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It was a warm summer’s day in Pittsburgh. The sweat was dripping off my forehead as my girlfriend and I drove down route 86 in my Chevy Cavalier. We were on our way to my mother in-laws house for dinner. This was the same ritual that I had to deal with Sunday after Sunday. Well I mean it wasn’t all that bad… for a 57 year old woman Shannon’s mom was quite attractive. She was a slender woman with large breasts, and a tight ass. Oh how I dreamed of fucking her.

“Shannon turn that radio down, I cant hear myself think.” “Oh sorry Anthony, what are you trying to think about?” “I’m thinking about pulling this car over and fucking you right now Shannon!” “ Oh Anthony, we don’t have time, we are supposed to be at my moms in half an hour. But I know what we do have time for.” As I was driving down the road, Shannon unbuckled my pants and pulled out my hard cock. It was 14 inches long erect and throbbing. She slowly started licking my balls, and worked her way up to the shaft of my dick. Then without hesitation she took the whole 14 inches in her mouth. As we drove down the highway she took my cock in her mouth and moved her head up and down, taking in every inch of my salami stick. I knew I couldn’t take it much longer, and I was going to blow my load in her mouth. “Oh God Shannon I’m gonna cum, Oh God!” my throbbing meat stick was pulsating out load after load of cum. “Oh god I’m gonna cum again!” I screamed as I blew a second full load of cum. Shannon looked up at me as she swallowed every last load. Hurry up, we are almost there I said, as we pulled in the driveway.

I found a moist towellete in the glove compartment for Shannon to clean up with. We went inside, gave our smiles and sat down for the usual dinner. At the table there was small conversation about new happenings, but I tired of the simple ramble quite fast. I looked over at Shannon who was letting those luscious lips run as she conversed. I suddenly felt that raging urge to just fuck something. Anything. I walked into the kitchen to hide my sudden erection. I slid my hands to the under side of my pants, feeling myself spastically. The door abruptly opened to reveal Shannon’s mother, Veronica. Though she was 57, age does not hold my raging boner down from her body. I don’t know what came over me, but I had stated that she was beautiful. It just came out without my consent. However there was no stunning reaction, she simply starred into my eyes and confronted me. Face to face we stood, I couldn’t help myself to not place my hand on her shoulders. I slowly slid the strap of her brassiere down the side of her smooth arm. As soon as the strap came of her elbow her perky nipples popped out. I slid my tongue down her bosoms and suckled on her teet. Moaning roared, so I jerked her over to the laundry room. We shut the door and continued relentlessly. I couldn’t hold it anymore, I reached in and flung out my anal rocket and threw it towards her face. She grabbed hold of my beating rod and began to tickle my telecaster. The feeling was amazing, that’s when I realized it wasn’t only Shannon, who could please me, I see it runs in the family. I grabbed her by the hair and shoved her against the washing machine while it was running. The machine was banging against her huge tits. I grabbed a hold of my tool and rammed it in her tight ass. I moaned and asked why hasn’t Richard explored this region yet? She was speechless, but replied with a deafening groan. She turned her head to reveal tear-filled eyes. I wouldn’t stop. Not even for Shannon. I continued to thrust harder and harder till I felt that familiar feeling again. I felt like I was on the tip of exploding. I demanded that she put her face to my cock so I could blow my love juice all over her. She resisted, which angered me deeply. I pulled out my fish and tackle and spit on her back as to replicate my cum. She turned with relief. Unfortunately for her I released my steaming jizz onto her gussied up face. I didn’t want to but I didn’t hesitate to slap her across the head as my seamen oozed off her chin. She wouldn’t speak, but I knew she loved it. I grabbed Richards fancy hand towel from the hanger and threw it to Veronica. I told her to clean her self up, the Turkey is burning.

After dinner I felt quite tired as to all this excitement that overcame me today. I told Shannon that we needed to go home. All the time during dinner I felt very awkward as I knew Richard had a slight idea of what went on while I “helped” veronica stuff the turkey. Right before we left Richard asked me to see him in the dean. I was so nervous, and sweat was pouring out of me. As my heart pounded I slowly walked into the den. When I walked into the door, I saw something I would never forget. Richard was bouncing a towel on his crotch. When I asked what the hell he was doing he replied “I’m fucking a Fi-Fi.” He then pulled the lotion filled rubber glove surrounded in a towel off of his rickety crank. I was appalled and said that he was disgusting. He then ran over to me and grabbed my shoulder. The words he whispered into my ear changed my life forever. “I know you fucked my wife, and if you don’t pleasure me right now I’m telling Shannon.” What was I supposed to do, I loved Shannon and couldn’t lose her, but I sure didn’t want that wrinkly old penis in my virgin cherry ass. But love is a strong thing and I did what I had to do. “Okay, fine what do you want” I said with a disgusted look upon my face. Richard replied with pulling my trousers to my feet. He said I want to suck your cock and feel your hott cum in my mouth that’s all I ask of you. I closed my eyes and thought of Shannon as he sucked on my bottle rocket. After about two minutes I blew my load in his mouth as he swallowed every last drop. When I got into the car I looked at Shannon and said I love you. That was one hell of a day wasn’t it hun. She smiled with a clueless look on her face and agreed.

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2013-01-05 14:12:46
Clearly you really have a 4 inch dick when hard... and as soon as I saw that 14 inch bullshit I quit reading because you are an idiot.

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2008-08-06 20:19:41
WTF was that shit 14 inches WTF

that was bs


2008-03-14 14:33:41
This is all BS !


2007-12-30 10:55:29
14 inches my dying ass you got to be a black dude that lies


2007-11-30 01:14:41
That was fucking LAME! I wish you could rate zeroes on stories this shitty

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