything. I didn’t want Tara to do anything she would regret and ruin our family.

We were to meet in a nice pub in downtown Manhattan. I arrived early and sat at that bar drinking a Seagram’s 7 waiting for my niece to show up. At 6 o’clock I feel a finger pointing my soldier. I turn around and it was my niece. I get up and we give each other a big hug. We greet each other with small talk as we request a table.

My niece is gorgeous and a fine business woman. She was wearing a burgundy business suit. It had a short skirt which exposed her fine black pantyhose covered legs. I assumed she was too young to wear stockings unless she was doing it for her husband. She had on 3” high heels that made her only slightly shorter than me.

The hostess seated us in a quiet table in the corner. The table was hidden back where it was out of the main flow of traffic. My niece commented how this was the table for lovers. We both laughed at the idea. On the inside I wasn’t laughing. I would love to fool around with her. I start fantasizing about my niece going under the table. She would slide under so no one would see her. Once there she would kiss my cock through my pants and cause it to get excited. She would unbuckle my pants and pull the zipper down ever so slowly teasing me all the way. My cock would grow harder and harder with the anticipation of getting a blow job from this fine young woman. She would reach in and pull out my cock above my underwear. She opens her mouth and inserts the tip into her mouth making sure she licks the head. She takes it in as far in her mouth as it will go as I feel my juices starting to build. My breathing increases and it makes it hard for me to answer the waitress when she checks on us. The pressure would continue to build until I couldn’t last any longer. I would shoot my load into her mouth and she would make sure she cleans up every drop before returning my cock back in my pants. She would sneak out from under the table and say “Mmmm that was a good appetizer.”

I needed to stop thinking about this. My cock started to get hard in my pants and I was having trouble concentrating on our conversation. I look at her lips while she talks and think about them wrapped around my cock. I think about leaning over the table and giving her a deep passionate kiss on those beautiful lips. The waitress comes over to take our order which finally made me stop thinking about seducing Tara.

We order and with me all cooled down we start back in conversation. We had a great conversation. We talked about all the crazy relatives. Our family has some hoots.

We ate dinner and Tara picked up the desert menu which was unusual for her. She was always saying that she was trying to keep her figure, which I have to say, has worked very well. I question her about having desert. She laughs and says she has been depressed. Her husband of 2 years has been working towards his doctorate and he has been out of the country for over a month. She laughed and said that either a girl needs chocolate or an orgasm.

But wait I thought, I could give you an orgasm. My mind started to stray again. I thought about eating the sweet juices of my niece for desert. I could slide down under the table. I could spread her legs finding that she truly is wearing stockings. I kiss the tops of her inner thighs which make her want more. I would find she has no panties on and I could kiss her beautiful cunt. She would start to get excited from my warm breath between her legs. Her breathing will increase. Her cunt lips will get aroused and her vagina would start to secrete its love juice. I would kiss her clit and stick my tongue in her pussy. I would play around trying to get the juices to where I could taste them. I start smelling the aroma. It’s a pleasant smell that is making me salivate like a dog. I lick harder as I start to taste the sweet nectar. She wants to moan but can’t. She doesn’t want to call attention. She enjoys the pleasure as I eat her out. She is on the verge of cumming. She can’t hold out any longer. The waitress arrives as my neice moans lightly from the pleasure of her orgasm. The waitress isn’t stupid. She has seen it many times at this table.

The waitress came and took our desert order. Tara ordered the death by chocolate and I ordered the triple chocolate cheesecake. When she walked away Tara laughed that maybe her theory is true for men as well. I responded that actually I need both. She laughed but differently. I think she sensed me coming onto her. I better not say any more because I don’t want to make our relationship awkward.

We eat desert and I picked up the tab. She laughed and asked me what she needed to do for that. Things did cross my mind but all I said was let me walk you back to your apartment.

We walked out of the restaurant and it was a nice cool fall evening. We headed down the street and by impulse I reached for Tara’s hand. She didn’t argue but as soon as I realized what I did, I felt bad. I didn’t let go and either did she.

Her hand was soft and felt like it fit perfectly. It made me think about how soft the rest of her body would be to touch. I wanted to touch her all over. I wanted to explore her body and give her great pleasure. I had to stop thinking that.

We got to her apartment and I walked her to the front door. I said goodbye but she didn’t let go of my hand. “No good night kiss” she said and without warning pulled me close. Our lips touched in a fiery passion. Our loins were burning and they needed extinguished. Our mouths met and tongues became entwined. I tasted the sweetness of her mouth, the warmth, the moistness. I was hungry for her taste and she wanted mine.

She pulled away but not letting go of my hand. We smiled and I saw the desire in her eyes. She wanted me and she wanted me now.

“What would my Aunt say?”, she asked.

I pulled out my cell phone and said, “let’s call her and ask.”

She thought I was joking. She didn’t care and all she wanted was to give me a moment to push her away. Again our mouths met to taste each other. Our tongues wrestled which allowed pleasure waves sent to our genitals via our brains. My cock ached to be touched. I wanted to touch Tara and rub her all over. I wanted her breasts to fill my hands. I wanted my cock it her cunt. She wanted the same.

She turned around, punched in her security code into the number pad, and opened the door. She held the door, letting me in first but also grabbing my ass on the way through.

“I can’t wait for you to fuck me,” she said as we walked hand in hand towards the elevator.

We got in the elevator. She lived on the 40th floor and it was a long ride up. We used our time wisely. Before the door closed, we were back pleasing each other with our mouths. Teasing each other with our tongues we drove each hotter by the second. We were embraced. My arms were around Tara and her arms around my neck. We kissed passionately. She pushed herself closer and lifted her leg around me trying to bring me closer. I reached down to grab her leg. She was a larger woman but not at all fat. Her leg was a comfortable fit in my hand as we continued to kiss. I slid my hand up her leg. She wanted me to touch her but I only wanted to tease. I got up to her inner thigh and felt the top a stocking. Shocked a little that she was wearing stockings I pulled away as the door opened.

She fumbled in her purse for her key. I stroked her inner thigh and I commented to her how much stockings turn me on. She replied that she remembered my wife telling her and she wore them because of that.

As we enter the apartment, I tear off her jacket and she rips off mine. We kiss passionately as we head our way to the bedroom. We kiss again, the passion is burning, and we need release. I fumble with the top button of her blouse. Frustrated, I can’t get it open quick enough that I rip it open shooting buttons all over the room. She was wearing a beautiful pink flowered bra. It really enhanced her breast. She has nice size tits and they give my hands plenty to hold onto as we engage in another kiss.

She is better with the buttons and was able to undo my shirt. She rubs her hands all over my hairy chest. I enjoy the feeling as she works her way to my belt. She sits on the bed and pulls it open. She opens the button and pulls down the zipper. She is anxious to see my cock. Deep down inside she has wanted this moment for years.

She pulls both my pants down exposing my hard on. She reaches out and plays with my cock. She comments how big I am and that she can’t wait to have it inside her. I kick off my pants and make her stand. I go behind her and kiss the back of her neck. She moans in pleasure as I continue. I reach down and unhook her bra. I reach around and fondle her breasts. It is driving her mad having me seduce her from behind. She feels my prick on her ass.

I reach down and unbutton and then unzip her skirt. I let it drop to the floor as I cup each of her ass cheeks. I swivel around the front and give her another deep kiss. I didn’t need to because she already wanted me. I did it because I wanted her to really lust for me. Ache for my touch. I wanted her to want me and want me bad.

Before making her lay down I pull her thong panties down. She tries to kick off her high heel shoes but I tell her no. I want to fuck you with them on. I push her on the bed and I lay on top of her. We embrace and enter a deep kiss as she wraps her legs around my waste. My cock aches to go inside her but I know it’s not time.

I slide down her body and kiss her breasts as I fondle them. I play with the nipples between my fingers before taking them into my mouth. I suck her tits hard and fast. She moans in pleasure as I send more passion to her loins. I kiss down her body to that magic spot between her legs. As I get there I smell the sweet aroma of her hole. I kiss her inner thigh. She aches for me to kiss her clit. I tease her. I kiss all around and every once in a while lightly brush past her love button. She is driven wild with desire.

Without warning I open my mouth and go down on her clit. She bucks in pleasure as I send shock waves through her body. My cock is aching for attention. I lay down along side this beauty. We engage in another kiss before she gets up. She pushes me on my back as she bends down to take my cock in her moist wet moth. She slides her head up and down on the shaft.

She swivels her hips around and straddles my face. I know what to do. I bend out and lick her clit. I feel her mouth get tighter on my cock as the waves of pleasure go through her body. I stick my tongue out and insert it into her hole. I push it in as far as I can go. I wiggle it around. She is so sweet down there. I lap up her juice. I start feeling my cock swell. I am about to cum but don’t want to yet. I push her off.

She lays on her back open spread eagle. She is ready for me. She wants me. I want her. We want to be one and I insert my cock into her dripping wet pussy. She moans in pleasure as I thrusted my cock in and out of her wet tight hole. She wraps her legs around me. She holds me tight. She doesn’t want to let me go.

We didn’t fuck long. We couldn’t because we were so horny for each other. Tara moaned louder and loader as my huge rock hard cock slid in and out of her hot tight wet hole. Even though we wanted to prolong the orgasm or bodies wouldn’t stop. Tara got louder and then started screaming my name as the first waves of her orgasm came over her. I felt her cunt clamp down on my cock. I couldn’t take it any more as I felt my load shoot deep inside her body. We didn’t have control of our bodies as we continued to fuck during our mind blowing orgasm. It sent waves of much needed release through our bodies. But it also made us hungry for more.

I rolled off my niece and lay down on the bed. She turns towards me and we embrace. Again, we kiss deeply. She tells me, “I want more.”

I want more too but sometimes I need a little break but not tonight. My niece gets up on her knees and starts to kiss my cock. She laps our juices up and seams to actually like the taste of herself. I see that she is rubbing her clit with one hand as she grabs the base of my penis with the other. She opens her mouth and inserts my limp meat into her mouth. She sucks as hard as she can. She wants me to have another erection.

My body obliged. Soon I started to feel the blood race to my cock. I started to swell and lust her touch. I wanted more. I wanted to fuck her again. It took a little work but she accomplished it. My cock was rock hard again and ready for action.

I order her on her knees at the edge of the bed. Standing behind her I insert my dick into her tight hole. She is still wet but not too wet. I slide it in as deep as I can go and grab her hips so I can pull her tight to my body. She moans in pleasure as she enjoys my throbbing meat in her tight place.

I fuck her doggy style for a while. With my hands on her hips guiding her moves, my cock slides in and out of her pussy. It drives her mad with desire. She wants to cum again. We move faster and faster. She lusts another orgasm, she needs another release. There is so much built inside her, that one is not enough. It wasn’t long before she started moaning louder and louder as her body entered another orgasm. She trembles as the pleasure comes over her with my hard cock in her. I wasn’t about to cum. That’s the best thing about a second erection. It takes a lot for me to cum the second time.

She doesn’t mind as I continue to shove my cock deep into her hole. She comes again before pulling away exhausted. It didn’t take her long to realize she can’t let my erection go away. She comes to the edge of the bed and sucks my cock. She sucks it hard and then without warning shoves it down her throat. Wow, I thought as I see my entire 9” disappear in her mouth. I never had a woman deep throat me but it felt good and wasn’t going to argue.

My breathing increased as I felt the juices flow in my hard cock. I was about to cum so I pulled away because I wanted to cum in her tight hole again.

She looks up me and orders me to lay down because she want to ride me. At first she lays along side me to give my cock a rest. She doesn’t want me to cum too quickly. We kiss, the passion and desire is still there. We want more. I reach down between her legs and play with her cunt. She loves my touch and can’t get enough of it. But she loves my cock more so she gets up and straddling my body and lowers my cock into her still very wet hole. She bends down and we kiss. I play with her breasts and suck her nipples.

She wants my cock deeper inside her. She gets up to ride me. Our bodies move in motion trying to achieve the greatest pleasure. We want another release. She moans and screams with every inch of my cock buried deep inside her. She rides me hard. She needs an orgasm.

She starts to moan and scream louder. We move faster and faster. She feels her orgasm coming. She shakes in pleasure as waves of pleasure overtake her body. She doesn’t stop. She continues to ride my hard cock. I feel her cunt squeeze my hard erection. Her body wants my juice. It is doing everything it can to get it. I can’t take much more of this.

She continues to bounce on my hard tool. She regains her freedom from the last orgasm. She doesn’t stop and I don’t want her to. She moans in great pleasure as my cock slidind in her wet tight hole. I can’t last. I feel the pressure build. I am at the point of no return. I am at the point where my body will do anything for that release and there is no way to stop it. I move my hips to get my cock as deep as possible inside her. The pressure builds and the valve breaks. I shoot my sperm deep inside her loins as she brings herself to another orgasm. She screams in pleasure because it was the best one yet. Our bodies tremble as the pleasure of our orgasm shoots through every inch of our bodies. Our bodies are in control. They are trying to milk every last drop of cum out of me.

I feel my cock go soft inside her and fall out. She falls over exhausted on the bed. We are both out of breath and it takes a few minutes to calm down. We smile at each other and kiss lightly on the lips. We are too exhausted for any more.

I joked with her that a person needs both chocolate and sex. The chocolate will put on the weight and the sex to take it off. She laughed. Then she asked “What would my Aunt think of this”, just then my cell phone rang. It was my wife.

“Hey dear, what have you been doing?”, she says.

“I have been fucking your niece.”, I say.

“Is she good?” She replied.

“Oh yeah” I said.

“Well let me talk to her and thank her. She did me a great favor because you won’t shoot me across the room like a rocket when you cum.”

I tell my niece and we all laugh. I can’t wait till my niece visits next time.

Anonymous readerReport

2010-04-05 00:06:02
A pretty good story. Obviously fucking your niece was a great turn on, but why wait until her next visit with you and your wife. Just keep fuxking her while your away from home and get her pregnant. Yhen have threesoms with your wife and niece and get them both pregnant.

Anonymous readerReport

2009-02-27 19:28:47
i loved it. ive read plenty of stories that starts off like this. and its always a convention in town.that the guy goes too. and leaves the wife home alone and horny as hell. and her friends just happens to cum over to see hows she doing. wine+horny+massage= great sex. for a woman who hasn't had it in weeks.


2008-12-30 12:21:39
Pretty good. One major flub was that when you met your neice in the pub, you mentioned that she was wearing stockings. Later, when you were making out in the elevator, you were "shocked a little that she was wearing stockings."

Oh, and the 9" cock was bullshit.

Well written, though. A pleasure to read a spell checked and proofread story, and it was pretty hot as well. 9/10.


2007-09-01 14:46:16
My dad"s wife is slut.l love to fuck her.Her body is full.l tried my best.She realized what l lust.But l couldnt , she leaving me with my fantazy.


2007-09-01 02:30:48
my female cousin had to sleep beside me.her family movedto our location.hers didnt yet prepared any plan to build a my cousin was our share .she was decided to live with us.l was 14.she night, l felt her back on my belly.her ass was roght at my cock location.l couldnt hel being hard. l didnt wait. l lift up hernightgown. completely bare she was.her ass in the dark was hoot. my cock easily found its path. l lubricated her ass hole with my sailva and shoved my young cock in her. she looked horny. l fucked her as l was rubbing her clit n patring her pussy lips. we went on fucking for 2 months each night

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