First timer, be kind
This last year has been a rough one for a single dad, though not single by choice. I married my high school sweetheart while in college and we immediately had two girls, one right after the other. I did not realize it at the time but that was the end of our marriage. My wife was a petite 5-foot tall blond bombshell. She had a great figure, was well liked by everyone and was always the life of the party. That was the problem, “life of the party”. She loved to party and hated being tied down with a family. With two small girls to take care of there was no time to be the party girl. She lasted four years after our second daughter was born and then ran off. She left a short note, “Please don’t hate me too much. I’m just not right for this life”.

My daughters are now 13 and 14 with Ashley the oldest and Stacy the youngest. They have developed into beautiful young women. Taking after their mother they are both rather short, around 5’ 1” but really fit. They have really gotten involved in athletics this last year. Ashley has just entered gymnastics in a big way and Stacy has started playing on the tennis team and is the number two singles even though she is just a freshman. They both have strenuous practices three days a week. Ashley goes Monday, Wednesday and Fridays while Stacy has Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays. On their off days they still have strength and conditioning. All this and keeping up with their studies does not leave much time for boys. I cannot complain too much about that. They are very well rounded sensible girls.

Lately neighborhood boys have started calling the house and I see how they look at the girls when we go out. They are still a bit too young for me to feel comfortable with them dating. I can understand the boy’s interest as they are beautiful girls and though they are a bit on the petite side their bodies are perfectly proportioned for their height. I have been avoiding having the “talk” with them, as I knew I would get too embarrassed. I have been hoping they would get the info at school but they attend a catholic girls-only school and the sum total of their sex education so far has been “stay away from boys”, must be a Republican school. This is where their mother could have passed on the necessary info and warnings but I have been reticent about jumping in. I cannot wait too much longer.

I had just finished the last few lines of code for a program I had been working on and was getting ready for some testing when I heard the girls come in from school.

Ashley's voice carried into the office, “Dad, we’re home. Stacy is going with me to practice this evening so we need to grab a quick bite of dinner before we go out.”

That was a new one. Stacy had never shown much interest in gymnastics. "Why is Stacy going with you?"

Ashley poked her head in my office and replied, "Both of our coaches want us to do cross-training. They think it will help us in our own sport. Stacy is going to go with me and I'll go with her to her tennis practices. I have to go get ready." She then ducked out and I could hear some major thumping as backpacks were dumped on the floor and then the girls headed upstairs.

“What about homework? “ I called after them. The girls were both A students and very responsible but I knew heavy involvement in athletics can make you forget the studying.

“It’s Friday. Neither of us have homework”. This was followed by the sound of music being turned on.

I had better get changed and fix them a quick dinner or they will just grab a bagel and soda, or worse. I had been working at home all day and was just in some shorts and a t-shirt. I had planned on seeing a movie tonight with Sandy, a neighbor, so I thought it might be best to change into some slacks. Sandy was really hot looking and had been giving me hints for several months that she would like to see more of me. I had been reluctant because of the age difference. She was just 22. With me being 34 it seemed too much like I would be dating one of my daughters. I had finally caved in and asked her to a movie. It had been a long time since I had been out and I was looking forward to some female companionship and possible something more.

As I climbed the stairs on my way to my bedroom I could hear the girls giggling but could not make out what they were talking about. That made me a bit curious so when I passed Ashley's bedroom door and saw the door was a couple of inches ajar I peeked in to see what was up. What I saw made my mouth drop open. They were both naked and modeling some clothes for each other. They were facing partially away from me looking at themselves in a full-length mirror so they did not notice I was there. In that first moment I saw them not as my daughters but as two very sexy, desirable women. We had never made a big deal out of nudity in the house and had all seen each other naked before though it had been a while now.

Ashley held up a pair of shorts against her body, "Stacy, what do you think"? They were a pair of those low-rider shorts you see girls wearing now days. The kind that shows the hipbones and you wonder why pubic hair doesn't show. Stacy replied, "They look good but they are so short you might have to shave".

That made me look down and I noticed they both would never be mistaken for anything but natural blonds. I could feel an erection growing and in shorts it was going to be very noticeable. I looked back up at the girls and watched them for a moment, laughing, tossing clothes back and forth between them, breasts bouncing in the air and realized I had to have been standing there for a couple of minutes. I had to move from the door before they caught me staring. They are my daughters and this is just wrong. If they turn and see me it could ruin our relationship. As I moved down the hall to my bedroom I thought, they look just like the cheerleaders you lusted after and wanted to fuck when you were in high school.

After a quick change I scooted down to the kitchen and put together a quick dinner of sautéed veggies, chicken and rice for them. As they were leaving they each gave me a quick peck on the cheek, thanked me for dinner and headed for the door. "Jenna will be giving us a ride to practice. See you around 10. Have fun at the movies" followed with both girls saying "Bye Dad".

With a slam of the door the house was quiet. I cleaned up the kitchen and got ready for my date.

Two hours later I now had new reasons why I should not date Sandy. She can talk all the way through a movie. She has an enormous opinion of herself and a high-pitched nasal tone to her voice that I never noticed before. With all the signals that I was giving that I just wanted the evening to be over she still gave repeated hints that she wanted me to take her home and fuck her. And I was almost up for it, literally. The only thing stopping me was thinking about seeing her every day in the neighborhood.

When I got home the girls were still not home yet. Feeling a bit depressed over the evening, I went ahead and got ready for bed. Might as well watch some TV and then call it a night. As I lay there watching a lame sitcom, I kept thinking back to seeing the girls earlier in the evening. Replaying the sight of their naked bodies in my mind, perky breasts, slender legs, nice butts…..I have to stop thinking like this or I might as well just go straight to jail. They are my daughters.

I must have just drifted off to sleep when I was awoken by the sound of the front door closing. I looked at the clock and saw it was 11:30, pretty late for their practice to end. As I lay there I could hear the girls moving around downstairs and then coming up the stairs to their bedrooms. “What kept you guys out so late”?

Stacy came to my door and poked her head in, “We stayed late and the coach worked with Ashley. She did really well and I think the coach would like her to join the team”.

That did not surprise me. Both girls were natural athletes and should do well in any sport they were interested in. I just hoped she did not try to compete in both sports, as it would create a pretty rough schedule for her.

Stacy then added, "Another reason we were late is Ashley strained a muscle in her shoulder and back trying to hit her serves too hard. The coach was trying to work on her but it was not helping much so we came home".

“Is she okay”?

“Yes but it is bothering her quite a bit”.

“Why don’t you tell her to take a good soak in the tub or a long hot shower? See if that will help loosen up the muscle”.

Stacy said ok and went to Ashley’s bedroom. I figured I would watch the late show for a few minutes before going to sleep. Leno was in good form tonight. Just as I turned off the TV and started to turnover and go to sleep there was a small knock on the door.

“Daddy, Are you still awake”?

“What is it Ashley?”

Ashley opened the door and took a step into my bedroom. She was wearing her usual old blue XL t-shirt as her pj’s, standing by the door rubbing a shoulder with one hand. “I took a hot bath but my shoulder and back is still bothering me. Could you give me a massage”?

“Okay honey. Why don’t you come over and lie down on the side of the bed”.

She walked over to the bed, started to lie down and stopped. “Daddy, it is really cold in here and I just took that hot bath. Do you mind if I get under the covers”?

“Well honey, you know I don’t wear pajamas so it might be better if you just lay on top of the covers”. Plus after seeing you and your sister this afternoon, I get a hard-on just being in the same room with you. I didn’t say that out loud did I?

“Daddy, you know I have seen you naked before. It’s no big deal to me and I’m really cold. It is making my muscles even tighter”. With that she got under the covers before I could say anything.

“Okay. Turn over on your back and put your arms down along your side”. As she turned over I asked, “Now where is it hurting”?

“Mostly my right shoulder”. Which made sense since she was right handed and they had been practicing serves. “It also hurts a bit in my left shoulder and right down the middle of my back”.

I carefully slid over towards her trying to keep a cushion of blankets between us. I did not want to poke a stiff cock into her side. That just might create some new family dynamics and possibly some family therapy sessions. I began to knead her right shoulder, working from the side of her neck out to her shoulder. Her skin felt so smooth. After working a bit on her left shoulder I started working down her back, working my way down the sides of the spine until I reached the top of her panties. It was hard work with just one hand plus angling my body away from her so she would not have some new questions to ask.

After a couple of minutes of lying on my side and trying to work on her shoulder Ashley turned her head back towards me. “Daddy, doing this with just one hand is taking too long. How about doing it with both hands like you used to”?

That stopped me. What was she talking about? Then I remembered. When she was just little, maybe 5 years old she walked in one her mother and I making love with her mother on top of me. When she asked what we were doing we told her I was giving mom a massage. For about a year after that she would come into the bedroom about once a week and climb on top of me and ask for a massage. I would rub her back for a few minutes until she went to sleep and then carry her to her bedroom and put her to bed. I had forgotten all about that.

Without even waiting for me to answer she just turned over and started to climb on me. I had to quickly grab her leg as she lifted it over me so it would not bump into my cock, which at this time was standing up like a flagpole. I brought her leg across me and she drew her knees up along side my thighs and then laid down on me with her head on my shoulder. With a little sigh she said, “Okay daddy, now you can use both hands”.

“I don’t think this is such a good idea Ashley”.

“Come on Daddy. My shoulders feel better now but my back is really hurting”.

With that Ashley squirmed against me getting comfortable. So here I was with a beautiful, nubile young gorgeous teenager lying half naked on top of me. It was all I could do to angle my pelvis down so my cock would not be trying to break through her panties.

I took both hands and started working on her shoulders. The only problem was that putting the slightest pressure down on her shoulders pushed her down my body with her pussy getting ever closer to my cock. I had to stop before she jumped out of bed screaming. I started to think of other things, anything to distract me from that panty clad body just inches away from an engorged penis. Golf on TV, that should take the excitement out of anything. No, that white ball dropping into a dark hole was suggesting something to me. Coding the image program I was working on…no, wait I have the perfect distraction….Mom. Visualizing mom should take the sexual energy out of anything. It was working I could feel the flag dropping to half-staff.

Ashley’s voice broke through my concentration, “Daddy, my back”. I had stopped massaging her while I was trying to distract myself.

I placed my hands low on her back and began working up along the spine towards her neck. As I reached the point around the bra line her t-shirt would bunch up. I would have to stop, straighten out her t-shirt so it would be smooth to rub and then start again. After a couple of minutes of this Ashley rose up into a sitting position on me. “Wait, this will be easier”. Before I could figure out what she meant, she grabbed the bottom of her t-shirt with both hands and then pulled it up over her head and took it off.
There was just enough street light coming through the curtains to see her sitting there, naked down to her cotton panties, with those perfect breasts I had seen from a distance yesterday. They were white against her tanned body, the perfect size to just fit in your cupped hands. I had not noticed before that she had large nipples like her mother. The kind you wanted to get in your mouth and run your tongue around.

“There that should be better”. I could feel her nipples brush against my chest as she laid back down on me, waiting for me to continue. Needless to say the flag was no longer at half-staff. I reached down with one hand and pulled the covers back over us.

After a good fifteen minutes of massaging her back I began softly stroking her with circular motions from her butt up to her shoulders. Within just a few minutes of this she had fallen into a sound sleep. Now I should have thought of this earlier. Both girls are serious sleepers. They sleep very soundly and are difficult to wake up once they fall asleep. We have had some serious thunderstorms that they never knew existed because they can sleep through thunderclaps right above the house.

Maybe now this hard-on I’ve had for the last hour, and been trying not to poke into her, would have the chance to go down. I was dying for some release but this was not the time. With both arms wrapped around her naked back I finally drifted off to sleep.

Around 4AM I woke up laying on my side with Ashley’s body spooned against me. I had one arm outstretched with Ashley’s head laying on it. It took a few seconds to realize I had one of her breasts cupped in my hand. I was about to jerk it away when I realized she was still asleep. I slowly caressed her breast, and then ran my fingers over her nipple. Still being careful not to disturb her sleep, I moved my hand down her flat stomach to her panties. I slid my hand under the waistband and moved my fingers through her pubic hair. It felt so soft. As I moved my fingers down to the top of her pussy I felt her body move against me. That brought me back to reality. This is my daughter! I have to stop this.

After removing my hand from her panties I slowly pulled my arm out from under her and pushed her gently over so she was sleeping on her stomach. I did not want her to easily turn over onto me. With that I moved over as far as I could on my side and after another hour of castigating myself was able to finally drift off back to sleep.


When I awoke later that morning Ashley was gone from my bed. During breakfast I watched her face closely to see if there was any sign she was aware of what had happened during the “massage”. But everything was normal. Ashley thanked me for the massage. She said it really helped. She felt much better. Both girls bounced around the house getting ready for a weekend slumber party they were having at a girlfriend’s house. Around 10 they left, saying they would see me Sunday night around dinnertime.

I spent the weekend blaming myself for what happened and making firm resolutions that it would never happen again. I saw Sandy twice while leaving the house for shopping and some dinner. Each time she gave me that come hither look. I was sorely temped. While I knew it would be a mistake my body had this tenseness from my night with Ashley that really required a women’s touch to fix. A couple of times I gave it the man’s touch but something was missing. “Duh”, I thought to myself. You are missing that warm, wet pussy wrapped around your cock instead of your fingers.

When Sunday night arrived I was glad to have the girls back. The house had been pretty quiet with them gone. After dinner we watched a movie together. I went off to bed while they both worked on some homework that had been neglected over the weekend.


Monday started off normal enough. The girls went off to school. I spent a few hours debugging a project, spent some time consulting via phone and then buried myself in code trying to find a backdoor a previous programmer had created in a program that one of my clients wanted removed. I had lost all track of time by the time the girls returned. They were a welcome distraction. Without their interruptions I could go hours without a break.

As it was Monday they were both off to Ashley’s practice right after grabbing a quick bite. Just a quick “Bye Dad” and they were gone.

When they came home Ashley was leaning slightly to her right. I got up from my chair and walked towards her, “What happened to you”?

“I guess my back was not completely healed. I was working on the uneven bars and hurt it again. Could you give me a massage again tonight”?

I had not expected that. I had worked all weekend on forgetting that “massage” ever happened. “I don’t know honey. Can’t Stacy help”?

“She tried over the weekend but she does not do as well as you. Please Daddy? It really hurts this time”. She had this really pleading look on her face. How could I say no to that?

“Okay. Try taking a hot bath again to loosen the muscles and then come to my room before you go to bed”.

“Thanks Daddy. You are so sweet”.

As I got ready for bed I thought about putting on some pajamas or just underwear. But I hated wearing clothes to bed. I had slept in the nude since I was in high school. Whenever I tried sleeping in pajamas it took hours to fall asleep. I just resolved to be strong. It would take will power. Lying in bed, even with “will power” and “resolve” I was fighting an erection. Even thinking about mother was not helping this time. Mother’s face kept changing to Ashley’s. I turned off the light, got comfortable under the covers and waited for Ashley.

There was that slight knock on the door and without waiting for me to say anything Ashley walked in. As usual she was wearing her blue t-shirt. She walked up to the bed, stood there for a moment facing me and then reached down and pulled the t-shirt over her head. I had an immediate surprise. She was not wearing panties. She was totally naked. If I was not fully erect before that was certainly corrected now. Ashley seemed to be moving in slow motion. I watched as she lifted the covers up and slid into my bed. She moved towards me until she was by my side. She lifted her leg up to climb onto me and I remembered just in time to take her leg in my hand and guide it up over my cock and to my side.

My resolve not to give her another massage had completely vanished as she snuggled against me. I took both hands and began working on her shoulders. She was such a small girl that putting pressure on her shoulders had the effect of causing her to slide down my body. I was straining to tilt my pelvis so my cock would not be pushing up against her pussy, which was a good thing since she was not wearing any panties this time. I finally reached the point where any further work on her shoulders would have me buried in her.

I moved my hands down her back to her waist. “Now what part of your back hurts”?

With her head resting on my shoulder she whispered, “From the middle of my back all the way down to the top of my butt, but mostly my low back”.

“Okay, just relax. Just let me know if it hurts too much”.

I slowly ran my hands back and forth across her back, just above the hipbones. Every minute or so I would move my hands down onto her butt, squeezing her. I then followed the line of her body down her thighs pushing them against me, then down to her calves and finally down to her feet. “Daddy, that feels really good but could you do my back”?

I had totally forgotten myself. I moved my hands up to her lower back and began working up and down her spine. Ashley turned her head to me and with a very sleepy voice said, “That feels so good Daddy”.

“Yes it does honey”.

After another minute her breathing slowed and I knew she was falling asleep. I changed my stroke and began rubbing her whole back very softly and slowly. With her asleep I was finally able to relax my body and stop tilting my pelvis away from her. I could feel the head of my cock push up against her pussy. She felt so hot. I put my hands on her shoulders and very gently pushed down. She moved an inch or so down my body. I was so wet that the head of my cock just slid right into her. I was only in her an inch or so but it felt so good. I moved my hands back to her butt and pushed down. Very slowly and carefully I began to stroke in and out of her. After a few minutes I stopped and listened to her breathing, still no change. She was sound asleep. Each time I totally stopped I could feel a twitch from her pussy around my cock. It was not constant but she must feel this on some level. Every time she grabbed me I had the intense desire to plunge deeper into her. But if willpower did not keep me out of her it had to keep me from taking her completely. If I went any deeper in her she was bound to wake up.

Minutes went by with my gently moving back and forth in her, just an inch at a time. But I had not thought this through completely. Though I could feel the pressure in my cock building, I was so lost in the pleasure of the moment I was not thinking what was about to happen. One more stroke in and panic hit me. I’m going to cum in her! I can’t do that! She’s my daughter! What am I going to do? Of course while I was trying to figure out my dilemma my cock decided for me. I exploded in Ashley. As my body made small jerks against her stream after stream of sperm shot out of me into her.

When I had finished it took a minute for my breathing to return to normal. I was finally able to check on Ashley. I had a scare. I thought she was pushing her pelvis into mine until I realized it was my hands still pushing her butt down against me. Her breathing was unchanged. I was safe. She was still asleep.

Exhausted I fell asleep in a few minutes. It was several hours later when I reawaked. Ashley was still on top of me. I was soft but the feel of her body atop mine quickly remedied that. As my erection grew I felt my cock push against Ashley’s pussy. As it got harder and longer it just pushed against her pussy and entered her without my having to push into her at all. I could tell her pussy was still very wet from my sperm. Once again I grabbed her butt and began slowly sliding in and out of her. This time it was just a few minutes until I once again erupted inside of her. Since I was just barely inside of her I could feel the sperm seeping out of her onto my body.

After lying like this for several minutes I decided that it would not be such a good idea for Ashley to wake up on top of me and find fluid in her pussy. It might raise a few questions I would find difficult to answer. I moved my hands up to her side and slowly began to turn over on my side while whispering in her ear “Ashley, you need to turn over and go to sleep”. All I got was an “Unh” but she did turn over away from me and stayed asleep. After a half hour of thinking about what I had done and what an evil dad I was I finally resolved again to never do this again and fell asleep.

In the morning I woke just before Ashley. I pretended to be asleep and waited to see if she noticed anything different. She just got up and out of bed, put on her t-shirt and went out to her bedroom. In a few minutes I heard the shower start. A few minutes later Stacy was up and moving around. Down at breakfast Ashley was her normal self.

“Daddy, thanks for the great massage. I feel really good this morning. I think that fixed me”. With a quick kiss on my cheek she and Stacy were out the door for school.

“Yes. I think that fixed me too,” I thought to myself.

Over the course of the next three weeks we settled into a routine. Ashley had practice Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights. On those nights she would come home with a nagging back problem. Without any further asking she would take a bath in the evening, come into my bedroom get naked and then climb on me for a massage. I would wait until she was asleep and then fuck her, usually just the once but occasionally twice. Once I fucked her three times. Twice just after she went to sleep and again later in the morning just before she awoke.

The routine was finally broken after three weeks when on a Saturday night she came into my bedroom. She said her back was bothering her even though she did not have practice that day. Without waiting for me to say anything she took off her t-shirt, climbed into bed and then onto me. I worked her shoulders and back until she fell asleep and then like usual slipped into her. I came rather quickly and then fell asleep with her on top of me as usual.

It was just getting a bit light when I woke. Ashley was still on top of me and I thought I would take advantage of the opportunity for another quickie before she woke. I had been moving slowly in and out of her in my normal routine for a few minutes when I felt her move slightly. I froze incase she woke up. I tried to slowly pull my cock out of her but she was lying so far down my body there was no room to pull it out without a lot of movement from me which would surely wake her.

As I lay there waiting to be sure she was asleep she moved her head and rose up so her mouth was near my ear. Then I got the surprise of my life. She whispered in my “Daddy, are you fucking me”? Followed after a short pause with “Again”?

Oh God. Now it starts. Why didn’t I stop when I had the chance? Now it is going to be disgrace, jail.

Well, what could I say? How could I say no with my cock stuck in her? “Yes honey. I am”. Then I waited for the screaming to start. Wait! She said “again”. How long has she known about this?

Ashley moved back down me. I had slide out of her when she moved up to whisper in my ear. As she moved back down she moved her hips around so my cock entered her again. She sighed and said, “That’s better” and put her head back on my shoulder. I thought maybe she thought she had a dream and was going back to sleep. Or at least that is what I was hoping. But then she turned her head again and said, “Daddy, you always go in just a little bit. Can you go in any deeper? And you always move in me so slow. That feels nice but can you go any faster”?

Well maybe I’m okay after all. “Yes honey, I’m pretty sure I can”.

I would love to go deeper in you. Faster? I’ll show you faster.

Then I had a thought. With that I put my hands under her shoulders and began to lift her up. “Honey? I’m going to lift you up. I want you to put your weight on your knees like you are kneeling”. With that I lifted her up until she was kneeling with her knees on either side of my hips. She too the covers and tossed them back off of us. I looked down and I could see my cock pointing up and disappearing into her. But then I lifted her a bit too high and my cock fell out of her onto my stomach with a plop. I started to reach down to point myself back into her when she asked, “Daddy, let me do it”?

When I did not say anything she reached down and grabbed my cock in her small hand. I just lay there watching her squeeze me, and move me around looking at my cock. “Daddy, it is so hard but your skin is so soft”. Then she let go of me and ran a finger up and down my shaft and then began circling the head. She stopped and touched the head of my cock with a couple of fingers. I could see she was puzzled by something.

“Daddy, why is the end of your penis so wet”?

“It is a lubricant that my body makes. Yours does too. It is so a man can easily put his penis inside of a girl’s body and have it feel good instead of hurting”.

With an “Oh” she then took me in her hand again and pointed me up towards her pussy and slowly lowered herself back down on me so I sank into her a couple of inches.

“Okay honey. Now you can control how deep you want me in you. Just sit down on me until you get me as deep as you want”.

With that said she began to sit back and slowly impaled her self on me. “Daddy, will it hurt? You feel much bigger than you usually are”.

I could feel myself slowly sliding deeper in her as she sat on me. She felt so tight. It was like a vise was grabbing my cock, a hot, wet, velvet vise. “If it begins to hurt you can stop at that point. I feel bigger because you are taking me deeper into you”.

She reached a point and stopped. I looked down and saw she still had a couple of inches to go. She rose up and I thought it was too much and she was going to get off me. But just before I would have come out of her she then squatted back down until she was sitting fully on me. I was in her up to the hilt. She began grinding her body against mine. She closed her eyes and arched her back. After a moment she rose again and then came down harder on me.

“Oh Daddy, I think that is deep enough”.

“You wanted me to go faster. Here, let me show you how you can control that too”.

I took her hands and put them on my shoulders so she was leaning forwards. I then took her hips in my hands and began to move her hips so they rocked towards my stomach and then back. A low moan escaped her lips. “Now do that as fast as you want”. As I moved my hands away she began rocking her hips back and forth a fit faster and then faster until she found a rhythm she liked.

I just laid back and enjoyed the sensation of being buried deep in her and watching her move on me. I rubbed her stomach a bit then moved both of my hands up to her breasts. I cupped both of them and squeezed. She gave a strong thrust at me with her hips. I then began tracing my fingertips around her nipples. A soft cry escaped her. I took each nipple between my fingers and massaged them gently. Ashley grew more agitated and began thrusting harder against me. She began to dig her nails into my shoulder. “What’s happening Daddy”?

I was not sure what she meant until I saw her face grow very intense and she began grinding her pussy against me in short hard motions.. “Honey, you are having an orgasm. You are cumming. Don’t fight it. Just go with it”. I watched as her body grew rigid and she arched her back. I could feel her pussy muscles pulsing around my cock as though she was trying to suck me in deeper. She said “Daddy” several times and then collapsed on me, breathing heavily”. I had been ready to cum several times but had been fighting the urge when I saw that she was going to have her first orgasm. I did not want to spoil the moment for her. She just lay there on me with my arms wrapped around her and my erect cock still buried inside of her.

“What are you guys doing”?

Oh God. I looked up over Ashley’s back and down past my feet saw Stacy by the open door. Had we left it open last night? I did not hear Stacy open it. How long had she been standing there?

“What are you guys doing”?

“I’m just giving Ashley a back massage. Her back still hurts”.

“Why is she naked”?

That made me pause. Why is my teenage daughter naked while getting a massage from me? I might just as well tell the truth. “When I massage her back her t-shirt bunches up and makes it hard to work on her back”.

“Uh, huh”.

What was she thinking? Does she know what we were really doing? How much had she seen? How am I going to get out of this?

“Why is your penis in her vagina”?

Oh God. She has seen too much. There is no easy way to explain that.

Ashley moved her mouth up to my ear and with a giggle asked “Yes Daddy. Why is your penis in my vagina”? I could not think of a thing.

Ashley then answered for me, “When daddy massages my shoulders I am so little that the pressure makes me slide down. He puts his penis there to keep me from sliding down off him”.

Stacy did not say anything. I looked over Ashley’s shoulder to see what she was doing. She was just standing there looking at us with a frown on her forehead like she was thinking this through. I could also see her look from us to what I could only guess was my “penis in her vagina”.

Ashley then spoke up again saying, “Show her Daddy”.

“What do you mean”? What should I show her? She has already seen pretty much everything.

“Show her what happens when you massage my shoulders”.

I did not see how that would help. Stacy would just be watching me fuck her sister.
I moved my hands to Ashley’s shoulders and pushed gently against her. I was not pushing very hard but Ashley began pushing very hard on me. I could feel her deliberately grind her pussy against me. It took me a moment to realize she was rubbing her clitoris against me.

I had been on the verge of cumming several times but hadn’t so this felt extremely good to me. I looked over Ashley’s shoulder to see how Stacy was taking this. She was not frowning any longer, just watching us.

Stacy finally said, “Ashley, you need to come soon. Jenna will be here any minute to take us to Bobbi’s”.

Ashley replied a bit breathlessly, “I’ll be cumming in a minute”. She moved her mouth closer to my ear and whispered “Maybe sooner”.

I continued “massaging” Ashley for another 30 seconds or so when she again went rigid and ground against me in short strong thrusts and then held one until a little cry came from her. That was all I could take. One of my daughters just had her second orgasm on me while her sister watched. I thrust as deep as I could into Ashley. I felt as though I would disappear, balls and all into her. I held it for a moment and low groan exploded in her with little jerks of my body, sending stream after stream of cum into her.

Once I had finished and calmed down I looked over Ashley’s shoulder to see Stacy still standing there watching us.

I looked back at Ashley, “You better get going. She is still waiting”.

Ashley slowly rose up on her arms and knees. She was still pushing back leaving me buried in her. She moved slowly forward, I think teasing me, until I fell out of her. Moving off of me she smiled as she slowly rubbed one breast across my face. As the nipple brushed across my lips I flicked my tongue out at it making her suck her breath in.

Once she was out of bed she just picked up her t-shirt and without putting it back on walked towards Stacy. As Ashley approached her Stacy looked down towards Ashley’s legs, pointed and asked, “What’s that”?

I looked down wondering what she was talking about and saw in the space between Ashley’s thighs something hanging down. It took me just a moment to realize it was a cum rope hanging down from her pussy to her mid thigh.

By then Ashley was standing next to Stacy. She looked down between her thighs,. “Oh that. When Daddy gives you a massage he sometimes gets a bit excited. If he gets too excited he squirts stuff in you”.

Stacy just said “Oh”.

Ashley leaned over and whispered something in Stacy’s ear that I could not hear. They both giggled a bit and turned to look at me. Ashley was looking at my face but Stacey seemed to be looking a bit farther south. They then whispered a bit more before turning to go out the door. Stacy stopped just before reaching the door and turned around to face me. “Daddy, I have two practices today. I am going to be pretty sore when I get home. Could you give me a massage tonight”?

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2015-07-02 11:22:14
Very nice, "first-timer"!


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Great story!!!

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you made me just wana fuck my 14 year old sister

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One of the best, If not the best authors on this sight. This story as well as Stormy Nights are my all time favorites. Sad to see he's not around anymore. But with the way their policing content I don't think he'd be able to add additional chapters with the current ages of the teens.

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Oh yeah incest is best. I had sexual relations with three family members. My first was with my brother, I talked him giving me a bj. He was pissed when I busted a nut and didn't warn him. The second time he gave me one he slurped it down and was looking for more. Lost my V card to an aunt (step dads sister). Then shortly after that I fucked my sister.

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