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Need a man who can make my blood boil,
who's not all sweet,
I wanna feel wet,
when he presses his lips agents mine,
you know what I wanna get.

Candle lite dinner for two,
but when were though,
i wanna get it on with you.

I wanna man who will get me moist and wet,
someone who will make me moan,
I wanna scream YES.

your always on my mind,
forget the Corny line.

Once I get my hands on you,
I'm never gunna let you go,
I love you so,
sex machine.

I wanna feel your silky body,
rub you up and down,
in the hottub,
sipping cocoa from the same mug,
I ain't gunna let you go,
my sex machine.

You know just what to say,
all the right places to go.

My heart starts to beat,
moan your name,
scream it out when we play that game.

See you lying there asleep,
stretched out on the sheets,
never gunna let you go,
sex machine

Dick SakReport

2009-07-18 00:40:42

Big DickReport

2008-11-02 15:52:08
you fuckin suck. go take a poetry class or something. you aint gonna get a guy sayin that shit


2007-01-21 21:06:11
I am a blood boiler
not a lust spoiler
I've got the machinery
you'll be my creamery

don't resist the urge to react
feel the lust, you know it's a fact
that heat from your center sting
my pulsing gear unrelenting

can't let me go if you wanted
ghosts of your passions haunted
push me away if you need to
your urge to have me is within you

and I find it with lips and tongue
wont stop 'til I say we're done
you'll be exhausted from only foreplay
I'll make sure it lasts almost all day

so put your hands up
put your hands down
I'll take you freely
or I'll take you bound

either way you are mine
so hollow all your denying
why resist when it's pleasure awaiting
I grow tired of all of your baiting

twisted in an orgasmic wave
it's only yourself that you save



2006-06-07 07:35:24
I like to see stories that are serious,
But some posted just make me furious,
They make me so mad,
Because they are bad,
That's what I get for being to curious.



2006-05-29 20:15:08
but tepara, can i bet that man?

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