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This a story about a young girl
When I was ten my life changed. I was a triplet. My name is Lindsey. My brothers were Dale and Mitchell. Dale and Mitchell were close. So very very close. Mitchell was weak. He always was getting hurt. Dale helped him along. Dale protected him. They looked alike except for a few differences. Dales hair was more blonde than dirty blonde like Mitchell's was. Dale had a bigger forehead and a cleft chin. Dale was also much stronger. Mitchell had strange lavender eyes when Dale's were just blue. I thought we were normal. My mom was funny and nice and made us milkshakes. My dad was always a little rough with me. Not in a really mean way but he would treat me like a boy sometimes. We were the perfect family.
But when I was ten I walked into their room. I found Mitchell's head between Dale's legs. Dale was throat fucking Mitchell. Mitchell tongue wiggled on Dale's cock. I didn't see Dale's cock. But I saw something so gross it changed my life. Mitchell puked up his lunch all over Dale's cock and balls. It was yellow and chunky like mashed bananas. Mitchell didn't know what to do. Dale pulled him off and jacked off with the gooey stuff on his cock. And overted my eyes before he unfurled his thing.
"I'm sorry Dale!" Mitchell said
"It's alright Mitch." Dale said enjoying the vomit
That night I went to my room. I was still eating upside down cake. I felt my stomach react to the cake in the middle of the night. I ate alot that day and the day before. My pussy trembled and I did a bathroom dance while I waited to use the bathroom. My huge ass was packing a boat load of fudge. You could practically smell it from a couple of feet away. I chewed my blonde pig tails to pass the time.My dad was shaving. When he came out I rushed in. I slipped out of my blue pajamas and sat on the crapper. I shit so much I clogged the bowl. The door was open a crack. It was loud and smelly. I released another turd. Many more. I looked threw the crack in the door and saw Dale's eye. He was staring at me. He ran off when I noticed. I wiped my little pink butthole. I thought about my brothers.
When I was done, Mitchell walked up to me and smiled. I still had pieces of toilet paper in my ass so I was a little uncomfortable. He said hi and asked why I was up. I asked him the same question and he replied "Nothing!" with a stupid look on his face. I spied on my brothers. Mitchell was giggling under the sheets. He was sucking Dale. Dale wasn't hard yet. Dale was looking at lesbian porn playing on the television. Dale pushed Mitchell off and kisses him. He fisted Mitchell deep in his asshole. Mitchell was so little. I couldn't believe him taking such a brutal fisting. But then I saw it. The biggest cock I had ever witnessed.
When your ten and you see your brother has a nine inch flaccid cock you change. My pussy was wet. This was strange because it was usually dry. Dale got hard. He broke though Mitchell's asshole and pounded back and forth. The veins in his cock were prominent. He breathed heavily on the back of Mitchell's neck. Mitchell's tiny cock dribbled a little cum. Dale however exploded. Mitchell pulled Dale out and he came all over his back. I was suprised. Dale jacked himself and Mitchell off. I licked my lips. Mitchell ate out Dale's ass while Dale grabbed Mitchell's cock over his back and pulled it through his legs onto his asshole. That's as far as his cock would reach. Dale's jumbo sized balls rested on Mitchell's head. Dale spread his ass while sitting on the bed and Mitchell was on his knees on the carpet. Those huge orbs pointed to me. I wanted him to wear me out. For nights and nights afterward I dreamed of him tearing through me. But I thought he was gay. I was infact wrong though. He was a bi. He hated being called a faggot or a queer. I took off my glasses and looked for myself. Dale pulled up Mitchell by the legs. He was upside down. Dale wrestled with him. It was the sexiest thing I had seen at that point.
That night I masturbated. I rubbed my clit. My fingernails scratched it and it felt so good. I wanted my brother Dale. Mitchell could join in also. But mainly Dale. I sucked on a big carrot to simulate the act. I didn't do it for me. I knocked over over desk and sat on the chair leg. I took two chairs and pushed one leg in my ass. Than the other up my cunt. I broke my hymen. I was concerned. I wondered what I had done. The chairs lay adjacent while I squatted up and down, double penetrating myself with inanimate objects. After I was done,I blew snot into my hand. I rubbed it on my pussy. It felt so good. My pussy ached from the penetration before. My cunt trembled I needed to be fucked. I put a piece of ice in my pussy and let it melt. My dad saw me. I was closing the freezer. I was half naked. He looked at me like I was insane. I probably was and am.
The next morning I heard eggs sizzling downstairs. I looked at Dale eating loudly. He smacked on his breakfast of fried eggs and fruity pebble cereal. I ate half of a cantaloupe and a cinnamon bun. And Mitchell ate a toasted mini bagel and Canadian bacon. We left for school. I went through another boring day until Dale came up to talk to me. Mitchell waited behind. He asked me if I liked what I saw. I was suprised. He saw me. Suddenly he felt for my pussy. He touched my pubic hair. I told him that I loved him. His boner was so hot I began to sweat. This was all on our way home. Mitchell was looking elsewhere while Dale was feeling me. He smelled my pussy. When we got home he took me to his room. The sheets had cum all over them. Dale fucked me in all the wrong holes. He fucked me everywhere except my ass, my pussy, my eyes and my mouth. He was in my navel and I juggled his balls. He twisted my nipples. But then Dad walked in. Dale flipped over to the other side and turned on the TV to make everything seem normal. I was sweating. My shirt was up above my belly button. Dad looked at me and said
"Is something wrong sweetie?"
"Nothing, dad!" I said
I put my glasses on and left. Dale spanked me when I left. He sucked on my ear. I saw Mitchell in the corner sticking his cock in an empty glass beer bottle. He was so horny. I felt my cunt. I realized I wasn't a virgin. I ran back to Max and had rough sex with him in my pussy. We made out. He showed me disgusting pictures. One was of our trip to my uncle's farm. Mitchell had a dog pushing in his asshole. The dog's deformed looking red dick was far up Mitchell's asshole. Dale had another one in which he was sucking a horse's dick. The dick was pink with brown spots on it. He had another one were he buttfucked a sheep. I asked him why he did this. He fucked even harder. He pulled out of me and pissed in my mouth. I swallowed not thinking of how contaminated his piss could be. He lit up a Camel cigarette and put it out on my cunt. I didn't know he smoked. He took a vacuum cleaner and put it on my pussy. He inflated it. The lips and clit stuck out. Max licked them and I played with it. My pussy was so hot. Mitchell walked in and saw our activity. Dale pulled him over to him by the cock and talked to him.
"Mitch, I still iove you. You've got a sweet ass"
"That doesn't mean anything. How long have you been doing this. You said we would only look at her."
"You looked at me!?" I said
"Yes we did" Dale said
I was aroused about how fixated we were on each other. Dale put a pencil in Mitchell's dick. Mitchell was in pain but he liked it. Dale got up and gave Mitchell the hardest butt fucking I had seen. His ass bled while Dale put his cock all the way in. Dale pulled out of him and sucked his own dick. His big monstrous dick shot out cum in Mitchell's face. Mitchell's asshole was wide open. I fingered him. He whispered something to Mitchell and they both smiled. They grabbed me and both fucked my ass. I had two cocks in my asshole. The cocks massaged against each other. It was steamy in the room. We generated so much heat. The cum dripped from my hole in my cunt. I didn't care.
I went to bed rubbing myself. I heard my parents fucking each other and my brothers doing the same. I humped my teddy bear, Willy. Willy gave me satisfaction. I never thought of fucking him until that night. Then something bizarre happened. You might say this story was bizarre before but this sealed the deal. The door opened. I thought it was Dale. I asked for him to fuck my ass. Silence. I rubbed my clit and handled it between my fingers. Silence. Then I feel an adult on top. My dad stuffs a strawberry in my mouth and fucks my ass. He holds my head and fucks back and forth like a bunny. He spanked my ass. He murmured yes over and over again. He pulled out and made me suck his big swollen balls. He grabbed my tits. He kissed my forehead as he left like it was no big deal. He left in a hurry to get back to Mom. And I thought to myself. I realized I had fucked most of my family. I had one person left...Mom.
That morning I thought about my mom. She had big tits and a nice face. She had sultry lips which passed on to Dale whose bee stung lips were as red as tomatoes. I thought to myself about the cum that was in my pussy. I went to a store and got a pregnancy test. The strip was blue. I was pregnant with one of my brothers babies. The horror! I wondered what I would tell them. Would I tell them at all. I would have to abort it. And if I had it my parents would be granparents, one of my brothers would be a father and an uncle. I passed out when I saw the strip. Dale walked in on me on the ground he looked at the test results.
"Oh fuck!" He screamed
"Want's wrong honey?" Mom asked
"Nothing!" we said simultaneously

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2013-02-18 10:01:58
To be quite honest all the haters that are posting negative comments grow up and please get a life.So what if the author isn't a good writer it doesn't mean you have to insult him/her. Oh and when your insulting someone at least have the decency to check your spelling because some of you that have commented need to go back to school and learn how to write and spell. Why don't you take your negativity some place and stop picking on him/ her. He's only trying to make a fan-fic not a whole story. You all need to grow up and learn some respect for each other because the way you are acting towards the author is seriously un-neccesary and unwanted. I bet many of you who have commented all these harsh things got as many negative comments as this when you tried writing a story so in some ways you have no right to insult him/ her when a similar thing may or may not have happened to you . You all make me sick, your honestly perfetic and heres a idea for you to try. Pull that stick out of your as

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2011-10-13 02:54:00
make the 2 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


2011-07-08 05:25:28
Mean? Excuse me duffus but when you ask for comments you accept the good and bad. And, in order to render an opinion, you have to read it. This story was written by someone with little or no writing skills and, no understanding of the structure that is the beginning, the middle and the end. A story is supposed to have a plot and interesting characters. This story gets an F.

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2011-07-08 05:20:56
Mean? Excuse me duffus but when you ask for comments you accept the good and bad. And, in order to render an opinion, you have to read it. This story was written by someone with little or no writing skills and, no understanding of the structure that is the beginning, the middle and the end. A story is supposed to have a plot and interesting characters. This story gets an F.

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2011-04-06 23:10:45
It was a good enough story, but it became really rushed, and some parts were unrealistic, which is ok for a fiction story

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