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I always have this feeling for older men , I love to be dominated
Lives of Louise.Chapter1: Beginnings of a Filipina slut

I’m 23 yrs old now , I remember it well how it all began , I was 18 then , innocent looking lass from the Philippines northern province , stands 5’3” , measuring 34-23-35 then with typical Filipina looks , semi-long dark hair and an all-smile attitude. I was in my last year as high school and suddenly all changes after my mother died 3 weeks after that. My father left us to work in the city ( Manila ) he never came back after almost a year, we have been told he had a new family , my mother never got over it and got sick for almost 2 months until she died in grief. With nothing , my future seems bleak , ever since my father left us , our remaining relatives were the only ones left supporting us and all are not that capable to support us.

I was taken in by my Aunt Lorie and her husband Tito. My aunt had a stall down in the local market while my uncle is a passenger vehicle driver ( they call it jeepney here in the Philippines ).From the fields to the local town I lived with my Aunt and her husband for the next 2 months.

“You’ll make a good household helper , this way I can spend more time in the market “ my aunt said. Uncle Tito nodded in agreement and gave me the smile. So I did most of the household chores and still manage to go to school , they agreed to support me to finish at least high school. Uncle Tito was my aunt’s second husband , they never had a child probably as Aunt Lorie has been diagnose with complications and Uncle Tito seems also not into it ( he had children in his first family ), both couple are in their 40’s. Uncle Tito would often comes home stinking with the smell of liquor and every time my aunt would take care and carry him to bed. Unnotice by my aunt , my uncle would give me the smile with a deep stare every time , I would ignore these until there come such a time when I returned his smile and everything changes after that.

Uncle Tito stops his drinking habits that gives joy to my aunt as well to me , he would start to open up conversations with me especially when my aunt is out , helps me out every once in a while with my chores , he would start making moves by touching my arm whenever he lends some help and still giving that smiling stare. He would give me small presents a young girl in my age at that time , all these without my aunts knowledge. I’m starting to like the man , probably I missed the fatherly love or no other male had done such. These things continued for weeks to come, until one late afternoon he came home early after attending a baptismal celebration among his fellow drivers , my aunt usually don’t come home for lunch , it was Saturday then and school is out until Sunday.

He was stinking with the smell of liquor , he found me on the kitchen and immediately ask if Aunt Lorie is in , I told him she won’t be coming home for lunch as she usually does ( the market is 2 kms away from the house ). He’s a little tipsy so I immediately help him out to stand up and led him to their bed as I remember my aunt would usually do in cases such as that. He lays on the bed , but grabs my arm as I was releasing him. He pulled me in closer and said “Just this once , you’re so pretty , I need this once , allow me just this time Louise”. I tried to pull-out but he embraces me , we rolled over and I end up flat on my back on the bed with my uncle on top of me. I tried to resist and say no to his advances telling him at the same time that he’s drunk. My resistance finally goy into him and made him stop , disappointed he was about to get up when I told him not to get mad at me.

I don’t why did I told him that at that time , he glance back at me , smiling he slid back into the bed and immediately pulled down one side of my shirt , exposed my breast and suck it immediately as he caresses the other. I felt a jolt sensation , I tried to push him out in the first second but ends up pulling him in and grabbing his hair. He sucked on the nipple too as I shiver tremendously rubbing my legs against him , he grabs my panties feeling how hot and wet I was , immediately he took off my dress then his shirt , he slides to my panties pulled them down and before I could react had his mouth eating my virgin pussy. I grabbed his hair as I felt his hot mouth and tongue doing its job, I held on to the sides of the bed as I raises up my ass every time his tongue slid s inside , licking my clit and anus. After a few minutes , he removed his pants and briefs , knelt on the side of my head and guide his swollen cock ( about 7 inches ) to my lips and said “Open your mouth and suck this”. Instinctively I open my mouth and he slid it in , at first I felt strange having that warm member in my mouth , taste salty at first then the taste dissipates. “Ahhh, yes Louise!,that’s it , your mouth feels good”. Then he began to pump slowly , groaning and moaning on each and every stroke. I know he knew it was my first experience as he slids only half his size inside my mouth then he stops and let me have my way to throat him. His moans became deeper and louder as my inexperienced mouth began to work “Ohh yes !,work on it , have it your way”. I only manage to have half of it inside my mouth as it’s also is a fat cock. I felt his hands took a hold of my hair , to give him a better view of my hard effort on his cock, I open up my eyes and look at him , his lips open and his teeth in a tight bite, his eyes looks like that of a mad man in full excitement.

“Stop! , your gonna make me come” I heard him yell , He pulled out his cock from my mouth and had is other hand touch my pussy . “Your ready” , I overheard him say , He mounted me and guide his cock slowly inside as I groaned and bite my lips as I felt him going deeper every thrust. “Your so tight ! Ohhh yes ! “ . I remember I tried to contain the pain until he finishes off, he kept mumbling how good I felt , how hot I was to him , he does this at the same time virgin fuck me. Then when he is about to come he pulled out and came on my stomach , I could see him stroking his cock and little blood stains dripping on my legs. At that time I came to my senses and tried to cover up my self , wipe out the stain with my dress and ran off to my room , I could hear my uncle called me up as I left but I proceeded to leave that room. I went to my bed a little bit sobbing but really not crying, I heard my uncle knocks on the door but I ignore him and he left. I spent the whole afternoon in silence .

I finally fixed myself up around 3 pm got out of the room , my uncle was there waiting by the kitchen and approaches me. “None of this for your dear aunt to know , right?” he said , I nodded. He smiled and embraces me tightly which I returned back with an embraced of my own , I could feel his cock hard again as it presses against mine . He took a hold of my chin and said “Your okay , he places his mouth on mine , we kissed and his experience tongue taught me a few French lessons at that time , he carries me back to their room , got off naked quickly , suck-off on my nipples as we’re standing up, the he laid on the bed guide me to kneel on the bed and bent over , I took a hold of his cock and start to blow him again as he finger my pussy from behind. “Uhhh, you’re beginning to learn to use that mouth and you really have a good nice body Louise” he said to me. His words made me more active on his cock as I also began to cupped and caressed his balls which I then next lick and sucked making him more excited as his ass began to raise up high . Then he told me stop knelt from my behind with his cock on his hand he inserted it inside my pussy doing me my first dog style , I felt the pain again but not that painful as the first time but a mix of excitement, he humps me , his hands grabbing my 24 inches waist and pulling them in on his every stroke , I moaned and moaned which excites him more , his pumping became faster and I could hear him yell, he pulled out at the last second and let his hot load sprayed on my ass cheeks , he rubbed them all over with his cock and we kissed until we agreed to fixed ourselves up as in an hour my aunt will be coming home.

The encounters continued for weeks to come , I felt I had fallen for this man , we would usually do it on Saturdays ( Monday to Friday I go to school and Sunday my aunt stays at home ). I’d learned from my uncle the different positions in the ways of sex, thrice a week he would find ways to satisfy his lust. Even on my period he would find ways to deal with it by using my mouth mostly of the time, It was a Monday , my aunt has early for her market stall , my uncle was late for his daily driving chores and I was all set to go to school as when I got out of my room , he was there waiting in the sala , he blocked my path and start making advances but I told him it’s not possible as I’m having my period until Thursday. He told me he needed it badly and wants me to give a him a blowjob and there in the middle of the sala , he made kneel still in my school uniform and performed fellatio on him until he came in my mouth , his cock bobbed in and out of my mouth , he told he was about to come , I was making mumbling sounds intending to pull out but he took a grip hold of my head and chin and let his load spurted down my throat , I could hear him groan in total satisfaction as he unloads. “ Ahhh, get it down your throat , yeah that’s it , swallow it” . I tried to clear my throat as he came , it’s quite a load ,I could feel it’s hot liquid as it drops down my throat’s inside, he releases and I got a little comfort I back up and sat on the floor with some come still dripping on sides of my lips, my uncle started to talked as he zipped in his pants “ Fix yourself up , I’ll drop you by your school and wipe that come off your lips and uniform, your nice Louise” It was only that time I notice I have drops on my uniform , I fixed myself up rode with uncle to my school and along the way thought that swallowing was not that bad , actually I enjoyed , as I enjoyed doing to this day.

Came that Saturday and that day I won’t forget , first time I came. He came home early that afternoon , I took an early bath , we end up in their room , I was working my mouth on his cock as he lay , he caresses my body and back when he told me we do a 69 position so he ate my pussy as I throat him and I was beginning to improve my throat job , I can manage to deepthroat him close to the hilt which excites him more . He guide me to mount him with my back facing him , I could really feel him all inside and that’s when I came, I rode him like a mad cowgirl yelling all the time “Yes,yes! ,fuck me , yes!”.
After I came he motioned me to mount facing him , after a few more good rides , he pulled sitting up and had me on my back and fuck me without pulling out his cock , I sucked on his nipples as works me out . He pulled out from my pussy afterwards and shoved his cock in my mouth right in my face, he was saying words all the time he face fucks me “Take it down your throat !” as he held the back of my head . “You got nice big tits for your age , place it in between and let me tit-fuck you” This continued for minutes then he told me to kneel and bend over as he wants to do me dog style , reaching and pulling my hair , at the same slapping my ass cheeks he fucks me from behind yelling at me that I need to learn more “ Nice ass! You ‘ll let me fuck you everytime I want , you hear!” , and I came for the second time. And for the finale , he motioned me to lie back and let my head hang down on bed edges , he shoved his cock down my throat and started to pump holding my cheeks praising himself and me at the same time” Yeah ! uuhh, look at that cock! , that’s it Louise , you got such a nice mouth and a fantastic face to fuck”. Then he came , pulled out his cock and jerk it off my face and mouth , mostly found its way around my mouth , eyes and nose then he slides it back inside my mouth for a shaft cleaning job, I sucked for what left of it and after which he praises me for a job well done. “You can do almost everything girl , hope your ready for some ass lessons next time” he said. I never let him have my ass as he wanted , I told him it hurts as hell and I don’t want Aunt Lorie to notice something different from me if ever something goes wrong and that’s probably made him think twice and not doing it .

That time I always thought that only my uncle Tito would be my lover , I never thought his friend and others would also be But that would be in the next chapter of Lives of Louise ,the making of a slut .


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