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a fantasy of me sexual servicing a small boy
ive never thought of having sex with a young boy until i caught the boy i was babysitting with an erection as he was gettting undressed, i walked in his room without knocking and saw him getting dressed, his pert little bum and hairless semi-erect penis looked so clean and tasty, he jumped off the bed and pulled his pants back up and saw a tattered old porn mag he had found fall off his lap and on to the floor, i said i was sorry and ran out closing his door shut. "mmmm" i reluctantly thought, i went downstairs and sat on one of the dining room seats. with my pussy burning up i throught about my first sexual experience and how my rapist hurt and abused me and i knew that maybe i could have loving sex with him to show to him the world was a loving place and not the sexually depived one which although i liked, but knew that it wasnt normal one. I stood up and took my jumper off and red bra. i went to the door and locked it taking my socks of so i only had my wet knickers and mini skirt to take off, i stood in front of the mirror on the landing and tryed to think if what i was doing right but my mind couldnt thing straight, and all i could think of was he small erection and tried to imagine what his seman, if he could produce any would feel and taste on my tongue....... i stared abit more at myself and throught damn it! i took a deep breathe and walked up stairs taking my bag with me as i always carry a small amount of lube and condoms. i slowly opened his door saying "bennnn? you there ben?" knowing he was there i popped my head round the door and seeing him sat still red roar with embrasment carmly spoke to him saying "its ok for a boy of your age to want to look at girls" he but his head down and mumbled that he was sorry. "its ok about the mag" i said softly. i asked him if he wanted me to tell him about sex and he agreed. i said he would have to come to the bathroom for lessons. at that point i opened his door open standing with my tits out allowing him to see my near naked body, i grabbed his shaking hand and walked him to the bathroom and sat him down on the toilet. Stood in front of him topless, his young eyes fixed on my firm small titties i stared at him and stood over him and looked at him softly as i rubbed my nipples. i was just wearing my red short skirt and freshly shaved legs on show, i could see he was scared but was developing that small yet hard erection through his pants. i knew his parents wouldnt be home for a couple of hours so we couldnt get caught. i knelt down so i was at his face height and said that i was going to take of my skirt and knickers and that it was ok to look. i kissed him on the cheek and stepped back, carefully dropping my skirt to the floor, i stepped out of it and pushed it aside, by this time his erection was full and i couldnt wait to see him naked. i stepped up to him and stood tall so my pussy area was at his head height. i pulled my wet knickers down to my ankles and stood with my legs apart i grabbed his hand and told him that it was a vagina like he was looking at in the magazine and placed it between my thighs gently rubbing it and he asked why it was wet.i said he was not to worry as its natural and it produces it as a type of lub so a mans erect penis could entry it. i curved two of his fingers round and told him to rub the area at the bottom and then told him to push his fingers into me, where it was most wet and warm he did so and his small fingers popped inside me sharply and i moaned at the feeling i grabbed his hand after a warl of him fingering me and told him to move his hand round so his fingers were twisting around me as he did it. i was so turned on my his small hand fumberling around inside my experienced pussy and told him that he was a good boy. i pulled his soft fingers out of me to see my stringy cum on his fingers. i stood him up and told him that he had just fingered me and my vagina was now ready for a penis to enter it as he had done a really good job. i undid his pants and peeled his school uniform off till he was naked. i stepped back and went weak at the knees over his small pure hairless body and thin erection. i walked up to him and told him stay still and that i wanted to feel his penis and his balls."i want you to lay down and i going to put some lube from my bag on your penis and feel you" "dont worry" i said. i laid him on the floor with his arms my his side and put some folded towels to prop his head up so he could see what i was doing to his erection. i then knelt side on to his genitals and placed my hand softly on his hairless ballsack and cupped it gently, he gived out a little moan trying to raise his head up, i put my hand on his smooth chest and carmed him saying "ben, its ok if you want to moan baby, like i did when you were feeling me remember?"
"mmm- mmm- ok" he said through his deep breaths "just dont moan to load ok? what were doing is really naughty and your mummy will be mad at us both if we get caught, ok kidda? so dont tell anyone this can be are secret yeah?"
"yeh" he said quickly "just dont tell my daddy about the nudey mags please" he said worryingly. i put my finger over his lips and told him not to worry. i opened my nasty bag and got out my lube "whats that?
"its my magic potion" i said "im going to put it on you willy and it will feel really nice and as for the porn mag, well if you be a good boy and let me keep touching your willy i might buy some! or i might even....... well if your really good...... buy you a porn video for you! and when i come round we could get in you bed when your mummy and daddy isnt there and look at them! and you could even have your friends round and i could show your mates my pussy if they wanted to see it. sound like a good deal?" i said playing with the bottle and squirting some on my hands imagining the lube was him and his friends all cuming on my hands so i could eat and taste their boy spunk. i told him to lie really still and to open his legs slightly open so i could just see his clean arsehole "mmmmmm ben" i moaned, i put my hand on the base of his penis and pulled his foreskin back and started rubbing the lubed hand up and down his small thin penis, really gripping his bellend and twisting my hand as i pulled it quickly back to the base of his cock, "ohhhhh oyyy orrr ohhh" he moaned, "shhhhhhhhh baby" i whispered as i gathered pace, the little hairless body riggled around as i spat and his balls and started rubbing them "ohhhhhhhhhh ohh ohhhh ohhhh" he moaned as his raised his body up, i took my hand of his tiny salvia soaked 13year old boy sack and held his head against my chest and tits holding him gently and loving as i comforted him throu his first near orgasm. i slowed my pace right down and stopped wanking his boyish penis. i asked him if was ok and let go off his dick and told him that it was ok to masterbate when no one is around and that if he got an erection warl i was there not to be scared or worried to ask me and i would rub it better with that magic potion until the swelling went down. i stood up and told him that we were gunner have sex and it was ok if he wanted to moan and that i was going to make him ejaculate "ok ben im gunner get on top of you and put your penis inside me where you put your fingers can you remember? where it was the warmest on my vagina? ok? cos youve benn a really good boy and youve listen and you havent been frightened have you?" i give him a big kiss on the lips and told him he was a big boy to look at my breasts when i was riding him "ok babes?" he nodded and i stood above his penis with my legs apart, one hand gripping my breast and the other letting my two fingers spread my pussy lips. i lowered myself down slowly widening my knees apart and watched his red sweaty face stare at my open lipped pussy he slowly closed his eyes and tilted his head back as his undeveloped penis was entering my red roar dripping pussy. "orrrrrrrrrrr" he said loadly as his back arched up. "mmmmm ben..... good boy" i said as his small stiff dick entered me fully. i looked at his small body and released that what i was doing was right, instead of letting teenage boys grow up only being able to look at porn and not realise that a women is a loving being that can give pleasure and thats it fun to have sex and not some seedy thing that boys have toread on scraps of porn mags they find. i lent over him with my tits above his face and let my back arch and i took up pace riding his penis hard and his body sniffed up i grabbed his head raised it up gently so he was lookin at me in the eyes and told him to concentrate on the pleasure "I WANT YOU TO CUM BEN, CUM FOR ME BEN" I stared at him open eyes and saw his eyes roll back and his cute mouth open and let out a massive moan "orrrrrrrrrrrrr" he grabbed my shoulders and squeazed them hard at that instant i put my back into it and rid his cumming penis as hard as i could feeling his small load of creamy red hot seman spill into me i grabbed his head and holded it against me and comforted him as his tiny amount of runny seamen came into me "ITS OK BEN, CUM BABY, CUM BABY, CUM IN MY PUSSY.... ORRRR ORRRR OH FUCCKKK MM OH!" my pussy tensed up and i started to cum hard "ORRRR BEN" my pussy had exploded. i laid his head back down and kissed him gently on the lips with his soaking penis going limp inside me i stroked his hair and sweet talked to him and said he was good and that he had just came inside me, he told me that he had cum before but only in wet dreams and he wasnt awake to experience them. i rolled off him on to the floor and slowly stood up. breathless i sat on the toilet and opened my legs the throught of his cum inside me made me more want to taste it as i had got carried away fucking him and had planned for him to masterbate over the mag and cum in my mouth after we had fucked on his actionman bed for a bit but what we had experience in the toilet was fine. i knew i had done it before as my x had asked me to do it i got my two longest fingers and slide them inside me and felt that he had cum more then i thought. i pushed them in deeper and felt a small ammount inside me that had not spread all in side me, i curled my fingers round to scoop the cum up and pulled it out of my cum leaking pussy "mmmm m!" i said as the clumpy cum was stuck to my fingers i raised it to my mouth and with young ben watching on the floor let the seman fall on to my tongue. oooooooooorrrrrr! it was scrumy! really creamy and sweet. i washed it round my mouth and swallowed it whole "mmmmm ben you have really tastey cum for a boy your age" i knelt on the floor and with him moaning i put my whole mouth round his cum frothy soft 2inch penis and balls and played with penis in my mouth with my tongue and gave in a salvia wash until sucked the cum mixed with mine off the whole of his balls and cock. "mmmmm ben" i said as i pulled my mouth of his groin "sometimes ben, girls really love the taste of boys cum in their mouths, yours is yummy!" "but dont you eat it it will back you ill"
"errrrrrrrr" he said disgusted "i wont dare!" good! i said after a warl we got up and showered again and as it was late i put him to bed and tucked him in with a glass of milk. we talked for abit about school and what happened in the toilet and said that if he had a wet dream again not to tell his mum but to tell me and i will would lick it off his p.js and bed sheets, we giggled and i reminded him not to tell anyone and he promised he wouldnt. i kissed him good night and asked him to ask his friends to come over and we could have a tea party tomorrow. he said he would turned his light off and went downstairs for his parents. Has he being a goodboy they asked?! YEP!

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2013-10-16 23:00:19
Well he must be undeveloped cause i am 12 got a6 incher and thick bush

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2012-04-29 05:53:55
great story i love naughty babysitter shit and urs is great just wow made cum like 3 times any way 10/10 and dont mind people giving you shit about paragraphs i write on here and i get that all the time


2007-08-08 15:43:58
great story keep em cumming


2007-05-21 14:50:54
Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!. I think I love u angelic. I sure wish I had u like that when I was 13. 10/10


2007-03-11 09:09:40
hey that kid must be really undeveloped coz i'm thirteen no lies there and i have a 7 incher and a bush the size of a forrest i'm just a porn addict tho.......good storie i guess

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