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Sister's art film features some familiar participants.
Moira had told me I wasn't allowed to borrow her computer since she used it for editing her 'important' art projects. Luckily she was not good with passwords, so she had to trust on her word being enough. Usually it was, since I had my own laptop anyway, but unfortunately this time I had forgotten to bring it with me.

I worked furiously on my essay for a while, but then I started getting comfortable with the feeling of getting it finished in time and my interests started drifting elsewhere.

I needed to relax a bit, but unfortunately Moira didn't care for games so there didn't seem to be any on the computer, apart from the standard solitaire and such, which weren't exciting enough. I found a folder with my sister's film school art movies. I don't know why I thought they would offer anything interesting, but I browsed through them anyway. She had shown most of them to us, so I thought she wouldn't mind. I soon realized I had indeed already seen all of them except one, which was titled "TTT.mpg". I clicked on that one.

A moody violin started playing from the speakers, and an artful appeared on the screen with the title: "Touching the Taboo" and underneath with smaller letters was shown a proud proclamation: "A Moira Shane film".

I knew I could get in trouble if Moira found out I had been using her computer and seen her new film before she presented it to us, but I didn't feel like continuing the essay yet, so I let the video keep on playing.

Soon the narration started with my sister's own voice: "My name is Moira Shane. As a documentarian I have often attempted to show life with all its ups and downs. But this time I, like all the great artists of our times, have set out to challenge our views instead." Moira's voice droned on. At least she claimed she had done something different this time. I had seen enough films of our family and her hobbies.

Then there was an artistic cut, and an older woman with a short and practical haircut appeared on the screen. It was mom. I wasn't very surprised to see her. I guess this was yet another film about our family, after all. I kept watching, though, intrigued by Moira's words of "challenging our views". What had she meant with that, if this was just like all her other films?

Mom spoke with the same tone she used when she taught kids at school as a teacher: "I am Nelly Shane, Moira's mother. I have great respect for my daughter's talents as an artist. While the topic of this movie might seem somewhat unusual, I understand her goals and as such I am honored to appear in this movie under her direction. Emotions, art, love... They are all connected. We have to occasionally try to express things in new ways, and my daughter wants to show them happening for the first time."

The picture changed again, and a perky 18-year old blonde appeared on the screen. Her face was much like mom's despite the different hair color. "Like, umm, hi! I'm Emmie Shane, and I'm Moira's little sister," she said and smiled and waved at the camera. "When I heard about this, at first I was like umm... but then I was like, if it's just with mom, then it's like okay."

The picture faded away and some artistic text appeared on the screen. It said just: "Emotions".

Then another picture appeared, a bedroom awash in romantic lighting. Moody classical music was playing silently in the background. A large double bed with white sheets was the centerpiece of the image. Mom and Emmie were in the room. They were just standing there.

The camera showed a close-up of both of their faces, detailing an interesting family portrait. Even though Emmie was a blonde and kept her hair long, and mom was a brunette and had short and practical mom hair, their faces were very similar and they had the same emerald green eyes. If Emmie had dyed her hair, she would have looked identical to a younger version of mom, although mom had a fuller figure all around.

Just when I thought I was beginning to wonder what Moira's film actually was all about, my mother and my little sister turned to face each other, slowly leaned closer, and then they kissed each other. On the lips. With tongue.

Well, you got me there, Moira. I certainly wasn't expecting that.

I was speechless as mom and Emmie started slowly undressing each other. Emmie unbuttoned mom's flowered dress, and mom did the same to her hip hugger jeans in return.

When only their underwear was left, they kissed again and reached behind each other's backs. I must have been hyperventilating and my heart was about to jump out of my chest as two pairs of bras fell on the floor.

Mom had pretty large breasts with big dark aureolas and long nipples which stood out from the middle of them. Between them rested a pretty angel necklace she had received as a Christmas present from the girls years ago. Emmie's breasts were small, perky and conical, and her nipples were pointy, pink and erect. My mother and little sister pushed their breasts together and then they kissed again, making sure the nipples touched and rubbed against each other. Mom caressed Emmie's tight cute ass with her hand and then slid her panties off. Moira's camera view circled her sister and showed all the sights up close.

Emmie's hands slid down mom's body and she lowered herself onto her knees, and looking mom in the eyes started taking her panties off. Mom's thick, dark bush came into view. It was very different from Emmie's own. Emmie leaned forward to give it a kiss and mom caressed her honey-colored tresses in return.

The beautiful image of a girl holding her mother's birth-giving hips and kissing the dark bush between her legs was a good moment to end this segment. The image slowly faded away and a text appeared on the screen: "A girl never forgets her first kiss."

After a short pause a new title came up on the screen saying "Feelings", and then the movie continued. Mom was now lying on the bed. Her head was resting on a pillow and her legs were wide open. The camera view didn't skim on details this time, either. I wanted to look away, but this was all too strangely captivating.

The view changed. Emmie was sitting on the edge of the bed, her gaze locked between mom's thighs. She nervously bit her lip and looked at mom, who raised herself on her elbows to look back at her daughter, who then slowly leaned down to give a shy kiss between her legs. Their gazes connected as Emmie kissed again burying her nose in her mother's hairy bush.

Emmie closed her eyes for a moment, and I saw her shifting her head a little as she was learning to play with her tongue. She glanced quickly and nervously at the camera, but mom drew her attention by gently caressing her cheek. The mother's and the daughter's similar big green eyes connected and they gazed at each other with tender adoration.

Moira made it certain everyone understood what was going on by interlacing in a close-up shot of a girl's pink lips pressed against her mother's dark and hairy vagina.

The smacking sounds of moist kisses had been captured very well on the soundtrack, as had the ones Emmie's tongue made when it slipped in and moved rapidly.

Emmie voiced a sound as she felt the new sensations of mom's vagina shivering and shuddering around her tongue. I could only imagine how warm it was and how mom's bush would feel against her nose.

The camera then concentrated on mom's face. She was breathing heavily and she was still looking Emmie in the eyes. Then mom's heavy breasts were shown in a close-up. They were heaving with her breaths, and the nipples were standing long and erect. Mom sighed and reached to caress Emmie's cheek and tousle her blonde locks in appreciation to show her she was doing fine.

Then came another close-up where Emmie's slimy tongue could be seen going in. Next her blonde head was shown from behind, bouncing between motherly and wide open thighs. The view moved to her perky breasts, showing how her nipples were erect as well.

Mom's face came on screen again. The picture zoomed to her rose-red lips opening and closing as she sighed. Her eyes turned to look directly at the camera and Moira behind it. Then they closed and her long lashes fluttered.

The camera showed mom's lower stomach becoming taut. Her hips shifted and she could be heard sighing deep. The picture was framed carefully. Mom's spread thighs were visible at the sides of the screen. A dark thicket of pubic hair could be seen below, and Emmie's big green eyes were at the center. They were blinking and shining with nervous excitement and anticipation, alternatively glancing at mom and then at Moira behind the camera.

Mom's whimpering could be heard from outside the screen and her thighs and hips jerked hard. Emmie's eyes widened and stared straight into the camera. Poor little thing must have been startled by her mother's powerful orgasm. But Emmie was a caring girl, as could be seen in the next close-up where a slithering tongue and a pulsating vagina were making wet sounds together and a twitch went through mom's thighs and buttocks.

The moment of climax was beautifully shot. It was cross-cut at perfect moments between all of the previously alternating views: Mom's pretty orgasm face with a deep red blush rising on her cheeks and deep whimpering sighs escaping from her sensually open red lips. Mom's big tits heaving with her heavy breathing, nipples standing tall in midst of large aureolas. A shudder going through wide open motherly thighs and a little blonde head moving between them. The slurping interplay of a girl's tongue and her mother's pulsating vagina. And finally a close-up of my sister's glimmering green eyes with her nose buried in her mother's thick dark bush as mom's thighs twitched and shuddered.

Emmie seemed to be a bit smitten, as a shy blush had risen to her own cheeks too, and she was intently staring at mom's reactions as her nose moved in thrusting motions in her thick pubic hair. She wanted to keep mom's orgasm lingering as long as possible.

Finally Emmie raised her head and smiled at mom. They whispered some nice words to each other, and Emmie bent down to give a few more warm kisses. Then she cuddled against mom, laying her head on mom's stomach as mom tousled her blonde hair with her fingers, and the picture slowly faded out.

The next sequence of the film started tastefully with yet another close-up between mom's legs. Soon, however, the camera changed focus to what was visible at a distance above mom's bush: it was a girl's cute ass which, seemed to be moving with the new more youthful electronic soundtrack which had now started playing. It was Emmie, of course, who was now sitting on mom's face.

The camera turned smoothly and showed Emmie brushing her angelic locks and biting her lip adorably as she looked down at mom. Then the view lingered and glided along her lithe body. Her breasts were even more perked out than usual, and the erect nipples were emphasizing their conical and not quite adult shapes.

Mom's eyes were closed in concentration as she was trying to help her young daughter to reach entirely new levels of emotional experience. It was hard to get close-ups in this position, but Moira had made sure the wet sounds of her mother's tongue playing inside her sister's tight pink teenage pussy could be heard vividly.

Mom seemed to be trying pretty hard. The expression on her face was serious. Because Emmie's pussy was all pink and cute and almost hairless, it was easy to see mom was trying to work on the clitoris, although her tongue often slipped in as well.

The longer Emmie rode on mom's tongue, the redder the blush which had appeared on her cheeks turned. Her fingers moved to her own erect nipples, touching and rubbing them in an attempt to help her mom.

The slurping sounds became quicker. Mom was doing all she could and moved her tongue rapidly until it tired and she had to take it slower again. Emmie sighed a little. It was hard, but mom was taking her there, slowly but surely. She knew from experience her mother was a brave woman, who never gave up.

The wet sounds became louder again as mom repeated her attempt with quick movements of her tongue. Emmie's big green eyes sparkled and blinked several times to indicate that mom had apparently found just the right way doing it and sliding her tongue deep enough so that everything felt just right.

The momentarily camera moved between mom's spread legs, showing her dark bush and vagina, and outside the camera's focus a tight little ass could again be seen grinding and moving on top of her face.

Adoration escaped from Emmie's lips in whimpering moans. Her hips twitched and jerked, and she was glowing with blush and sweat.

When the liberating moment finally came, the camera zoomed in on Emmie's face. Her cheeks were burning red, and she made loud whimpering moans as violent shudders went through her entire body. Suddenly her back arched and her blonde locks flew around as she was gasping for breath.

After the moment had passed, Emmie was still shivering like a tender willow in a breeze. Mom was trying to calm her down by gently caressing her ass and giving little kisses to her pretty pink pussy. When Emmie's breath finally started evening out, mom sat up and they kissed and hugged. Then it was time for the camera to fade out again.

Emmie and mom were now cuddling together on the bed. They kissed, their soft breasts pressing together. Emmie was on top. She raised herself a little so they could look each other in the eyes, and mom's hands moved to her perky breasts and started caressing them, her fingers rubbing the erect and tender nipples. Emmie played with mom's larger and softer mammaries as well, pushing them together and watching them jiggle.

Mom seemed to whisper something. Emmie nodded and momentarily moved away so she could shift her legs and raise herself a bit. She turned around and then leaned over so her face was between mom's thighs again. Mom held on to Emmie's hips and raised her head as Emmie lowered hers. Their cuddling continued in a sixty-nine position, but the kissing certainly did not stop.

Tongues came into play again. It's was perhaps harder in in this position, but Moira's camera showed closely how it was achieved, and sis's blonde and mom's brunette head started moving together. Their gentle hands caressed each other's hips and asses, holding them for support, and their sensitive breasts jiggled and touched against the other's body as it moved in unison with their own.

Muffled feminine whimpers combined with wet sounds filled the room as mother's and daughter's bodies moved together in quickening rhythmic harmony. It was very careful work; if one felt she was getting too close to a climax before the other, she had to express it so that the other could just kiss and cuddle while a quick and slippery tongue was working to balance the situation.

Emmie's blonde locks cascaded over mom's thighs as her head bobbed between them. Mom's own practical short hair did not get in the way. She was holding Emmie's tight ass for support as she had raised her head to a more upright position and it was moving in rapid thrusting motions. She was trying to give Emmie a bit different feeling this time, so she had to get her tongue deep.

The camera made sure to show the difference between Emmie's cute pink little pussy and mom's dark and hairy opening every time one or the other moved her head away to rest.

I didn't manage to move my eyes away from the screen for long enough to look at the time, but they must have been trying for half an hour until it finally looked like they were going to achieve a simultaneous result. Mother's and daughter's heads and hips were jerking quickly, and then suddenly powerful thigh-twitching waves went simultaneously through both of their bodies.

The moaning mother desperately kept thrusting her tongue into her daughter's shivering pink vagina. Emmie on the other hand did not sound entirely pleased about the warm juices which had squirted into her mouth when mom's thighs jerked.

Finally the mother's and the daughter's shared ended. They still kept hugging each other's sweaty bodies and trading tender kisses in the sweet and warm afterglow.

Then, sighing, mom let her head fall to the mattress, and turned to look at the camera with a tired look on her face. She still gently caressed her daughter's tight ass with her hand.

The camera glided along the two sweaty and feminine bodies to Emmie, who was resting her cheek against mom's thigh. She nervously bit her lip and glanced at the camera too, looking somewhat confused but all blushed up. Sixty-nining with mom must have given her an entirely new perspective on life and love.

Emmie kissed mom's warm bush again, and the picture faded away with a final title saying: "FIN."

I was feeling pretty sweaty and jittery myself, and vigorously thinking where I could find an USB stick so I could save this masterwork. Luckily I managed to find one.

I never told anyone I had seen this movie. Mom and sis didn't seem to act any differently in their daily lives, even though I paid close attention for a while afterwards. It must have been an one-off thing for Moira's film. They had been pretty good in it, I must say.

Moira later graduated from the film school with excellent grades. I know she submitted this film as her final work. I'm not surprised her professor liked it quite a bit.

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