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Makes more sense if you read the most amazing story ever told
They hatch the plan. They steal from Trey. Megan’s coffin is exhumed because of the evidence that it was dug up. Tarea is found eating Megan, who ironically had to eat a child once to survive.

Johnny points the gun at his own head. He wants to pull the trigger. But he can’t. He realizes he wants to live and doesn’t want to kill anybody. He goes to his parents. They are shocked to see his ghastly appearance. They force him out because he is freakish looking now. While he’s walking out, Tarea hits him with a bag of oranges. She chains him to a wall and slices off one of his ear lobes. Then she punches him in the stomach. Then she breaks his ankle and says that he is going to be dead soon. She sticks a plunger up his ass and says that if he pisses she will hurt him more. She makes him unclog the toilet bowl with the plunger in his ass. She stabs him a half inch from his cornea with a coat hanger almost blinding him. The piss comes out of his toe nails. He runs but accidentally grabs a plug that electrocutes him when he pulled it out to move a fridge blocking the exit. Tarea brands him her property. She breaks his cheek and sprays hot mustard on him. She puts glow sticks in his nostrils and kicks him in the ass. He lies alone on the curb.

Meanwhile, Earn and Mickey are rich. Mickey gets breast implants and loads of surgery. She gets Botox poisoning and her face is disfigured. She gets a follow up surgery to correct it. Earn waits anxiously at home. Johnny sneaks in crawling. Earn grabs Johnny and puts him on his lap. He hugs Johnny knowing that Johnny could be the only potential person left in the world that loved him if Mickey died. He hugs Johnny’s disfigured body. His crispy and charred skin rubs against his chest. Johnny looks at Earn, afraid that he is about to be raped. He is thrown head first into the closet when Sykes and Rocket investigate. He lies there hidden. As they inspect closer to the closet. Earn distracts the men with pornography. He takes Johnny down stairs and conceals him into a safe. The detectives find the bodies and Johnny who sneezes in side the chest. Earn shoots Rocket in the chest. Sykes shoots Earn in the elbow. Sykes takes both away. Mickey comes back and opens the safe. She finds Johnny. She punches him in the back of the head. She blames him for Earn’s arrest. She turns on a hot plate and makes him kiss it. Julie bursts in engages in fisticuffs with her mother. Johnny runs away. Tarea grabs and throttles him. Tarea spanks him for one minute straight in the middle of the street. Tarea washes his ass out with a toothbrush and leaves him in the street. Julie finds him. He tells of everything that has happened to him and around him. Julie tries to give him a pot of tea but spills it on his dick and nuts. Julie grabs his penis, but it hurts him badly. Johnny’s parents come to take him away. They take him to fix his body up. He is injected with plasma to partially restore his face. His face is gray now. A wears a red wig, sunglasses and a hat. Then he is given surgery to prolong his life. He undergoes complete reconstruction. He must have eight surgeries to fix himself up. His leg in amputated as a result. He is fitted with a prosthetic leg. Johnny’s penis is also fixed up and the doctors even give a lengthening. Johnny goes back to Julie in a car, but Tarea rams it sending it rolling over. The driver is dead. Johnny crawls out and Tarea pistol whips him.

The mold continues to grow. Mickey likes to feed it. They name it Gail after the longest surviving captor. Mickey and Earn’s web cam’s continues to grow at meteoric rates. One day Mickey eats a can of baked beans through her pussy. The next Earn stuck his dick in Mickey’s ear. Mickey goes to a zoo and sticks an elephant trunk in her pussy. Their scam and the porn business give them drug money. While at the zoo Mickey and Earn eat live frogs for the camera. This offends a group of PeTa members who break in their house and threaten to kill them. Earn flashes his gun. A PeTa member attacks him with a knife and shoves a Portobello mushroom in his throat. They beat Earn senseless, until Mickey maces one and blinds her. She takes a knife and stabs her in the spine. The protester’s run. The dead member falls into the mold and she is consumed.

Johnny walks back to the house alone. He sees Julie and hugs and kisses her. She is glad he is alive. She asks if they can have sex, but he says he is completely impotent. She works her magic on him and he is suddenly able to have sex again. They watch Dada films first, but then engage in coitus. Johnny shoves his dick in and out of Julie’s pussy. She screams wildly. He unloads about a pint of cum into her. The next morning Julie finds out she is pregnant again. She tells Johnny the news. He is so happy he does a summersault. They plan to run away because their parents would object. They decide to name the baby Chris if it’s a girl or Zed if it’s a boy. That morning the milk man comes in. Johnny gets the milk from him and thanks him. The man pulls down Johnny’s pants and anally rapes him. Julie looks on helplessly. The man throws Johnny down the stairs and punches his nose breaking it, again. Julie takes a katana and impales him through the lung. The milk man’s left lung collapses. Julie cuts the man’s head off and the blood sprays everywhere. The lovers leave and let the blood flow.

Mickey panics when she finds the body. They bury it, but then neighbors notice the smell. Earn then comes under fire for misogynistic sex acts such as slapping Mickey during intercourse. A lawsuit is filed against the two. The lemonade business runs extremely well, but they are losing drugs. They need their own drugs and the people want them to. Mickey puts a woodpecker on her head, intending for it to kill her. Earn intends to commit suicide realizing his far spiral downwards.

Julie and Johnny steal a car a drive across America to stop in Washington. They stop every once in a while so Julie could give him a blowjob. Julie gets HIV also, but they don’t care. They both don’t realize it. Johnny was never told he had it. He was just tested. They start to snort cocaine. Johnny is reluctant to start. He OD’s one night and Julie must bring him to the hospital. When he is released, Julie takes him to a carnival. A clown sprays water in his face. He cries once again. Johnny cries very easily. Julie gives him more hugs every time he gets hurt or humiliated. They have more vaginal sex in the back room. That’s their favorite kind. Julie remembers Visala, the girl she killed for Tarea’s love. She regrets this because she didn’t end up with her. Julie becomes distant and forgets about Johnny’s feelings. Julie tells him about her. Johnny claims to have known her. He says she made him fucks her ass in a pile of cement. Julie tells kinky stories about her. Like when she farted in Visala’s mouth while running a credit card down her ass. Johnny gets aroused. Julie asks him why all the sudden he like’s girls. He says that it’s nice to be close with someone.

Johnny is kidnapped again by Tarea and is bludgeoned with a bat and thrown off a building. He is poisoned with lead paint, which scrambles his brain. Tarea impales his wrist and sends men to kill his parents. She breaks his ribs by kicking him. Johnny is haunted by the ghosts. Tarea throws her shit in his face. Julie retrieves him and is furious and vengeful at Tarea. She hugs Johnny who is disorientated and in shock. He cries and wipes the clay colored shit off his face. Julie breastfeeds him. He sucks on the nipple until he is finished. Julie gets angry and finds Tarea who is now on her way back assuming that Johnny would never survive. She rips off Tarea’s ears and cuts off her legs. She leaves her in a road, after shoving a chair leg into her pussy and removing her clitoris. Then she comes with a vat of toxic waste and pours it on her. She is horribly disfigured as a result. She puts blue macaw eggs under her skin. When they hatch she opens the slit and they fly out. There is bird shit in her organs as a result. Julie makes Tarea eat every pill with chopsticks and if she drops one she says she’ll shoot her in the head. Tarea eats nineteen before she starts to go crazy. She hallucinates and her vision in now purple. She drops one and Julie shoots her in the back of the head. Tarea is dead for sure. She releases her bowels filled with bone fragments from Megan’s body and her eyes roll back.

Two days later policemen find her decaying body. Tarea is still alive. Julie and Johnny are long gone. They made there way to San Francisco. Johnny is admitted to a hospital. His diagnosis is grim and he will be afflicted with learning disabilities for his entire life. He cries again in the doctor’s office. People look at Johnny because he is so unattractive. Now he is scared and disturbed because he is permanently scarred. Johnny wonders who he’ll have left in the future. He learned at the doctor’s that he and Julie have HIV. He knows that his health is worsening as is Julie’s. And he realizes he is about to be a father of a child who might have HIV. They walk out of the hospital. They go to the zoo and a monkey bites Johnny and the monkey gets HIV. They leave and sneak in a baseball game. Johnny gets hit in the face by a baseball. Realizing he might want to be alone with her, Julie takes him to a motel. She sticks a lamp in his ass and pushes back and forth. She pulls it out and eats his ass out. She ass fucks him with her pussy. She pisses in him to get him off more. She fingers his little pink butt hole to make him scream. Johnny feels okay. But then Julie goes to vomit in the toilet. She also shits in the toilet. She has a bad stomach virus. Deciding they should feed their unborn child, they go to Beni Hana and eat endless amounts of noodles and beans. Johnny fills up on food, being as he’s never seen this much. Julie pukes on the stove and it fries. They laugh at it and hug each other. Johnny walks out with a pot belly while Julie follows.

Earn and Mickey become desperate for drugs. Earn sells Julie’s stuff for money. They begin to steal from other drug dealers and become part of the trade. One day the dealers come for revenge. Mickey burns their faces with coffee and injects anti freeze in their veins. Mickey goes insane and sucks her thumb, shits on her self, and acts like a baby. Earn rapes his insane wife. Her buttocks are covered with shit and diaper powder. She shits on his chest. He shoves her own fist down her throat. He has vaginal sex with her for an hour. Trey comes in and penetrates her ass. She begins to struggle, but Earn hits her in the back of the head with a brick. He puts a thick green dildo down her throat. While inside one of Earn’s pimples burst inside Mickey. They stop after a while and Trey talks about the lemonade. He wants to cash in being that it’s his product. He also says that Tarea was attacked by Julie. Tarea went through reconstructive surgery again.

Tarea chases Johnny. Johnny hears that she is alive. He can’t believe that she keeps coming back. Johnny carries an electric carving knife for protection. Johnny and Julie hide with an Amish village. They don’t like them, because they have pre marital sex. Johnny makes friends and he tells them about the outside world. He works hard during the day. They don’t judge him. But Johnny leaves because they are too strict. He goes to his native religion—Quakers.

Johnny leaves Julie with the Amish fearing that Tarea will kill her. Julie follows him. Tarea finds them. Tarea says the most horrible things about what her men did to Johnny’s parents. She said that they screamed and screamed while she masturbates in front of him. Johnny runs at her with the knife and sticks it in her stomach. Julie takes the knife out and slashes her face. She sticks the knife in Tarea’s armpit and her eyes. She stabs her legs. And finally stabs her in the forehead. They stay behind to make sure she is finally dead. She is dead. Johnny checks her pulse for three minutes. Tarea is finally dead. Julie and Johnny finished Megan’s job. They have sex on her back. Julie calls the police and says they killed her in self defense. The police believe them. They continue to drive for months. Julie has the baby. Her water breaks in the car. Johnny helps her deliver it. Julie’s vagina opens when Johnny puts his hands in. He feels the head. He tells her to push and breath and out. Johnny feels the baby. The fluids fly out. Julie pushes the baby through her body. She vomits on her tits during the delivery. The puke is orange and chunky. Her cunt splits open. The body is coming out head first like it’s supposed to. The body is pushed out. Johnny grabs the body and shows it too Julie. He kisses it. Julie hugs the crying baby into her vomit covered breasts. Johnny runs covered in the placenta to get a pair of scissors, he buys some and cuts the cord. Johnny holds the baby. He checks what gender it is. It’s a baby boy. Johnny decides with Julie to name him Adam instead of Zed because they think Adam sounds better. The baby is doing fine. Julie breast feeds it and takes care of him.

Earn is now 144 pounds and is mentally depraved. His takes so many drugs he becomes constantly rude and violent. His sex drive takes a nose dive and he only thinks of drugs. He sits in the corner and watches the mold grows. He watches roaches crawl on his wife’s face. The sink is leaking, the fridge broke, the electricity is out, the food is spoiling, the paint is peeling and everything else is wrong. Earn eats pills and uses a pile of Julie’s baby clothes as a toilet. Julie arrives at the house only to discover the pain her parents are in. Mickey greets her with a horrible rash on her genitals as a result of the feces surrounding her vagina. That night they eat cow entrails. Johnny is enthusiastic to eat them. He fills up once more.

On Thanksgiving, Johnny catches a live turkey. And chops off its head and tries to cook it. When he is done, having prepared it for three of the previous days, Julie bastes it by licking it. Johnny is aroused. They throw dog food at each other. Johnny asked why the have dog food but no dog. It was for a porn sketch apparently. Julie grabs a whip and cracks it at Johnny. He cries. She assumed he wanted kinky but he was scared. Julie realizes how scared he really is. She hugs him while sticking her hand in his pants. She spreads her vagina and he peers inward. He examines all the parts. He doesn’t know what to call them and only dubs them by their taste. He shoves his dick in it and screams. When he has an orgasm, Mickey walks in. Mickey is drunk and pulls Johnny off. Mickey snorts a powder off Julie’s stomach and pours sugar on her pussy. The powder is a ground up form of the drug. Johnny jacks off while watching. His cum flies out in a white string onto Julie.

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2017-01-28 23:13:54
This sucked sooo bad that you should kill yerself for writing such bullshit!!!

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2011-03-15 21:47:23
Do us a favor and don't write anything else. This sucked . Focus on one thing and not try to write a whole fucking library in one story.

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2009-03-17 22:23:57
This was the funniest post I have ever read. I was laughing my ass off.

You are a demented mother fucker. You rock.

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2008-10-01 09:19:41
horrible structure not to mention a tad bit on the insane side


2007-07-08 09:28:55
sick so fuking sick

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