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Alot of people are meeting on the internet these days and this is a fictional story about a girl I met.
I waited nervously in the parking lot at the deli where Christina wanted to meet. I found the deli no problem and I watched very impatiently for her 1996 blue Saturn. I have never met her before but we would chat for hours on-line every night. We were really good friends and I was falling in love with her.

I waited in my Toyota with the bouquet of flowers I purchased on my way there. It wasn’t too long of a drive and I made it in a little less than 5 hours. My heart raced as I waited and watched every minute on the clock. She had about 5 minutes till our meeting time.

I had no idea what she was going to look like. All she told me was that she was tall at about 5’7” and larger built but not overweight. I knew she wasn’t Caucasian because her dad was from Mexico and her mom was African American. I didn’t really care about her looks because I knew from our on-line talks she was really down to earth and a cool person.

Three more minutes remained and I was starting to doubt if she was going to show. I figured I would give her until 15 minutes after the hour and then I will put my tail between my legs and go home.

I was a senior in college and she was junior. We told each other everything. She told me she was still a virgin which didn’t bother me because so was I. I wasn’t a virgin because of my looks or by choice; I was a virgin because I was shy around girls. I have only kissed one girl in my life.

She was a virgin by choice because she didn’t want the extra emotional feelings of having sex. She did admit she had kissed a few guys but never went farther than that. She had told me there were a few times she almost lost it but was able to stand up to her abstinence. She told me that she usually masturbated daily and sometimes more than that.

Well, my watch just beeped on the hour and she wasn’t there. Fifteen minutes, I thought as I continued to wait. A few minutes went by and I noticed a Saturn pulling into the parking lot. Could this be her?

It was and she parked right next to me. I looked over and smiled as we got out of our cars. We met in the parking lot and without saying anything we embraced each other. We hugged for like a minute before letting go and finally getting a good look at her. I handed her the flowers as I looked her over.

She was drop dead gorgeous. She was 5’7” and had the greatest looking body. She had nice size tits, a curvy figure, and nice shapely legs. She had dark complexion but she didn’t look black. She had brown eyes and black hair that went slightly below her shoulders. She was wearing a nice pair of jeans, white sweater, and pair of strap sandals with a little heal. Her feet looked really sexy in the sandals and with red nail polish on her toes. I told her how good she looks and she just shrugged it off.

We moved into the deli and ordered some late lunch. We sat at a table in the corner and started talking. We talked all afternoon and we didn’t even realize that we talked for 4 hours and it was already dinner time. She wanted me to try this really great pizza near her apartment but there was no seating. We went to her apartment to eat our dinner.

After dinner we sat on the couch talking some more. She was leaning back against me and I was holding her. I was getting really turned on with her so close. It fell silent and she asked me what I was thinking. I told her that I was thinking about kissing her but was afraid to ask. Without saying anything she moved towards me and our lips touched.

We sat on the couch embraced in a passionate kiss. It felt good as the flavor of her mouth was intertwined with mine. Feelings of passion shot through our body’s right down to our genitals. I felt my cock start to grow in my pants as our mouths were locked. We continued to kiss and tease each other with our mouths. Our tongues played games and we held each other tight. The bulge in my pants was aching to be touched and instinct took over as I started to touch her all over.

I reached up and played with her hair and caressed the side of her face. I moved my hand down to her neck and ears as our mouths continued to kiss. I slid down to her side and gently caressed the side of her breast. I wanted to grab her breast and I wanted to rip her cloths off.

She stopped kissing and reached down and pulled her sweater over her head. I grabbed the sides of her breasts as we moved closer for another kiss. I reached down to take off my shirt. We stopped kissing just long enough to pull it over my head and throw it to the floor. She rubbed her hands all over my chest. She lightly scratched her nails as we continued to kiss.

We stopped kissing and asked me to unclip her white lacy bra. She turned around and I unclasped it allowing her breasts to become free. She turns around and we kiss again. I move my hands down to squeeze her ample bosom. They filled my hands and I loved the feeling of holding her tits.

I don’t know what came over me but I wanted to kiss them. I bent over and kissed and played with her tits. I kissed the nipple which seemed to drive her crazy with desire. I don’t know why I did it but I started to suck her nipple. I sucked it hard and it became very erect in my mouth. She was moaning with pleasure as I sucked her tits. I pulled away to look. It became very hard and erect. I immediately did the same with the other.

I pulled away and looked at my creation. I looked up in her pretty eyes and I saw the yearning for me. I asked her if wanted to continue. She said that she wants me to have her virginity. I didn’t argue as I reached down and unbuttoned her jeans. She lifted her hips allowing me to pull them off. I reached around the elastic of her very sexy lace panties and pulled them off as well.

She sat of the couch and I spread her legs. I took a look at her clit with all the folds covering the hole. I lightly brushed my finger up and down the entire length. Her breathing increased and she let out a few light whimpers of pleasure. Soon I started feeling a thin film of lubricant on my fingers as I rubbed her pussy. She had her hands on her tits and she was squeezing and playing with her nipples.

She asked me to rub her clit and reaching down she showed me where to rub. Her clit was hard and erect. It pushed out from her pussy lips and I rubbed it with my wet fingers. She moaned loudly as the pleasure of my touch shot through her body. She was breathing heavy and her hips were bucking against my touch.

Soon she started to yell not to stop. She was cumming and as she did she was yelling, “Oh God, this feels so good, Oh, Oh, Oh, Yes, Fuck Me, I want it in me!”

I continued to rub as the waves of pleasure exploded in her body. She was breathing hard as she was yelling. Once her orgasm subsided I stood up to remove the remainder of my clothing.

My cock was about half erect as I stood in front of Christina. She slid to the edge of the couch and pulled me closer. She reached out and lightly caressed my dick with her hand. My cock jerked and she moved her hand away. She reached out again and wrapped her fingers around my cock. She squeezed down which made my cock become fully erect. I showed her how to jerk me off and I stood there as she jerked me off. The pleasure of finally having a woman jerk me off was incredible. I waited along time for this and I was trying to enjoy every minute.

She then slid forward and holding my cock with her thumb and pointer finger, she opened her mouth and slid my cock in. I felt the pleasure as her warm wet mouth was wrapped around my cock. She closed her lips around my meat and bobbed her head back and forth. I couldn’t last any more. I felt the pressure build and my load sprayed right into her mouth. She moved away and the second squirt shot all over her face. She rubbed her face with her fingers to clean up the cum. She placed the fingers in her mouth and licked it up. She told me that it taste so good.

I sat again on the couch as we talked what happened. She told me she wants my cock inside of her and I wanted to be there too. She told me she was on the pill so there was no worry about her getting pregnant. I told her we can use a condom but she said she just wants to feel me inside her. We rested and held each other for a moment before we started to kiss again.

Our mouth met again in a fiery passion. We held and squeezed each other tight pressing our body’s together. We were starting the fire again and there was only going to be one way to put it out. I reached down and rubbed her pussy with my hand. She was still wet and I was getting hard again. I felt her reach for my cock and the erection grew as she played with my toy. I pushed her back on the couch and spread her legs under me. I rubbed her clit with my hand as I kissed down her body.

I kissed her nipples and sucked them on my way down. They were still hard but she moaned in pleasure as I had each of them in my mouth. I kissed down her belly and around to her naval. She had her naval pierced and I kissed it as I worked my way down to her pussy. I knelt on the floor and spread her legs with my hands. I lightly kissed her hole which made her beg for more. I licked the entire length of her slit slowly. I started at the bottom, licked up and then backed down as I got closer to her love button. I teased her which allowed the burning sensation in her loins to burn out of control. She wanted me to lick her clit and I did. That didn’t put the fire out but made her moan and buck in pleasure.

She begged me to fuck her and I was working towards that. I reached down and rubbed my rock hard tool with my hands. It was ready and willing to penetrate her deeply. I moved up and positioned her so she was sitting on the edge of the couch. I spread her legs and knelt between them. I held my cock which was pointing straight at her love hole. She begged me to shove it in her. I wanted the same but I wanted to tease her.

I moved closer. I touched the head of my penis on her swollen pussy lips. Shove it in she yelled as I teased her by rubbing the head up and down her slit right to her clit. She begged for more as the head touched her clit but I rubbed the head a few seconds for our enjoyment. I slid back down to her opening and with one hand guiding my cock and the other spreading her lips, I penetrated the head of my cock inside her. She moaned and bucked in pleasure. She pleaded for more as I slid my cock deeper inside her. She reached down and started rubbing her clit with one hand and her breast with the other.

I slid out a little before diving deeper in. I jammed it in as deep as it would go. It slid in easy because her virginity has long been gone from shoving toys up her cunt. It felt good having her tight wet hole wrapped around my throbbing meat. She moaned in pleasure as I shoved it in as far as it would go. I pulled out and pushed it in again. Every time she screamed with pleasure as I slid it in and out of her body. We were connected and we were one.

She continued to rub her clit as we fucked. Her breathing increased and she got louder and louder. Our motion was faster and faster as the pleasure became more intense. She bucked her hips meeting my every thrust. I played with her breasts and nipples as my cock slid in and out of her hole. I gave full attention to her pleasure which probably helped bring her to orgasm. She started to scream and yell when it hit.

“Oh God! This feels sooooooo goooooood!! I cumming, I am cuuummminngggg!”, she yelled.

I felt my cock get very hard and sensitive. The pleasure of her tight opening brought me closer and closer to orgasm. I felt her pussy squeeze my cock which brought me to the verge of cumming as hers subsided. I pulled out; I wanted the feeling to last as long as possible. She told me to put it back in because I need to cum too. I ordered her on top of me as I sat on the couch.

She stood on the floor and straddled my legs as I held my cock pointing straight to her pussy. She grabbed my cock and lowered her self down onto the hard shaft. I grabbed her tight as she knelt on the couch with my cock deep inside her. We bucked and fucked my cock in and out of her cunt. She rode me hard as my dick slid in and out of her. I reached up and played with her breasts and then leaned in to suckle them. This sent waves of pleasure through her body which made her fuck me faster and more furious. She bucked and ground her pussy on my shaft as she came closer to another orgasm. I was on the verge too as I felt her muscles clamp onto my cock. The pressure was too great as I shot my load deep into her belly. My cock pulsated as it felt like I was shooting gallons of my seed into her. She continued to buck and grind milking every drop out of my dick. Soon my dick got soft and fell out.

She rolled onto the couch exhausted. I pulled her close as our mouths met again in a kiss. It was somewhat cooled down but there was still enough fire for two more times before I had to leave the next morning. We agreed to see each other again but shortly after she stopped writing and we never met again.

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2008-07-30 00:57:30
sucked to short


2007-11-06 00:48:47
wow i am so wet right now!!!


2007-09-02 16:25:46
Good Story!!


2006-10-24 22:07:52
I loved the story, it was great, sad you guys never met again though. Hope you find each other down in the long run. Happened to me a coupl of years ago!


2006-05-29 15:11:28
i disagree that college virgins are rare, at least the personification that a girl is still a virgin isn't that uncommon. My children's babysitter was either a virgin or acted like one. liked your story. good job.

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