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This is a brother/sister incest story, I put rape as a category because I falls into the category sort of, however the rape is kind of non traditional, and probably not what you think so if you were reading this to read rape, you may be disappointed.

My sister, Rachael, two years older than me, was always an over achiever, a brat, a suck up. She was the one who would bring home straight A’s and make my C average look bad. Not that our parents treated us unequally or anything, or loved either of us more so than the other, but you could tell they expected more out of her, and had high expectations.

She was very pretty, and I had no problem admitting that to anybody. She had similar features as me, dark eyes, dark hair, dimples in her cheeks whenever she smiled. She was about 5 foot 5, and wore the most up to date clothing, without going over the edge and looking like a slut bag. Her typical outfit was the ‘pre worn’ American Eagle jeans, a t shirt, or hoodie, and she always wore a choker type necklace, which looked very nice on her. Her hair would either be pulled up into a ‘ponytail’ type hair thing, or straight down to where it met her shoulders. Her breasts were the size of cantaloupes, they looked perky no matter what kind of shirt she was wearing, and they seemed like most of the girls in our school, not too big, not too small.

We got along for the most part of our young childhood, we had our fights but pretty much stayed out of each others hair.

When I started my first year in High school, she was a junior. She had already established her social image and was ‘popular’ among the student body, having many friends, the best looking boyfriends, intelligent as well as fun.

I on the other hand was quiet, I had my group of friends, but they were also the ‘quiet’ group of kids, interested in things like music and art. When people found out we were brother and sister, I wouldn’t say they were surprised but maybe found some humor in the fact that I hadn’t followed in her footsteps in the high school social food chain.

I stand at about 5 foot 10, and I personally think I am well built, not muscular but broad shouldered, flat belly…you get the drift. My clothing style was different than hers I guess. I went with whatever I had in my drawer, usually jeans and an old band tee shirt I would find at garage sales or Goodwill stores. I didn’t try to stick out and didn’t care much of what clothes I wore as long as it didn’t attract attention. My hair was longer, about earlobe length, and wavy dark brown. Which I usually just left alone, so little tufts of it would stick out.

It began one day after school. I was in my room, laying on my bed listening to the Beatles, lighting up my first cigarette after school, thinking about how shitty my day was.

I heard her car pull into the driveway as usual, the front door open, and close behind her. I heard her open the fridge to grab bottled water, like she did everyday, and heard her go into her room which was directly across the hall from mine. I didn’t think anything of it; it was what she always did and continued dragging on my cigarette.

I felt the familiar after school hard on begin, and unbuckling my belt and unbuttoning my pants…stuck my hand down, eager to jack off to Michelle White and her skimpy skirt she was wearing today in 8th period. I finished my cigarette, setting the ashtray on my nightstand and continued to pull my pants down. My cock grew to full length the second my pants were down, and without hesitation I went away on it.

As I continued stroking for about 15 minutes, I felt the feeling you get deep inside you when you know climax is soon. I sped up… and began gasping as I do when I get close. Not being able to control my breathing.

Let It Be was blaring away on my stereo. I didn’t here her come in. My eyes were closed and I was speeding up, and all I was concentrating on was my dick.

The next thing I knew I felt a body jump onto the bed space beside me. I almost shit myself at the surprise, thinking at first it was my golden retriever. But that that quickly changed within seconds as I opened my eyes and saw my half naked sister next to me.

She was wearing only her black lacy bra, and matching thong as she climbed on top of me.

My coming orgasm quickly went away when I first felt the jump on my bed, and my dick was only semi hard, just kind of limp in my hand as my older sister got on top of me.

I was speechless, and was about to ask what the hell she was doing when she, out of nowhere slapped me right in the face. I was awestruck, and made another attempt to say something over the loud music, but she again slapped me. As she slapped me this time, she stuck something in my mouth, muffling my words.

When I realized what she had just done, I tried lifting my arms up to grab hers and stop her from further slapping. But she put her knees on both of my arms, and I could not lift them for the life of me.

I was completely, and totally baffled. I thought I had gone insane, knowing this could not be happening. Here I was lying on my bed, my arms at my sides, being suppressed by the weight of my partially naked sister, who was kneeling on them, her body inches away from my dick...which had stayed at the same semi hard state. I tried spitting out the object in my mouth, which felt like a sock. But it had unraveled slightly in my mouth, making it impossible to spit out. I finally quit trying to get out of it, and laid there silently as she kept me in place.

“Now listen!” she said in a pissed off voice “You’re going to do what I tell you to do, and nothing else, don’t try to yell, or fight me, or you’ll regret it…I’ll tell Mom, Dad, the entire student body, everyone you tried raping me, before I kicked you in the nuts and got away.”

I had no idea what the hell was going on. I was still in shock, seeing this side of my sister I had no idea existed. What was she doing? Was she going to hurt me? Take pictures of me naked to humiliate me? Or possibly, Rape me?!

‘Rape’… I thought to myself, it turned me on (at that point in time, my close to naked sister on top of me hadn’t hit me as being sexy, and I was still limp from the shock and surprise). My dick got harder, despite me trying to control it. Hell if she wanted to do that she didn’t need to go to these great lengths…but why her choice of clothes…or lack there of if something sexual was not in her mind.

Rachael reached for something on my nightstand. I guess she set the two pairs of handcuffs there when she snuck up on me. I had never seen them before, and as she slapped them around my wrists, lifting her knee off of my arm one at a time and lifted them to my bedposts…I got extremely aroused.

Both my arms were handcuffed to each bedpost of my bed, leaving only my legs free. My dick was still hardening as this was all going on, and she smirked when she noticed it growing in width and in length.

She said…I’ll be back in a dominant, angry voice and came back bearing 2 more pairs of handcuffs. These handcuffs were different though, and the chains were about a foot and a half long on these ones.

‘Where the hell was this stuff all coming from?’ I though, never knowing she owned handcuffs, let alone four pairs.

She cuffed my ankles, and reached down under my bed cuffing the other ends onto the legs of my bed frame.

She got off me, and stood before me at the foot of my bed. I still had a pillow propped under my head, so I could see her standing at the end of my bed.

My dick was pretty much at full size now. She glared at me from her position at the end of my bed and muttered how much of a fuck up I was.

This didn’t hurt me, I was beginning to suspect this was some sort of game…knowing she couldn’t really be doing this in her right mind.

She reached behind her and unbuttoned her bra. I saw her tits for the first time in years as her black lacy bra fell to my floor. The sight of her beautiful, perky tits made my dick strain; I was ready for anything now…knowing what was going to happen. I almost shot thinking about what I was about to do to my sister, well what she was about to do to me to put it better.

She still had an unhappy look on her face, not seductive, not sly…it was unhappy, pissed off. Her brown eyes looked intimidating with her eyebrows slanting towards the center of her face above them. Her mouth looked cooled and angry, but it was extremely sexy.

She touched her boobs, making swirls on the skin, slowly moving her index fingertip closer and closer to her hard nipples.

I just watched, it was so hard for me to watch…and have my dick exposed in its full glory, and not be able to touch it…and make the experience even better.

“You like your big sisters tits?” she asked in a cynical way.
“You want to suck them? Nibble on em’? You wanna lick them and squeeze your sister’s tits? Huh? What do you say Nicky?”

She said this in a very cold tone, although a hint of seductive nice broke through here and there.

“Well…?” she said impatiently. I shook my head yes not knowing she had really expected a response for that question.

“Good…” She said and slipped off her black thong. Leaving one of the straps around her left ankle, she kicked it upwards so it landed on my mouth, covering up the sock that was shoved inside.

‘Good aim’ I thought, catching whiffs of the thong every time I inhaled.

I could see her bald pussy now. Or the beginnings of it at least. My eyes drifted from her perky tits, down...passing up her tanned belly button area, and continuing to her pubic area. Shaved smooth.

She kneeled between my spread, chained legs at the end of my bed. Inching her way towards my throbbing dick.

She finally reached my abdomen after what seemed like a lifetime of waiting. She lifted each knee up one at a time and straddled my abdomen underneath her. She was now in position, to where if she lowered herself any more than an inch, my dick would be inside of her.

She bent down to my face again, the expression on hers changing. From a look of submissive anger, came a look of caring, sexiness.

‘Wanna know what the inside of me feels like?’ she whispered into my ear. Touching the lobe of my ear with her lips ever so softly as she pulled away.

I shook my head yes, and again she said ‘good’, but this time in a softer, almost whisper like tone.

She was now on top of me, with her knees to either side of me, her pussy perfectly above my dick, and leaning over to my face, our eyes just inches apart. She lowered herself down onto my dick, very, very slowly. As I felt the tip of my dick hit her pussy lips, I realized she was soaked. After some difficulty getting my dick in her hole without any hands to guide it, she reached down and held my cock as it pushed inside of her cunt.

Her hand felt so good on it, and the feeling increased ten fold as I felt my older sister’s hot pussy slowly taking in my dick. Her walls expanded as my cock explored this new territory. She finally got me all the way in, letting out a gasp and our bodies now touched. Her pubic area rested on mine, her tits, I could feel pressing into my chest, and she had lowered her head so that it was beside mine, burying her face into my pillow. She lifted herself up again, then pushed herself back down.

She continued to fuck me, she put her hands on my arms which were outstretched above me, and ran the length of them with her small hands.

She passed right over the cold steel handcuff of each arm, and found my hand with hers. She clutched it, and I clutched back.

She was now on top of me, my dick inside her, holding my hand with her face buried next to my head in the pillow.

She lifted her body up again, and slammed back down, a lot harder this time. She did this for about five minutes, each time leaving his duck fully inside her for a few moments before rising again to restart the cycle. She never lifted her head from my pillow next to me, but I could hear her moaning into it.

I decided it would be okay if I started pumping into her with each down thrust she gave, making her sensations better. It was okay…since her moaning became louder and louder through my pillow.

She lifted her head up now, staring me in the eye again, her black thong was still resting on the sock on my face, and she grabbed it and threw it aside. She looked so sexy, the way her hair flipped down from the top of her head, resting on my forehead. I wished so bad that I wasn’t chained to my bed so that I could put my whole heart into fucking the shit out of her.

Out of nowhere she pulled herself off of me. I wanted to ask why she stopped, obviously couldn’t. She got up, walking out of the room non chalantly.

I didn’t know what had just happened, was she laving me here? Chained to my bed…leaving my cock here so close to the verge of cumming. How cruel could she be? I thought to myself. I was getting angrier and angrier as the minutes passed.

But the anger completely left me when she reappeared, walking into my room, carrying a bottle of St. Ives baby lotion. What did she have in mind? I thought…but wasn’t extremely concerned knowing I would find out.

She kneeled beside me on my bed, and squirted a large gulp of the lotion onto her hand. She grabbed my dick and stroked it, rubbing the glob of lotion in.
the lotion was cold, giving my dick another exciting jolt of hardness. Soon my dick was hard as rock, and slippery too. I wondered why she had applied the lotion, she was wet enough to be fucked for hours…unless…

She did exactly what I was thinking, getting on top of me again, this time backwards, and lining her asshole up with my lubed cock. She was doing all this with such a cool, calm look on her face, it was kind of odd, yet kind of sexy. She had completely lost her domination attitude and was just doing her thing, like I was a sex toy or something.

She lowered her ass onto my dick, slowly allowing it to stretch her asshole and enter her. She didn’t even pause, I was sure anal sex was way more painful than she was making it out to be. She just slowly but steadily lowered herself onto me until my dick was engulfed by her ass cheeks.

She sat on my dick for a moment or two, then laid back onto me, so that she was lying on top of me again, but she was backwards this time. She moved her ass up to the tip of my dick, then went back down again. She sped up, but it wasn’t fast enough for me, so I decided to start pumping again. I got it so that every time she pushed down I pushed up, smacking together each time I was all the way in. We got into a good groove, and she began to moan again, louder and louder with each thrust. I wanted in the worst way to be able to reach around her, hold her and grab her delicious breasts, but again my hands were chained above me.

As we continued our fucking, she reached down to start massaging her clit and pussy. I could tell from the movements in her shoulder she alternating was fingering herself at a rapid pace, and making circular motions around her clit, or at least I assumed being as I couldn’t see.

Pretty soon, she started beating her ass down on my cock harder than I could keep up with. I felt something contracting inside her body, although it wasn’t her ass…I suspect it was her pussy as she came close to orgasm. She started to scream rather than moan, and lifted herself up with one shoulder, the other still rapidly working over her clit.

My dick finally started tightening up insider her, and I knew I was about to come after 3 prior attempts which were all cut short. The speed of her ass fucking me, and the feeling of her contracting was all too much.

But just as I thought I was going to burst, she let out a scream, and her asshole practically shut around my cock. Her whole body tensed as she continued a scream. I felt the splash of her cum on my legs, I could faintly hear it, in between her screaming, hitting the mattress of my bed. This was too much, and my cock let loose into her ass. I think my cumming inside of her intensified her already magnificent orgasm, because she must have squirted 8 or 9 times before she collapsed back onto my chest. She rolled off of me, my dick popping out of her, and cuddled next to me. She pulled the object out of my mouth, I found out it was a sock and tossed it on my floor. She just cuddled up next to me, her head nuzzled up between my arm and body, and a leg curled on top of me. She closed her eyes. I didn’t want to ask her to unchain me, still not clear what was going on with her that made her do that. I wasn’t sure if she was drunk, or had gone crazy.

We both drifted to sleep, and I woke up…unchained, but still naked, and smelling of musk. Sex. Her underwear was gone off the floor, but I felt my bed and it was still wet from her excretions. My door was closed, and the music wasn’t playing anymore.

I still was wondering if it was a dream…but no! It couldn’t be, my beds still wet from her, my wrists are still sore!

I ruled it out as a mystery, and rolled over, closed my eyes and drifted back to sleep…


What happens next? Anything? Was it a dream? Was it real? Do they do it again? You decide…leave me some comments and maybe I’ll write a sequel.

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2009-07-07 07:04:47
Woah READER 2008-03-29 11:09:37, what is with the name calling? Are you like 12 or something????
Great story, sequel please

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2009-03-02 23:57:22
sequel plz thats all i have to say

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2008-06-06 15:53:20
dude this was a very good story you could of went to a little more detail but still good try and build up a story frist dont just go right into it have them make looks across the dinner table in front of there parents and i liked how she just up and left added suspence
10 out of 10


2008-04-05 16:27:36
It def has to be real and they should do it again. this time with a little role reversal.


2008-03-31 16:04:08
Yup. some spelling stuff, run spell check on your second one. Lol
I think you should write another one. but make it a new story line. ^^

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