a much more realistic bondage situation that i may be experincing soon. hope u enjoy
This is how I changed from being like everyone else to the pathetic slave that lives in cage. I’m a slim 5’9 white male dark hair dark eyes and a 2inch cock. My Princess is a blonde with blue eyes an amazing figure and 36d chest, she’s about the same height as me and has total control. We use to be boyfriend and girlfriend when where 18 then she got power over in the begging it wasn’t too bad just the occasional whipping and being stopped from masturbation. I could never satisfy her sexually and became more and more aware of how I didn’t deserve her and after a year we broke up. That’s when things became more tuff. Although because we went to separate colleges at the time a lot of our interaction was online based.

New rules:
Being able to touch my cock is a very rare treat and happened less and less as time went on. Obviously I wasn’t allowed interaction with other women. Amount of ciggys that can be smoked reduced to a small limit and most the times I go to smoke the end of the fag was stubbed out on my body. Sleeping in my own bed is a rare treat and must be instructed where to sleep each night. Occasional days of starvation, sometimes for several days at a time. Breaking the rules usually resulting in a lot of whipping or having to wear a humbler device which is two pieces of wood locked in place around the balls to keep them at the back of the legs in a doggy position making standing up very painful. I spent many nights sleeping outside naked in the cold around this time and a lot of the time horny.

Another change:
When college ended we started to interact more in person. I went round her house for the first time in months. Upon entering I was forced to strip totally naked and get on my hands and knees. Then she kicked my balls with amazing force repeatedly until I was crying. She just stood over me and said “aww look at little baby dick crying cause I kicked him in his pathetic balls”. “Get in that room right now” she commanded, not wanting another ball kicking I crawled on hands and knees into her bedroom. Lined up in front of me where several pairs of shoes, “your first task is clean all of these with your tongue and watch out I may have stepped into nasty things with some of them” she said rather sinisterly. I began licking as fast as I could licking clean each dirty shoe trying to ignore the horrible tastes on each, As I was doing this my princess was stood over me with her whipping assaulting my back with it. I let out a scream of pain this just encouraged her and she starting to whip harder than before. Just as I gave my final lick to the final shoe she swung the whip underarm and hit me across the ass n caught my already sore balls. I was then sent to a corner whilst she just chilled out on her bed and watched t.v. Despite being grateful that I wasn’t being tortured I was getting a little bored, then without warning she started shooting at me with a bb gun. After the past experience I decided showing I was in pain would be unadvisable. I could hear her laughing whilst she was shooting, then there was a minute where it was all silent. She started shooting again but it hurt a lot more now, I realised she had switched to metal bb’s. They started pinging off my asshole n balls as her aim was improving and the amount of pain I was in was growing. I couldn’t take it anymore I started to beg her to stop, with a chuckle she asked why. Knowing my princess needs to be offered alternatives I started to think. After much shooting and offering she settled on stopping if I walked home naked. She had one last deviant plan before I left. She tied my hands behind my back and played porn for what seemed like an hour, she giggled as my tiny cock got hard and waved around. She sat on my crotch and grinded up and down on it, she knew how much this teased me. She grabbed a home made gag with a dildo attachment and strapped it to my face and pulled down her pants. She ordered me to move my head back and forth as fast as I could. I could smell her amazing wet pussy it made me wish so much that my cock was being touched. I think she must of sensed this as she ran her nails up and down my cock for a while. She stopped running her nails as her own orgasm built up. I was doing my best to keep up the pace as she started screaming in ecstasy. As soon as she came she re-dressed and tidied things away. Then she untied me and kicked me out of her house to walk home horny and naked. Just as I left she said we an evil smile on her face “if your home in half an hour u may stroke your pathetic cock”. She knew that quickest way home for me was along of main roads. However I decided to take another way through woods n fields. Being so ridiculously horny I ran as much as I could and made it home with 30seconds to spare. I rang her and checked I could still wank, I pounded my cock as hard as I could Cumming everywhere within a few minutes. As I sat there drained and pain I once again realised how pathetic I am. I told my princess I had came, she just laughed and hung up.

if you like this tell me and ill post more...

Master's little lacieReport

2009-07-31 23:27:27
*gags myself with a few fingers and moans loudly into my hand* ok, I'm not much for femme doms... Even worse about male slaves BUT, as a slave myself I feel the desire to explain to the other commenting parties: the slave is only as pathetic as the owner wishes them to feel. And it is a privelege and allowance to sleep, pleasure, pleasure ourselves, even speak.
Well... That's my take on slavery, both what I've been trained and what I've been through personally.

Anonymous readerReport

2008-09-15 09:49:54
epic failure


2007-10-08 22:52:05
You certainly are pathetic, if you allow yourself to be abused in such a manner as you describe. you have your own place, your own bed. why can't you sleep in your own damned bed? why do you go to her place for the "privilege" of sleeping naked outdoors? I guess I'm missing something here. after all, it's not like you've been abducted into forced slavery. sorry, but you are the lowest form of a pitiful sycophant. role playing is one thing, but this is out of bounds.


2007-07-13 04:29:39
im confused i didnt understand the story.


2006-11-13 21:48:53
wow and so why do u liste to her? or why did u even go to her house? good story anyway a lil short though and retty funny

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