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Bi-sexual and Gorgeous
My friend Jethro liked to fix me up with blind dates. The only trouble was he wasn't very selective about who or what he fixed you up with, so you had to be a little suspicious. I was out with one of his fix-ups and I asked her, "Are we going to run into any irate husbands or anything like that?" To which she replied, "Oh, No, my husband is in the pennitentiary for manufacturing assault weapons."

One day he decided to fix me up with Maryann. She came by the garage where we worked, and she was gorgeous. A perfect 36c-24-34, blonde hair, blue eyes, her tits had a nice bounce when she walked. She was a 30 year old babydoll. She lived at home with her parents so that they could keep an eye on her and her 10 year old son. Maryann had been a wild child. She admitted to being a groupie with a rock n roll band. From the looks of the kid, one of the band members must have been black. Maryann wanted to ride my Harley so we climbed on and took off across town to some trailer park where she wanted to visit her friend Carolyn. Over time, it came out that this was her source for pain pills which she just had to have. She confided in me that she had a lesbian relationship with Carolyn, who in turn, furnished her the pills.

Carolyn was about 39 years old, halfway between Maryann and myself. She must have been a looker at one time, although age was catching up to her. She was attractive, even though somewhat heavy around the middle. It didn't hurt her much since her middle section was dwarfed by her chest. She had a pair of whoppers, at least 44DD's. Her long salt and pepper hair hung straight down her back, and her big round ass gave her a very voluptuous look and hinted at extreme sexiness. After a while, I was outside by the Harley waiting for Maryann to come back out. When she finally emerged she said, "Jeff darling, I know you want to leave, but Carolyn wants me to have sex with her right now, and I've got to have the pills. But she says that you can join us if you want; she thinks you're cute and she wants some dick too. I hardly expected this on a first date, but what the hell, and Maryann was so casual about the whole thing, I figured it must be "business as usual" for her. I said, "Why sure, where do we go?" Maryann led me into the back bedroom which had a big king-size bed that took up the whole room, there were blacklights and candles burning. The windows were covered with thick drapes which shut out all the light making it seem like nighttime. Carolyn was already naked and on the bed with her massive tits looking like big mounds of jelly on top of her chest, and they kinda rolled around when she moved. Maryann shed her clothes in minutes and I got the first look at her body. What a fuckdoll. "Now I'm going to eat Carolyn first and you just get behind me, you know what to do, don't you lover?" I said I thought I could figure it out as we went along.

Maryann got on top of Carolyn and started french-kissing her. They swapped tongues and swapped saliva back and forth. It was all the turn-on I needed. My rock hard cock was straining at the material of my jeans, so I shed them to let my cock breathe a bit. Seeing the two gals french-kissing and rolling around on the big bed was all the stimulation I needed. Pretty soon my 7" cock was pointing upwards and ready for action. I waited for the girls to roll over again, leaving Maryann on top, her face buried in Carolyn's snatch slurping pussy and sucking Carolyn's clit like crazy. In no time, Carolyn was cumming hard, "OOOHHHH......YEAH.......LICK MEEE......RIGHT THERE..... Yeaaaaa.....AEEEEHHHH!!!!!" Carolyns hips bucked wildly with Maryann hanging on tight for the ride, still licking her clit. Carolyn rolled Maryann over onto her back and said, "Now I know you want to fuck her little body, so I'll get her ready for you. She is one sweet, tight, pussy, believe me, I know." I believed her, as Carolyn bent over and pressed her mouth firmly into Maryann's cunt. In minutes Maryann was squirming and purring like a kitten. WUHHHH....OHHHHH.....YEAAAAA......THAT's GOOOOD.....OHHH FUCK......OHHHH......WHAT A TONGUE.....LICK MY PUSSY!!!!!"
Maryann's hips were still bucking and gyrating when Carolyn said, "She's ready for you, let me see you fuck my little friend. I know she likes it. She loves a big dick like yours, and I'll just sit here where I can watch. Carolyn turned around and facing me, planted her pussy lips right over Maryann's mouth and squatted down over her nose and mouth. I pulled Maryann's beautiful, tanned legs as far apart as I could and positioned myself between them. My cock was right at the entrance to her vagina when I pushed the head in and she thrust her hips up, taking my cock in one easy motion. Carolyn was rocking back and forth on Maryann's mouth, and I was pounding her pussy. Maryann was making faint muffled sounds from within the confines of Carolyns plump but lucious thighs. AHHHH.....AHHHHH......UUHHHH....UHHHHUHHHH.....UHHHHUHHH...AEEEEEEE!!!!!"
Maryann let out a scream that could be heard even with Carolyns big ass and thighs muffling the sounds. While Maryann was screaming and squirming beneath the big woman, I leaned over and sucked one of her big nipples into my mouth and sucked on it. Carolyn reached behind my head and pulled my face tightly against her chest, like she was trying to smother me between her big lucious tits. I continued stroking Maryann with my cock and sucking on Carolyn's monster tits until Maryann seemed satisfied for the time being. Carolyn rolled off of Maryann and got on all fours, with her ass turned toward me. "Come on Big Boy, lets have some of that cock." I hadn't cum yet, so I still had a full hardon. I placed the tip at the entrance to Carolyns hairy snatch and found the opening. Carolyn thrust her hips rearward at the same time I pushed forward, burying my cock all the way in her. I started pulling my dick out and then slamming it back in hard, just the way I thought she wanted it. These girls loved to fuck as well as eat each other. I banged her good and hard until I was about to cum. Carolyn was yelling her approval, "OHHH, GOD, YEAAA.....FUCK THAT BIG PUSSY .....THEN FUCK MY ASS......FUCK IT HARD.....YOU CAN'T HURT IT!!!!. I'll have to say she was one hell of a pounding cushion, and I tried to fuck the hell out of her, but she took everything I could dish out. I did get her off though, she cried out, "OHHHH... FUCK MEEEEE.....CUMMING......I'M CUMMING!!!!! Not to be left out Maryann got in front of Carolyn and spread her thighs wide, giving Carolyn room to dip her head right into her snatch as I exploded into Carolyn's hot pussy. I continued stroking Carolyn's cunt, as Carolyn spasmed again and again and Maryann seemed to have one more orgasm herself under the stroking of Carolyn's tonguework.

We all three collapsed on the bed in a heap, and lay there breathing heavily and sweating profusely, the room smelling of sex and sweat. It was intoxicating to say the least. After we all came to our senses, I rolled over on my back and Maryann came over and started sucking on my cock. The sight of it disappearing into her beautiful mouth, was enough to get it up again in no time. When it was erect and back to maximum size, Maryann whispered, "I think Carolyn wants you to fuck her in the ass...she loves it." Carolyn was laying on the bed on her stomach, legs spread, giving a good view of her asshole in between her two big asscheeks. Maryann reached underneath the bed and pulled out a tube of KY Jelly, she must have known exactly where it was, and placed a bit on the entrance to Carolyns asshole and another glob on the head of my cock. She reached down and spread the gel up and down my throbbing cock and said, "Fuck her good, fuck her in the ass for me." The KY gel did its job and my cock started to spread the ring of her asshole open and with some difficulty, my cock started to penetrate the big ass. Carolyn had been silent until now, "OHHH.....THAT's BIGGGG......DAMN......EEEASY.....NOT TOO MUCH.....AHHHH.....
FUCKKK.....HUMMMMM......HUMMMMM!!!" Carolyn started gyrating her hips as I humped away at her butt, inch after inch penetrating her until I bottomed out with my hips resting on her ass. I just held it in for a while and let her move her hips, jerking, and gyrating them to please herself, "HHHMMMM......HMMMMM......THAT's GOOOOD......
SO FUCKIN GOOOOD!!!!!" After a few minutes of this Carolyn yelled, "NOW YOU MUTHAFUCKER, FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF MEEEE!!!!!" Carolyn managed to raise up on all fours, even with me on top of her, so now I was positioned behind her, my dick started fucking her ass hard, slamming into her as hard as I could. I grabbed her broad hips and pulled them back as I slammed forward, making her feel my balls slapping her pussy lips. When I finally had to cum, I slammed my meat into her one last time, knocking her flat on the bed and grabbing a handful of tit in each hand as we fell over onto the mattress. I squeezed my cock hard and felt stream after stream of cum shoot into her twitching ass. I pulled out in time to let the last spurt land between her asscheeks, so that Carolyn could lick it out of her crack. With my sperm on her lips, Maryann layed back down and kissed Carolyn hard on the mouth, letting her have a taste of my cum too.

It was the damndest first date I ever had. I can't wait for the next one.


2006-05-26 05:52:52
A wonderful, sexy story even if it was pure fantasy. I wished I could have a first date like that. What a good way to die. 10/10


2006-05-23 23:24:00
Lifestyles of the not so rich and famous


2006-05-23 16:07:29
Just nasty enough! Fun reading too.

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