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What was happening......
Janice was running late, again.....she hurried across the room and cursed the alarm that had failed to go off. As she glanced at the clock, she realized she was going to be late for her college history class....."DAMN", she muttered as she quickly dressed. To hell with underwear she thought and threw off her pj bottoms and t shirt. she pulled a black shirt with a pink heart in the center down over her firm young breasts and grabbed a pair of shorts. "SHIT", she exclaimed as she saw a huge stain on the front of the shorts. Grabbing a blue denim mini skirt instead....she would go commando and she completed her outfit on the run, slipping her feet into sandals.

Janice raced down the hall and through the door into her History class. As she entered, everyones eyes fell on her and she pulled her notebook and History book up to her chest. "Nice of you to join us", Mr. Higgins, her History professor said and she took a seat on the front row, blushing a little from embarassment at her lateness. As her smooth, firm, round ass slid across the seat of the desk, Janice realized the pleasant feeling of the hard wood on her bare ass and shuddered a little. "Geez" what brought on that feeling, she thought.

Mr. Higgins was not a particularly attractive man by any means. Janice guessed him to be in his mid to late forties. He had rugged features, sort of a Clint Eastwood look with expressive hazel eyes. When he looked directly at you, it seemed he could read your inner thoughts with those eyes and Janice found them and his slim almost effeminate like lips to be his most striking features. As he came around to the front of his desk, Janice noted his tall, slim build and despite his slimness an upper body strength with wide shoulders and strong biceps...Bet he works out, she thought and found herself wondering what his chest would look like...was it hairy or not? "Damn" thought Janice, where had that thought came from....

Mr. Higgins was talking, lecturing as he usually did and Janice's mind wandered. She noticed his face and those lips...wonder if he was a good kisser..."wow" where are these thoughts coming from, Janice said to herself, but as she did so, she imagined those lips embracing hers and she felt a stirring in her young, nubile, virgin vagina.

Janice crossed her long, athletic tanned legs and swiveled a bit in the desk but her gaze was drawn to the bulge in the front of Mr. Higgins slacks.....wonder what his cock looks like, she thought. She guessed it to be of average size as most everything about him could be deemd average but probably a bit thick. As she imagined the look of his cock, she felt a dampness begin to build in her warm pussy and she instinctively pulled her crossed leg tighter over the other. Janice also noticed her nipples were beginning to harden and she licked her lower lip imagining his cock and her lips bending down to engulf it. She imagined his lips on hers in a deep passionate kiss, their tongues intertwined in an exploration and she bit her lower lip and squirmed in the desk. Janice's right hand, trained from many masturbation sessions, reached up and gently caressed her right breast, the fingers slowly pinching a now rapidly hardened nipple.

Janice closed her eyes, threw her head back a little and began to swing her leg crossed over the other and in so doing felt the tender flesh of her thigh swing across her now engorged clit with each movement. The beautiful tall blonde was lost to everything except the desire which was sweeping through her body and she imagined Mr. Higgin's mouth closing around her wide pink aerolea and sucking her hard nipple into his mouth. she instinctively shoved her breast forward and gave a low moan as she visualized his mouth with the small lips encircling her large round breast and sucking it into his warm mouth as he rubbed his tongue over her erect nipple. "mmmm" escaped from her lips and she increased the pace of her swinging leg, causing more regular rubbing of her clit. Class or no class, Janice was lost in the throes of a self induced fantasy and she could see in her mind's eye, Mr. Higgins lost in lust and administering to her naked, exposed breast with his mouth in a sucking frenzy filled with small bites at her nipple and licks with his tongue..she imagined reaching down and grabbing his manhood and giving it a squeeze and the juices flowed from her warm pussy onto the desk as she squirmed in ecstacy.

"Ohhhhhhhh, Suck my tit...suck my tit" her mind silently asked as he continued his assault and reached with his hand under her thin miniskirt and rubbed her erect clit.
Janice's hand, absent of awareness, pushed her breast forward into his mouth enabling him to suck more of the young virgin flesh into his warm wet mouth. "Ohhhhh" she moaned to herself but little moans escaped her lips as she undid her legs, grasped her breast, pinching the nipple and with the other hand reached down and rubbed herself into a climax which shook her entire body.

"AAAAhhhhhhhhh" she moaned as the juices spurted from her now wet pussy and the climax shook her entire body and caused goose bumps all over her arms and legs. She pinched her nipple tighter and squeezed her breast harder. Janice pulled her crossed leg tightly over the other and felt the spasms fill her lower body as well. as soon as the first orgasm had subsided a bit, a second one immediately shook her and Janice, despite her surroundings let out an audible "AHHHHHHHHHH" as the waves of pleasure washed over her young body.



2006-06-02 20:53:19
finish it next time!!!!!!!!


2006-05-30 18:38:09
u need to finish the stories


2006-05-11 05:08:43
to abc100percent......thanks for comment and for using name...yes, she did this in class...there is an element of mind control which i am developing..see teacher gets a hard look as is followup


2006-05-10 16:41:55
is she in the class or not, is she dreaming or not I don't get it


2006-05-09 18:39:07
this is realistic...please

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