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This is a story about me and Ashley and when we met in a full Subway.
I was sitting in a packed full Subway eating my lunch when I met Ashley. The restaurant was full and in no time there was no seats to be had anywhere in the restaurant. I had looked up from eating my lunch when I noticed one of the college aged girls looking for a place to sit. She was standing with her tray waiting for someone to leave when I motioned for her to sit with me. I never thought she would sit with me, but to my surprise she came over and sat down.

Ashley was drop dead gorgeous. She was about 5’6” and a little chubby but defiantly not fat. She defiantly didn’t have any folds on that body. She had about C-cup breasts. She had long straight dirty blond hair, blue eyes, and the prettiest face I have seen. She wore a light amount of make-up which brought our all of her best features.

She was wearing sandals with a slight heel and tight hip hugger jeans. She was wearing an off the shoulder zip sweat jacket that the zipper was pulled down a few inches. Under that she had on a camisole with white lacy straps seen over her shoulders. She looked really good.

We made small talk as we ate lunch. She was a very intelligent college student and she was able to hold a good conversation. She didn’t seam interested in parties and just having a good time. She appeared very interested her studies even though as a sophomore she didn’t know what her major would be. She told me she is very good in math and science and right away I started talking to her about engineering. She seemed intrigued as I describe what an engineer does and what I do in a typical day.

“Damn, I have to write a paper for a class about an occupation that I would consider. Would you mind being interviewed for my paper?” she asked.

“Sure”, I replied.

The problem was I was leaving town tomorrow for two weeks and she needed her paper done next week. The only time for her to interview me was today, so we finished eating and headed for her apartment for the interview. She needed to get the list of questions she needed to have me answer.

I couldn’t believe I was heading to this girls apartment. She was only 20, maybe 21. I was old enough to be her father. My mind started to fantasize about being in her apartment. I start to think about getting there and finding her room mate, Kelly. She would be just as gorgeous as Ashley but with darker hair. As soon as I get in the door, they would be all over me. They would rip my cloths off and we would have the best three-some. They would take turns sucking my hard cock as the other lets me lick her dripping wet cunt. I would end up pumping my hard cock into Ashley’s tight pussy doggy style as she eats her roommate’s cunt. Then Kelly would suck my cock to immediately bring it back to life because she wants a fucking as well. Kelly would ride my cock hard as Kelly shoved her cunt into my face. The girls would kiss and play with each other’s tits as I bring both girls to orgasm. Ashley would cum with my cock deep inside her pussy and Kelly would have her orgasm while grinding her pussy into my face. I would have an explosive orgasm shooting my cum deep into Ashley’s really tight hole.

By time I got to this girl’s apartment, I was extremely excited. My rock hard cock was trapped in my pants and it wanted to escape. I wanted Ashley but knew I better be good. Anyway she was probably turned off by me. I was much older than her and not very good looking. I had average look but I was no knockout.

We got to her apartment and she unlocked the door. Letting her go in first, I followed her up the stairs. I had a great view of her tight ass as we went up the stairs. Once to the top, we were in her living room and she asked if I would sit on the couch while she gets her papers. I sat down and started taking in what her apartment looked like. It was a nice apartment and I figured her daddy must be paying for it. She lived with a roommate but there was only one bedroom in which they shared. I started to fantasize about them having sex with each other to satisfy their cravings for sex.

She came out and sat on the couch along side of me. Before we started she removed her sweat jacket. That really turned me on looking at her beautiful plump breast through the satin material of her camisole. I was able to see the outline of her nipples through the material and when she bent over to start reading what she needed to do, I got a glimpse of the tops of her breasts. They were striking. How I would love to hold those nice firm perky tits in my hands. My cock, not completely calming down from the thoughts during our walk, immediately got hard again. I tried to conceal the bulge in my pants but it was difficult because it wanted out so bad.

My cock finally calmed down as I answered Ashley’s questions. I gave her an honest aspect of what it was like being an engineer. We finished and she placed the notebook on the coffee table. She offered me a soda pop to drink and I accepted. She came out with two cans, one for both of us, and we sat on the couch chatting.

I finished my can and told her I better get going. She insisted I stay a little longer. I really wanted to go. I didn’t have anything I needed to get done at work but I wanted to get back and relieve the pressure of my aching loins. I needed a release and I couldn’t wait to give myself a hand job as I thought about Ashley.

We chatted a little. I found out she didn’t have a boyfriend and she wasn’t seeing anyone. She told me how she wants to concentrate on her school work so she doesn’t want a boyfriend. She then told me something that shot all kinds of thoughts through my brain.

“I only need a man for one thing but my vibrator will do the same thing. I prefer a man but it is just too much hassle” she said.

Wow, was she coming onto me. I responded, “With a body like yours I doubt any guy around campus would pass up an opportunity to sleep with you.”

“Yeah, but they are not concerned with getting me off. They just care about themselves. Trust me, I tried that angle with a few guys and it just leaves me more hungry for sex.” She replied.

“How about an older more sophisticated man, like me?” I stated.

“Hmm, I thought you would never ask.” she replied.

With that we moved towards each other and grabbed each other closer. We looked into each others eyes and saw the burning passion for each other. Our lips touched and exchanged the fire that was burning inside our beings. We opened our mouths to explore and taste each other. We teased each other and unlocked that raging impulse to connect as a man and woman should. We both wanted it and there was nothing going to stop us.

I grabbed the back of her head to hold her tight as we kissed passionately. I rubbed my fingers through her soft dirty blonde hair and down to the side of her face. I held her there as our mouths tasted the sweet flavor of each other. She had her hands around me and then I started feeling her tug on my tie. She held me close with it until she reached up to the knot and slipped it off. I moved my hands down her body and lightly touched the side of her breast through the thin satin material. I felt her unbutton my shirt and run her hands all over my chest. My cock was hard and getting harder by the minute as we passionately discovered each other’s bodies with our mouths and hands.

I pulled away and while looking in her eyes I reached down to pull her top over her head. I exposed her outstanding breasts and upon impulse bent over to kiss the soft skin. I kissed her breasts and played with them. I moved closer and closer to the nipples and lightly brushed passed them. She moaned in pleasure because of the anticipation of me licking her nipples. She wanted more but I continued to tease until I couldn’t wait any longer.

I lightly licked the now harden left nipple lightly with my tongue. She moaned in pleasure and begged me for more. I opened my mouth and placed her nipple in my mouth. Sucking as hard as I could I continued to play with her right breast. She moaned in pleasure as suckled her tit. I moved over to the other and did the same making both nipples extremely hard.

She was turned on and I had to see if she was wet. While still kissing and sucking her breast, I moved my hands down to unbutton her jeans. I stopped worshipping her breasts as she lifted her hips allowing me to slide her jeans off. I admired the dazzling curves of her legs and soft skin. Her legs were as smooth as can be.

I rubbed her legs and hips. I got on my knees and kissed her legs. I moved in closer and closer to love spot. It drove her wild with desire as I kissed her inner thighs. She wanted me in her pussy but I teased her and made her more excited with every move.

She lifted and spread her legs allowing me better access as I worked closer and closer to my target. I pushed her panties to the side exposing her pussy. She was smooth down there and must shave her pubic region regularly. It made me excited having never seen a bare one before.

I bent in to take in the smell of her juices. They were flowing and I smelled them. She smelled good. I made her more excited with my hot breath on her cunt and she asked for me to eat her pussy. I placed my hands on her thighs to keep them spread as I lightly kissed the lips of her pussy. My kissing turned into lightly licking and that just drove her crazy. I made sure to attack her clit with my licks and that made her moan and cry out for more.

I continued to lick harder and harder trying to get as much of the sweet nectar as I could. She tasted good and better than any woman I was with. Maybe it was her age but I didn’t care as I licked up every drop that I could. I sucked her clit but not too long because I wanted her orgasm to build. It did build and I tried to slow it down. She wouldn’t allow it and had her hand on the back of my head as she played with her breasts with the other. In no time she started yelling that she was cumming. Her hips bucked as I continued to lick her sweet juices. At the moment of her climax I sucked her clit as hard as I could bringing her to a wild orgasm. She moaned and screamed as the pleasure came over her. Her orgasm subsided and I came up for air.

She ordered me up and when I stood she reached out for my belt. My cock got a little soft while I worked her into orgasm. That didn’t stop her from opening my pants and letting them drop to the floor. She opened her mouth and placed my partially limp meat in her mouth. I started to feel the tingle of an erection before she stood up and I sat down.

Spreading my legs to give her access, she knelt on the floor and started giving me a blow job. It didn’t take long for my cock to harden from the hot moist pressure of her mouth. She sucked it hard and moved her head up, down, and all around the swollen shaft. Seeing her lips wrapped around my cock made my body ache to cum. I would have loved to fuck Ashley but a blow job would have to suffice. I closed my eyes and imagined Ashley riding my cock. I was about on the verge of cumming when she stopped.

Standing up, Ashley removed her panties and moved towards me.

“Is it OK if you gave me a ride?”, She asked.

I nodded yes and straddling my legs she lowered her dripping wet cunt onto my shaft. She was tight which felt so good wrapped around my throbbing dick. I reached up to play with her breasts as she road my cock as hard as she could. My cock was wet from her juices which allowed it to slide in and out of her tight hole easily. It felt awesome having this young woman’s really tight, hot, wet sleeve cover my aching dick.

I wanted the pleasure to last and I fought as hard as I could to resist cumming too soon in her. I wanted her to cum with me inside her. It happened. She started to yell and scream as she pumped up and down on my swollen tool. She reached her orgasm and as the pleasure shot through her body, she just fucked me harder and faster. I felt her already tight pussy clamp down on my cock trying to milk the juice out of me. It worked as I felt myself on the verge or orgasm. Her orgasm subsided and she concentrated on giving me one. I felt the pressure building in my hard throbbing cock. I was about to burst when she reached another orgasm. Squeezing my cock, I shot my load deep inside her loins as we both bucked and moaned at the great pleasure. Our orgasms receded as she rolled off me to the couch.

We were out of breath but holding her in my arms I knew she was as satisfied as me. She told me that I was he best she ever had. That started us getting together at least once a week but more likely 3-4 times a week to have sex to have sex.


2008-01-11 13:13:19
"Kelly would ride my cock hard as Kelly shoved her cunt into my face"
watch names and grammar, 6/10


2007-12-20 21:37:08
this story sucked hot shit. I hated it. The fucking was lame. WE DESERVE MORE PUSSY! lmfao


2007-12-14 06:40:36
fuckin hot ass story maybe write pt 2 and add room mate to the fun ??


2007-05-07 07:28:52


2006-09-22 00:48:54
This sucked. Hows it have such a high rating?

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