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Hi, my name is Holly. I have been very sexually active a long time. I thought maybe someone might like to hear my story.

I guess the first time I had any sexual feelings was when I was about five years old. I noticed when I rode my tricycle I would get this funny feeling between my legs. It always felt nice, especially when I moved from side to side on the seat. I rode my bike every chance I got and when I wasn’t I would rub myself between my legs to get that same feeling. Mom was constantly telling me to stop telling me nice girls didn’t do that.

When I was eight years old during the summer vacation my brother Bobby, who was a year and a nine months older, and I played doctor and patient. I remember he told me to take my clothes off so he could examine me. I loved my brother very much and I did prettu much what he told me. He had a children’s Dr.’s kit and would listen to my heart beat with his stethoscope and checked my ears & mouth with this pointed thing with a light. He told me to lie down on my bed and spread my legs so he could check my pee hole. I giggled and said what you want to do that for. He said to check for any diseases. I giggled some more and said oh Bobby you know I don’t have any disease. He told me he needed to check anyway. He bent over and put that pointed thing into my peehole and looked. Then he took two fingers and spread my pee hole lips apart. He looked real close and then he tried to put his finger in. It was too tight so he sucked on his finger and this time he was able to put it inside my hole. He kind of rolled his finger around and moved it up and down my tiny slit. I giggled and told him it felt funny but kind of nice too. He began to push his finger in and out of my pee hole and I had to admit I liked it. He then told me to turn over and he spread my but and inserted the instrument into my butt and then shoved his finger up my butt hole. I told him that it hurt and to please stop but he spit on my hole and kept on pushing his finger in and out of it. His spit made it feel a lot better but not as good as when he had it in my front hole.

That night after Mom & Dad put us to bed and we had said our prayers I snuck over and got in bed with Bobby. I asked him to put his finger into my pee hole again like when we played Doctor. I pulled up my night tee and pulled down my panties spreading my legs so he could do it. Bobby said OK but only for a little while he said he was sleepy. This time I spit on my hand and rubbed it on my pee pee hole. Bobby inserted it inside me and began to push his finger in and out of me. I laid back and closed my eyes because it felt so good. After a few moments I asked him to put two fingers in and to go a little faster. He did but it took a little while because I was so tight on his fingers. It felt even better than with one finger. I could feel a tingle down there and I began to breathe a little faster. After about ten minute’s He said that’s enough I’m tired and want to go to sleep. I reluctantly said OK and gave him a kiss and went back to my own bed. I rubbed myself for awhile before going to sleep.

After that night I remember asking him to do it once or twice a week. I used the excuse that I couldn’t sleep and he would do it most of the time. One night just before school started it was real hot. Our swamp cooler was on the fritz and Bobby and I took our night clothes off. I jumped in bed with Bobby because I wanted to have him finger me. I noticed his little pee pee. I don’t know why but I reached over and took a hold of it and began to play with it. He scooted around so that I had better access to it as he fingered me. He said he liked it and that I made him feel good. I was real happy because I could make him feel good. For the next six months we enjoyed playing with each other. Just after I had turned nine we were playing our game and for no apparent reason I bent over and kissed it and took it into my mouth and began to suck it. Bobby began to moan and said that it really felt nice and that I could do it anytime I wanted to; which turned out to be every time we played our little game. One night about six months later Bobby’s dick (he told me that was what the guys called it) grew larger and got real hard while I was sucking. It was a lot easier to suck his dick because it was about four inches long. He really must of liked it because he moaned a lot. I was enjoying his fingering my pussy (Bobby told me that was what my pee hole was called) because now it would get all wet all by itself without my having to spit on it.

A few weeks later I was sucking on his dick when he stopped fingering my pussy and grabbed my head and held tight and his dick was all the way in my mouth when suddenly it started squirting this slimy sticky stuff. I choked and swallowed some and spit out the rest. Bobby said “OH my god that felt so good sis, I don’t know what it was but it was wonderful.” I said shit Bobby what was that stuff? “I don’t know, but what ever it was it sure felt good. Thank you Sis I sure hope you can make me do that again.” I wasn’t sure I wanted too but the look on his face made me want to please him.

In the meantime as I was growing up I noticed that men and boys would look at me when ever I had a dress on and parted my legs. The boys just stared but the men would try to pretend they weren’t looking up my dress. For some reason it excited me when the men would look. When ever we were at a restaurant or in public I would casually part my legs and let whoever happened to be looking my way to get a peek. It got to be a game. Some times I would give a little peek and other times I would open wide and let them see my panties. One time we went to this Pizza place and I didn’t wear any panties. There was this one guy who couldn’t take his eyes off me. I would give him a little peek and then I would pretend to be doing something and I would open my legs real wide letting him see my pussy. I almost laughed out loud because I thought his eyes would come out of their sockets. When we left I gave him a big smile. He almost fell off his chair.

Some times when I sat on Dad’s lap I would feel this bulge grow in Dad’s pants. When that happened I would try to rub on it the same way I use to do when I rode my bicycle. The bulge would start to get real big and Dad always lifted me off his lap and set me down next to him. When ever Mom’s brother Uncle Paul was over and I sat on his lap he would not remove me when his bulge got bigger. I liked that because I could rub my pussy across his bulge. It always made me wet and feeling good. Mom had two older sisters Terry the oldest and Maureen and were each two years apart. Paul was five years younger than Mom. I found out years later that Mom was three months pregnant with Bobby when she got married to Dad on her eighteenth birthday. Dad was twenty and in the Navy at the time. They had been high school sweethearts. Terry had three kids, two boys Teddy and Peter and a girl named Barbara. Teddy was five years older than me and Peter was two years younger followed by Barbara who was eighteen months younger than Peter. Maureen had two kids John and Nathan. John was two years older than me and Nathan was a month younger than I was.

Whenever we had a family get together the kids ate in the kitchen and the grown ups in the big dinning room. When Bobby was about seven he started sneaking under the dinning room table just before the grown ups sat down. He said that Aunt Maureen didn’t wear any underwear and that she had this great big gob of dark brown hair around her pussy. He said he liked to look at her pussy and Moms also. He said Mom always had these skimpy panties and it looked like she shaved herself because he could not see any hair around or thru her panties. He said Aunt Terry had a lot of hair like Aunt Maureen and would stick out on each side of her panties. He would stay under the table until after they were thru eating. We only got together once or twice a year at our house. I remember when Bobby was ten he told me that year at Christmas Maureen had her legs wide apart and what possessed him to do it I’ll never know. He reached between her legs and shoved his finger up into her pussy. She jumped slightly and looked under the table. He said she smiled at him and sat back up. Since she didn’t say anything or acted mad he began to finger fuck her right there at the table. He said she kind of scooted forward in her chair and he was able to get his whole hand inside her hole. He said he pretended his hand was a battering ram and he shoved it in and out of her. He said his hand went in clear above his wrist. He said she got so wet white stuff was running out of it. After about five minutes of his raming her she closed her legs tightly keeping his fist inside her pussy and he said he felt her trembling and heard her let out a gust of breath. She then reached down and removed his hand and indicated for him to stop. Later he said she took him aside and told him he was a naughty boy and the only reason she let him continue was she didn’t want him to get into trouble and get a spanking from Dad. However the next fourth of July get together she let him do it to her again. I found out years later when he was fifteen he started fucking her, but that’s another story.

One night Bobby snuck a magazine into the bedroom he had found in the garage hidden in a cubbord. The picture’s showed women doing to men what I had been doing to Bobby. It showed men licking a women’s pussy and Men putting their dicks into women’s pussy. Bobby asked me if I wanted to try some of the things in the pictures. I said sure. I didn’t know why but looking at those pictures made me feel funny between my legs. Bobby propped the magazine between his pillow and head board. He pointed to one picture showing a man kissing a ladies pussy. “Lets do that he said.” OK, I said. He spread my legs and got between them and started to kiss me down there. When he stuck his tongue between the folds of my little pussy and licked me I thought I would die it felt so good. The more he licked the wetter I got and when he ran his tongue to the upper part of my pussy I thought someone was giving me a shock from a battery. He kept licking me and I felt something building up between my legs. I was in a state of ecstasy. When Bobby stopped I wanted him to keep licking but he said his tongue and jaws were tired. We heard Mom coming to tuck us in so Bobby put the magazine under the bed and I jumped back into my own bed.

The next night we waited until Mom tucked us in and went back to the living room to watch TV. We started our usual routine with Bobby fingering my tight pussy and my sucking on his dick. When he got hard I told him I wanted him to put it inside my pussy.
We looked at the magazine to see how we were supposed to do it. I took off my night gown and spread my legs with my knees up just like the picture. He took off his pajama bottoms and took his dick and put it into the entrance to my little pussy. He began to push it inside me. It took a lot of pushing and spiting on it. Finally it went in and Bobby began to push in and out of me. After about five minutes he grabbed my butt and forced himself all the way in me and I felt him spurting that sticky stuff into my pussy. Then he got off me and laid back on his back with a great big smile on his face. I wanted him to keep going but I could see his little dick had grown soft.

For the next year we fucked two or three times a week but as much as I liked Bobby fucking me it always ended up the same way. Like when Mom or Dad promise to take us to our favorite amusement park and we would get all excited and then they would tell us something came up and we couldn’t go. Oh what a let down. Well that’s what it felt like when Bobby would fuck me, I’d get real excited and my pussy would feel like it was on fire and then nothing when Bobby had finished squirting his jizz into me.

About a month after my eleventh birthday Bobby was fucking me I got that usual feeling like my pussy was alive and on fire it felt so good. Suddenly I felt like my whole body released thru my pussy, a tremendous release within my body. It was the most wonderful feeling I had ever felt. Like a heavy burden was lifted from my shoulders. I could hardly wait to get home from school the next day and have dinner and get to bed. We started off by eating each other for a short while in order to get Bobby hard and for my pussy to lubricate. It felt so nice when bobby slid his dick inside me. This night I was really wet from anticipation and when Bobby’s dick began going in and out of my pussy much faster than before and I felt that wonderful sensation again well up inside me. Bobby was pumping his dick in and out of me when my pussy exploded and I felt a liquid come out of me. Bobby was lasting a lot longer and I soon had another of those terrific sensations before I felt him squirt his hot liquid up inside me. Soon after I learned they called it Cuming or having an orgasm.

After that night we were fucking at least once and some times twice a day. I felt like I wanted Bobby inside me all the time. We even fucked in the bathroom at school sometimes. One weekend Bobby had his friend Carl stay over for the weekend. So Friday we weren’t able to do anything. By Saturday night I was fit to be tied. I was really horny. I told Bobby I really needed him to fuck me. He said he couldn’t with Carl there unless maybe I would let him fuck me too. Ah shit Bobby I can’t do that, besides he would tell someone and the next thing everyone in school would know. Well then you will just have to wait until Sunday night. Oh shit, I said and stomped out of our room.

I had to sleep on the couch while he was visiting. I was laying there about ten o’clock wide a wake with my pussy dying to be fucked. I had already finger fucked my self twice. Finally I jumped up and went to our room. I listened at the door and could hear them whispering. I barged in and said OK Bobby if he promises on his mothers grave never to tell I’ll do it. Carl looked at me with a dumb founded look. Bobby said, “Carl, will you promise on your mother’s grave never to tell if you learned something that could hurt Holly’s reputation?” “I guess so,” he said. Bobby then said, we are best friends right? “Your darn right we are,” Carl said. Bobby asked him how would you like to fuck Holly? Oh my god, oh shit yes. I promise never to say anything.” Are you satisfied Holly? I guess so. Bobby said you are our guest so you get to go first.

I thought, oh shit now what do I do. Bobby solved the problem, he said lets all get undressed and get into bed. Bobby asked Carl if he had ever fucked anyone before. Carl said yes, for the last six months he had been fucking his step sister. Carl’s older sister was named Jane and she was fourteen. In that case maybe I can fuck her too said Bobby. That kind of pissed me off. I wanted Bobby all to myself but I didn’t say anything. Carl said sure she really likes to fuck. I’m not sure but I think she is fucking my Dad (her step Dad).

We got into bed and Carl began to kiss me and rub my tiny nipples. I really didn’t have any tits yet but his rubbing of my nipples made them pop out a little. When Bobby saw them pop out he leaned over and started to suck my left nipple. I was beginning to get hot and my little pussy was beginning to secret my juices. Carl surprised me when he stuck his tongue into my mouth and began to move it all around the inside of my mouth. I found I liked it and started kissing him back the same way. He started to put his dick between my legs, but I told him to hold it I wanted him to eat my pussy first. He said you sound like my sister and got between my legs and stuck his tongue into my hole and started licking like I might disappear. When he started rubbing the top of my vagina with his tongue I thought I had died and gone to heaven. It didn’t take very long before I came. In the mean time Bobby had sat on my chest and stuck his dick in my mouth. I began to suck his dick and he started fucking my mouth shoving all four and three quarter’s inches (he had grown ¾ of an inch) into my mouth and I could feel it as it just touched my tonsils. Just as I came for the third time Bobby came in my mouth and I could feel his sticky cum sliding down my throat. It took him almost a minute before I sucked all of it out of him.

Just then Carl lifted his face from my pussy. He had my pussy juice covered all over his face and was grinning like a banshee. He came up on top of me and put his cock at the entrance to my hole. I looked down at his dick and I was surprised that Carl was somewhat bigger than Bobby. Maybe it was because Carl was about seven months older than Bobby? I was pretty wet down there but even so it took him awhile to get the head in. Finally he shoved it in about ¾ ‘s of the way and hit something inside me. His dick was hurting me a little, not because of the length but because he was bigger around than Bobby. I lifted my knees up and told him to push real hard. When he did I felt something tear inside me. It hurt like hell and a pain went up my back. I said “wait, hold still, that really hurts." After about a minute he began to slide in and out of me and the pain began to recede. It was replaced with that wonderful feeling I had gotten when Bobby fucked me. It didn’t take Carl very long before he came. Before I could think about it Bobby jumped on me and began to fuck me. He lasted a lot longer than Carl and I came about four times before he shot his load of cum into me. As soon as he got off me Carl climbed back on and started fucking me again. This time he lasted a lot longer. His bigger dick really turned me on as I felt it slide in and out of my inner passage. I came several times more before he finally came. No sooner was he off me than Bobby jumped back on and fucked me for a real long time. I came so many times I lost count. As it turned out they never seemed to tire from fucking me. They kept taking turns fucking me. By four in the morning I was so full of cum and had completely soaked the bed. Finally I told them I had to stop I was too sore to continue and I needed some sleep.

I got up and went into the bathroom and sat on the toilet. I couldn’t believe how much cum came out of me. Finally I took a wash rag and washed my pussy that was swollen to three times its normal size. I slept right through breakfast I was so tired. Mom and Dad went to church about eleven, they were hardly out of the driveway when Bobby and Carl came into the living room. Carl immediately began to eat my Pussy and Bobby stuck his cock into my mouth and I sucked it until he came. Carl made me cum several times and then he fucked me. They took turns fucking me until one thirty when we figured Mom & Dad would be getting back. About two Mom called and said they were going over to some friend’s house and would be home around five. We ran to our Bedroom and continued where we left off. This time I got on top of Carl’s cock and was fucking him when Bobby pushed me forwrd and took his cock and placed it on my butt hols. I said no Bobby you know it hurts me. He didn't listen he reached under me and took some of my pussy juice and inserted it into my Butt. He stuck two fingers in and I cried, please Bobby that hurts. He kept moving his fingers around and in and out until it stopped hurting. Then he told me to lift off Carl and he stuck his dick into my pussy and took a couple of plunges in and out of me. He let Carls cock go back into me and then he stuck his dick into my butt and pushed his cock all the way in. It really hurt and I started to cry. He held his dick in me until the pain began to reside and I told him to go ahead. He slowly began to push in and out of my butt. It started feeling real good. I could feel both Carls cock and Bobby going in and out of me. It was a new and great sensation. I soon began to cum in bunches. By the time Mom & Dad got home we were all exhausted. I was so swollen that I took a bag of ice and put it on my pussy and my butt. I thought, " what is wrong with me that I want to fuck so much."

I had just turned twelve when I woke one Sunday after getting a really good fucking from both Bobby and Carl the night before. I had blood all over the sheets. I remembered Mom telling me that when I started to grow into womanhood I would start having a period every twenty eight days or so. That it was my body’s way of cleaning out unused ovaries and that I should not have sex with boys because I could get pregnant. Carl stole some birth control pills from his sister and mother so we could continue to fuck. Also I had begun to have boobies. I started wearing a training bra and I also started to get hair around my pussy.

Until I was thirteen Bobby and I fucked almost every day. Carl would come on week ends and we would have our three some. I continued to tease men whenever I could. Some times I wore panties and sometimes I didn’t. I made sure I didn’t whenever Uncle Paul came over to visit. He was 22 and whenever I showed him my little pussy I saw that he got a buldge in his pants. I then would jump on his lap and shove my pussy back and forth on his buldge. Bobby started fucking Carl’s sister and one day they brought her over and we had a foursome. But that’s’ another story. I’ll tell you how she taught me to eat pussy and how I got Uncle Paul to fuck me.
(continued) all rights reservedt to the author.

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I'm assuming you're from the south with all this incest lol

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2013-05-24 03:09:09
Love Love Love this! You're awesome! I felt like I was there ennyiojg the laughter and fun you were all having. I loved that I could tell Carter was blowing and making noises for the blow dryer! So fun! You're an awesome Mommy!


2008-03-09 11:58:22
Sounds good a sister who's aim in her young life is to be fucked by her brother and friend in turn non stop!


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Story was great, grammar could be better, but when youre masturbating like theres no tomorrow, who cares how you spell dining :)


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pretty good i must say

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