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Fantasy about my first time with a childhood friend
My heart started to race as I waited for Angela to arrive at the airport. It has been over 15 years since I have seen her. We didn’t want to see each other go, but we had no choice. Angela’s father received a good job on the west coast and she had to go.

We were in love. I know we were only 14 years old but what we had was special. We were best friends. We did everything together. She came and watched my baseball games and I went to her field hockey. She went fishing with me and I would go shopping with her. We were best friends and deeply in love with each other. We spent the last few weeks together inseparable. I remember those last two weeks well because it was the time I became a man and she became a woman.

I was helping her pack up her room when we started to fool around. We had kissed before but that night we went all the way. Angela’s parents were away because they were finalizing the living arrangements on the west coast. Her parents let Angela and her older sister Michelle behind. Michelle went out to a party and left us all alone.

It happened so innocently. We were packing some of her sweaters and she had a pile that she would like to keep but she didn’t know if they would fit. Without thinking and probably because we were so comfortable with each other, Angela lifted her sweat shirt she was wearing off, to try on the sweaters. I couldn’t help looking at her beautiful bra covered breasts. They were of average size and just looking at them started my dick to harden. I was a fourteen year old boy. I was full of hormones and things turned me on easily.

She caught me staring and scolded me. She was a good Catholic girl and didn’t want any temptations. My cock immediately softened.

A little later, she asked me a question “Did you like looking at me today?”

Without much thought I responded, “Of course, you are very pretty and I am extremely attracted to you.”

“You mean you want to have sex with me?” she asked.

“Oh, it is much more than that. You are the greatest.” I responded. I went on how much I was in love with her and that I can’t figure how I will live with out her. As I went on telling her this, I saw in her eyes she was deeply in love with me. Some guys say this kind of stuff to get a girl, but in my case it was the truth and she was melting in my hands.

“Oh, James. I love you too!” she said as she came and gave me a big hug putting her head on my shoulder. We held each other tight for a few minutes. There was something different about that hug. I felt so connected with her but I wanted more. I felt a burning desire in my body that in an ironic way she was fueling.

Apparently she felt the same. She pulled away a little and we stared into each others eyes. There was something that was bringing us together. Neither of us had any control over it. Our lips locked. We have kissed before but this time it was different. I felt totally connected to her. It is hard to explain but if you eve kissed a true love and not just kissed for sexual gratification, you know what I mean.

Our mouths continued to explore each other. We tasted each other as the burning desire of our love moved throughout our connected bodies. The taste of her mouth was so sweet. We teased and played with each other. We explored different techniques trying to find that one special movement that would unlock the other’s passion. The method that would make each of us melt into one another and makes us truly one. Whatever it was, we unlocked it. There was no stopping our burning desire to be with each other. She wanted it as much as me as I felt my cock get hard in my pants as we kissed each other.

We stopped for a moment. We were giving each other the opportunity to pull away. To say we should stop. We were both good Catholics and this would be the only opportunity to prevent what would happen next. The desire was too deep. It burned deep in our loins and we were both in each others spell. There was no turning back and neither of us wanted to. We moved towards each other again and kissed deeply on our mouths. Our tongues played games as we tasted the sweetness of each others mouth. We held each other tight.

She pulled away. At first I though her conscience was stopping her. If it was, I would need to respect it. That wasn’t the case as she pulled the sweater over her head. She reached and unhooked her bra. She exposed her huge tits to me and I wanted to touch them.

I wanted to hold them and kiss them. Her nipples were semi-erect and something in me wanted to put them in my mouth. I don’t know what it was but the thought was there as I reached out to grab her plump breasts. I bent over and placed her left nipple in my mouth. I sucked her breast as I caressed and played with both of them. I liked it and she liked me doing it. After a minute I pulled away to see her fully hard nipple. It looked so good, I wanted more. I bent over to suck the other, a little harder than the first. This did something to Angela. She moaned in pleasure as I sucked and flipped my tongue over her hard nipple. It felt natural for me and apparently I gave her pleasure from doing it.

I reached down to her jeans. I unbuttoned her pants and let them drop to the floor. She pulled my shirt off and threw it on the floor. She rubbed her hands over my chest and down to my pants. She was teasing me. I ached for my cock to be released and her touch. She pulled off my pants and let them drop to the floor.

I knelt down and placed my hands on her panties. I kissed her belly as I pulled her panties to the ground. Pulling me up, she did the same to me. We got up and starred at each others gorgeous bodies. I adored what I saw. Her beautiful curvy legs led up to a small amount of hair above her cunt. Her nice and curvy hips, trim belly and huge breasts were really turning me on. I looked at her beautiful round face and into her pretty green eyes. I saw her looking back at me. We wanted more and my cock started to ache. It was fully erect.

We both stood there for a moment staring at each other. It was an awkward moment. I wanted to go farther but wasn’t sure what we should do next. In a way I was a little surprised that here we were standing naked in front of each other. We were both shy virgins. We knew what the next step would be but wasn’t sure how to get there. She was a little more aggressive than me as she reached out and grabbed my throbbing hard cock. Waves of pleasure shot through my entire body as she held onto my meat.

I don’t remember how we got there because the whole thing was happening so fast but we ended up on the bed. I was on my back and we were kissing passionately. Angela laid on her side and her right hand was on my cock. She was jacking me off as we made out. I was holding her tight with my right arm as I caressed the side of her face and played with her hair with my left hand.

It didn’t take long for the pressure to build and I shot my load all over Angela’s hand. The waves of pleasure of my first orgasm, that wasn’t brought on by myself, shot through my body. The feeling of the pressure of her hand on my cock as I came was amazing.

We continued to kiss as I moved Angela on her back. I spread her legs to get a better look at where my cock really ached to be. There I saw it. There was her pussy and it was gorgeous. She had some thin hair above her hole but it was mostly clean. The wrinkles of her pussy were so exciting to see that I started to feel my cock awaken again. I reached down and lightly brushed the entire length of her cunt. She moaned in desire as I did this and she pulled me toward her and we kissed again. She wanted touched and I reached in between her legs and played with her cunt. I experimented with different areas but it didn’t take me long to find that she loved me touching her clit. I varied pressure and techniques as I rubbed her love button. I tried to get the best reaction from Angela. It was like a game or a hunt. I wanted to get her off but wasn’t sure how.

I started to feel some secretion from her pussy on my fingers. I sat up to look down at her cunt. It changed under my touch. The clit was erect and the lips seamed a little larger and spread. My cock ached to slide between those lips. I wanted it in there and from the thought my cock became fully erect. I didn’t stop rubbing Angela and in no time she started to buck her hips as an orgasm came over her body. She moaned and called out my name. She moaned and yelled as the waves of pleasure shot through her entire body.

I stopped rubbing and laid down along side Angela. My cock was still hard and it poked her right in the leg. She reached out and grabbed it again. She ordered me between her legs. I got between her legs and rubbed my hard meat up and down her slit. I wanted it in but I was afraid of hurting her. “Put it in me”, she ordered. The desire was strong. I wanted it there. So with a little pressure I tried sliding it in. It wouldn’t go in. I wanted it in so bad. I didn’t know what was wrong.

With one fast shove, I tried forcing my cock into Angela again. It was tough but I slid it in. Angela cried out in pain. I asked her if she wanted me to stop. She told me no because it felt so good having my cock inside her tight hole. I didn’t argue because my hormones knew what it wanted as I continued to thrust my cock inside Angela. She loosened up a little and became more relaxed. She started to enjoy the pleasure my dick was giving her. She wrapped her legs as tight as she could around me. I bent over and we kissed again. We were totally connected. We were one and we both enjoyed it.

I continued to fuck Angela’s tight wet hole. It felt so good on my cock. Soon she started to moan louder and louder as I brought on her first orgasm with a man inside her. She bucked her hips meeting my thrusts which brought her to orgasm. I couldn’t last as I felt the pressure build in my loins. I couldn’t stop as I felt the cum shoot out of my dick and shoot into Angela’s belly. I grunted and groaned in pleasure as I continued to thrust until my cock went soft and fell out.

Exhausted we laid on the bed and cuddled each other. We kissed and talked. We were both sorry she had to move. We promised to write each other and visit but that never happened. We wrote each other 3 times a week at first and saw each other over Thanksgiving. She couldn’t make it for Christmas but I went to see her for New Years. Soon the letters dropped to twice a week than to once. Finally it was only occasional when I got a letter from her saying she had a boyfriend in California. That devastated me and I never wrote her again.

Then two weeks ago from out of the blue I get a call from her. We decided to meet and I felt butterflies in my stomach as I waited for her in the airport. I started getting all those feelings back for her. I truly missed her. I am 31, divorced twice, and have always yearned for Angela. She was the one I was to be with and maybe this was the way we could be together for good.

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2012-02-11 20:22:42
UeIdnM Yeah� I read and I understand that I do not understand anything what it is about:D

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2011-02-10 16:01:02
Well written, good story


2007-12-30 21:12:56
Not Bad. Also congrats on no obvious spelling or grammatical errors.


2007-08-31 23:42:29
i thought it was a god story to masterbait to


2007-05-22 22:59:43
One of the better ones i have read. Kinda sucks she got a boyfriend. Will she do him in the airport? Where's part 2?

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