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I'm 23 now never did I knew I need to get this close to be accepted in the family
Lives of Louise. Family gangbang

Roy’s mother called up one Thursday afternoon to inform me that their family is having an overnight beach stay somewhere in the south (Roy is my husband).She told me that they would be fetching me along the way. A number of family members she told me are joining in , from the person’s name she mentioned , Aaron is one of them (Aaron is her 47 year old brother).She’s very persuasive , insisted that I need a break and that Roy has instructed her to invite me. So I said yes, scheduled the next day , I immediately prepare and pack my things when the phone rang again , it was Aaron “It’s good that you’d come , got some surprise for you” he laugh then hang up the phone. I didn’t mind what he said as I thought that old Aaron probably is joking around again so I proceeded to get my thing ready for the next day.

They came as they have told me, 10 person all ,Roy’s mother, her sister Nena , the maid Maria , Aaron , his cousin Pepe, old uncle Kanor , teen age nephews Ed and Rey , their neighbor Chito and lastly Dado the driver of the rented commuter van. I saw Aaron as I entered the van and gave me a wink and a smile , I sat along side Nena and we chatted along with Roy’s mother during the whole trip. We arrived at the beach resort two hours later that afternoon , prepare and ate lunch then proceeded ourselves to bath on the sea under the sun. I shared the cottage along with other women , after changing myself , I walk out on the beach wearing a bathing suit ,which caught all the eyes of our male companions , unnoticed by the two sisters who are busy chatting , only Maria seems to notice the guy’s glare. We all basked under the sun and swam until it was almost sunset. I took a shower and dinner was prepared , all ate and the male guys are talking about drinking the whole night long. The two old sisters excused themselves saying they are too tired and need to sleep early as they would prepare breakfast for the group , the males excused themselves to go back to their cottage too and start to drink all the alcohol they brought along. Roy’s mother instructed Maria to clean up , I volunteered to help out.

I was left along with Maria to wash and clean the things dinner had left and after an hour passed , Aaron came back stinking with liquor and told me to join them. He’s very persuasive so I told Maria to finished off the chores and I proceeded along with Aaron to the cottage located about 30 meters away, it was very dark along the pathway and I felt Aaron’s hands hand around my waist as he whispered “Remember that surprise I told you about?”. I quickly removed his hands and cautioned him that someone might see him and he just gave a laugh. We arrived at the cottage , I could see from a distance that it was dimly lighted , we entered there were 5 guys drinking , Old Kanor ,Pepe , Ed , Rey and Chito . They offered me a seat and handed me a shot of gin tonic, I was wearing shorts and a hanging shirt that time. All seems to be having their fill of the drinks as somewhat they behave different crackling jokes which each other , they continued to pour me down quick consecutive shots after shots ( 9 as I remembered ) , I was really tipsy after that , I’m sitting in between Aaron and Pepe ( same age as Aaron ) and I remember I’m sharing all the laughs with the guys , Aaron and Pepe would put their arms around me from time to time as the 3 teenagers ( in their 19’s ) and the neighbor Chito ( in his 30’s) looks on.

The merrymaking was halted for some seconds when the old man Kanor ( 56 yrs of age ) entered the cottage staring down at me , Pepe offered him a shot glass of gin tonic which he held in his hands while talking. “Waited for me huh ?, and the surprise?” old Kanor asked. “We’ve been waiting for you as planned , the elder always get it first” Aaron replied. All gave a laugh that made more confuse as to what is happening. Old Kanor consumed the glass and stared at me. “They know, I told them” Aaron said to me . “What?, you say what?” drunk I tried still to compose myself on what he just said. “Come on Louise , we did this before , what about doing it for the family?” Aaron added. The effect of the alcohol is all over me that time “Why you !” I shouted. “Hey , calm down , your secret is safe with us , what happens here stays here only” Old Kanor interrupted . “You don’t want Roy or Roy’s mother to know any of it , right?” Old Kanor added.

I was so nervous and confused as what to say , thinking about what did I get myself into? I lift my head up and stare at the old man and nodded. “Mmm, I think that settles it , clean up this mess and let us see what little Louise had in stored for us” Old Kanor said. Immediately all the guys clean up and made space in the middle , all are smiling and giving high fives. Old Kanor made the first move as he approaches me as I sat on the sofa , he opened up his fly and let out his semi-hard old dick in front of my face. “We will take good care of you , now show me what you got as Aaron said “ Old Kanor said as he stand in front of me. I compose myself as I thought I must give in to their demands , I quickly made a decision ,I went down to my knees , open my mouth and let his cock slid in that made the old man grin. “That’s it , you’re a slut indeed”. The old man said as he smiled while watching me.

“What did I tell you huh? “ I heard Aaron boast to the other guys hollering at what they are seeing. I continued to suck the old man victorious making his cock to full erection. I notice all the guys are undressing themselves and positioning themselves around me but nobody dares to join in as I’m expecting , probably giving their respect to the old chief until he is done. I work on the old man’s cock , licking the head , the length of it’s shaft ( about 6 inches, just think about if he is at his peak , he might probably be at 7 inches or more ), suck on his ball and back sucking hard to the hilt. He just stands there watching , staring me down and after a few minutes he started to pump. I stop moving and held myself making my throat free to let him do his actions . “Now,you guys take care of our little slut here , you hear?” he said then he pauses and made a growl , I knew he is about to come , close my eyes as the first spurt poured in my throat after which I finished him off by sucking until his dick is back into limp state. The old man withdraws and backs 3 steps away and told everybody “ Showtime folks” .

Quickly Aaron lifted me up as I’m wiping the sperm out of my lips, removed my shirt , pulled down my bra and let the teenagers cup and suck both my 35 inches boobs, while Pepe and Chito was pulling my shorts and panties down. Ed kissed me on the lips and we play on each other’s tongue.I was fully naked in a matter of seconds , Pepe turned me around we kissed as what Ed and I did , push me down to my knees and immediately I suck his full grown cock which made him groan in pleasure, all the time I have all hands all over my body , mouth sucking on my tits, fingers on my pussy. A few seconds somebody stick his dick on my cheeks , I pulled out my mouth from Pepe’s dick and suck on the other’s cock , it was Ed , the 2 teenagers did the same and I suck them both too , I find little time to catch my breath when Chito (their neighbor ) would grabbed my head and turn my mouth into his dick’s direction . All the while I saw Aaron watching along with Old Kanor telling him how good and how capable am I , these goes on for minutes with all the dicks having their way with my mouth as I held a cock on each hand continuously jerking them off.

Chito would sat on the sofa while I suck his cock while the others took turns in fucking my behind as I was bending over. Chito then lifted my head and advise me to lay back on the floor ( the boys had place some pillows and mattresses ) as he mounts me and start to fuck me. Then the guys would take positions on each side of my face and atop my head and shoved their cocks inside my mouth , they took turns also mounting me after Chito did first. I remember Ed , fully mounted my stomach and proceeded to fuck my tits by holding both my boobs sandwiching his cock in between.

Finally Aaron joined in , he lay flat on his back on the floor , I go down on him and immediately performed blowjob then he advised me to mount and ride his cock which I did, I was enjoying the moment when he suddenly embraced and held me tightly from under as he instructed all the guys “Now , do it , fuck her ass !”he said . I’m late to react as Pepe immediately had his way on my ass , I yelled in pain. “Shut the sluts mouth , stick your dick in there!” Aaron commanded Chito and he shoved his cock in my mouth, . I could hear the old man Kanor laughing in a low voice on what he’s watching , the teenagers took their turns also pounding my ass and my mouth . Ray was the first to come in my ass , he held my ass so tight as shoved his cock to the fullest as he came , I turned my attention on Ed’s cock in my mouth as to lessen the pain I felt from the ass-fucking , I suck his cock as if I haven’t one a year, I held on to his buttocks and suck him hard until he could not hold any longer , he grabs my head with both hands and shoot his load to my throat. All the while Aaron was watching from underneath , he really got an close up view of the action as some of the sperm flowed from the sides of my mouth. “Yeah! , suck it ! , you’re gonna have your fill of cocks in your mouth, ass and pussy bitch!” he said . Then he came in my pussy underneath ,already Ed and Ray have pulled out their cocks from my mouth and ass so I gave Aaron some muscle control fuck action as I rode his cock into submission, his juice flows down his shaft as I continue the ride.

Then it’s Pepe and Chito’s turn , I mounted Chito’s cock while Pepe did my behind , I could feel their cocks banging with each other separating them was a thin layer of flesh , this brought more sensation as I continued to moan and cheered to them to fuck me more.
The two teenagers who had been jerking off had their dicks upright again aroused by the scene and stuff their cocks inside my mouth , they would slap their cocks in my face as stuck my tongue out begging for their cocks , Ray then bent over and had me lick his ass as I did so on Ed and after sucking their balls too , they start to masturbate in front of my face. Then I heard Pepe made a grunt as he shoots his load in my ass second later Chito came too and held my waist down to get his cock the better of my pussy as I felt his warm juice filled my pussy’s inside. There moaning and groaning as both men satisfy themselves, then I heard Ray called out he’s about to come so I open up my mouth but he some other ideas , the first spurt shoots directly at my throat and it made me gag and the most of it sprayed on my face. “Oh shit ! , look at that !, you like cum huh?” Ray said as slaps his cock taunting me.

The scene made old Kanor hot again as I heard him say while jerking his cock as he sat on the sofa. “I’m ready again , bring her here” . I was instructed to mount him while all the cocks in that room followed . I had cocks in my ass , mouth and pussy and jerks them at the same time with each in my hand. The guys at least had come twice or thrice each. Aaron was so pleased that he gave me a kiss after the last man got his load off inside my ass. He help me stand up and all the guys are clapping their hands and giving high fives to each one, I got to my clothes and dressed up , gave the old man Kanor a kiss on the cheek and bade the group goodnight. Aaron accompanied me out of the cottage and proceeded to walk back. We’re just a few meters away from the cottage when he turned to me and said “There’s still someone more , yeah,I think we should pay him a visit, come with me”. Exhausted and a little bit sleepy and drowsy at the time , I was about to question Aaron when he held my arm and dragged me to the parking area where our van was parked. We hid in the bushes nearby and found the driver Dado lit a cigarette inside.

“Give the guy the time of his life , go there and blow him , I’ll watch from here” Aaron whispered to me.”What?” I asked , I was reluctant to do what he said as the driver looks ugly and really not my type. “That’s why I want you to do him , probably he hadn’t taken any woman like, this makes me hot , get in there now!” he commanded me. Finally I gave in to what he wants so I fix myself up and proceeded to the van.

Dado was surprised to see me as I got inside the van , I told him everybody in the family are sleeping and I need a cock and that it’s been almost 6 months since my husband left for abroad. He notice that I’m drunk and tried to look around the van if anybody is there. “Just let me suck your cock, please, I need a cock now” I pleaded with him. In seconds I had the driver’s dick in my mouth , I was groaning and moaning all the time while I had his cock stuff in my mouth , these made him hot that he’s mashing my boobs and fingering my pussy at the same time. I performed fellatio on him for about 5 minutes or so until he said “I need to fuck you , let’s get in the back”

I didn’t resist and once in the back , he immediately put his mouth on my nipples and suck hard on them as lay on the seats , we got ourselves half undress and then he stuff his dick back in my mouth which I greedily grabbed and suck his dick and balls . I watch his ugly face as he groans in excitement , his smell wasn’t really that good but I didn’t mind he even made me lick his ass before mounting me and started to fuck me hard.

All the while I knew Aaron knows that it’s not just blowjob is going thru inside the van as by then it began to shake on the action going on. “Uhhh , you’re so good , it’s a good thing you came here, I just have the right cock for you” , he said. Than he told me to bend over and then he fuck me dog style. “Yeah , take that you slut , ahhh” I heard said as he enjoys himself and holding on not come early. He held my waist as he pulled me in deeper with his every thrust at the same time slapping my ass which becomes red then. I thought I need to finish him off that time then so I groaned loader and start to bang my ass on his every thrust and told him to fuck me harder. He reach out for my hair and pulled them and even tried to kiss me as he mashes my boobs from under with his hands.

“In my mouth , I want you to come inside my mouth , I want to taste your semen” I told him as I turned around with my back against the floor mat . I lifted myself with my elbow lifting up half my body from the mat then I pulled in Dado buttocks to me and immediately suck hard on his cock at the same time jerking it with both my hands as I played with his balls . I felt his hands dig in to my hair as he began to pump and after a few seconds his breathing became heavy and I suck harder on his now ready to explode member. He let out a long groan as I felt a stream of hot fluid gushed thru my throat . “Take it , swallow it all bitch, ugh , ahhh” he moaned. Those streams of come came in four gushes as I felt it, I tried to swallow it all , he was holding my head so firm that I need some air so I let go of the cock in my mouth to get some air, as streams of come came flowing out and down my lips as I reached up for air. He just let me me for a few seconds then he place his dick back in my mouth which I clean with my tongue , I look up to hi, and I saw him smiling ,panting his breath.

I told him I need to go , took up my dress and sneaked out of the van quietly , I passed by the bush where I left Aaron and found him jerking his cock . He just smiled as we walk along the dark path back to the women’s cottage . Less than 10 meters away we stopped , I though he’s about to say goodnight but he dragged me to a dark corner and told me to kneel then he pulled out his cock , told me to open my mouth and shoved it inside , he let a moan and after a few seconds pulled his cock out of my mouth and jerk in front of my face as I stick out my tongue and reach out for his balls with it, in a minute he held my head with one hand as the other jerks his cock then he came in my face, smearing the come all over with his dick then shoving it inside my mouth for a good mouth cleaning. All these happened in silence within the darkness of the night, he fix himself as I got up and cleaned my face , he gave me a kiss and told me I’m terrific , direct me to go inside the cottage as I watch him walk away.

I slid into the bed unnoticed by all the women as they are all asleep, the next morning as if nothing happened , we made another swim on the beach as all the guys are staring at me and smiling, they took me home and bade them goodbye as the van rolls away. From that on I knew how close would I be with Roy’s family and friends and how I did my part as a member of that family.

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2009-11-02 16:37:50
Who gives a fuck about her English? It sounds like she is a dick fiend. That's all I want to read about.


2007-02-13 01:34:04
nothing special.


2006-05-21 12:04:03
not a bad story, but bad english..


2006-05-10 10:38:11
fair story, bad english.

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