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I would suggest you first read “My intro to etc. P + 1” to understand why she treats him the way she does !!
Chapter 6 -- "My genitals exposed for her pleasure"

One of her complaints after that first hanging tie, was that my genitals were not out where she could see them, so it didn’t surprise me when she told me to have the problem fixed in 2 weeks time. I was to find out why she cared about this later. To satisfy her and accomplish this, I constructed a 2" x 6" wooden "T" that was about 3' x 3'. On the top side of each of the 3 corners I screwed in a ¼" hook. Underneath each on the bottom side I did the same with 3 more hooks. From the top 3 hooks, I ran 3 separate 2' chains to hook on the wire rope that was hanging from the door opener. I used the chains as it made then all exactly the same length to keep the "T" level. I readjusted the down limit switch for 2 extra feet of travel.

I also built a plywood ramp for me to kneel on that kept the back of my legs about 6 inches higher than my knees, because of the earlier tipping problem. I bound each leg separately and attached each rope to a hook on either end of the top part of the "T". The rope from my back went to the hook at the bottom part of the "T". She used two slips knots around my crossed wrists, and when she pushed the remote button to raise me up, my knees were pulled apart and my genitals exposed as she had requested. Prior to raising me up, she had again wrapped a strip of towel around my head and over my eyes. It was quiet for about a minute and I assumed she had gone back to the house, when I received a sharp hand slap on the back of my hanging balls.

I cried out in protest, only to have her respond with a second and third slap to my balls that were even harder than the first. "Shut your fucking mouth, as me slapping your nuts is nothing to what else is going to happen to you tonight. You see I have added a 5th condition to our agreement." Again I tried to protest and she cut me off with, "Either shut your fucking mouth, or I stuff it with a fucking towel." Normally she only uses the "F" word when she is extremely mad, so I decided it would be better to remain quite. "You see I have asked a male friend over, and he may spend the night. That’s the new 5th condition. Tied up the way you are, you have NO fucking choice in the matter."

With that she slaps my balls one more time, and goes back into the house, slamming the door. Some time later, my hearing senses higher with my lack of vision, I start hearing conversations and laughing coming from the house, that is her and an unknown male. It appears that they are drinking as the volume keeps getting louder. This goes on for what seems like an hour, when suddenly it ceases. Perhaps he has gone home and she has gone to bed. Nope, I don’t think so. From her conversation earlier, it’s much more likely they have gone to bed together. Not much time later the talking starts again and I realize they have both come out to the garage, and she is telling him about how she now has control of my weekends. With that she says, "Watch his reaction as I do this!" and she slaps my balls. He grunts a reply, "That was a love tap, do a hard one like this!" and I feel a wail to my balls that takes my breath away.

"Hay, take it easy," I manage to say when I get my breath back. "Shut up!" and she slaps my balls again. He still seems unsatisfied with how hard she is hitting my balls, so he explains how she should be doing it so much harder, followed by a second example. Then he tells her, "Grab is cock like this and hold it up!" He pulls my manhood up towards my belly button to demonstrate. Then she gets my cock in a death grip and yanks it up hard. "That really hurts," I complain again. "Now ring them like bells, as his cock is not in the way to stop them from ringing real good." She getting into this and my balls feel like they might come right off as she gives them another good wallop. All I get out is a weak "hay," this time. "You got any string," he says. She replies, "Sure, over there in that box, he's so fucking cheap he saves every thing.

Taking a ball of twine from the box, he cuts off a length about 20 feet long and makes a loop in the middle of it. "Skin back his cock, and tighten this loop around his cock between the head and the fore skin," I'm half hard and not circumcised, "and make it tight enough so it won't pull off," he instructs. She does as he asks, and then he tosses the 2 loose ends up and over the door opener rail. "Hand me something heavy from that shelf, like that wrench." Tying the wrench to the loose ends of the twine, he drops the wrench, which pulls my cock up sharply. But I feel a sharp pain for only a second, as the loop slips off my cock. "Oh fuck!" she says, "let me do it tighter this time." After a couple of more tries, the loop does not pull off with the crossed part of the twine on the under side of my cock. They test it by dropping the wrench, which yanks on my cock even harder each time, from increasing heights.

Now satisfied that my cock is out of their way, they return to slapping my balls. She slaps, he wails, I try to complain. The pain in my ball sack is getting intense, but the punishment and my protests continue for several minutes when I hear. "He talks to fucking much I think, but I know something that would shut him up, are you game?" "Sure," she says, "I told him before you arrived, that he doesn't know enough to shut his fucking mouth!" I hear what sounds like him whispering something in her ear, she giggles, and then I hear him going into the house. Soon he is back with what I am soon to find out is a just used, very juicy, cum towel, which the two of them manage to jam in mouth. "Chew on that for a while," she sneers, "do you like the taste of our cum?" They both resume taking alternate hits on my balls until some time after I stop reacting, they laughing or giggling all the time. Thanks to my brain, most of the pain gets shut off, long before they decide to quite.

Soon bored with my unresponsiveness, she suggests trying a few clothes pins on any soft area of my skin, like the inside of my thighs, around the edges of my breasts, the area under my arm pits, and one on each nipple, her favorite place. My body jerks each time they apply one, but they soon tire of this also. "Why don’t you leave him here all night, those pins will feel great when you take them off in the morning when he is awake," he says. "I have an early appointment tomorrow, but I’d love to fuck you once more before I take off." He has to be less that half her age to be able to perform so quick again. Again she giggled as they head for the bedroom.

In the morning, she arrived in the garage to remove the clothes pins. Tears come to my eyes as she removes the pins but I say nothing, not wanting to piss her off again. The renewed pain seems to please her, but my silence does just the opposite. Sometime during the night my manhood shrank enough to allow the twine to slip off the end. "Got your cock free, did you, well I can still do this," as she takes several swats at my hanging balls. Well, screw her, Oh I forgot, he did that twice last night. She lowers me to the floor and unties my hands, leaving me to get their cum towel out of my mouth, it's far from a favorite taste. Uniting the rest of the ropes, it's more than a half hour before I am able to stand.
Chapter 7 -- "I need to correct two problems"

Problem #1 is that she now wants me completed immobilized and hanging, before she arrives home, this next Friday night. It’s my guess she has another date. She has to be real horny for his cock to invite him back so soon, or he has figured out what a good free fuck she is. Either way, it looks like I'm going to be their additional entertainment this weekend. I purchased 2 additional 1/2" pulleys and mounted them on the walls of the garage to my far right and left about 6 feet up from the floor. Under each I set up 2 pieces of 5 foot long boards to form an inverted "V" and another as an "I", on which I balanced a 25# cement block. I had previously attached a rope to each block, that went thru the pulley and over to where I could then tie the ends behind my back, to each of my opposite wrists.

I had also purchased a smaller pulley and mounted it on the ceiling about 20 feet out in front of where I will be hanging. Now the twine that they had used to tie my cock on their last "play" weekend, will not drag over the garage door rail, solving problem #2. With the twine going thru the pulley, the weigh they tie on the far end will be free to pull harder on the head of my cock. Next I attached a snap hook to the twine that they can use to connect to the short piece of twine, I am sure they will want tied around the head of my cock this week end. To prevent the other end of the twine from pulling out of the pulley, I tie a brick to it. In retrospect, a brick was a BAD choice. This way when they tie the twine to my cock, it would be pulled out from my body and not just up as before. It will still be out of the way when they slap my balls, which I fully expect them both to want to do.

I arrive home early on Friday night, the new set up is all ready. Undressing and taking a shower as other weekends, I go out to my setup in the garage. First I tie my legs and back as before and then tie the two new ropes to my wrists. Now that everything is set to go, I jerk on each of the ropes that are attached to my wrists. This causes both blocks to raises slightly, so that the 3 boards holding them off the floor collapse. Now each of the 25# blocks pull my arms to my opposite sides and behind me. I have the door opener remote, which is wrapped with bubble wrap, in one hand. I press the button to raise myself into the air, and drop the remote as I had previously been instructed to do, and then I wait.

An hour or so later she arrives home and comes out to the garage to check out the new setup. She grunts a, "Well, by the way you have those cement blocks fixed, they ought to hold your arms real good!" Then see spies the hanging twine from the small pulley. "What's this for?" she demands. I tell her the hook is to attach to the twine I expected they would want to tie to the head of my cock later tonight. "Why do I need to wait," she quips, "I think I'll hook you up right now." Grabbing the twine off the shelf from last week, she pulls back my fore skin and wraps a loop around my cock just back from the head like before. "Do you always have a half hard on, you fucking pervert. So now I'm supposed to connect the other end to that snap hook, right." Not waiting for a reply, she fastens the hook. "Now what?" she says.

"Take that small wrench from the same shelf where you found the twine and tie it to the middle of the twine hanging from the pulley," I suggest to her. "What's wrong with using the brick," she says. I try to explain that I used the brick, just to hold the end of the twine, and that it's way too heavy to use as a weight. "Screw you, I'll use what weight I want," she says. Picking up the brick, she ties it in the middle of the rope. I beg her to please reconsider, explaining that the brick might be so heavy that it would injure my cock. "Shut up, or I just drop the damn brick, rather then letting it down gently." I decide to shut my mouth, and grit my teeth as she lowers the brick, until my cock takes the full weight of the brick. It feels like the head of my cock might be yanked right off my body. I wonder how long I can stand the pain.

Satisfied with how my cock is stretched out, she wraps a strip of towel over my eyes again. I think her male friend is quite young and she appears to not want me to know that, thus the blindfold. Again after several well placed ball slaps, she retreats to the house. Her routine, except for the brick trying to yank my cock out by the roots is getting boring. Several more hours go by and from what I can hear from the house, it sounded like they are drinking again. I would think they are screwing also, as there are times when the house is quite. Around what I judge to be midnight or later, I wake from my slumber as the sounds of the partying gets louder and I realized they are both in the garage with me.

After half a dozen hard slaps to my balls, presumably to wake me up, she says, "It seems that you didn’t mind the cum towel in your mouth last week, so together we though perhaps you’d like to get a taste of it directly this week!" I have never sucked a cock, have never wanted to suck a cock, but from what she is saying, it looks like I’m going to tonight. She continues, "My friend is just a bit worried that you might just decide to bit him, or worse, so he has suggested we give you a strong incentive not to do that." "With him, he has a 6 foot chain that he has had the links sharpened on both sides, on one end of the chain. Show this idiot how sharp they are!" she tells him.

I feel a hand on my stomach, and then a sharp pain, as he draws a link across my belly. She continued, "He is going to put that end of the chain around your balls and secure it with a small padlock. The other end will be in his hand. You show him any indication of hostility, he yanks the chain, and you will be instantly nut less. I would suggest you give him a good blow job!" I feel the chain being wrapped around my ball sack, and hear the click of the padlock. Next I feel the weigh of the chain transfer to my ball sack as he releases his hold on the chain. I also feel the sharp edges of the links as they cut slightly into my skin. Beads of sweat break out on my forehead and I realize I'd better do exactly as they ask.

Now I hear a chair being placed in front of me, and she instructs me to open my mouth wide. (I must have done OK as I still have my balls as I write this.) I feel his cock entering my mouth, as she says, "OK, cock sucker, start sucking and don't forget about your family jewels!" Not really knowing what to do, but scared to not do anything, I wrap my tongue around his cock and start sucking as hard as I can. He pulls his cock out half way, then jams it back into my mouth several times, as I continue to suck as hard as I can. I try not to think about the sharp chain that is wrapped around the sack just above my balls that continues to cut into my skin. Much to my relief, he cums rather quickly, shooting his hot discharge deep in my mouth.

Not wanting to displease either of them, I swallow his cum and continue to suck hard on his cock as it starts to wilt in my mouth. "Now lick his cock clean," she demands, which I do. It's funny that his cock tastes just like I remember her pussy tasting, they must have fucked just before coming to the garage. Kids today don’t know how to make sex last, but they also seem to be able to fuck all night. "Do you like his cum better this way," she sneers, "or should we get our cum towel for you to chew on again?" I manage a weak, "What ever you want!" as I continue to lick his cum from my lips. "That's should be "Yes Mistress" or did you forget already?" she snaps. That is going to cost me! "Go get the cum towel we left on the bed," she tells him.

Returning to the garage with the still dripping cum towel, the two of them jam it into my mouth. It seems they think my tasting his cum all night, and that my cock is just about being ripped out of my body is not enough punishment. "Let's put all these clothes pins from the basket on various soft parts of my body," she tells him. She had recently purchased a new packages, plus all of the originals, so there must have been at least 50 or more. To enhance my experience after they got them all placed, she brought out her oscillating pole fan and placed it in front of me. Every time it went past a pin, it caused that pin to move, so the feeling was like the pin was just being attached, only that feeling was going to last for me all night.

They go back into the house where it quiet for sometime, before I hear his car being started. Seems he had enough energy left to screw her one last time. After the car leaves, she returns to the garage. "I found some more pictures on your computer earlier. In one, some stud was shoving a plug up his girl friend's ass." "I don't have a plug, but this broom handle looks about the same size. I've coated the end of it with Vaseline, and think you could use about 6" of it up my ass." Saying that, she proceeds to shove and twist the handle up my rear. Then to add insult to injury, she puts a cement block on the bristles where they were resting on the floor, so that no amount of twisting on my part will dislodge the handle from my ass. It appears I'm going to endured it’s penetration all night. She also left the sharp links of the chain cutting into my ball sack. She leaves the garage with, "Have a pleasant night, ass hole!" I hope he left her the key.
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