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my first ass fucking!
I'm still at school because i got kept down a year, luckily
so did my best friend, Chris. We have been good friends sicne
primary school andh ave done all sorts of things together,
our first football match wass the same game, we went to the
same high school, our first girl friends were twin sisters.
What Chris didn't know that i was a closet Bi who had
other , more different interests. I had been wearing my
mums panties for a year. I loved them. She hd lots of thongs
nad pantyhose and sexy bras. I would put them on, puto n some
lipstick and a bit of mascara and wank myself off, once i
was so horny i even ate my own cum!

One day i had been out booking an apointment in a suburb a
20 mi ndrive away from my home. I saw a cehap discoutn shop
and decided to go inside and buy a pack of lube (i never had
a didldo i used htings liek candles and textas) to have some
fun as my parents were going otu that night. I was walking
inside when the women's clothing section caught my
eye and dirty ideas began to develop in my head. I bought
a pair of sheer nylon stockings, a lacy g-string, a lacy
bra, a tube of hot red lip-stick, some eye shadow adn mascara.
I also bought my pack of lube and a pack of candles which were
about 1 and a half inches in circumfrence. When i bought
them the girl at the register looked at me funny, i turned
bright red and paid for my 'toys' shoved them in
my backpack and left.

That night after my parents had left i got dressed. As soon
as i pulled my lacy g-string over my shaved cock it sprang
to life, then i slowly slid my new stockings up legs as to
not rip them, i then did up my bra (i was a little overwieght
so my natural man boobs filled the cups). I appkied my lipstick
and eye shaow nad looked really hot so i took a few snaps on
my phone before remembering my eye shadow, i wlakedi nto
the kitchem to grab a drink of water beore i began when i heard
the fronnt door open, i was paralysed ot the spot. "What
the fuck?" I turned round and there was chris standing
there staring at me

Chris walked over grabbed me face in both hands. "This
sin't what it looks..." i was cut off as he kissed
me, his tounge rubbing roughly against mine, i relaxed
and started to rub against him with my body. I could feel
his rock hard cock rubbing me and i broke the passionate
kiss, "lets go to my room" As soon as we gott my
room he threw me onto the bed and unzipped his pants, his
rock hard cock sprung out. "Suck it slut, from now
on you are ognig to be called alice" I took it in my mouth
and suck slowly, movin my head up and down, i heard him moan
and i started ot flick my tounge acorss the head of his dick
"fucking whore alice" i started to jack him
off while i sucked his balls then he groaned andi coudl tell
he was lamost there i poened my mouth and he shot his load
all overm y face, i kept jacking him off and until it all cameo
ut. It was warm adn tasted like heaven to me. He lay down on
top ofme and licked it all off and then spat it into my mouth
"got some rubbers? he asked"

I opened my drawer nad pulled out a condom. He bent me over
and rubbed his finer against my asshole. I felt him spit
onto it adn lube it up, i wasl aready kind of loose from all
my self fucking. "get ready whore" he wrapped
his cock then started ot fuck me with it. He started realli
gentle until i said "ram it in you loser i wanan feeel
it it" then he slapped my ass and said "show me
respect your my bitch adn you must repect me alcie"
He rammed it in, right util his balls slapped mine, i moaned
in a mixture or pain adn ecstacy. He fuckedm y ass hard and
he said "i cant ucm with a rubber" so he puleldo
ut and too kthe condom off. He dove back in liek a madman and
fucked me hard, i reched down and started jacking off and
soon i was spurted my hto cum all overm y bed he stopped midstork,
bent down, scooped sum cum up and held it tom y mouth, i gleeully
swalled. soin he groaned nad hsot a huge load in my ass.

He puleldo ut and started kissing my as and uscking out his
cum, i shat it back into his mouth and he kissed me, forcingm
e to eat another load of boy juice. then we got int oa sixty
nine and i cleaned his occk while he gavem e the best blow
job ever. After we had both cum adn swallowed each other's
load he todl me "form now on you are to bring your clothes
everytime we have a chance ot be alone because you are now
my girlfriend and will do what i say other wise i willmake
yo uvery sorry alice" I kissed him and could taste
our cum on his soft lips.

He dragged me into the bathroom and began to get my razor form under the sink. He foamed up my pubes and shaved them then he began to do my ass. He finshed and gave it a quick kiss with his tounge wriggling in between my cheeks. He bent over the bathtub and i began to push my cock into his ass. He groanedi n pain but i didn't stop. I slapped his ass just as i pushed the last inch of my cock in his virgin ass.

I heard a noise behind us adn standing there was my sister kelly.

i pulled out of chris. Kelly started to walk towards us. "What..." she was stopped as i kissed her hard. I had always had a thing for kelly and had wanked over her while she slept once. I was stroking my rod when i blew, the cum hit the wall and just missed her face, she was gorgeous and i wanted to fuckher bad then have her return the favou. I had foudn a strap-on dildo in her room on time while i relvied myself over he panties. Chris kissed her while i slipped back into him. Her hand foudn his cock and started to stroke him. Chris moaned and we blew our loads together.

I grabbed kelly's hand and dragged her back into my room. I pulled her top off and begun sucking o nehr goregous DD tits. Her soft blue eyes watched me as she moaned through her lips "Fuck yer, what your name bitch" "alice" i replied chris came over nad puleldm y face off "alcie you are now both of our sex slaves when im nto here kel will be in charge got it?" He scuked her itts while i licked my cum otu his ass. Then i moved up on kel, her tight little ass wat being covered by soem tight jeans, i saw a red thong peeping over the top. I undid her jeans while her and chris made out and pulled them down with the thong, i pulled my own tighter agianst my ass andbegan to lick her cunt enjoyign hte feeling of the thong on mmy asshole.

Kelly pulled me up as chris pushedh is cock into her tight cunt. She kissed me adn put her hand down my bra and played iwth my nipples. Sonn her adn chriss were both moaning and chris suddenyl stopped "alcie get udner her" he commanded nad i got under her and began to loosen and lube up her ass with my finegr and tougne. I slipped my cock in and foudn it suprisingly loose, what a slut. Chris came isnide and i blew my load.

Chris pushed me onto the floor and began to tie my hands with some rope then he scooped al lthe cum out of kel's cunt and she shat the cum out of her ass mixed with al ittle blood nad shit into my eager mouth. i swalled. it tasted so good. Kelly wlaked back int oveiw this time wearing her tsrap-on. She rammed it straight into my ass, i screamed in pain "shut the fuck up you little slut!" she commanded, chris's mobile rang in his jeans "shit ok yer" "i got to go bitch, kel she's all yours" and he left. Kel pulled out and then made me suck all the shit and cum off the dildo.

she undid the rop and then stradlled me pushign my re-erect cock into her, she moaned, she lsipped the dlildo into her ass and asss she fucked herself on ym dick. I kept pushing int oher and hten we flipped over int oa doggy style positions, i was able ot get so much deeper inside of her and finalyl ishot my load, my balls were hurting from all their work and she collapsed panting, i realised she hadn't coem i lay down and started ot lick my cum out of he pussey and suck on her clit. She eventualyl came moaning with pleasuring and a small quirt cmae out of her exhusted cunt. We lay there making out nad spooning for a whle. She told me she was bi too and had been with a couple of girls and maybe we could do that too. She told me how ocne she fucked her best friend when she was really drunk with the strap-on and was caught by another firend nad they had since been fucking quite a bit. I admitted ot have wanted ot fuck her for ages and she said "i never wnated ot fuck u until i saw ur ass in that thong" She got up and went ot her room she came back with some face wipes and am ake-up bad with a small mirror, you look awful let me fix it. She showed me how to apply my make-up properly. Make sure no lipstick on the teeth, stuff liek that. Then she puleld out a vibrator and said "for hwen we cant have fun alice" . She then got some waxing strips and cleaned up chris's work. "You know beth, her dad works at a sex-change clinic and she cleans the palce for him soemtimes, mayeb she could egt use some special toys?" "wotn thta mean tellign her?" "who do you think i have been fucking?"

She got up and left saying "clean up mum and dad are gonig ot be home soon" I jumped into the shower adn celaned al lym makeup off, kelly jumped into the shower and we cleaned each other off and more than once we rubbed, but we were exhusted. We dried each other off and slumped down in fornt of the TV just as the front door opened "have fu ntonight guys?"

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worst spelling i've seen on this site.

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