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Brenda gets punished for doing her brother
Brenda and Her Dad
by bodaciousbob ©
In the last segment, "Brenda and Rob", the two siblings having been left alone for the afternoon, were found in a very compromising position upon their parents' return.

I sunk down in the water and tried to cover both of my breasts with one arm while the other covered my pussy that my brother had so recently been inside. Rob grabbed a towel from where it lay on the poolside and covered his juice-covered cock.

"I am going to kill that little fucker," Hank said with some conviction, and if Mom had not been holding him back he might have tried it. Not that she could hold him back. She was only 5'3" and Hank was over 6 foot. It was easy to see where I got my figure from because Mom was just a more filled out version of me. She had had us kids early in life and was only 36 at the time all of this happened.

"You will do nothing of the kind," she told him. We weren't even his kids, our real father having taken off when we were first born. We called Hank, 'Dad' though, because he was the only Dad we had ever known. I wish I didn't know him now, as he was mad and I knew no good was going to come to me out of this.

She turned to us. "You two have really disappointed me. The fact that I can't leaving you along for an afternoon without coming back and finding you this way is just horrible." She said all of this without much conviction, and Rob and I just looked at each other and rolled our eyes. Mom never could act the part of the disciplinarian.

"Let me knock some sense into the boy and then I will give a special kind of punishment to the Brenda," was Hank's response.

"You will do nothing of the kind. I will take Rob into our bedroom and give him a good talking to and I would like for you to do the same with Brenda since you seem to connect better with her," was Mom's answer.

"Okay. It's a deal," replied Hank and I just hung my head as I stood there in the pool. I knew I was in for more than a talking to.

He walked over to me and grabbed a towel and tossed it to me.

"Go wait for me in your room. I will be there shortly."

I wrapped the wet towel around my equally wet body and the resulting effect was probably about the same as me being naked. The damp towel clung to every curve of my torso. Not that it much mattered now since they had all gotten eye- full of my charms already.

"Young man," my mother said to Rob," you come with me and let's talk this through." Mom was a great one for talking things through, but I knew from experience that Hank wasn't.

I walked by them on my way to my room thinking that I would be severely punished for what I had done. I went upstairs and with the towel still around me and started searching in my closet for something to wear. For all I knew my bikini bottom was caught in the pool filter by now. I found a sundress that I intended to slip into and came out of the closet. Hank was standing there with a gym bag in his hand and suddenly I was scared.

"Daddy, I am sorry," I started to say but the back of his hand lashed out and caught me in the face with enough force to knock me onto the bed. I fell on my back and the towel came undone, exposing my body to him. I started to cry as I reached to pull the towel to cover myself.

"You won't be needing this," he said as he took the towel and jerked it away from me leaving me there naked and scared.

"Daddy, don't.' I begged but knew it would do no good. I had seen him in these moods and knew that there was only one thing that calmed him.

"What did I tell you would happen to you if I caught you fucking around," he asked?

"Daddy, it wasn't like that," I tried to explain.

"Shut up and answer me."

"You said you would beat me and…." I stammered.

"And what?"

"You said you would beat me and do me in…" I couldn't get it out.

"What did I tell you?" he yelled.

"You said you would beat me and do me in the back,' I finally got it out and started to cry in earnest knowing that he fully intended to fulfill his promise.

"Yes. That is right. I said I would beat you within an inch of your life and then butt fuck you if I caught you with anyone else."

"But Daddy…." I begged.

"Shut up and come here."

With that he grabbed onto one of my arms and forced me to stand. He reached down into his gym bag and came out with a set of handcuffs. He forced me to face the bedpost and put my hands around it. He put the cuffs on each of my hands. He then reached in his bag and took out a short piece of rope and tied the cuffs high up on the bedpost so that I had to stand on tiptoes to keep them from grating on my wrists. My chest was pushed against the cool wooden post with one of my breasts on either side. My fat mound was pushed against it also and I was in a helpless situation.

I could see in the mirror that he was standing there breathing hard and admiring my rounded little ass that was absolutely defenseless. I watched through teary eyes as he slowly unbuckled his belt and slid it from around his waist. He put the buckle in his hand and wrapped the wide leather band once around his hand, always looking at my trembling butt. As though in slow motion he brought his arm back and then with the speed of a snake striking he brought it forward to land the belt on my meaty buttocks. The whoosh of the belt through the air, the smack of it on my tender ass, and my scream were simultaneous.

I jammed my body against the bedpost to try to soften the blow but it had little effect. Hank stood there and watched the skin redden on my ass as I sobbed with the pain of the blow. He brought the belt back again and this time struck me on the upper thighs, right below the curve of my ass. I screamed and clung to the post as though it could save me from the pain he was bringing to me.

"Please don't Daddy," I begged with tears streaming down my face and landing on my breasts.

"Shut up," he said hoarsely and brought the belt back again.

Again and again he hit me, painting my ass and upper thighs with red stripes. After five or six of these my mind went to a place where it didn't allow it to hurt as much any more. I clung to the pole and pressed my body against it as though it were a lover. After 2 dozen of these lashes, a funny thing happened. I started to anticipate the next one with the pleasure. After that, each one felt like a lover's caress as opposed to hurting me. I looked forward to the next one as I pushed my fat mound against the bedpost and moved up and down against it ever so slightly. It was as though another part of me was looking down on this impossible situation and saying." Enjoy this. This is what love is."

Sensing that I was no longer responding the way he expected, Hank stopped beating me.

"Now for the rest of your punishment," he grunted.

With that he undid the rope that was holding me upright and I slumped down, unable to stand. He undid the handcuffs long enough to get my arms free and then reattached them. He threw me face down on the bed and started to get undressed as he looked at my tenderized ass. I knew what came next.

"Daddy, please don't do this," I murmured as though from some far off place. I knew it wouldn't do any good. I had begged him before and it never did any good.

Hank had his way with me since I was twelve. It started with him copping feels of my just budding breasts and had continued to point's south as I matured. He took my virginity at 15 and did me whenever he had the opportunity after that. I thought that Mom knew and did nothing about it, so neither had I. It was always quick, rough, and over not soon enough. I was left with a sore, hollow feeling and Hank went away satisfied. Until I had done my brother Rob that afternoon, I did not know what pleasure you could get from sex. Rob had been so sweet, yet so forbidden. Now I was paying the price for a few moments of pleasure.

Hank had never done me in the ass, however, and it was not something I was looking forward to. He was now undress and his cock was as ready as I had ever seen it. While not overly large, there was no way I wanted it up my bum.

He took a tube of lubricant from his gym bag and smeared a generous amount on his shaft. With his free hand he spread it up and down his length before he took his position behind me. Guiding the head down to my little rosette he pushed part way into me. I groaned.

"Relax. It will go easier for you."

I didn't think he cared much how easy it was for me. I just bit my lip and wished to be someplace else. He kept the pressure up and started to slide his cock up my fat ass. The sensation was not completely horrible. I tried to imagine that it was Rob I was giving this pleasure to. It made it easier to bear.

In short order I could feel his balls up against my ass and his cock all the way up in me. He started to withdraw and I relaxed to let him. He drove slowly back into my hot tight channel and this time it did not feel quite so bad. I knew it wouldn't last long in any case.

True to form, after about a dozen strokes, I could feel his breathing change. A couple of more trips up my ass and he was ready to pop. Hank pulled out of me and with a mighty groan shot his jism onto my back.

I had been beaten, butt fucked and now been shot off on. I made myself a promise then: No man would ever stick anything into me ever again.

To be continued with 'Brenda's Revenge'

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