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Mr. Higgins, History professor, was a little dismayed as he began to start the class. A glance around the room as he entered confirmed that Janice, the object of his pleasure in teaching this class was not here. One of the joys in his job was being able to ogle and mentally undress the young ladies he taught. He would often hover over their desks in an attempt to sneak a peak at their cleavage. He admired and often obtained an erection just from seeing a pair of nubile young pert tits or exposed breast flesh. He also often stood as close to them as he could in order to take in the warmth and feel of their skin and aroma that young girls emit.

And Janice was the absolute dream girl for him. Since earning his doctorate and the phd initials, he had devised his own addendum to pretty young girls, bestowing a DDG designation on them....drop dead gorgeous...Janice was drop dead gorgeous. As a young boy he had masturbated to pictures in Playboy his father had brought home...sneaking them off to his room or bathroom to fantasy fuck sessions. He had always been drawn to tall, thin blonde girls with big tits, round asses and long legs in the pictures and they had become his "fantasy girls".

Janice was six feet tall, had to be he thought, cause he was 5'11" and she was a bit taller than he when standing next to him. Her just past shoulder length blonde hair capped a beautiful face with expressive, wide eyes, arched brows, a pert little nose and lips which were simply perfect. She had faint little dimples at the corners of her mouth which when she smiled, highlighted and brightened her face.

Her body was fabulous from what he could see in class. Large but not overly so breasts which she never encumbered with a bra, though she also usually wore shirts up to her neck so there was no cleavage to view. He could not help but notice that her breasts were tipped by pointed and rounded nipples which strained at her top when hardened. He had once stared at her breasts while the students were taking a test and made his mind will them hard. He swore as he concentrated on their becoming erect, her nipples hardened and grew until he thought they would poke though her top. He also noticed that she became aware and shifted in her seat. "wow", he had thought, I think I actually did it. He was preparing to take the experiment further when she finished her test, put it on the desk and left.

Janice had exquisitely long shapely legs with the calves of an athlete. The extra muscular calves gave a precise shape to the thighs and reminded him of the silver silhouttes seen on trucks mudflaps. But, as fine as her body was, the crowning touch had to be her ass and whenever she was near him, he would stare as she walked away just to see the shape of her ass, the roundness and firmness as it slighlty jiggled always made him catch his breath in awe.

The door to the classroom opened and Janice hurried in and took a seat on the front row. Mr. Higgins smiled inwardly, but chastised her a bit with the comment that it was nice of her to join them. In his mind he thought, it sure as hell was and watched as she walked to the seat. She had on a top with a big pink heart and it was obvious that her rush in getting to class and the resultant movements had caused her nipples to harden and they pushed firmly against the heart making it appear to have two eyes. as Janice slid into her seat, his gaze was drawn to her long, tanned legs and the white mini skirt which she wore highlighting their shape and length. He was about to make another comment when his eye caught a bit of pink as Janice slid into the desk and the mini skirt moved. "Damn", he muttered to himself, she's not wearing panties! He had just caught a glimpse of her virginal pink pussy but it was enough to start the blood flowing and as he stood and walked around to the front of his desk, he realized she was causing a hard on.

As he began to lecture on the depression era, his mind was drawn to another "depression" he had just had a glimpse of and he slyly kept eye contact on Janice as he talked to the class. He decided to try his mind experiment and envisioned her nipples becoming erect. He gave the class an assignment from the book to answer questions and leaning back against the front of his desk, he glanced sideways at Janice and thought of her breasts and nipples. He imagined that her breasts were round and though not pointed, certainly firm and he envisioned her nipples being surrounded by a large pink aereola which nearly covered the entire tip. he felt his dick hardening at the mental picture and pursed his lips together.

He thought he noticed a hardness to her nipples and he shifted to the corner of his desk front to be closer to her desk. "Geez", he thought, and just then Janice shifted in her desk and he swore she reached up with her right hand and cupped her breast. He stared more intently and indeed she had cupped her right breast and her fingers were now slowly flicking at an obviously aroused and hardening nippple. Janice crossed her long lovely legs and in so doing, again exposed the warm, pink and now wettened folds of her pussy. Mr. Higgins caught his breath at the sight and his cock escaped the strains of his tighty whities and made an obvious blood engorged rush down his leg.

Janice began to shake her leg crossed over the other and she put her head back, her fingers continuing to stroke her right nipple. "Good, God", thought Mr. Higgins, "she's getting off" as it was obvious from her movements and actions that she was indeed masturbating right in class. He imagined his lips pressing down on hers and their tongues wrapped in a sensual exploration as his hand moved up her long leg and grasped her wet pussy. His fingers parted the pink lips of her flesh and moved along the slit to the hardened and reddened clit. His index finger would stroke lightly across her clit and he would continue to explore her mouth and begin to suck her tongue into his own mouth. He could feel the wetness of her pussy as the juices bagen to flow and only then would he lower his face and surround her now rock hard nipple and suck it greedily into his warm wet mouth while flicking his tongue over it.

As he imagined the mind assault on Janice and her body, his cock was now rock hard and he saw that she was totally enraptured in her own sexual fantasy as her leg rocked her to climax and her fingers squeezed her tit. "AHhhhhhh" she said aloud as her orgasm overtook her. Mr. Higgins cock also erupted at the frenzied sight of her masturbation and obvious pleasure highlighted by his mental fuck of her and cumm spurted down his leg. He had to have this girl!

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This reminds me of the time i was in class, and my geography teacher was going to the cupboard to masturbate, and i caught her, and we fucked.


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He had no shame ejaculating in front of the claqss =messy


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read janice gets it's clearer...interested to see what's next

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