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When my uncle lover introduce me to group sex , I never get out of it, the need for two or more cocks has always been in my mind since
Lives of Louise: Making of a Filipina slut.

After that time (last story, “Beginnings”) I always thought that only my uncle Tito would be my lover , I never thought his friend and others would also be. I thought I knew my uncle that much but never did I knew that he had a different personality especially when he’s drunk. It happened one Monday morning , it’s a declared no school day due to a nationwide transportation strike .That day both uncle Tito and I have to stay at home, he’s a passenger vehicle driver but not my Aunt Lorie since she have to go to her market stall 2 kms away from the house.

“Louise, take care of your uncle , his friend is coming here for some beers , I want you to serve them and do what they want , ok?” my aunt said as she walks out of the house. “Friend ?” I asked , “His name is Mike , don’t worry I knew him , I’m godfather to his son” my uncle interrupted as he gave that deep smile.

Mike came around 11am that day , after having lunch at the house , both men proceeded to the sala and started to have some beers. My uncle would call me from time to time to serve them some beers and some peanuts , I notice Mike giving me the stare every time I would pass them by , I would ignore him and at times answering to their questions looking in a different direction. It was almost 2 hours since they started drinking and both has consumed 4 beers each, I notice that my uncle is somewhat drunk and at that time I know how why he always comes home drunk as he is a not a heavy drinker. I heard my uncle called me out so I approach them and ask what they want. My uncle introduce me to Mike and held out his hand for a handshake , I felt his grip somewhat feeling my hand and then my uncle told me to join them. First I said no but they insisted and said they need a female companion and both came out laughing. My uncle handed me out a bottle of beer and told me to sip some . I declined but both men insisted , so I began little by little consuming the beer , after which they open up another one for me. I was almost done with my second bottle , I was really tipsy at the time and both men are having their seventh beer., when I felt my uncle’s arm around my shoulder and pulled me in closer to him , he’s all drunk by then.

“Just look at her eh?, ain’t she beautiful? She does everything you know” my uncle boast to his buddy as his hand runs on my leg. I said “What?” I felt deaf to what he’s saying , my body’s weak , I want to get up but I can’t , I need something to hold on. That time my uncle pulled me in to him and gave a me kiss , weak I tried to pull away. “You bitch! , you won’t embarrassed me in front of my kumpadre “ Again he lunges himself and kiss me sticking out his tongue in the process and at the same time cupping by breast under my shirt. “Uncle , please no ! “ I pleaded murmuring as I don’t have the strength to fight him off .All the time his kumpadre Mike has all eyes wide enjoying the sight as my legs began to show during the struggle. “Remember what your aunt said , anything we want ,right? And you don’t want me to be angry and mad , won’t you?” Uncle Tito said . “Yes, but ..” I tried to reason out . Sensing me confused my uncle began licking at my neck , I just close my eyes and let him be and I could see on the corner of my eyes Mike is having the time of his life watching.

“Don’t worry , I won’t tell a soul especially your Aunt Lorie” I heard Mike said. Then after , I notice my uncle unzipping his pants , it was very quick as he had in his hands a semi hard cock , he took my hand and placed it there. “ Give Mike a show , show him how good you are at it “ my uncle said . I see Mike nod in agreement telling me to go on , before I could react , my uncle held me by the back of my neck and pull my face to his upright cock “Open your mouth and put it in” Uncle Tito commanded. “Your hurting me please , stop ! I’ll do it” I pleaded. “Now suck it” my uncle awaits , holding his cock in my hand I open my mouth and put my lips around the head , never minding if Mike is watching . “Deeper” my uncle commanded as his hands pull my head , shoving the his cock half it’s length inside my mouth. Instinctively I began to suck hiss cock to full hardness , my uncle began to moan his head against the sofa. I opened my eyes to see Mike rubbing his bulging hardness inside his pants

“Hey kumpadre, I’ll share her with you , want some?” my uncle offered, I let the cock out of my mouth in disbelief on what I heard my uncle just said! Mike just nodded and sit next to my uncle who then motioned me to kneel between his legs spreaded and commanded me to continue sucking. Mike had his pants down and stroking his cock , guiding my hand to grasp it . First I was hesitant but the moment I touch it , my confusion left me. “Stroke his cock” my uncle continues to command what he wants me to do. Mike’s cock was somewhat the same as my uncle, I began to stroke holding it firmly in my hand , the second cock I held in my hand I thought at that moment. “Give him a blowjob and do it nice” I look at my uncle as he commanded , his face was full of excitement at what’s happening . I began to position myself in between Mike’s spreaded legs ( he had his pant’s off now ) , still holding my uncle’s cock in the other hand , I watch Mike’s face expression as my lips slowly approaches his throbbing cock . “Suck me baby , you’ll love that cock” I heard him said. I started to lick the sides of it’s purple head , the length of it’s shaft , getting back at the head and taste the transparent sticky fluid flowing from the opening on its head.

“For God’s sake put it in your mouth Louise” Mike shouted pleading , hearing this I open my mouth and let his cock slide inside half the length and began some blowjob action. “Oh God , oh my God , that’s good !” Mike said . Still stroking my uncle on the other hand I saw them giving high fives to each other. They both stand up and motioned me to kneel in between them and proceeded alternate stuffing their cock in my mouth , all are new to me but I felt a different sensation having two cocks at the same time , looking at these two men’s reaction as my mouth work on their cocks excited me more. After a few minutes they let me stand up and undress me , still tipsy with drinks I consumed , I exchange wet kisses and tongues with these guys as they suck and cup my tits. They were talking to each other on what to do next but it seems all that time is too blurred for me to understand, Mike sat on the sofa as Tito guide me to sit mount his friend , I began to ride his friend’s dick with Mike’s mouth on my tits, I was moaning as I experience a different cock that time , when I felt another cock touch my cheeks without opening my eyes I open my mouth and suck the cock. All of us are moaning on that hot action , my uncle would held my head and chin with his both hands and face fuck me while Mike’s having the time of his life as I continue to ride his cock. “You like ridin that cock with your mouth stuffed eh? My uncle would say , I began to gag as he shove his cock deeper into my throat , tears began to flow from my eyes and the men seems to enjoy more seeing just as that , their thrus began more rapidly and deeper. Uncle Tito’s would pull out his whenever I would gag and slapped my face with his dick.

Then they would change positions I would ride my uncle’s cock as he sat down on the sofa with Mike’s dick in my mouth , my uncle’s face was so close on that blowjob action that he’s going out of his mind. “Just look at this whore, fuck her throat more Mike” my uncle told Mike as my saliva began to drip from the sides of my lips. “Bring that mouth around my cock and fuck her from behind Mike” my uncle commanded and Mike’s just happy to obliged , so they had me bent over in front of my uncle sitting on the sofa , immediately I took his cock in my mouth as I felt in second Mike’s dick finding its was in my pussy hole. “Yes , baby , tell me how you like cocks in your mouth and pussy at the same time “my uncle said . I couldn’t answer as their cocks works both my holes , with Mike viciously slamming my pussy from behind standing up and my uncle enjoying himself I tried to gobble his cock whole thrusting upward his ass . “I’m ready to come, baby “ we heard Mike said .

“Don’t you come inside her , we don’t want her to get pregnant ,she swallows come , come in her mouth! “ my uncle cautioned Mike. Mike was then yelling as his thrust became faster and pulled out from my pussy behind. “Come here! “ he yelled . I let go of my uncle’s cock in my mouth and turn around kneeling to face Mike who is standing up and gripping his cock in hand. Immediately I suck Mike’ss cock who in seconds lets out a scream spurting hot rounds of come down my throat as I suck. “Ahhh ! , take it baby , swallow every drop , my God !” Mike moaned as he unloads. I never stopped sucking until I knew none was left to swallow. “Turn around here and take my load in your face , you slut!” I heard my uncle commanded as he grabbed my head around , him standing beside me. I tried to suck his cock by opening my mouth but he prevented me , telling me suck and tongue play his balls as he jerks off. “I want to come on your pretty face ,baby ,I want my sperm all over that face of yours” he said . In a few seconds he directed his cock in front of my face and comes down spurts of sperm as I close my eyes. He finished it off by spreading the sperm all over my face with the help of his cock as I let out my tongue to get a taste of my uncle’s come dripping off his shaft.

Exhausted both men sat on the sofa with their half limp dicks hanging as I sat on my butt on the floor wiping off the sperm in my face, I reached for my dress ,bra and panties ,crawled at first , got a hold on the sofa before making my way to the bathroom where I fix myself up , I stayed there for about 15 minutes or so before I heard my Aunt calling as she arrives , cautiously I slipped into my room and pretend to sleep, I overheard my uncle and Mike exchanging friendly conversations with my aunt as if nothing happened. I slept until the next morning and I found out that my uncle made an excuse for me having a migraine the other day and my aunt never had second thoughts about that as she’s too busy again with her daily market stall. My uncle tried to talk himself out on what happened reasoning out he’s too drunk and told me it won’t happened again and that he loves me. I remained silent all the while after that , confused about my feeling for my lover uncle. He catches me one time unguarded and explained himself , I embraced him without saying anything and we continue our relationship for another week.


2006-12-05 02:43:26
We could use a girl with your talent here/


2006-06-04 18:32:35
he always comes home drunk cus hes not a heavy drinker? your story makes no fucking sense you witless lump of shit


2006-05-12 03:41:00
great story wish i was there

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