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hello everyone this is my first time so plz be kind
Hi, my name is jamie and im 15, i have a good toned body with quite broad shoulders and i have a dark coloured hair which goes curly if i let it grow (which i dont), im about 5ft 9inchs 5ft 10inchs tall. I go to a school called darlo college (dont ask me why its a college when its a secondry school) and has about 500 pupils in it.
Well this is were my story begins, it was a monday first lesson of the day and i was already bored to death, mr jordy are geography teacher was once again ranting and raving about us not having completed homework......bla....bla. Who cares. I noticed a girl opposit me shaking a little, i had a look over to find her desprately trying to hold a laugh down, now im not a pervert but my eyes didnt follow her shoulders or head, but her perfect round tits jumping about like a dog on speed. While i was staring i didnt notice her look at me untill it was to late, she saw me! I instanly went red and looked down at the floor, to afraid to look up in case she was staring at me.
Finaly the lesson was over, i nearly sprinted out the room to my next lesson incase she tried to stop me. My next lesson went with out problem, infact most of my day did. i lost my dinner money but that was about it. At the end of the day i climbed onto the bus and went home. After 11:30pm all the good movies come on so i decided to enjoy my self as most lads did, out came the tube sock and away i went I'd stroke up and down untill a good scene came on then i pick up the pace a little and begin that great jorney down pleasure lane.
Ever since my first encounter with porno if always been aroused by fuckin someone doggy style i loved watching it (and later enjoy doing it). I have a coat thats fare to big for me but it covers my cock and balls so when got a hardon i didnt have to worry about anyone seeing it.
The next day i was in school again and had forgoten all about the inncedent in geography, so when i seen the girl next i just smiled as she looked at me, it was coming up lunch time when i had to go back to science to pick up my bag. on my way there i seen that gril again, and when she seen me walking on my own she started to follow me. I was getting a little nervous now and it didnt help that i was the only one in the science block "great i thought now shes gonna slap me for staring" i felt embarressed yet again.
when i entered the first room to get my bag she slipped in and closed the door. "SHIT" i though as she walked upto me her huge green eyes burning into me like snakes, allmost instanly i was arroused and my cock started to stir. I waited for the slap to come......... it never came, i opened my eyes to see her staring at my with her amazing eyes god whats happening to me, i couldnt look away from her eyes they hooked me instantly.
The next thing surprized me so much i nearly passed out, she grabbed my semi erected cock in my pants and started rubbing and squeezing it witha softness i never new excisted, I moaned as she squeezed a little harder, she started unziping my pants and pulled them down with my boxers and out popped my cock now standing fully hard and proud, now at 15 i though i had a good size dick for my age 7,1/2inchs, i smiled as the girl looked with lust at my cock, the need flowed from her as she took it in her mouth, first the head and started sucking and licking around it before she took the Ihole thing in her mouth. I didnt think she could take it all be she gagged alittle and continued to deep throat me, god i was in heaven. I gripped her head and started moving with her to get as much of my cock down her troat as i could get. Pistoning out of her like a train she pulled my cock out of her mouth and smiled. my face lit up when i realized what was next.
I picked her up and placed her on the side, pulling down her skin tight jeans to reveal a cute black thong, i practicly stopped breathing as i slid the thong from under neath her. finally her rose came into view and i could already see it glistening with moister,i exhalled. i just dived in licking and sucking on her slit before pushed my tongue deep into her velvet depts, she gasped and moaned as i tongue fucked her, her sweetness allmost driving me crazy. As i slid up her stomach and pulled her t-shirt up to reveal her perfect 34Cs, she told me her name was charlotte, i told her mine and we kissed passionatly as i fondled her breasts, a little moan escaped her lips as we explored each other mouths.
we were both now fully naked and still kissing each other when she broke the kiss and opened her legs to admit my man hood to her lushush folds. i placed the head of my cock at her lips before pushing a little harded untill i had the head plus 2 inches in her, she smiled and told me to go for it, i shoved my whole lenght up her as she cryed out in shock. I waited a moment to check she was ok, when she looked up i saw fire i her emrald eyes giving me the all clear. I started humping slowly in and out of her sweet wet folds then picked up the pace till i found a steady rythem.
charllotee was now moan and crying my name with each thrust.
"ohh!! god yeah jamie fuck me oooohh god yeah"she cryed.
This improved my confidence so i decided to make my fantasy come true and i asked her "could i fuck you from behind"?
"yes" she breathed as i pumped her body
I pulled out of her loving pussy as she got down on all fours "heaven" was all that i could say. I guided my throbbing cock into sopping pussy, and she moaned loadly, untill i was i was up to my balls in her. She gasped as i slid almost out before ramming back in, i reach under her and grasped hit tits and squeezed her wounderfuly erect nipples driving her over the edge and into an climax, she screemed as i pummeled her body "OOOOHHH FUCK YERRRRR"her tits swinging back and forward with each trusti started to feel that wounderful tingling in my balls and sped up untill i reach my climax and my hot seed flooded her pussy.
We just collasped in a heap my now limp cock still in her, i smiled as she gazed at me with those eyes....................


2006-05-28 22:14:18
fantasies are a great place for inspiration. bone up on the grammar.


2006-05-28 14:42:40


2006-05-27 06:57:54
next one plz^^

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