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Petey, now fighting Rabies, thought about the afterlife. He figured he would go to hell for what he did to Marco. He sees a nurse who resembles Miss Johnson. He remembers her and runs up and says hello. Taken back she remembers him to. She is Miss Johnson. He gives her a hug and remembers what she had done to him. The killer part of his brain snaps. He took a scalpel and tries to shove it in her chest. She runs off. He starts to beat people. He steals estrogen pills and takes them intent on becoming a woman.

Shaneequa and Megan have no clue where in Mexico to look. They put up posters and notices. But little do they know that Petey doesn’t look very much like the picture now. He sees the picture of him and calls the number they gave out. He says he’s in Sailtillo and he’s recovering from Rabies. Shaneequa gives Megan head while she drives. She bites Megan’s penis. They fly off the road and run over a dog. The dog is walked by Natasha from prison. The two argue but then remember who they are talking to. Natasha explains how her sentence expired. The three walk around together. They go to Sailtillo from Corpus Christ airport. Their plane has a midair collision with a hot air balloon. Natasha receives a broken femur in the incident. She sues and goes to court. The mother and daughter continue on and wish Natasha well. They travel through Mexico in a rental car which they manage to total. Megan does more coke and LSD. Megan is kidnapped by a rapist who takes her to his house. Alone again Shaneequa looks for answers.

Meanwhile, fully recovered, Petey disguises himself as a woman. He walks through the desert and decides he wants to be called Lindsey. He takes off his make-up and costume to meet with Inez. He tells her he must leave. She understands. He goes across the border where he is mistaken for an illegal immigrant. He is grabbed by border officials and sent into custody. One of the Nazi’s follows him and beats him horribly.

The rapist is a strange man who loved hermaphrodites. He picked Megan because she has a big cock. He says his name is Robert Fountain and that she will die soon. They fuck in the back seat. They’ve gone 50 miles. Ass fucking the man, Megan decides to stab him in the back. She twists the knife and stabs his face. She leaves the man to die. She takes a ride from a fat man. She must give the guy a blowjob to ride with him. She bites off his dick head and throws him out onto the road and drives off. She stops to take a shit in a public port a potty. The toilet is filthy. She sits on a diaper, piss, vomit, and diarrhea. She tickles her asshole to get herself going. She takes another big bloody shit. She looks at it and it has dead ants in it. She shits continuously for 1 minute. She has the runs badly. She released one hard long bloody turd and lets the rest fly out. She vomits and it is yellow and chunky. The attendant asks if she’s okay. She pisses also and shits more and more. She stands up when she thinks she is done but she releases a tight coil of shit onto the lid. She leaves with ass pain and tries taking and Advil. She continues trucking. It is not long before she thinks about her past.

At age 7, Megan lost her virginity. It was to a teacher named Mr. Wright. Mr. Wright was the son of a fishing guru. He told stories about his father while they were in bed. One day while rimming Megan, Mr. Wright puked a great deal up her ass. He puked twice. It was green. She fired the puke out her ass and asked he was okay. The puke looked like blended broccoli, spinach, collard greens and pears. He was fine. He used his puke as a lubricant. Megan thought of her condition with nymphomania. She was a slut and had fucked ten people by the end of that year.

Megan masturbated with one hand and steered with the other. She was driving to Brazil. She shit her pants when she found thousands of dollars in the back. She went to a store and brought:
1. Two bags of cheetos
2. Two twelve packs of water
3. Five packs of starburst
4. Three rolls of toilet paper
5. Salami
6. Two loaves of bread
7. 2 jars of pickles
8. Seven bananas
9. And a flashlight
She shoved the pickle up her ass. Then she discovered her vagina which was far back near her asshole. She slipped a pickle inside of it. She fingers it. Then she put her cock inside of it. Having bought this stuff she drove on she ate everything fast and stopped in Tegucigalpa. She flew back to Atlanta by accident. She meant to go to California but caught the wrong flight.

Petey walked on for days, this time with a sun hat. He sneaked over the border and cut himself with razor wire. He breasts start to develop. He was going to west Texas. He planned on staying in El Paso if he could find it. He broke into a car and drove in the wrong direction. He drove to Atlanta. He realized Atlanta was the biggest city he was close to. He found Megan. But not as Megan normally was.

Megan had been taken in by a family of rednecks, who turned her into a boy. They call her Mike. Megan or “Mike” for the sake of the story still fucks the sisters, Ann and Julie. One when Julie is on the toilet Ann sites on her pussy sucks her boobs. Then she shits on her and they smear it on each other. Her brothers Buford jr. and Crawford chase her knowing she has breasts. Their neighbors are Hank and Tony. Although Mike doesn’t, Tony recognizes Petey. They greet each other. Petey remembers Tony. He becomes attached to Mike. He has sex with “him” one night. They decide to call it quits once Ann suspects something fishy. After a few days of living in the South, Petey remembers who he is. He remembers Megan and others. He recognizes her and tells her it’s him. She doesn’t believe it. They leave together and Petey salutes Tony as he leaves.

Shaneequa once again is missing her children. She OD’s one day. She almost dies but is revived. When the doctor asked what happened she says she wanted it.

Megan and Petey travel on a stolen motorcycle. They drive for days, stopping to eat, piss, sleep and shit. They do nothing else. One day they stop at Bismarck, ND. They decide to go to restaurant. Megan realizes that Petey wants to be a woman. She asks him why. He says everything would be simple. He tries to cut his nuts off with scissors but Megan stops him. They need some money so they take it from a car’s trunk. They car goes up a mountain and it turns out the people inside are nature lovers. They go on the side of a cliff. Megan hears on the radio that Tarea survived and had major reconstruction surgery. Suddenly there is a rock slide. The car is crushed on top of the mountain. The father of the family falls out over the cliff into the river. The mother explodes as a rock falls on her. The son loses his arms. He is scared. He eats with his feet. He eats raw steak. Megan realizes this and tells him to stop so they have some. He ignores them. He soon bleeds to death. Megan takes the body into a cave. Petey and Megan camp out. They discuss all that’s happened since they last saw each other. They take the camera from the car and make stop motion animations. They make 19. They have no food and are forced to drink steak sauce, boiled shoes, grubs, a dead chipmunk, snow, urine and sticks. They decide they must eat the boy. They boil him in melted snow. They consume his flesh. It smells awful. They snuggle up near each other. After 18 days a helicopter finds them. Both are severely underweight. Megan weighs about 39 pounds and Petey 45. They each eat a great deal. They release the stop motion animations and become cult figures. Megan enjoys the fame and attends press conferences. Petey runs off to find Shaneequa, who is now suffering depression. Megan moves to the Netherlands and smokes pot all day while riding her unicycle. She becomes an expert at unicycle riding. She rides on across a rope connecting two hot air balloons. The balloons collide. They crash. Megan is seriously injured. She is visited by Tarea who pistol whips her. Tarea came from America to visit her. She figured out that Petey is her brother. She vows to hurt him badly. Tarea is taken away. Tarea looks different. She has no breasts and lost a lot a weight. She screams profanity at Tarea as she is hauled off. Tarea comes back and says that her mother was the fat lady was her mother and that her father remarried. This means that Petey is her brother. Megan tells Tarea not to hurt Petey. She claims it was Petey’s fault that her mother is dead and sets out a vendetta for him. Tarea leaves.

Shaneequa finds Petey. They hug and kiss. They tell stories about each other. They eat at a diner and Petey talks about what happened to Megan. Petey hopes to win Shaneequa over. Petey tries to convince her that he is the best child. But she bluntly states that she favors Megan. Petey is crushed. They go to the Netherlands. Megan recovers eventually. The family goes back to America. Natasha wires them a million dollars from her lawsuit. Now rich they splurge. They lose all the money and have a lot of junk and drugs.

One day Petey crosses the street. An orange car drives fast. Petey is run over at 100 mph per hour. The driver is Tarea. Petey is killed on impact when the car smashes into him. Megan runs out into the street. 42 bones in his body are broken. The car swerves around and heads for her. Megan jumps onto the car and strangles Tarea. Tarea puts a vacuum on Megan’s cock and sucks of the skin. Megan’s foreskin is in the vacuum. Megan beats Tarea with the vacuum. One of Megan’s piercings flies out of the vacuum into Shaneequa’s eye. They drive on for a mile. Tarea claims that she was so badly disfigured that it gave her father cancer. It is in fact true. He has duodenal cancer and is undergoing surgery. Megan wraps up her cock in tissue. Megan grabs Tarea’s tongue and pulls on it. She takes the wheel and drives across a train track barely escaping being smashed. They drive for miles. Megan rapes Tarea again. Tarea throws Megan out of the car and runs over her torso she tries to run it over again but Megan moves. Tarea flies into the train car. She smashes threw the window. She lands out on the hood. She is knocked unconscious. Megan waits for her to wake up. She holds a knife over her head. When she wakes up Megan drives down. She throws the knife at Tarea. It misses. Tarea punches Megan. She rips off her shirt. Megan, topless, rips off Tarea’s shirt. Tarea looks at Megan’s scarred boob. She laughs and Megan punches her in the face. Tarea still laughs and walks away victorious. Megan yells “You fucking cunt!!!!!!!!” Megan runs away to Shaneequa.

Marco’s dad has arrived from Spain to kill Petey. He hears Petey is with Shaneequa. Shaneequa has a cell phone from Irvine that she stole. The phone has a tracking device in it. He takes her hostage. He has sex with her. He realizes she has a penis and stops disgusted. Megan finds the two. The father, named Gael, yells “Where is Petey! He killed my son!” in Spanish. Megan takes a shotgun and blows off the man’s head completely. Megan yells at the corpse that Petey is dead. Shaneequa hears and hugs Megan as she cries. They kiss each other. They take Petey’s corpse to the river. Tarea had come back and removed his head. Nobody ever found the head. They put him in a go cart and burn it and put it out to sea. They read good things they gathered about Petey. Petey was a mysterious character to them. They realize this but still say things.

Together they engage in quantity and not quality sex. They cry day after day. Shaneequa goes insane and sniffs nail polish while having sex with men for money. Megan becomes a cabalist. She quits after a few days. She obsesses over Tarea who got away. Megan has to get her penis and balls amputated from infection. Tarea becomes a media hero. She becomes the poster child for juvenile prison safety. The juvenile prison that Megan was imprisoned in is still runs. The cops find out that Megan is responsible. They collect outside one night. Megan shoots 5 cops and then takes the shotgun and fires into her chest. Megan is almost dead. Her breasts explode all over the side of the house. The neighbor’s dogs come to eat her remains. They disembowel her and eat her face off. One chews up her dead fetus. Shaneequa takes 8 shells and kills 5 dogs. She fires at a surviving officer’s knee cap. His leg is blown off. There are 2 shells left. Megan asks Shaneequa to shoot her. Shaneequa can’t do it. Megan takes the gun and fires it under her head. Megan is still alive. The blonde haired cop, named Toby Wright, crawls to take the shotgun. Megan recognizes Wright as her teacher. He recognizes her. She pleads for him not to shoot her. He kisses her bloodied face and blows off her head completely. Shaneequa tries to stab him in the back. But he counters with the gun barrel and she flies across the room. He throws the gun in her hands. He frames her for the murder for revenge after blowing off his foot. She is jailed. She is soon sentenced to life in prison. Shaneequa is soon put in an asylum after going completely insane in prison.

In the asylum Shaneequa tells her story to everyone around her. They agree to help her escape. They break out of the asylum. The police fire hitting 15 people, including Shaneequa. The loons run wild while 14 others lay dead. Shaneequa consoles herself by eating. She gains 30 pounds. She cries all day and all night. Her house gets repossessed. She has only enough for a cheap airplane ride. She spends everything on a plane ride to the island of Honshu. She runs into a yakuza boss named Seguichizo in a bar. She scuffed his shoes and he orders her to pay for a shoe shine. She hits him not knowing who he is. They fire again. She jumps behind the counter into the kitchen. She takes some fugu and slurps it down. Will she die? That’s for you to find out.

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huh odly i kinda liked yur stories and how starnge they realy are godstuff


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2007-12-04 19:49:39
LOL all you guys commenting are idiots. The author has brilliant grammar, and this story is hilarious. I mean, how thick are you it is clearly taking the piss out of sex-stories. 10/10 Sir, you are awesome.


2007-08-07 20:33:48
this story is junk too difficult to follow must be more consistant with future stories if u ever write anymore but i wouldnt recommend u doing that and im serious if i could id give this story a -100 for a rating


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What kind of drugs are you taking?

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