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not mindin
It was obvious she was fingering her pussy between the hits off of the joint she had in the ashtray beside the bed. We had met while ordering Chinese at the Panda off of Crowley Road In South Fort Worth. She had noticed my Air Conditioning Uniform, and asked if I would come by and look at her A/C unit. during her lunch break. I agreed and followed her under the 820 underpass into the residential area of Crowley.

I told her I would be inside in a minute, but wanted to take a quick look at her outside unit first. Everything appeared normal, her pressures were fine and the condensing fan was doing its thing.. The door was ajar, so I easily slipped on in. The house felt pretty cool for a hot August day. Her name was Marsha, and I was just about to ask her where she was when I caught sight of her in the back bedroom, fingering her cunt.and moaning to a Z-Z-Top tape. As of yet, she had not seen me, so I assessed the situation, and figured it would be better to go back outside and knock before coming in.

Her eyes were closed and I knew there wasn't much of a way for her to hear me between her pre-orgasmic moans and "Sharp Dressed Man." She was blowing her first gasket as I turned and went back out side. I waited for a few seconds to maybe give her time to realize I should be coming in, and to allow my swollen pecker to relax back to flacidness.

Just as I was about to press the doorbell, she opened the door, her midi-skirt was back in fine fashion as she led me into the hallway to show me the inside unit. I could catch the ardor of fresh cum lingering in the air as I followed her back to the fan unit. The filter was a little dirty, not bad, so I took it out and handed it to her, telling her it probably needed to be changed, but to vacuum it out for now and I would bring her one back at her convenience. The Z-Z-Top tape had been replaced with an oldie but goodie, Three Dog Night Tape. We got to talking about the old rock group and she said her favorite song was, Mama Told Me not To Come, by Three Dog Night, and it would be playing soon. With the help of her Red Devil Portable Dust Buster, the filter was clean, and I put it back into the unit, telling her that appeared to be her only problem. She disagreed and said she had one more problem she wanted me to look at. Just as I started to ask her what, she raised her skirt and showed me her still damp pussy.. The dark brown hair around her slit was lathered with her love juices, and she said, "Fuck me until I cum all over you, please!" I put my toolpouch down and went over to her. She eagerly embraced me as I picked her up and carried her to the bedroom she had just finished masturbating in. She peeled off her skirt and blouse as soon as I had put on the bed. Her bra was the last article of clothing she had on, and it , too fell by the wayside, as I gingerly fingered her steamy snatch. Her wet woolie was trembling with excitement as I finger fucked her with two fingers, just as her hands loosened my belt and began removing my jeans. Her molten lava spewed forth from her fiery pit as I continued my digital onslaught. Her right hand was massaging my cock and balls as she slipped into a near coma like state. The wetness had left a prety good mark on her bedspread. Through her gritted teeth, she urged me to fuck her doggie style, as the song, "Mama Told Me Not To Come ," slipped from the shadows and into my mind, and through the speakers. Her gasping gash gave up its liquid gold again, as my swollen pecker entered her love domain. This woman was one of the horniest women I have ever fucked. My balls were beating time upon her shuddering ass cheeks, in unison with the beat of the music. "OH, GO-OO-OOD GAWD, FUCK ME HARD AND DEEP!!!", she exclaimed as her hands clenched the bedspread beneath us. "OH, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK THAT STEAMY SNATCH!!!", she gasped loudly, as she propelled another torrent of joy juice from her tumultuous twat. I couldn't believe how tight her pussy was for a thirthyish dishwater blonde, who no doubt had done this before. She reached into the nightstand and withdrew a small vibrator, handed it to me and said, "please put it up my ass, you're gonna love how it feels." Using her prevalent cum for lubrication, I began to easily insert the vibrating demon into her welcoming asshole.
She was moaning incoherently as I buried thew vibrator into her dark hole. Her shuddering in climatic joy, plus the vibration of her ass from its invader, made my dick harden that much the more. It was going to be extremely difficult to keep from prematurelyshooting my cum up her gazoo . Just as I thought I was in control, she bucked and screamed and fainted dead away as her water broke through the dam and met my slimy cum deep inside her shaking pussy.

For several minutes we lay there savoring the aftermath of our afternoon fuck. For several minutes, her pussy would gently quiver and fart with the aftershocks of her orgasm, finally spitting out my deflated dick, followed by the oozing of our joy juices.
In the quietness, the gentle buzzing of her anal intruder could be heard through the continual beat of "Mama Told Me Not To Come." Sliding down to my cock, she took the flacidness into her warm mouth and began to suck the remnants of my love juice from off of it and out of it. The sensual cleansing of my joint gave it new birth as it started to grow between her luscious lips. Her finger was now probing my asshole as my hardness grew in intensity. She now removed the vibrator from her shit shaft and easily inserted it into my asshole. My fingersd were now inside her twat, knuckle deep , as she continued blowing my excited dong. While rubbing her bulbous clit with my thumb, I continued finger fucking her sweltering sheath. Her continually moaning brought forth her orgasm with great spurting of her juices all over my fingers and hand.. Suddenly, my balls exploded their load again, and she gasped as I filled her throat with the fullness of my hot cum. My orgasm was so intense, it farted the vibrator from out of my asshjole, and she also erupted again in ecstacy. "Neither one of us listened well to our Mothers," she said with a smile, shuddering again, as her well of contentment sputtered with her cum drippings, and my dick oozed its last drop of cum onto her chin.


2007-08-11 23:48:50
Takes sence to make sence! buddy, can you spare a dime?


2006-07-25 21:08:35
wow i bet you liked when she put the vibrator in your ass didnt u u fag


2006-06-16 23:46:57
its ok


2006-05-18 23:34:43
a nerd wrote this... i swear to you!!!


2006-05-14 23:31:31
I was raised in Crowley Texas so this story was actually very weird to me.

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