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the final climatic orgy for the captured highschool babes
Miss Sims lay in the back of her speeding ambulance. The rescue had come as a shock after so many months of captivity. So many months of fading hope. Why hadn’t they found them earlier; why? She’d struggled to keep a grip on her sanity’ but the things she’d seen done and had done to her could never be removed. The nurse cared for her attentively and Natasha’s hands crossed her rounding tummy; her pregnancy a symbol of her captor’s evil fulfilled plans.

“You’re ok now honey,” the nurse said setting up a saline drip. “You and your girls have been rescued safe and sound. The whole state has been tearing the place up looking for you five.”

The Nurse then smiled; pleased with their collective efforts adding; “and now we’ve found you all.”

Natasha mouth trembled and she shook her head, bitter memories coming back.

“No, you’re mistaken,” she replied solemnly, there’s only been four of us in that house for a long time.”


Back on that first fateful Texas summer night the rain had stopped. The black evening sky closed in on the farmstead the oppressive sticky heat clinging to the cop’s shirt as he headed for the barn. They’d had their problems and almost a couple of escapes but now all was under control. From over at the dilapidated old colonial farmstead he could hear shouting; his family no doubt bitching with pointless argument. He stroked his chin thinking about their hot captives. He guessed their new life might take a little getting use to; but they would in time.

He heard moans from the barn. Sandy, one of the students had escaped and only by sheer good luck she’d been caught again. He’d join the party in the cellar soon, first he would see how the run away was doing.

The lamp lit barn was filled with recognisable sounds of hog grunts and the smells of animal’s lairs. But over this sensory mixture the cop could hear the mechanical chug of machinery and the miserable pants of the pig tailed babe.

Sandy was standing arms tied behind her back. She was bent at the waist over a high wooden pig sty gate; her ankles tied to sturdy posts. The trucker, her would be savour (who turned out to be another of this in bred family) had explained his intentions on first reaching the barn.

He’d had a picture of his buck toothed wife in his breast pocket

“She’s nothing to look at is she?” He had said uncharitably as he’d tied up his captured prize.

He had wrestled with the diminutive blonde stunner as he fastened her ankles wide apart spreading her legs; then pulled her hands behind her back making her breasts bounce to attention before binding her wrists. She’d teased him with those innocent eyes back at the traffic jam all the while knowing how her ass and boobs pleaded for attention through her college uniform. Now she was naked her curvaceous young body at his mercy.

He pushed the picture of his wife up to Sandy’s snout adding.

“She’s barren too, not going to be having kids.”

He placed it back in his shirt pocket then pulled the girl forward over the wooden fence wrapping a big rope around her waist binding her tightly into the bowing position.

“I reckon you could fix that for her,“ he had then added as his hand roamed on her breast, cupping unopposed, feeling the weight like two big fruits at a market.

“I’ve got myself another barn at my home,” the trucker told her as he pulled the equipment into view. Sandy had shaken her head seeing the big suction tubes; then looking at the vacuum sealed jars above them.

The young man admired the large cup ends of his device then Sandy’s pink teats.

“When your bellies full with our baby,” he drooled his eyes going wide in anticipation,” I reckon we’ll get half a pint a day out of you.”

He’d flicked the switch and the machine had sprung into life the monotonous sucking sound resonating from the hollow ends of the tubes.

“Let’s try them on for size shall we?” He’d asked; Sandy trying to break way her tits swaying as she struggled. Then he’d knelt under her the black suction rims pointing towards nipples.

That was 30 minutes ago and now the cop had returned and stood in the barn doorway.

He gave a smug grin of satisfaction.

Sandy’s face said it all.

Her cute nose was snorting air her pony tail swishing from side to side. The two big glass suction tubes were flexing with each artificial gulp of air trying to draw her two swollen nipples further up the milking tubes. The cop could see a good inch of pressed flesh drawn upwards her teats like stretched nuts fighting against the airless void.

The orange milk pipes wriggled like snakes up to the apparatus hung over head; two other tubes hanging useless, a hot teen babe having fewer udders than a cow.

The cutie was yelping and then grunting one after the other. Each yelp was from a targeted palm swipe to that great teen ass. Then followed by a grunt as the milking machine sucked; the hungry tubes blindly oblivious to the fact they were never going to get any liquid. Well not for the next few months anyway.

The cop had his arms folded watching the show in amusement. His trucker cousin was wiping rapeseed oil onto her ass to sooth his repetitive spanking. How long he’d been at it the cop didn’t know; but Sandy looked spent.

“Well blondie?” The cop asked, “I guess you’re sorry now?

Sandy gritted her teeth her eye lashes flaring at each swipe, her tits like stone, nipples crying out for relief

She nodded frantically her big blue eyes welling up. “Please make him stop!”

Slap! She bucked forward the tubes swaying and clinking like big glass wind chimes.

“You like this don’t you?” The trucker asked pouring more oil on her round spanked ass the slime running down her hot thighs and calves. He slapped to get a response and she nodded contradicting her last statement to the cop, fearing what the trucker might do otherwise.

“She’ll suit me just fine,” the evil hauler said looking at his cop cousin, “look at those big beauties.” The cop nodded admiring her globe perfect tits sweat trickling down them making the glass tubes glisten. “And those wide hips,” he then added. ”Great stock eh?”

The cop again nodded at her hour glass physique.

“Not really teaching her a lesson are you?” The cop said coming closer, disappointed she wasn’t screaming more. This little bitch had caused him so much trouble.

The trucker frowned, “you’ve not seen anything; look what we’ve been playing with.” At this point Sandy wailed shaking her head in panic. “No not again, no please don’t let him ohhhhhh!”

The man reached to his waist; where he wore a tool belt. He drew up the big power drill pumping the trigger making the pistol device whirr at high pitch. The chuck head had been attached to a big rubber cock object. It was like an enormous pickle; sickly green with a warty coat. As the trigger was press it began to spin making it a green hazed blur; the oil smeared surface spitting in all directions.

“Fuck it looks like Pa’s disease old thing.” The cop laughed impressed with the boy’s invention.

Sandy was looking back over her shoulder bent provocatively on the wooden beams her legs apart; ass raised. The man had expertly roped her into this inescapable fixed position; doubled over the fence beam. With her arms tied behind her back, the two milking tube dangling beneath her clinging to her tits for dear life, she’d had no way of resisting his games.

“No not again ugghh please ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Sandy braced herself already experienced in what would happen next.

The trucker pushed the monster pickle into her pussy her lips wriggling over its humps and raised nodes. She could feel the length ease inside her pushing lips wide apart the bulges pressing into her soft inside


Her tits thrust jerked and then swung backward in unison the tubes clattering on the wooden beam as she convulsed. Her pussy was feeling the insane spinning of the pickle shaped cock, the oil helping lubricate.

The trucker pumped it in and out of her young slit. The oil and juices glistening and flicking everywhere as the knotted length appeared, then with a high pitched yelp disappeared back inside her at high revolution.

The cop unzipped his fly pulling out his big rod. “Not bad!” He admitted over the noise of drill and Sandy in their crazy DIY dance.

Standing in front of her gasping face Sandy looking up at the towering shadow he gripped his cock pushing its tip at her nose. “Let me come over those baby blues,” he said affectionately.

The trucker continued to pump the drill as Sandy groaned and thrashed the cop jerking his foreskin the big eye hole glistening.

“I’m going shoot in your cute goody-goody face,” he teased in a husky voice.

The trucker was panting with the effort, the drill making his palm tingle his arm ache. The cop was vigorously jacking his own length. It was something about her amazed wide eyes expression that just made him want to paint her face with his come for the second time that day. The way she just looked like it must all be a dream and she’d wake back in her college safe world at any second.

“Oh yes princess I’m nearly there,” he coaxed, “just a bit more.” And his big hand reached under her to squeeze her bust trying to add to the drawing power of the tubes. He grinned looking into her desperate eyes. Recalling the vibro-rod punishment in the cellar and feeling her firm ripe tits he teased. “We’ve done some naughty things with these puppies today haven’t we?”

She could only emit a long indignant howl the drill cock doing its worst.

“Shame you didn’t get a chance to ride in the back seat of my patrol car.” He laughed adding; “maybe another day eh?”

Sandy didn’t know or care what he meant, unaware of the cop’s electro tit interrogation techniques.

The piggy eyes man pulled her pigtails together then raised his hand drawing her face up to desired spray level. He looked to his cousin as his hand quicken around his massive purple cock. He just couldn’t get enough of this prim little angel.

“Put it up her ass!” He ordered and Sandy’s face was one of horror then disbelief as the green phallus speared her rear hole and instantly began to spin with a new gut wrenching sensation. Her eyes glazed over her mouth an open yawning wail. That was his cue; the come began to erupt from the dirty cops cock; hitting her nose, into her cavernous wide mouth, spattering her chin and filling her eye sockets.

The cop grimaced with exertion as her feature became an avalanche of vicious white cloth. The spunk like a smothering pillow her nostrils creating air holes her lashes pushing back the veil of semen allowing her girl next door eyes to stare ahead insanely.

Now that was a good bye present to be proud of.

“Good girl,” the trucker said as if talking to a beloved hound. He withdrew the spinning pistol device, Sandy feeling like she was shitting a tornado.

“Time to take you home to my better half,” he explained as she gasped and panted in relief.

“Not staying for the party?” The cop asked flicking his cock at the girls face adding a final spattering.

The trucker shook his head switching off the milking machine, pulling the suction cups casually from her udders with loud pops. “No,” he replied without a hint of sarcasm. “I need to get back; after all I am a family man these days.”

The cop put his happy cock away pushing it back into his pants Sandy still coughing and spitting semen. Her uncorked melons were full and firm the air making her sore nipples tingle. She began thrashing; shaking her head in refusal as the trucker unhooked her fully from the apparatus.

“Uh no, no I you can’t I mean…”She didn’t want to be some slack jaw bitches’ pet and brood mare.

She looked up at the cop still unable to see past his honourable badge of office.

“You got to help! Please you can’t let him take me away!”

He just smirked back then turned to leave.

The trucker had stepped out of his pants his own family size erection rock hard and pressed upright against his flat young stomach. He placed his bare feet on struts in the wooden gate and straddled Sandy’s bent double body. He squatted down so his rod slid over her ass then under to her wet hole, the girl looking over her shoulder in desperation. He looked like an excited chimp on a zoo climbing frame.

Gripping the top of the gate either side of her body he then pulled his waist forward impaling her in one long thrust.

“Now,” he groaned enjoying the feeling of steel hard penetration, “down to business.”

She gave a shriek as he filled her to the brim his athletic body balanced gymnasts style on the gate like a squatting medieval gargoyle above a fairytale damsel in distress.

He began to stab like frenzied serial killer Sandy gritting her teeth the fence rocking like crazy; wood creaking and both their bodies shuddering. At any second the cop thought the fence would collapse the hinges clanking the frame groaning as much as Sandy. The trucker would take her home and she’d make a baby for him and his wife.

As the cop left the barn and headed for the house he could hear the ecstatic squeals of his relation. It was indeed like a demented chimp. Sandy’s voice could be heard also as she screamed to high heaven in revulsion; her new master in full flow siring his new farm yard sow for the first of no doubt countless times.

In the cellar Miss Sims and her girls had listened to the crazy shouting and stumbling above. It sounded like the whole family were having a bar brawl. They had been left for a few hours to sit in their horrid cages below in this underground prison.

“Miss,” said Bianca, “do you think Sandy got away?”

Miss Sims wasn’t sure.

They heard lots of shouting earlier and also screams from outside. But they could have sworn it was Michelle they’d heard. Sophie moved her buxom frame inside her cage, big breasts like imprisoned zeppelins. “It been a while maybe they don’t realise yet and she’s long gone.”

Suddenly the cellar door opened and the girls froze.

One by one the family entered.

First the maniac; his hulk like a bear his hands and big booted feet wrapped in dirty bandages
His under cooked pink skin was visible only at fingertips, around his neck, and at his mask mouth hole. His eyes were black and vacant his tongue a steady drool; his leather skirt hiding his diseased ramrod cock. He stumbled down the stairs in his now expected permanent intoxicated manner. He had a sack that was wriggling in his steel like grip. Natasha knew it was too small to be one of her girls.

Then Ma followed; all flab and folds looking older than her years, gapped teeth and snot filled nose.

Then the geek twins both naked. Their bodies were black and blue. Natasha mind raced. “Fuck, it looked like the family had been kicking the shit out of them for fun.”

Then the cop his chest bare cigar back in his mouth. He stopped at the top of the stairs and allowed Pa to pass.

The girls gave a group groan.

Pa rode in.

Michelle was in her full black body suit a saddle on her back. As she climbed down the stairs on all fours like a panther the legless old pa sat above in the seat. Her stilettos were impossibly pointed giving her no way to stand her hands in skin tight rubber gloves. She had a harness and bit in her mouth. It was o-ring shaped allowing a cock size girth to enter. Her visor was closed and she had to fell her way along; Pa giving her directions until he reached the cellar floor. Belted on her hips was a curved groined attached dildo. Like a black sabre between her thighs; ridiculously long maybe 15 inches. So long its tip tapped up against her metal covered brassiere.

The women’s cages were opened by the twins then Natasha, Bianca and Sophie were made to stand to attention as if on parade.

The evil group admired their captives in silence. Sophie; with big rimmed glasses her eyes electric with what she had experienced this day. Long flowing black hair cascading over her shoulder resting on her mountain range breasts the nipples red and bloated from the day’s attention. Bianca; the cock teasing blonde teen queen her body long and perfect her upturned nose and big lashed stare less arrogant now. Her long blonde mane streaked with black roots of sweat.

Between them both was Miss Sims. Natasha was a good ten years older than the girls but with a body both envied. Dark bronzed skin a fabulous hourglass hips and a 16 year olds gravity defying bosom. Her red bobbed hair was ruffled but vibrant her lips a deep crimson her eyes showing that her resistance was almost drained.

Natasha took a deep breath her breasts rising; the family’s eyes widening, lips licking in anticipation. She noticed that they didn’t seem surprised there were only 3 of them left down here.

Miss Sims understood; there would be no rescue tonight.” Oh my God; what have you done with Sandy?”

The cop answered looking down on them from the top step as his family sniggered.

“Oh miss pigtail? Hmm you don’t need to worry about her anymore, trust me.”

The women coughed and spluttered putting their hands to their heads reading the worse into his statement. Michelle remained passive on her hands and knees Pa holding her rein pulling her vision impaired gimp head up which made her snort like a horse. Miss Sims gave short intake of breath as she saw the long black dildo spear tap the floor beneath Michelle, like a huge missile slung under a jet plane.

“You ladies best concentrate on your own skins,” Pa sneered wiping snot from his nose.

Natasha looked at her girls who stared forlorn back to her.

“What are they going to do?” Sophie said softly Miss Sims putting a protective hand out to guard her. Then she glared at her captors in hatred.

”You filthy animals keep away from them!” She acted like a protective tigress.

The family laughed their insane cackle filling the cellar. The big pig like maniac banged his chest King Kong style making disgusting retching noises in amusement.

“You’ve not done a good job up to now of keeping them sweet and innocent; have you miss school teacher?” Ma cackled beginning to arrange dominator equipment and other disgusting tools. “In fact I’d say these girls have definitely popped their cherries today?”

The school mistress didn’t reply instead looked sadly at her students.

“Girls, listen to me, we need to give ourselves time.” She said.

“Time?” Bianca asked looking nervously at the leering freaks

Natasha nodded. “Yes time for someone to find us.”

Sophie butted in. ”You mean stop resisting? Do what ever they want, be their whores?”

Miss Sims looked to the floor and nodded pitifully.

The crazies again laughed at their captive’s hopeless plan shaking their heads in amusement.

”Just concentrate on earning your keep with us,” sniggered one of the geeks. “Yeah like all the other farm yard animals,” added the other.

The cop closed the heavy cellar doors and the room instantly grew warmer and more claustrophobic. “That’s right good little animals,” Pa nodded unfastening his fly the other members following suit. ”But don’t worry miss you and your girls aren’t for slaughtering.”

His eyes narrow spittle seeping in strands from his gap teeth. “No you’re for breeding.”

Then the crazies descended on them.

Ma grabbed Bianca’s hand the tall girl looking disgusted the crone’s toothless grin black and evil. One of the skinny geeks now waved an impressive hard on his wretched frame looking ridiculous against it. “Let me play too Ma!” He said clapping his hands like an excited child.

The maniac towered over the melon breasted Sophie his hands gripping her arms mauling her assets. He pushed a filthy finger in her mouth nearly making her puke. He had an idea for those massive mammaries; it was wriggling within his cloth sack.

The cop gripped Natasha waist from behind licking her neck his hands moving up to cup her delectable olive nipple tits. He pushed her down onto her knees facing the riding Pa. The old cripple stroked her face and with his other hand cradled his dirty old prick.

He looked towards the other geek; the one so stupid to have nearly lost Michelle earlier.

“You and my pony like to fuck in secret don’t you?” He drawled half in question, half in fact.

The geek shrugged his shoulders looking apologetic. Pa grunted. ”Good lets see you two fuck again.”

The geek nodded in agreement tugging his prick to readiness; but then looked sickly pale when Pa snapped. ”No you little shit, get on all fours, my little horse is a stallion today.”

Within minutes the cellar was like a scene conjured from an asylum bound artist. The heat was hellish the pale low watt lights adding to the feeling of being in the abyss. The sounds were suitably appalling too. A cacophony of groans, moans, wet slaps, slurps and grunts of varying degrees of intensity and humanity.

In fact some weren’t human at all.

Sophie was on all fours splayed over a wire cage. Her tits thrust through the wire square openings her hands gripping the side her thighs pressed against the box as the huge bulk of the maniac pushed his groin against her exposed rear.

He was slowly but powerfully pumping his cock in and out of her pussy hole; looking down letting his saliva drip from his mouth on to his shaft lubricating it like it was a steel piston in some farm machine. With each forward thrust Sophie’s gave a young moan of sensation; his knotted length slurped in and out and she felt his bull-like balls in their dangling sack slap against her clit.

In the wire box her big balloon tits had been squeezed through the gaps their shape expanding inside almost locking her onto the cage roof. She could look below, back into the cage and see a family of piglets battling to reach her nipples. The little things hadn’t been feed all day and deprived of their mother the invitation from this new sow was irresistible.

Sophie felt their mouths suckling in desperation on her fat nipples. The little pigs were squabbling and fighting to tug on her teats their teeth biting to hold on to their prize. She could feel her breats hardening under the intense attention her pussy feeling like a big wet tube; the monsters titanic cock thrusting uncomfortably all the way to her dead end his eye hole dripping slime intent on smearing himself inside her.

Her hot friend Bianca had her own problems; she really didn’t want to let Ma do what she had in mind and protested loudly. Bianca was sat on the lap of a geek brother as he reclined in a creaking old rocking chair. His rigid upright pole was pushed snugly up into the young woman’s anus. Bianca was resting back onto his skinny chest the geek’s hands mauling her tits; holding them like two handle bars.

But Bianca wasn’t resisting him or his hilt anal buried monster. It was Ma who she pleaded to stop.

She was pushing Ma’s hands desperately away from her slit. The old hag with the geek’s aid had Bianca thighs spread so wide she though she would snap in two. This difficult position her back arched pushing her tits onto groping paws and twisting the man’s cock inside her anal chute. Both to his delight

“Oh please ohhhhhhh!” She squealed as Ma worked.

Bianca felt the metal tube slide effortlessly through her fingers as Ma eased the greased sliver phallus device into the teen angel. It slid like knife through butter the tip 7 inches inside her the metal slimy and cold. On the silver cocks base was a wheel. A tiny crank like wheel which once the base wings had pressed against her prised open lips Ma began rotating in small hurried circular motions, the two bastards pulling Bianca’s desperate fingers away as she tried to stop it.

The long silver speculum began to split open the cock turning into two opening arms inside her hot tight tunnel.

“Oh no please stop!” She moaned her fingers tapping on the metal wings Ma’s hands briskly turning the wheel’ the device jacking open widening the babe’s deep hole.

The geek gave a please groan as he felt her pussy fill with the expanding intruder her walls pressing onto his rectal buried cock. He twisted her nipples feeling the hard teats hearing her pants rise as she felt the device stretching her hole to 3 dirty inches.

Ma could see up into her hot haven the wings now parted the internal cock split and open like the squawking beak of a metal bird.

Bianca’s long manicured fingers felt around the entrance Ma’s face down close peering inside her tongue licking at the seeping juices. She continued the wheel rotation and Bianca cried out in one long lament as the old hag explained what she planned. Ma was intent on opening the young bitch’s shaft so wide she could get her scrawny hand wrist deep inside.

Natasha didn’t see any of this; she had her eyes tightly closed as if to block out the whole insane situation. The texture and stickiness of Pa’s old football sock length cock was nearly making her puke. Her fabulous big lips caressed the bulbous sore end her tongue tasting his piss hole and under his foreskin. She had her eyes closed but she couldn’t blot out the taste or touch on her painted pink lips. Nor the sounds and comments from the old man.

”Oh yes that’s it you hot bitch, lick the rim uhhh!” Natasha struggled to keep the cock in her mouth as Pa jostled back and forth. ”Com on teacher; get old faithful to stand up!”

Pa was bucking under her mouth and as his cock hardened in her lips Pa gripped her head to steady himself. His little pony was wriggling and rutting beneath his saddle as she too obeyed his command still in her blindfolded world.

“That’s it pony ride the bastard, harder, harder!”

Michelle was indeed a rutting stallion. On all fours she had been positioned over the ass high sprawled body of her geek lover. He was screaming and hammering the floor with his fists as Michelle stilt like dildo stabbed up his anus. With her head on the nape of his back the 15 inch monster eased a good depth inside the screaming geek, Michelle rocking behind him fucking him with the under slung missile.

The geek was gritting his teeth suffering his punishment. His cock was hard beneath him and he pulled the gloved hand of Michelle to his scrotum as she ass fucked him.

“Aw, aw Pa,” he coughed Michelle’s hand instructed to jerk his manhood, ”make her go faster!”

The cop slapped the cheerleaders ass her two pink orifice plugs radiant against her shinny oil black second skin. “Com on bitch you heard the bastard fuck him faster!”

As Michelle increased her efforts, Pa gyrating, Natasha choking, and the geek squealing the cop returned to his own games.

He had pushed a strange plug into Natasha tight ass the thing having a tube attachment on it. Miss Sim’s had not even looked up her head forced down on Pa’s cock as the rubber plug popped into her anus.

“That’s right miss don’t you worry yourself about that,” Pa had grunted as she bobbed on his rod. “We decide what goes up inside you from now on.”

Then Natasha felt her ass fill with warm water. The cop was piping a quart of fluid from a big syringe down a flex hose into her ass. She felt her tummy gurgle and she was relieved it wasn’t that awful expanding paste. The cop removed the syringe and fixed the open end of the tube with callipers as Natasha pulled back from her cock sucking; coughing and gasping.

Now she had a long thin orange tale her fine ass wobbling with a heavy load of warm water.

Her insides felt bloated and alien to her. She opened her mouth in a grimace; a silent gasp coming from her lips. Her sexy eyes looked back at the cop then to Pa. The cop had refilled the silver syringe and was now pushing another full load into her tight anal void.

“Oh shit ug no too much please ohhhhhhh mffff!” Her wail was silenced as Pa pushed his cock up into her oval pout.

“Bite on this if it uncomfortable!” He grunted Natasha’s teeth taking him up on the offer as she received another injection of fluid. She was wriggling and bucking the two syringes full deep inside her.

How had it come to this? She felt like a balloon about to pop.

Pa then took hold of the far end of her anal tube able to release the flow when needed.

“Suck faster bitch he ordered I want to shoot off in your snooty mouth.”

The anal buggered geek was rock hard now and Pa pulled Michelle reins making her pull out of him the long dildo tapping the floor. The geek gasped with relief and rolled onto his side his prick like a fence post.

The cop and geek then stood around the riding Pa and his gobbling piped ass teacher. Pa was about to come and they sniggered as he pressed the tube end against Michelle’s o-ring wide mouth. Still in her blindfolded world she began to cough as a little pipe was pushed to the back of her throat. The geek and cop gripped her arms and held her butt in a kneeling position as she realised something awful was to happen

Unaware Natasha was desperate to make Pa come her mouth taking deep sucks. She knew his rules when he came she could have anal release.

”Good girl,” he grunted affectionately. ”I com… oh yes that’s it go on I’m letting it out, squeeze it out miss. And then the climaxing Pa opened the tube calliper.

His cock began to spit stinking piss type come flooding Miss Sims mouth making her choke as it filled her nostrils. Her eyes opened in shock her throat gulping the horrid sticky mess down her gullet. She gasped for air her anus suddenly feeling the pressure ease as the pipe faucet was opened her muscles squeezing the filthy warm enema out in a hosepipe like torrent.

She then gave a horrified indignant gasp of realisation, but she couldn’t stop her ass unloading. Her mouth dripped come her eyes blinking in disbelief as she saw the gimped mask head of Michele shudder in panic the orange enema tube deep in her throat. Miss Sim’s backdoor contents were filling the cheerleaders o-ring mouth bubbling over her chin and no doubt pouring down her throat.

But the release was so merciful the teacher couldn’t stop. Her ass muscles gripped tighter increasing the pressure expulsing every last drop with perverse relief, her students head spewing the dirty contents out in an arch; like a park water feature.

Meanwhile Sophie’s screams filled the air as she rattled and rocked on the wire cage. Piglets were dangling from her imprisoned tits and they swung wildly as her body was thrust off the ground. The maniac was siring her like a crazed animal his big knotted cock sliding all the way out letting you see a trail of precome between his cock eye and her tunnel, before spearing back in connecting with her cervix making her ass almost overtake her head as she jerked forward.

She wanted him to stop; she wanted him to come, anything but this continuous steam train pounding. The mouths of the piglets were insatiable on her tits and her eyes crossed in amazement as her servicing continued apace.

Between his spot inducing thrusts Sophie could see her teacher squeezing her anus empty. Miss Sims face was gritted teeth and wide eyes the look of relief tempered with horror. The rubber tube was flexing as the liquid was pressured to the end disappearing into Michelle’s mouth.

The intelligent raven haired beauty gave her own agonised moan realising the length and depths of her captors perversity could stretch further than she could ever imagine. She also knew she had a ring side seat in this carnival of lust and no amount of “smarts” would get her out of it. The fucking from the maniac was making her loose focus. Over and over her body felt his rod stab then withdraw and she let go planning to drown in a sea of sexual fire.

On the rocking chair Bianca now greasy fingers gripped Ma’s wrist slowing but not halting her penetration. The teens eyes rolled as the wrist disappeared inside her machine opened pussy. Bianca could feel the woman’s finger searching inside, pressing in intimate places. Ma’s hand felt the bump on the base of her students pussy. It was the geeks cock nudging through the thin wall between her front and her rectal tunnel. The old hag smiled up at Bianca feeling the truncheon shape rubbing it through the girl’s skin. The geek felt the pressure and groaned. Ma would jerk him off from inside the bitch’s tunnel.

The maniac stopped his humping; pulling his dominating length from the pussy of the blow up doll type Sophie. She was slumped half conscious not even aware of her cage suckers any more drool running from her cute big lips. The geek and cop moved over to her and began unfastening her tit binds pulling her udders from the hungry mouths of the piglets.

The cop lifted up her chin to look into her eyes. He grinned as she held onto his arms her knees quaking. The geek was behind her and reached around with a new device. It was two metal hoops on a rod. The hoops went around and under her balloon tits; with one end of the rod having a big screw. As he twisted the bands shortened pulling her breast up the metal band growing tighter squeezing her tits. Sophie groaned but didn’t resist she already knew he would tighten the bands so much her tits would distort and bulge like two mushroom heads on steel encased stems.

As Sophie ached in constriction the maniac looked around. Michelle was presenting her self to him. He could see her in a corner ass raised Pa still riding. The sexy teacher was under her now; legs apart hooked around the gimp suited cheerleader’s ass. Natasha had her hands on the rubber masked face of Michelle. Her teeth were in a gritted snarl as below the pony girl’s long flagpole cock was thrusting into the teacher’s amazed cunt. Pa was slapping his rides ass demanding more penetration and the fiery red head sobbed as she felt over 10 inches of pounding missile rod push in and out of her fleshing tunnel.

The maniac moved behind the knelt pony girl and with his big hand twisted then popped out her anal day glow plug. Natasha face was pressed again the o-ring mouth of Michelle. The girl was still blindfolded but the teacher could hear the desperate pants of exertion as she fucked into her. Natasha bit her lip face contorted as the thrust hit home but gently caressed her young students head as if to absolve her of responsibility. “Ugg it’s ok honey, ughh!”

Suddenly Michelle went rigid then began to rut harder making Miss Sim’s cry out telling her to slow. But it was no use she was now driven by the thundering cock buggering her ass at breakneck speed.

The maniac was thumping into her rear, full entry all ten plus inches of mangled rod. Pa was nearly thrown from his saddle the moans from Michelle loud yet indecipherable. However the ones from Natasha were clearer and far more arousing.

“Ohhh noooooo slow slow uggg you fuccccckkkkkkk!”

But he did not; the maniac intent on giving all four girls a steam train pounding before he’d bed for the night.

The cop had finished fixing Sophie’s constriction brassiere and now he stood monster erect watching the teen goddess Bianca take a rapid fist fuck. The sexy long legged babe was screaming as Ma’s hand was a blur; juice spitting everywhere her tummy dissented by speculum and hand visitor. The geek was been eagerly rubbed from inside as he groaned and bucked. But he was holding back his eruption. It was Bianca who was near the edge

She thrust up the best she could grabbing her own tits pressing the geeks claws harder onto them. She began to scream in ecstasy cussing and moaning her voice reaching a high pitch shriek. She was coming yet again by female hand.

She looked down over her mauled tits her hands around her mental rimmed entrance. Her mouth was open her eyes on storks a she felt her body in a bizarre convulsion trying to spit a massive coke can width piece of metal and old hag hand from her excavated love hole.

The cop was unravelling a rope and slinging it over a high beam as he saw her juices in torrent Ma’s hand a glistening mess the girls face one of shock and awe as the orgasm never seemed to subside.

But within moments it had and she gulped the air like a drowning man

“OH jesus oh ugggggg!”

The geek pulled his cock from her ass its tip ready to bust.

“Wider!” Ma shouted to Bianca and the dazed girl felt her thighs opened to the max. Ma gripped the geek’s frantic cock pointing it up and back towards Bianca wide open pussy. The speculum had created a four inch tunnel and now that there was no longer an old hag hand in it the pink flesh glistening and invited you to delve.

“Fire away!” Shouted Ma; the geeks cock launching a stream of come into the wide target. Bianca’s entrance and inside became white with spatter the old woman using the cock like she was hosing an open bucket with sticky milk.

Bianca looked down in amazement her well like pussy filing with spunk. They were using her like a human receptacle, a fucking come jug! Her own juices were oozing out as she saw the look of menace on the watching cop. He had new plans for her.

On a filthy mattress the other geek was playing with Sophie. He had her on her back thighs wide as he pumped her pussy. The girl was groaning trying to loosen the brassiere. But the screw had some sort of one way thread meaning it would only tighten; you needed a key to release.

Sophie hand touched her deformed domes feeling the steel cord her hands hopelessly trying to keep his away from the crank screw

To Sophie’s horror the geek just could keep his hands of it. He seemed obsessed with tightening it bit by bit. Her melons were red and gripped so well she thought they might never go back to the old shape. But even then as he fucked he just couldn’t stop twisting the screw, wringing another few fractions tighter; then another; then another.

The maniac finished with Michelle and as he pulled his sword from her ass she collapsed in a heap Pa falling from his saddle. Natasha pulled her self from under the girl the spear dildo thankfully slipping from her. Michelle had feinted with the buggering and effort of carrying around Pa. Her ass gaped; pre-come dripping in strands up to the maniacs cock.

“You fucked my pony girl senseless,” Pa said annoyed as he wriggled on the floor.

Near by the big cop gestured for Bianca to stand. The man had her heels in his hand and she put a hand on his shoulder as she slipped the sexy shoes back on. The shoes made her stance one of elegant beauty her legs ever so long her ass tight tits firm and erect. He pulled her arms behind her back Bianca looking through her cascading blonde mane with pitiful eyes at his dangling rope. He clipped the thick collar around her neck tying the rope to a hoop on its side.

He then pulled the rope and pulley slowly until it became taut the collar lifting her chin up her feet struggling to keep on the floor. She groaned as he pulled her slightly higher Bianca now on her heeled tip toes.

He then looked over to the where Natasha was extracting herself from the entangled limbs of Michelle. Ma and the geek were helping Pa right himself the old woman searching for some smelling salts for his dazed pony girl.

Natasha felt her hair pulled and she knelt then stood up as the Cop brought her to his game.
The maniac was rummaging in a corner and turned and approached the sexy teacher. In his hand was a harness and cock device.

The cop and deviant ape hooked the belt and straps on to her pulling the harness creating a tall bronzed goddess with a curved horn shaped cock. Natasha hand touched the pointed head as they tighten it fully to her groin. The thing was ivory white and smooth; the base much fatter than the tip. The maniac greased the horn pulling Natasha waists as he tugged at it.

“Put it up her ass,” he demanded helping her closer to the strung up Bianca. Natasha was still in her heels and therefore was perfectly level with the girl’s ass. She eased upwards dirty hands angling the tip until she could push inwards.

On the floor Michelle was wriggling her metal brassiere thrusting up. Ma had tied the gimp girls arms behind her back and then both her knees together. She finished by roping her clenched ankles pulling the rope around Michelle’s neck so that she was trussed knees to belly, feet to chin, ass exposed.

Ma had uncorked her sexy plaything; both neon pink plugs on the floor. Now the cheerleader groaned and gargled through her o-ring as Ma pushed a pair of wooden skittles into her holes. The things were like small bowling pins too wide at the base to be possible to penetrate, but they tapered then grew again to bulbous head. These heads were already inside her ass and pussy. Now Ma wanted more and she was tapping on the flat bases of the pin phalluses with a mallet.

The evil woman had removed Michelle’s blindfold and now the sweet confident beauty had a grandstand view of her own upturned ass and pussy penetration. Michelle in this trussed position could do nothing but watch in awe as Ma hammered the big wooden cocks deeper and deeper.

The gimped cheerleader still gagged couldn’t scream, but Bianca could. The horn was thrusting in and out of her ass Miss Sims hip in a continuous pelvis thrust. The ivory cone slurped and dived up the young fillies’ anus making her teeter on tip toe her back arched to keep balance; big bazookas pointing out. Her red head teacher had her talon fingers on the model waist of her student trying to hold her steady.

Bianca was grunting and cussing but what could Natasha do. Rather she took care impaling her with this awful horn than let a crazy ram it home. She glanced down towards Michelle their eyes meeting the young girl expression one of bewilderment Ma slowly tapping the wooden pins like she was fixing tent pegs.

The cop was nodding in satisfaction his red head teacher doing a good job. Miss Sims closed her eyes hearing the yelp feeling her tummy press against Bianca’s spine the ivory cock going higher and higher into her rear. She could feel the smack of big family cocks on her thighs the cop and maniac close by. She felt the cop’s bell end snake down the crack of her ass and then suddenly push her sphincter. He wanted in!

At the same time the maniac stood in front of Bianca and waved his penetrator. She understood his demands and opened her legs wider allowing him to push up into her pussy. The girl felt his monster open her up and then fill her completely. Her groin pressed down onto the base of his cock and then she felt relief as it slightly lifted her body stopping the need to struggle on tip toes.

Natasha felt Bianca become light as she floated on the Maniacs dick. Then the stinking man mountain pulled back and Bianca dropped; the collar tugging the teen coughing. Then he pushed in again lifting; then withdrew dropping. Her heels began to tap on the tile floor. The teen was grunting from thrust and neck tug as suddenly Natasha’s ass felt a thrust and filling sensation as the cop found his entrance. She too was momentarily lifted off her feet the horn ramming deep up her young student.

“Time for us to pick up the pace,” grunted the cop and both himself and the maniac began to fuck the women with abandon.

Natasha and Bianca groaned and gasped, but it was Sophie who now filled the air with insane lament. Her tits were crimson the hoops gripping with vengeance on her boobs. The geek had her on her back thundering in her pussy letting off slurping and slapping noises as her juices flowed. She hammered down on his back with her hands her head thrashing her breath becoming laboured.

She bit into his flesh with her claws the geek pressing his blubbery lips onto her cherry ones. She was climaxing her walls tightening her hips pushing up. She felt the geek suddenly explode inside her hole filling her with thick baby making come. Her head flew back and she screamed in anguish and exhilaration her tits wanting to burst her pussy feeling like it would.

On the floor Michelle was bucking to no avail, Ma banging on the wooden bases slowly impossibly nudging the things deeper and deeper. The vibrations of each hit were driving Michelle crazy and she was nearing climax. The constant thud of mallet the constant pushing as the heads went deeper. Michelle felt her clit swollen the shock of each whack like an electric shock over and over and… “oooooooooooH!”

She felt her ass try to squeeze out its big invader her pussy on fire gripping the pin like she was performing so type of internal Chinese wrist burn; wringing the wood like you would a wet towel making her blacked out world danced with kaleidoscopic colours of delirium. The sensation was liberating and Ma could see the young girls tongue stabbing through the o-ring as she gained a moment of numbing pleasure from her constant hell.

At the fuck tree Bianca and Natasha were hammered fuck dolls. The teacher had stopped thrusting herself letting her anal invader ram her body and horn cock up against Bianca. The teen was limp held up only by Miss Sim’s grip, the tugging neck collar and the lifting power of the maniacs cock.

Natasha feared they would fuck her student to death and held onto her hips for dear life the cop a cascade of sweat as his big bellied body hammered away up her burning ass. He was stabbing so fast he imagined steam hissing from her furnace like hole ring; his cock like a inquisitionist hot poker of torture up in her gut.

The cop reached up to the rope loosening the knot and suddenly Bianca felt heavy her knees giving way the babe falling in a crumpled mess; the horn sliding from her the maniac’s rod doing the same.

The pig man stepped over the girl without a second thought as Natasha thrust her horn aggressively back at him. But it wasn’t her doing; the cop in her was firing off giving an almighty roar. He reached around gripping the horn like a hand rail pushing her ass back onto him his pelvis jacking with machine power Miss Sim’s legs buckling her mouth open’ tongue out as if to retch. His semen oozed like warm toothpaste inside her until his balls felt like shrivelled prunes.

The cop pulled exhausted from Natasha’s ass his long snake dripping slime the woman a shimmering mess of sweat. The students were great but this 30’s something babe was something else he thought to himself his lips dripping saliva like a drunken fool.

Pa was in the rocking chair “old faithful” hard again, the two geeks were wiping sweat from their awful bodies their cocks limp and still dripping come remnants. Ma was now messing with the strange metal syringe and on the floor were Natasha’s three students all bedraggled exhausted and fucked to the limit. Sophie groaned her tits still not free her hands kneading the dirt. Bianca was unconscious a heap of perfect limbs and flowing dirty blonde mane. Michelle was still trussed on her side wooden cock not ejected snorting and panting with exhaustion like the little pony had just run the Kentucky derby.

Miss Sims was stripped of her ivory cock and made to stand in front of her master.

Pa looked up at his prize bitch. So confident earlier, refined and elegant, intelligent too; she had all the attributes. The crazies closed in around her and she was suddenly aware she was the only girl still playing.

Hands pushed her head down the Pa telling her to bend over his chair. She raised her ass heels still on the floor her tummy pressing on his cock, one hand feeling her tits another hand pressing her back down onto him as he remained in the rocking chair.

She gave a groan as the silver speculum pushed into her anus, all the way in cold and unyielding. She’d seen what it could do and gripped the chair as the wheel began to spin opening her tight chute bit by bit. Her pussy was then stuffed full of cock’ the big hands of the maniac and his awful stench leering over her. He was pumping hard making her grunt the speculum and cock turning her inside crazy.

She groaned and gasped as the maniac took his mare. His come was by far the strongest and he knew his would impregnate her for sure. The tall blonde teen had milked him to full erection now his spunk hole wanted to shoot. This teachers pussy felt tight considering the wall screwing it had received and he was satisfied her lips would clench close as he withdrew holding his load deep inside.

The speculum had opened her to a dark tunnel entrance her tanned ass like two toasted buns around it. The family could look down into her deep dark hole as her rear bucked from the maniacs pounding. Natasha’s long fingers reached back in panic feeling the metal wings she gave a loud moan as her finger crossed over the wide chasm that was her anal entrance.

Natasha felt the maniac hands grip tighter his cock more slippery as he lubricated her chute. Pa had his fingers inside her ass rubbing her open hole and now Ma was waving a strange device in front of her face. It was the long stainless steel syringe from her enema games. It had a big plunger handle the tip a tapered nozzle and now she could get a closer look at it.

The end dripped white fluid and Miss Sims realised it was some sort of pig or cow inseminator. A dirty great steel syringe for injecting come; horse come in this instant.

Ma giggled; “you’d better get used to it; we’re not planning on feeding you girls much else.”

She shook her head as the tip pressed into her mouth pushing her tongue down. The cylinder was large and she knew she couldn’t swallow all this. Hell they must have been storing it up somehow no animal could let off that much. The tip began to spit animal seed as Ma gently pressed down Miss’s eyes ablaze her face one of refusal but unable to stop the dirty spunk filling her mouth.

The maniac cocks was a blurring thrusting piston now and as he erupted she felt his juices like yet another syringe squirting direct onto her cervix; her insides filling rapidly at both ends of her body. She coughed at his ejaculation the horse seed spewing from her mouth the maniac pulling his spent log from her watching her pussy lips shut tight with his precious load.

The crazies grabbed her hair making her stand and then straddle the rocking chair. Pas cock pointed straight up and Natasha eased her slime filled snatch onto his rod. The come spewed out around it and she felt his rod packing the rest deep up inside her. She began to ride the old fuck; hands free tits thrusting forward her lips still covered in pony spunk. Her ass remained mechanically open in full view of her slumped students, all still dazed and half unconscious.

“It’s feeding time.” Pa shouted; the three girls not responding.” Come and get it.”

Pa grinned at his bouncing beauty slapping her ass as he spoke.

“Like Ma said animal come is all you honeys are going to eat from now on and if your girls want it, well there’s only one place they can feed.”

Natasha shook her head, Pa nodding as she realised what he meant. They’d have to place their hot lips on their teacher sphincter each night while she expulsed their supper.

Miss Sims didn’t care anymore. She didn’t notice his hands all over her or the other crazies touching her anal rim then slowly removing her ass spreader. She looked straight ahead at the wall her nose sensing the old bastard’s breath, her eyes fixed on more obscene tools and devices that would no doubt be used for future games. She was slowly clinically been stripped of all that she valued; her position, her confidence, her dominance and dignity where all in shreds. She sensed the girls below and behind, a heap of spent nubile bodies no longer her students; but instead her partners in this insane bottomless pit.

She only gasped slightly as the inseminator was punched up her anus the plunger pressed hard her bowels filling like a second bladder with runny whores’ food. The old pa was grunting in satisfaction, he was about to spray up inside her. The girls were below her ass, moaning dazed and confused and they spluttered and coughed in surprise as the cop, maniac and two geeks showered them with pent up piss.

Natasha paid little heed to the girls golden shower and as the Pa filled her with his prize seed her exhausted anus began spitting then vomiting a copious amount of animal semen; like a popping champagne bottle over the entwined heavenly bodies of her sprawled, pissed on and fucked senseless students.


Back in the present the sheriff men where collecting the crazies into an ordered row of bodies. The news had reached him that Sandy Michaels wasn’t in the house and had apparently been killed trying to escape on that first night. He turned to look at the solemn couple waiting by his car. He gave them a nod as he approached.

The young trucker gripped his hat his pregnant wife next to him looking equally dumb and bemused.

The law man looked at them both without a hint of a smile.

“You did the right thing,” he said; the couple shifting their feet heads down.

The trucker mumbled and sniffled. ”They were my cousins sheriff you know that, but when I suspected well I couldn’t just ignore it. It wouldn’t have been right.”

The sheriff panted him on the shoulder as he walked past. “You did good son, we’re all real proud of you.” And then he headed to his car. He turned adding. “You get home now; then come to the station tomorrow so we can wrap this up.”

As he pulled away he wound his window down speaking to the trucker’s wife. “Just your husband; no need to trouble yourself miss.” Then looking at her bump he added. ”How far gone are you.”

The bucked tooth woman smiled proudly,” oh just over three months.”

For the first time that day the sheriff gave the slightest of pained smiles as he nodded then drove away. He looked in his mirror as dust billowed around the two unlikely public servants. There was something he’d recalled hearing a year back that was beginning to form a link in his head. He punched a number on his phone that he knew well.

“Hi, put me through to medical records,” he said to the hospital receptionist,” fertility dept.”

Minutes later the Sheriff hit his breaks his car twisting on the dusty road. His wheels spun as his car desperately gripped the surface the head cop hollering on his radio and he sped off to a new destination. He wanted everyone to meet him there in fifteen minutes. And when he said everyone he meant everyone.

The hillbilly couple drove home listening to country and western neither speaking. It had to be done, their family had been getting more and more irrational. How could they explain away four new babies to an old Ma and a crippled grandpa? The trucker had never been back after that first night, well certainly not to that obscene pleasure cellar. He knew they’d told the women that Sandy was dead to keep them more compliant and after so many months of fucking he doubted they could remember anything anyway.

He’d always been the smartest one and well they were his family but this was his wife. He couldn’t have anyone ruining his plan.

As they entered their timber shack the building squatting in deep thick woodland, his wife pulled the cushion from under her dress flinging it on the rotten soiled settee.

“I’m gonna need to bigger one of those soon,” she said in a matter of fact way.

The trucker wiped his brow it was a hot day and from the corrugated barn on the side of his house he could hear the chug of machinery. As his wife busied herself with supper he opened his back door into a humid courtyard. The metal shed door was padlocked close and he fumbled with the rusty lock. Eventually he opened the door just enough to enter before pulling it tight close again.

Inside the steel oven the temperature was in the hundreds, the noise of machinery louder a compressor rattling pipes flexing. He tapped the two jam jar size canisters the milky contents swishing around. He followed the pipes as they snaked down to his little sow.

Sandy was on all fours shackled to metal railing her body in a leather harness allowing her pregnant belly to rock slightly her knees able to relax from not holding all her weight. She couldn’t speak a gag in her mouth which was not permitted to be removed. She also couldn’t see pads over her eyes a bandage holding them in place. The suction cups were pressed firmly onto her swollen nipples. As normal she’d been milked all day and the couple knew the more she was milked the more her body would produce. Another few months and each tit would fill a jar each day.

In the kitchen the wife hummed to herself and she cut vegetables. She blotted out the thoughts of her man and the fun he’d had mating with that blonde witch. He visited her less now her belly was growing; but after the birth she’d have to go. Means must but that little bitch wouldn’t be replacing her forever.

Unexpectedly there was a tap at the door. She didn’t think anything of it. She had many visitors around while her brood mare had wriggled, gagged and desensitised thirty feet away.
As she reached the door she paused almost caught out. Shaking her head in annoyance she grabbed the pillow stuffing it under her blouse; then opened the door looking out with an innocent straight-laced face.

The blood emptied from her skin, her ash features now as pale as her blonde captive. The insanity of her actions suddenly focused with awful clarity.

The sound of police radios filled the air as in front of her the stone faces of the sheriff and ten heavily armed deputies looked back.



I hope those that stuck with it enjoyed the final conclusion. This has been great fun to write but I’m glad it’s over. Thanks for all your support on this story and a special mention to Curley who dreamt up those five amazing babes. Finc

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In fact you could get a whole new chapter out of it. The wife had ideas of the girl being gotten rid of but the tables could turn

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