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This is a stroy about a young woman that works in an apartment complex. She sells herself to get a lease she despartly needed.
I was sitting in my office bored out of my mind waiting for someone to come in. It was the last day of the month and I had to rent one more unit in order to meet my quota. This month has been a bad month and I was trying every trick in the book in order to get an apartment rented.

I usually never have a problem. Being 23 and fine looking woman, it usually is very easy to sign leases to young bachelors. I am small built and only about 5’3”. I have a nice curvy trim body and big breasts. I have long brown hair and green eyes. Today I decided to wear something sexy, hoping that a horny man comes in and will sign the lease because of my looks. I am wearing a pink bra and panty set, black thigh high stockings, 3” high heals, white silk blouse and a black skirt. Last night I raised the hem in the skirt so it was as high as possible without showing the tops of my stockings.

It was a hot summer day and I was happy to be in my office in the air conditioning. It was a very quiet day which was making it boring. I had no calls for maintenance requests, no bitchy tenants trying to get out of paying the rent, and best of all no boss to watch over me.

I sat in my office surfing my favorite porn sites. I love porn and I love masturbating to pictures of guys with huge cocks. When I got to my all time favorite site, I found they had a new model named Chuck. I clicked on his name and it took me to his pictures. Wow was he hot with dirty blond hair and a rock hard body. I started to feel a tingle in my pussy as I paged through his pictures. Each one turned me on more and more as I saw his huge rock hard cock. I fantasized about him ramming it into my tight pussy.

With my favorite picture of him up on my monitor, I leaned back on my chair and spread my legs under the desk. I slid my right hand to my crotch to the magic spot between my legs. I started rub my silk panties and pussy with my right hand. I was getting extremely turned on and I started feeling my juices flow. I spread my legs farther and slid my panties to the side. I felt the moisture with fingers as I rubbed my slit up and down. I moved to my clit and lightly rubbed it. I felt the desire for Chuck as I closed my eyes to fantasize about him.

I continued to rub my clit with more and more pressure. The desire of having Chuck shove his rock hard tool into my pussy made me plunge one of my fingers into my wet hole. I slid my finger in and out while I stared at the picture of Chuck’s cock pretending it was inside me. I slid my other hand under the desk to rub my love button as I finger fucked my tight wet hole. I was on the verge of cumming when I heard the front door open. I hurried to straighten myself up and close the window on my computer.

“Hello”, I heard a voice yell.

“Yes, in here”, I replied.

A man in his mid 20s walked into my office. Oh, my God, it was him. It was Chuck, the guy who I was just lusting for his cock. I couldn’t believe he was looking for an apartment in my complex.

I showed him some brochures desperately trying to lease a unit to him. I was a little shy talking to him and I was a little worried that it would hurt my sale. Deep down inside I still wanted him and my pussy ached the entire time we talked.

We headed out to a one-bedroom studio apartment. I couldn’t help having this feeling that he was staring at me the entire time. I was sure he loved my stocking covered legs and my ample breasts. With me thinking that, it didn’t help cool the burning desire between my legs.

We toured the apartment and ended the tour in the kitchen. We stood around talking for a moment, when he gave me the bad news that he wasn’t going to lease from me. He told me about this other place on the west side. It did sound better but I wanted to make the sale. Oh well I thought, maybe I can at least get to fuck Chuck. I didn’t think it would happen but I put on every effort to make it happen.

I hopped up on the kitchen counter and I am sure he was staring at my stunning legs. I still had that burning sensation between my legs and I flirted like mad to have Chuck extinguish it.

We talked for only a moment when he told me he was a model. I told him I knew his work and I thought he did well. He blushed a little and just nodded. I think he wanted out but then I asked a question. Does the camera make your cock appear bigger?

He got over his shyness quickly as he pulled down his pants to show me his cock. I hopped off the counter and moved towards him. I told him, let’s get it hard so I can compare. He didn’t argue as I dropped to my knees to give him a blow job. I wrapped my lips around his limp dick and sucked as hard as I could to make it hard. I licked the head and played with his balls as I slid my mouth over his cock. In no time it was throbbing hard.

I got up and said that it looks bigger in person. He grabbed me, pulled me close, and kissed me deeply on the mouth. Our mouths met in a lustful embrace as our tongues discovered the flavors and feeling of each others mouth. It was an awesome kiss and it sent waves of desire deep inside my being. I wanted his huge cock into my wet hole. He wanted the same and I soon felt his hand under my skirt. He headed straight for my crotch to feel my pussy.

He commented that I am already wet and what kind of whore was I. He talked dirty to me as he pulled down my panties and threw them on the floor. He lifted me on the counter and with his hands spread my legs far apart. I grabbed his cock and guided it into my pussy. I was extremely wet and excited as his huge throbbing cock slid into my body. It was tight but I loved the feeling of him stretching my pussy around his tool. He slid in and out of me and I moaned as I enjoyed the waves of pleasure his cock was giving me. It felt so good. It has been such a long time since I have had a bare cock inside my hole. It was good not to have that thin rubber separating me and my partner. I finally felt truly connected to a man and it made me crave his cock even more.

Thrusting his cock deep inside me, he stopped for a moment to unbutton my blouse and then he reached up to pull my bra straps exposing my huge tits to him. He grabbed my tits and played with them with his big hands. His grip was firm and he squeezed them in his hands. He pinched my nipples as hard as he could which shot waves of pleasure and pain through my body. He continued to plunge his hard cock deep inside my belly.

The entire time, he kept calling me a whore, a slut, a fucking bitch, etc. I liked it and I did feel like his whore. I liked the thought of being just a woman for him to stick his dick for pleasure. I felt like a prostitute and a whore. But I liked it and I wanted more.

He soon pulled out and bent me over the counter. From behind he rammed his long dick deep inside my pussy. I moaned and yelled in pleasure as I felt him deep inside me. Without warning I felt his hand slap my ass. Ouch I yelled in pain and surprise. “Yeah, you yell all you want you fucking whore but I know you like it.” He said as he continued to slap me harder and harder. I did like it. It sent a flood of pain and pleasure through my body and directly to my pussy. I couldn’t stop as I felt the strains of my orgasm build. I was coming and I started to yell and scream as the flood gates opened and the flood of pleasure came over my body.

“Oh, yes, fuck me, fuck me, harder, harder!” I screamed. He fucked my hole fast and furious bringing me to a second orgasm before pulling out.

“Oh great bitch, now your all dripping wet and too loose for any pleasure,” he told me as he slapped my ass several times as hard as he could. It hurt but I felt obligated to take it after he just gave me the two best orgasms.

I felt him place his cock head on my asshole. I begged no, it won’t fit; you are going to break me in two. He didn’t care as he plunged his cock into my ass a few inches until the friction was too great. The paint shot through my body and I begged him no too. He dipped his cock into my pussy for more lubricant and plunged in again. The pain was almost too much to take. Take this you fucking slut he kept telling me as he drove his dick deeper and deeper into my tight asshole.

It hurt so badly and I thought he was going to break me in two. But deep down, it felt good. He slid his cock in and out of my tight ass with the lubrication of my pussy juices. I reached under and played with cunt. I rubbed myself bring me to an orgasm. I felt my pussy throb with pleasure as the orgasm came over me. I felt his throbbing cock inside my other hole which caused me to an extreme orgasm.

He pumped harder and faster. Soon I heard him grunting and groaning as he shot his load deep inside my ass. He pulled his limp dick out as I felt the liquid of our juices run down my leg.

I stood up to turn around and he already had his cock put away. I wanted to see it again.

“You are a mess,” he said, “you really should look more professional when showing apartments but I will take it anyway.”

I leased the apartment to him and his wife. I often see them at the pool and can’t help think how he treats her. I bet he is soft and gentle to her but to me he was rough. I didn’t care because it felt so good and I can’t wait for the day to be his bitch again. When he sees me he often called me his bitch or his whore. We never fucked again but just knowing that I sold myself for a lease did make me a whore.

anonymous readerReport

2010-12-06 07:06:10
i find it odd when a male tries to write about sex from a female point of veiw it shows lack of insight, and ruins the flow of the story

Anonymous readerReport

2008-05-19 21:20:35
it's obviously written by a guy prentending to be and probably imagining himself as a chick


2006-12-28 06:43:05
male reader here: it was alright. a bit out there. still looking for the Prostitution part, unless selling yourself to get the sale maybe, but hardly.


2006-05-25 16:35:33
I don't know any woman who thinks like this: "today I decided to wear something sexy, hoping that a horny man comes in and will sign the lease because of my looks", or in other words, "i couldn't rely on my sales skills to get a leased sign, so i knew i'd have to use subtle prostitution. i am just a stupid girl." You write "he wanted the same" -- how did she know that? Do you mean "he said that wanted the same"? Here again, "He pinched my nipples as hard as he could". How did she know it was as hard as he could? Did she ask him? "Oh great bitch, now your all dripping wet and too loose for any pleasure" -- try saying that to a female. At the very least, the sex will stop, but you may get slapped. i don't think there's a woman alive who wants to hear that her cunt is too worn.


2006-05-25 11:44:31
Mad is write, cos you can't read or else u wood no that this is tripe,

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