a need, a fantasy, that keeps growing.
Sometimes it’s just a need, a scent maybe. The words slid through her mind as she dressed. Smoothing the black nylons along her leg, as she snapped them into the garters, her fingertips siding over the silky wetness of her swollen cunt lips, bringing them to her nose, the scent musky. The texture, slick. Tasting all of this as she sucked her fingers clean. Stepping into the wickedly high heels, the little strap that buckled . Watching herself as she prepared to go out. Breasts straining over the too tiny bra as she leaned forward to finish her makeup. The perfume was smoothed along her inner thighs, between her breasts. Turning and checking out her bare ass. Dabbing the perfume at the top of the crack of her ass. As the short skirt is pulled in place, the tiny clinging sweater pulled over her head. A thought crosses her mind. Would he be able to smell the slut in her?

The cold vinyl of the taxi seat on her ass, she saw the cabdriver looking at her legs, and meeting his eyes in the mirror, she uncrossed her legs, the soft shaved lips of her mons teased His eyes. Long nails sliding along her inner thighs, she did what she had just done not a few minutes before. Delicate fingers sliding over the swollen flesh, parting the lips, dipping her finger over the shiney sweet pink lips. Looking up at him in the rearview mirror, she brought her fingers up and suckled her wetness from them. As they arrived at the bar, she felt good. Hot, sexy , hungry and she wondered if it showed. She stepped out of the cab and into the night.

She walked in the bar, feeling all eyes on her, and wanted to laugh. She didn't actually know Him. Had never even seen a picture of Him . Taking a seat at the bar, one long leg sliding over another as her heel caught the bottom of the rung. She waited. Approached again and again, she turned away the advances. Then suddenly her head lifted. Like a predator, catching the scent of prey. He approached. She knew as their eyes met. He took the barstool next to her, swung to face her, his foot slid to the bottom of her bar stool and unhooked her crossed leg. His voice low among so many in the now crowded bar, two words were spoken. "Show me.” Her heart kicked, her belly dropped and her cunt creamed, as she uncrossed her legs slowly, nylon sliding over nylon, as her bare cunt peeked at Him from beneath the skirt. He ordered a drink seeming not to play attention, and nodded once "Good girl."

Rising, he offered her his arm as the waitress came to tell Him the table was ready. He watched her slide in, his eyes took in everything. He moved in behind her, he spoke quietly, "around your waist.” Her eyes flew to His. She pulled the skirt up feeling the cold vinyl beneath her ass, but as she moved to sit, she gasped, LOUD. His hand was beneath her as she sat down, two fingers spearing into her cunt. He leaned close and whispered hotly against her ear, his fingers roughly shoved deeper into her, almost bringing her off the seat. His blunt fingers imprisoned a nipple through her sweater and twisted and tugged. His breath hot, "slut," He murmured. Her hips almost lifting off the seat as she creamed into His hand.

They were in a crowded place, her eyes lifted, face flushed as she looked about hoping no one was looking. Or was she. He chuckled deeply into her ear, sipped His drink, and shoved a third finger deep. He whispered, " fuck me little slut . . . show me how much you wish it were my cock". She whimpered, her hips moved, her cunt muscles tightened. And still he was calm, cool and collected. His thumb nail suddenly flicked her clit. Pressed into it almost cutting her as she worked herself wantonly on His fingers. Just when she was ready to cum, that hand was gone. Patting her thigh, He asked her if she felt okay, that she looked a bit feverish.

To be Cont'd
Her eyes were wild, she reached up to brush the hair from her face, it trembled visibly,. He took her hand pressed a kiss into the palm and then drug it under the table, to place it on His cock, throbbing hard and thick. She whimpered and looked at Him with pleading eyes. He kissed the tip of her nose, leaned in and whispered, "lift up.” His hand sliding down her back, curving over and under her ass, his fingers sliding again into her aching cunt. He moved close again, whispered, "I’m going to fuck you here. Driving two fingers deep inside the wet throbbing center of her. Then trailing them out and back, the wetness teased around the tight ring of her ass. His voice rough, “and here.” Slowly pressing the tip of one finger against her asshole. "Take me inside,” He said as He bit into her shoulder and pressed against the tight ring. "Ahhhhhhhhh," her voice broke as His finger slipped deep inside her ass . “Take more," He whispered viciously against her ear. “Fuck it, show me you want me to fill your ass with cock, my little slut."

Tears filled her eyes. Not tears of pain, not tear of indignance. For this is what she came for. This is what she ached for. To feel. To be made to feel, to know the purest of pleasures. The pleasure of feeling without guilt, without remorse. But still it scared her. This need. It threatened to overtake her. She took a slow deep breath and pushed herself deeper onto the hard male finger,. Thick and broad, He didn't move. He didn't take. She knew in that moment that it would be all about her giving into and acknowledging what He already knew. He was demanding she embrace the slut she hid thought she hid so well.

She bit into her lip, the wetness from her hungry cunt now slipping down between her ass cheeks. Her hand suddenly felt the hard cock pulsing within it. She stroked it through His pants, as she slowly, experimentally leaned back against the booth. The finger still buried deep inside her ass, she moved her hips slowly. She moved forward then upward, feet braced on the floor. God she wanted, needed and she felt it so deep inside. The moving of her hips caused a deeper penetration in her ass, and she leaned toward Him. Her fingers stroking Him. Her nails dragging along the shaft, slipping between His legs cupping the heavy sac.

She was right there. The movements of her hip, the cool air teasing her hot needy flesh, she could cum, she knew it, was right there. She worked the muscles deep inside her cunt, tightening them and rocking forward and back on the finger so deep inside her. She turned into Him, trembling as she felt her whole body tighten, strain for the release and she pressed against Him. To anyone looking she was snuggling. But, he knew,. Knew she was close. He could feel the tightening, the subtle movements, and as she leaned into Him He said, in only one word, "No." She didn't want to listen, didn't care. She moved again, tightened again. But she had forgotten He could feel that too, could feel her body tightening.

A tsking sound was what she heard next. She didn't understand it at first, too lost in the orgasm that was right there. Begging to be released. She barely saw the movement of His hand. But damned if she didn't feel the ice. Right against her clit, tight to her cunt. Held there as His finger withdrew, as He pushed it deep inside her sweet cunt. He leaned down, His voice soft as He nuzzled her neck, "I said no.” He kissed her lightly, gently. Then smiled, touching her nose with His fingertip.

to be continued...


Her head dropped, she wanted to cum. It still hadn't left her as the ice melted and He seemed to be distracted by the people in the bar. Her eyes dropped to His hand as she heard the steady tapping of His fingers as the music came on. He looked at her and smiled, as if nothing had happened. He tugged on her hand gently, "come on lets dance." Moving from the booth, waiting patiently, holding out His hand to her.
He watched, with an amused chuckle as she tried to right her skirt, to slide along the vinyl seat. Then He turned, taking her hand in His and led her to the dance floor as a slow song came on. He moved into the crowd of people and drew her into His arms.

His strong thigh slid between hers. His one hand ran down over her hip, then lower. His fingertips teasing over the rounded curve of her ass. Taking her other hand in his, curling it up between them. And for all the innocent look of it. He actually used. His fingers to trap a nipple. Stroking, tugging, feeling it tighten.. As He pulled her hips close so that His cock pressed against her. She trembled , looked up at Him. He smiled softly , "soon baby soon, Aren’t You enjoying Yourself?” As His fingers slid along the crack of her ass through the skirt, tormented her as He slowly began to tug it higher. She felt the air kiss the rounded curves of her ass and she looked up into His eyes. “please . . . “

She leaned into Him. feeling His strength. Hating that He seemed uneffected. It somehow made her angry, needing Him to feel this incredible ache as well. She pressed closer, her hips now moving with the sensual ease of a woman under control. Teasing brushes of her hip against His cock, her warm breath in His ear, nails dragging a hungry trail down His shoulder. She closed her eyes and moved with Him. They may as well have been alone, for all she noticed. But He noticed, the envious eyes, and His eyes twinkled as she tried to turn the tables.

He took her hands, casually slid them up and over His shoulders, as His hold shifted. As He allowed her the full press of His body. He could almost see the smile of accomplishment as she thought she had turned the tables. He felt her sudden shock, as He let her know, showed her, exactly Who was the One with control. For the moment she moved in, pressed and tried to lure. His rough thick fingers slid just beneath that tiny sweater, along the curve of her back, and traced the silky flesh suddenly bared. Felt her reaction, He leaned back and smiled, kissing the tip of her nose. AGAIN..

His hands slid against the soft skin of her back, slowly up her side, cupping her breast as He pulled her closer. Leaning close He whispered into her ear, "come closer baby.” H e smiles into her hair, feeling the shiver that runs through her, just as His fingerips close on her nipple. Tugging it, torturing it, His other hand slid down her ass and pushed her against His hard cock. She melted, the only word for it.. Her back arched, she ground her hips against Him. His hand slid around her neck, His thumb stroked the pulse there, tipped her head back. And as His lips hovered over hers, as His eyes met hers, He took one step back, pinning her to the wall behind her.

His mouth swept over hers, tongue pressing through, His thigh slid between hers. His hands moved to the wall behind Him, imprisoning Her, shielding Her from the eyes of those so close by dancing and drinking. Her hands still around His neck, she tipped her head back to look into His eyes, He stared back into her own, and nodded once. He felt her tremble, felt her eyes slowly move over Him. He dropped His head, forehead leaning against hers and watched her hands slowly move down from His shoulders. She heard the intake of His breathe, as she touched Him...slowly at first.

Part IV

Her hands trembled, as she felt the strong and hard body beneath her hands. For the longest time all she could do was feel the beat of His heart. Now that she had the chance, she didn't know what to do. If she could have, she would have laughed, but all that passed her lips was a strangled sob as tears threatened to spill from her eyes. She lifted her eyes to His, praying somehow He would understand what she herself didn't. Hoped He could read the confusion, the frustration and anger that held her trembling within the cocoon of His arms. She wanted to touch Him, needed to, but she didn't know how...

He watched her quietly, catching every change of expression, every attempt, and every hesitation. And the light in His eyes warmed, the smile that He gave her, took her breathe away. Without another word, He tipped His head, kissed her cheek and murmured softly into her hair. "Let's Go". And He gave her a choice, He held out His hand, offering it to her, so she choose. In that moment, as her slender fingers slid across His, He smiled, nodded once, and turned. Collecting her bag from the booth. Her hand tucked into His. They stepped outside, into the sleepiness of the night.

His car was parked just up the street, and they walked silently. He let go of her hand, and slid His arm around her waist. His voice deep and husky poured over her as He leaned to whisper. "You look good enough to eat". And she laughed startled by the comment. He unlocked the door, held it open for her as she slipped inside. She looked up, wondering why He hadn't shut the door to find Him admiring her legs, as the skirt rode up, offering a glimpse of a satin garter. He met her eyes and then the door shut.

As He moved around the back of the car, her doubts creeped in. As He slid behind the wheel and started the car, as the car pulled out into traffic, the thoughts chased themselves around her head. "Now What" she wondered. The need to know He was pleased, the need to touch Him came back in full force. She found herself sliding across the seat, moving close to Him, one long nailed hand slid along His thigh. He cocked His eyebrow and grinned. Turning His head and giving her a nod. He reached down, and the seat slowly reclined.

There weren't many people on the Highway this time of night. Mostly truckers, as He watched her. Felt her fingers slide along His inner thigh, felt her twist in the seat as His belt was released, the button of His pants... When she began to tug on the zipper. He slid a hand through her hair, looked into her eyes. "Use Your Teeth, no hands". Her eyes flared, as she moved onto the seat, legs curled under her, ass facing the passenger window, her mouth brushed against the material. His cock strained and He reached out to push the long hair from her face so He could see her, as He set the car on cruise control.

He felt the warmth of her breath as she found the tab of her zipper. His stomach muscles tightened, and He slid one hand down over her back, moving over the curve of her ass, He slowly pulled the short skirt up. With the zipper free, she reached out and dragged His cock free, He felt her hand curl and tighten around Him. ((((SLAP))) the sound cracked in the car and she cried out as His hand landed on her bare assflesh. She looked up in confusion, as His hand slid over the flesh just spanked. He smiled, "Use Your Mouth, no Hands".

She nodded, and her head sank down between His legs again, He lifted up and pushed the pants and underwear down to His thighs. As He did his cock brushed her lips. He spoke softly. " it, need it, taste Me how much You really want it" The car flew down the highway, He leaned back, looking in the mirrors as it drove itself at a sedate 55 mph. He watched her in between, felt the warmth of her mouth as she tipped her head to the side and her wet lips slid slowly along the underside, smiling at her, as she came over the top. Not moving His hips, He let her have her way, stretching His legs or shifting His position as she took her time.

To be continued...


With the car on cruise control, and the highway deserted, He let her have her way. Encouraging her with soft sounds, quiet words. His hand slid down her spine and under, tugging at the sweater until the scooped neck was beneath her bare breasts and they spilled out into his hand. He wasn't gentle, his fingers curling around the full titflesh, pulling it down, weighing it in his palm as he heard her groan around his cock.

"You like that cock don't you? You are doing such a good job, now take it deeper!"

As he said this his fingertips captured a nipple, tugging it at first, rolling it gently between his fingertips. As his cock went deeper, one hand slid to the back of her head and he jerked his hips upward, grinning to himself as he saw her whole body jerk as she gagged on his thick meat. Just then lights began to flash, she couldn't see them yet but he could and looking at the clock on the dash, he thought to himself, right on time. He turned into a rest stop that was pretty much deserted, still not having told her they were being pulled over. When he parked the car, she started to lift away from his cock but a hard swat on her bare ass was enough to keep her busy.

His hand slid down her back, over her skirt, fingers dragging over her bare ass, the tips of his fingers teasing over the tight rounded curve before pressing lower to curl around her cunt from behind. His voice when it came, was low but unconcerned, "we are being pulled over baby," his hand tangling back into her hair, his voice soft, "No don't get up, keep doing what you are doing, but arch your back, spread your kneEs, show him your pretty cunt and ass and i'm sure we can work something out." Just then the flashlight shone in the car and the officer spoke.

"Hands where I can see them Sir."

He put his hands on the steering wheel, and looked up at the officer, and grinned. Seeing the expression on His face when he saw the woman with her head in his lap her bare ass up high in the air, her hands almost behind her back. Even as the officer looked on, the mans hips arched upward, fucking her mouth, watching her body tighten. He spoke only as two males can to one another, "Good evening Officer, what seems to be the problem?" The flashlight was bright in the darkened car, he felt her begin to lose focus just as the cop asked for drivers license and insurance.

At this point he said to her, "babe you need to get up and get my wallet out of my pants."

When she lifted her head her hair a dark tangle of silk around her, the lipstick almost gone from her lips except a small smear near the corner, her dark eyes not comprehending really, she understood what had happened, but she was already in the zone, and she didn't want to come out of it. Pushing up to kneel, her breasts spilled out over the cups of her bra, over the top of the sweater that he had pulled down, her short skirt around her hips the darkness between her legs almost revealed as she reached down and pulled the wallet from the pants at his ankles. As she looked into His eyes, she felt suddenly stripped, bared, beautiful and needier then she had ever been. A soft sound escaped and she was moving forward again, wanting to taste him again on her lips, wanting to be filled with his scent.

It was then the cop spoke again, she had almost forgot him. "Miss I need your I.D. as well."

She looked up startled and repeated him, "I.D.?"

"Yes Ma'am your I.D. please."

"I don't have any I.D. with me officer."

He gave her an assessing look as if he suddenly wondered if she were a prostitute. Handing back the drivers license to the man, he turned to speak with him.

"Did you have to pay for that?" a movement of his head indicating the girl. It was all planned more or less, the driver knew the cop and as there eyes met he turned to look at her. "yeah but shes worth every penny." He reached out then and patted her thigh.

The look on her face comical, she was stunned. "Please."

Somehow the word slipped from her lips, as she tried to pull the skirt down. But even to her, she wasn't sure if it was a please don't or please don't stop.

The Officer cocked an eyebrow voicing the same thing. "Please What?" and with a bit of a smirk continued, "Step out of the car Ma'am."

The officer moved around the car and pulled open the passenger door, before she had time to comply. He was treated to the sight of long legs encased in stockings, hooker heels and framed by the bunched up skirt, a sweet rounded ass and the pouting poke of her cunt lips. She looked to her date and again was confused when he winked at her. But it didn't have time to register as she felt the sudden (((SLap))) of the leather gloved hand land on her right ass cheek, before she had time to cry out another ((Slap)) landed and she heard His voice sounding angry.

"Step out of the car Ma'am."

She stretched one long leg out first, the heel finding the rough concrete and then the other joining it. He reached out and tangled his hand in her hair, pulling her out of the car.

"press your hands to the hood Ma'am and spread'em."

She started to turn around when she felt something long, hard and cold against her inner thigh, then felt her feet kicked apart wide, her neck pressed to the roof of her car. Breasts bared, the cold night air against her swollen sex and she felt herself begin to tremble. The night stick seemed to trail up her inner thigh, and then higher, sawing between the swollen lips of her cunt as she felt a nipple suddenly being bitten. Her body arched, so her breasts were offered and her ass tipped as if offering herself, and she was, the slickness of her cunt painted the night stick as she heard the cop behind her chuckle. Felt His body press fully against her almost naked one, the dig of his belt, the roughness of his trousers and the hardness of his cock grinding against her ass, she heard him say into her ear.

"What a needy little cunt you are."

The next sensation she felt was her cunt being spanked, before she was pulled back by her hair and the cop spoke again,
"I could take you in for prostitution, or we could work out your punishment right now. which will it be slut?"

She tried not to smile, the first thought in her head was, oh my. She could feel him pressed hard and strong behind her, she even heard the chuckle of her date, knowing he already knew what she was thinking. Arching, her ass pressing hard against his cock, her tits thrust outward she begged softly. 'Please."

The masculine chuckles filled her ears and she felt so embarrassed, it was one thing to have a fantasy such as this, another to admit it to yourself, but even harder, the admission and the plea to be used, to beg to be handled, used, taken. But she had done it and now her heart raced, if they said no, but part of her knew they wouldn't.

The driver grumbled, "my dick is getting cold."

The cop laughed and pushed her head down so she was inside and over the seat, her ass and feet still on the pavement. A fist in her hair and she was given the cock that had begun to get "cold." her dates voice. "Suck it slut." And she didn't need to be told twice. Lips parting, her hot wet spit sliding down over the crown and length of his cock soon followed by the softness of lush lips. The fist tightened, the hips lifted and she heard his sigh of pleasure, his murmur of "good girl."

to be continued


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Beautiful writing.


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