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read the most amazing story ever told first
In these months the family has gone downhill. Julie is addicted to the drugs and gets hip pains as a result. Mickey goes insane and talks to a bag of flour. Julie videotapes her and sells the videos Julie gets a tattoo of a frog jacking off on her back. She begins to torture dogs by sticking firecrackers in the dog’s ass. She beats them and sticks needles in them. She does experiments with dogs to see what it takes to kill them. She takes a border collie, a French bull dog, a Basenji, a pug, a beagle and a golden lab. She locks them in the basement and starves them to see how long it takes for them to die. Feeling bored she goes to have sex with Tarea. Tarea pours a bottle of coke and Pepsi down Julie’s ass. She gives her the pills. Trey is Tarea’s father, who recovered from cancer. Tarea also gives Julie a shrunken head. This head is Petey’s. She takes the pills and feels violent.
She takes Visala home one night and pours candle wax on her. Visala pisses in her own mouth. Her cervix is gooey and Julie licks it. She feeds Visala chicken shit with a spork. Then Julie chops her up with an ax. Julie hits Visala in the pussy first, and then hacks off her arm from the root, then hits her in the back, then slashes her face, then her knee, and then she chops through her torso. Visala screamed the entire time. She is still alive for a while. Julie raises the ax once more and lops Visala’s head off. There is blood all over the room. Visala’s intestines and other organs are on the floor. She puts the pieces in the dungeon. Seth and Marv have died, and Earn hollowed out Seth’s skull and put a plant pot in and a morning glory flower seed. A flower grows out of Seth’s head. Gail sees the parts and recognizes them as her daughter.

Vikram comes over to probe Visala’s disappearance. He asks if anyone saw her. Julie hides in a closet. He inspects the place looking for any trace of her. He sees blood and hears screams. Julie comes up on him and slices his Achilles tendons, beats his eye with a computer mouse and throws him in the basement. Julie gets a revolver and shoots him in the chest.

A boy named Johnny, from across the street, is just as horny as Julie is. Johnny has brown hair, dark blue eyes and is short and skinny. He is a prostitute with a chode. He is small and a pathetic character who is constantly brought in by the police for whoring himself off. He loves to suck black guy’s dicks. He says he sucked a man named Leland once. Leland was the violent security guard at Megan’s prison. Johnny sees Julie eating out Tarea. Tarea runs over to him and smacks him in the face. Tarea is his pimp. Tarea shoves a crucifix up his ass and makes him suck his own dog’s dick. The dog is named Hal. Hal is a chocolate lab that has an eight inch dick that can get so hot when he has a boner that you can roast marshmallows. Johnny forks over her money. Julie gives Johnny a hug because he looks so pathetic. The pathos he arouses attracts Julie, who desperately wants to fuck him. She kisses him, even though there is dog jizz in his mouth. They become friends. Johnny tells a story of how his family commits incest resulting in him being his own uncle. Earn tends to them. Earn has sex with Johnny when he sleeps. Earn has changed over these months.

He became a Satanist and only cares about himself. He beats up children constantly. One day he beats three first graders to death. He sees a psychiatrist, whom he scares so much that the psychiatrist tries to kill him. He pulls the psychiatrist’s dick off and slashes him across the face with a machete. The man is still alive and he runs to the police. Earn runs away to Brazil.

Johnny becomes a regular at the house. Soon Tarea comes to break his legs. Johnny steals money for his family. He is the bread winner of the family. Tarea breaks his legs. Mickey beats Johnny to. Realizing he deserves better, Julie hides him in her room. She feeds him cheeseburgers all day long. He needs four a day to stay strong. Soon Johnny develops debilitating chest pains due to the lack of potassium in his diet. He passes out and remembers the most traumatic night of his life.

He was walking down an alley with his sister, Lilith. Lilith was his little sister that was eleven months younger than him. They loved each other. They were attacked by two people. Brandy from Shaneequa’s prison, and her husband Jaye, who she later killed. Brandy raped Lilith and threw Johnny in a garbage can. She was fed to a pack of Doberman that rip her face off. Johnny goes out and sees his sister missing half of her face. Jaye jacked off in the garbage can. Brandy pissed in it and threw more garbage in. They roll the can into the street. Johnny gets. He cried over her for an hour. The two fled before hand.

Earn seeks more of the drug in Brazil. He takes more and more until one day he secretes a strange green slime out of his naval. It spills into the native’s water supply. The next morning a whole town is wiped by the poisoned water. Earn sees a bunch of babies with no family. He shoots them all in the head.

Johnny takes a shit one day. The shit consists of slimy green, nutty and spicy logs. While he is examining the shit, Tarea dunks his head in the toilet bowl and fists him, like she did to Megan. She makes him swallow the logs. She pulls his head out and kicks him in the nose, breaking it. He cries for twenty minutes, before Julie comes to hug him. He will not stop crying, so she sticks his face in her breasts. He calms down and begins to feel for her vagina. This is Julie’s dream. He puts four fingers inside of her and she goes wild. She puts canola oil all over him. They have rough sex on the stairs.

Wyke plots his escape. His wound is yellow and disgusting. He knows pisses out of a huge bullet wound. Gail fucks Visala’s dismembered body. Mickey, feeling sadistic, released four hundred aphids into the basement and covered the prisoners with grass. When Earn returns he realizes its best that he quit Satanism and become a nihilist.

Soon they forget about the prisoners. They decay over time and finally die of starvation. Except Vikram who resorts to drinking his own urine. Everyone’s addiction worsens. Johnny begins to whore himself out again. One woman is enormous and crushes Johnny’s dick. He can’t work. Tarea threatens to shoot him. Johnny pukes twenty times every night for two nights from fear. He swims in an ocean of his own vomit to exercise once Julie has forgotten him. Julie drops down to fifty pounds. Her body could be described as skeletal. Mickey sexually mutilates herself constantly and plants pyrotechnics in public places. Detectives Sykes and Rocket come back to investigate. They find dirty clothes, feces, vomit, toe nails, dead corpses, Julie’s baby, lard and Johnny dangerously under weight. Julie’s baby is dying. It has a third arm. It dies. It bursts as Rocket goes over to investigate it. The baby’s twin brother is on the inside. Johnny, who broke out into a horrible rash, tells what happened. Johnny works the whoring market in extreme pain. His penis is pulled from its base and he is rendered permanently impotent. Johnny also exhibits the symptoms of HIV. He gets a blood test and it is true. He has HIV. He tries to asphyxiate himself with a car in a garage. But then Mickey opens the door and knocks over a lighter, blowing up Johnny. Johnny is horribly injured. He receives third degree burns on 100% off his body. Mickey hides him in the basement with the corpses and turns the lights off. She calls Shannon to help her kill Johnny. They have sex on the couch. Shannon puts a hot iron on Mickey’s vagina. Then he throat fucks her while she squeezes his balls. Shannon fucks her ass so hard that she starts to bleed. Mickey goes upstairs to get a gun. Julie is upstairs shoving a cucumber up her pussy. When Mickey comes, she tries to hide it. It gets lost up inside of her. Mickey takes the gun to Shannon. Shannon points the gun at Johnny. Johnny kicks the gun, determined to survive. Shannon beats Johnny. Johnny shoots out his own teeth. Johnny struggles against Shannon. Mickey turns on the lights to observe. Shannon is scared to death by the sight of Johnny’s charred face and body. Mickey tortures Johnny by running a movie reel through his body. She hangs Christmas lights through his mouth. She turns the lights off again. All of them except the Christmas lights through his mouth.

Vikram crawls out decayed and weak. Mickey doesn’t know why he’s there. Julie tackles him when he is about to shoot them. She bits his neck and bashes his head against the ground. His fingernails scratch her asshole. He is feeling her up. He says he is going to rape Julie. She pulls out his tongue and boils his head. She gave him a breathing apparatus so he would have to endure the pain and not drown. He dies.

Earn returns. He pours hot gummy mix onto Mickey. Mickey is in extreme pain. They have make up sex for two days straight while pouring the candy mix on each other. Mickey takes Petey’s shrunken head and shoves the head up her own pussy, in and out. Their relationship starts to be about sex 24/7. They start supposedly the dirtiest web cam on earth. They torture each other; have sex with predatory animals, vacuum shit out of each other, and eat honey off each other’s genitals.

Julie gets anally raped by Earn. He stuffs a strawberry in her mouth and shoves his dick in and out of her. He sleeps in her bed. He acts like a child. She is the mother. He fingers her asshole then sucks the cum out of her ass with his bare lips. He takes her gerbil and puts it on her asshole. She farts and he lights a cigarette to set the gerbil on fire as he flies out. The gerbil flies out into the street into a man’s car. He is set ablaze and crashes. The police investigate and ask what happened. Earn explains that it was Julie’s fault. Earn sits on her face when they leave. He plays with himself and comes on her chest. She rapes him back by fondling him and stuffing his face in her pussy. She smacks him and squeezes his balls. They almost pop.

Trey comes over one day to request that Earn kills five people because he did not pay him. Trey grabs Julie and puts a gun to her head. Earn doesn’t care. Then he threatens to shoot Mickey and him. He gets drunk and kills a family of five with a shotgun. He turns them all inside out. He comes back to have sex with Mickey. He accidentally fucks Trey. Trey pushes him off.

Julie finds Johnny in the basement. She is shocked to find his burnt skin. She suspected that he had died. Julie anally arouses him by feeling his prostate with her finger. She accidentally cuts her finger skin off to the bone, when she scraped against a piece of metal in his anus. Johnny says sorry. She bleeds heavily. She covers her wound. Julie has sex with fifty different men and women that night. She bets on a horse race. She sabotages five different horses. She pushes one’s balls into its body. She switches one with an identical stud. She beats another one. She feeds one power shakes which obstruct its bowels causing it to shit everywhere during the race. And she sticks nails under one’s hooves during the game. She wins to 50-1 shot and flees. She buys food and a home for Johnny. She wonders what happened to Johnny’s parents. She goes to see. She finds that they appreciated the money he brought in, but that they didn’t like him because he was gay. Shocked that Johnny was gay, Julie walked back home crying out of embarrassment. She smacks Johnny in the face and splits open his hand. He asks why she did it. She doesn’t answer.

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Jesus! I dont think ive ever read anything so spastic or anecdotal. Youre stories dont make amy sense and i would hope nobody ever has to be exposed to your babbling excrement! Stop writing and quit smoking rocks but. ESPECIALLY STOP TRYING TO WRITE. SEX STORIES! You suck,.................. A READER

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2008-11-05 10:21:30
i help people, adn you need help. unfortunately, i think that you are beyond even the capabilities of God.


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So, what is this really?

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