It was a dark blue night, the storm thundered over the castle keep, The sisterhood have lived there for over four years, alone, isolated and forgotten. Every man and male child were ordered out of the keep four years ago to go to war against Prince Bah'und, the cold hearted sadists who is bent on crusading the world to make it his world empire. However the sisterhood, a shadowary society, have remained hidden from the Prince's sight for a long time and conceived a long term but powerfull plan to overthrow his evil empire once and for all. The only thing that is stopping them from unleashing this power is one simple fact, no men.

As I said before, all the males have left them years ago, ordered by their king to leave the castle and the land to go to the battles (The king never cared about the existance of the sisterhood so left them to rot at the castle with no male to keep them company) not even a male child was spared. Rumors goes around that the King, King Ku'fassah, was lossing the war with heavy losses.

Back to the point, the sisterhood, left all alone in a dark castle with alot of time on their hands with no hope of a man to appear. No man, no hope. Until now.

Mother Superior Vanaky, was in the observation tower in the tallest part of the castle, trying to see through the heavy rain trying to find where the sound of loud banging noises and manly screams came from. Vanaky was mixed with fear, confusion and worry for three reasons:

One is that manly screams obviously links to men but she would never believe men would even find this secret place. Screams and men nearby could also mean conflict and if conflict is nearby the sisterhood has no weapons to defend themselfs, even though that they don't need weapons to kill. But the thing she is truly worried about is that Mother Superior Basely sent four or five of their sisters to investigate the noises, although Vanaky knew that they are more than capable to handle a dozen warriors or beasts, she is still worried and still gazing through the window and the rain for a chance she could see something.

"Mother Superior Vanaky!" Cried one of the sisters who was behind her next to the castle stairwell.
"Anything?" Vanaky asked in open worry.
"The sisters are returning now, they are approaching the south East Gate"
"Well let us hurry then! They shall need our assistance!"

The two hurried as fast as their black dress robes would allow them to with out tripping and falling eventhough they used their hands to raise their lower skirts further from the ground. Two more acolytes stood by the South East door, prepared to open it to anything on the otherside. A tall lady entered the chamber, taller than the sister acolytes but the same height as Vanaky.
"Sister Vanaky, I came as soon as I heard."
"Everything is under control, Sister Iwin, may I ask how are the rest of the sisters in the castle"
"Prepared for the worse"
Then suddenly a hard but not so strong of a fist was knocking on the door. All three sisters stood almost in panic then quickly calmed themselves and waited for Their Mother Superiors to give the word.
Vanaky held her chest and waved the acolytes to open the door.

Out of the darkness and the rain and into the dry and light came four sisters two of them carrying a man in with them by the arms while dragging his feet, the man was wearing strange garments and items all over him.
After the doors slam closed all the acolytes fussed about with activity like fetching dry towels and hot water.
The mother superiors stood where they where but Iwin went to ask one of her acolytes.
"What did you find, Telliese?"
Telliese was a young 17 year old girl with honey coloured skin and a tiny beautiful face.
"We only found this man in the rain, crawling on his arms and knees, it looked like he was ambushed by Petro-Wolves."
Vanaky noticed that the man was half dead. "what are we waiting for, take him up to one of the spare sleeping chambers!"

As the night grew darker the light in the castle grew brighter, it was warm, safe and dry, while this man was lying weak in the fore poster bed, almost naked (only pants remaining) dozens of the sisters came in and out of the apartment he was sleeping in to deliver more hot water and flannels to dapen his head and torso, three or four of the sisters would just stand there gazing at this face.
He had pale skin, light brown hair, dark brown stubble on his face which made him manly and attractive. Some of the sisters would over part of the bed covers to look upon his muscular built torso and arms, one went to look even deeper for the thing that they all wanted to see. However the two Mother Superiors were still in the room.
"Girls!" Vanaky barked.
All the surrounding acolytes jumped
"Please, that will be enough, let our guest rest."
Then, with the exception of Vanaky, Telliese and Iwin, all the sisters left quietly out of the apartment. While the remaining three debated in front of the for poster bed.
"What do we know about this man?" Asked Irwin "Why is he here and is he alone?"
Telliese looking at the man bewildered.
"All I know is that I found him rather bruised and beatened, but if he is anything, I'd say that he is a soldier of some description, there was no one else nearby so I guess all the screaming were other men being slaughtered by the Petro-wolves."
Vanaky looked at the soldier in the bed, analyzing his face, noticing all the features that fitted him to be a true soldier.
"He was not very well armed if he is, he doesn't even have a sword or spear."
"Well this is the matter that presses my curiosity, your reference". Tenniese replied as she guided her superiors to a large table near the live fire place.
"This is what he was wearing when we found him, all sorts of garments we have never seen before"
On the table there was a large, hard jacket with no sleeves but with lots and lots of weird pockets filled with strange boxes with narrow objects that resembled spear tips, trousers with patternless coloures and more pockets, a white shirt with short sleeves and no buttons and finally black leather boots that looked very clean and expensive.
Tenniese then went on to the items on the other side that really looked more weird than everything else they have seen so far.
"This is what I saw him use before he lost conscience."
She then picked up a large, heavy metal object with two bits sticking out of the bottom that looked like handels, one of the handles was different though, one of them had a ring shape next to it with a small metal peice sticking out in the middle of the ring.
Tennises then showed of the front part of the device that had a small but dark hole that she claimed had made lights and smoke come out of it when they found him.
"This is what he used to kill the wolves." Tenniese pointed out.

Mother Superiors Vanaky and Iwin looked absolutly astonished by what they have learned, a strange mechanical device that makes light and smoke to kill three dangerous beasts. The three looked at the man again, curious to find out who he is.

"This is a man we've never encountered before." Said Vanaky, positively
"Sister Tenniese, you were the first to encounter this man, so he is in your care for this evening, I doubt he will be dangerous in his condition, but should he differ from my expectations then disable him but do NOT kill him. We want to know more about him."
"I understand, Mother Superior Iwin."
The two superiors quickly made a prair for this man to heal and may the goddess look over this man for truth and harmony, then finally left Tenniese alone with him.

The two Mother Superiors retreated up to a apartment further up in the castle.
"Sister Iwin, have you heard anything like this in the outside world?" Asked Vanaky
"No, I have not and I am more than certain that neither do the outside world has ever heard of this, otherwise this would not escape Prince Ba'hund."
"Agreed, so as far as we know, we are the only ones that know of his existance." Vanaky said with a small sparkling gleam in her eyes.
"What if there are more like him in the woods, we heard the screams. Can't be made by just one man alone."
"We will look for them in the morning, Petro-Wolves only come out at night so if there's anything left of them, we will find them."

Mother Iwin then looked like she though of something which made her lips tinkle into a tiny smile, she then wiped it off and looked more cold.
"Yes, in the mean time after tonight, this man will be treated as a major threat to us."
Vanaky looked incredibly surprised by Iwin's sudden thunder.
"He will be deeply interrogated tomorrow and locked"
"in a cell like a prisoner should be." Irwin ordered as she approaching the apartment's exit without looking at Vanaky at all, Vanaky chased her from behind.
"Sister Iwin, surely you don't mean that? He is just a-"
"Very handsome man that is your sexual appetite" interrupted Iwin with a knowing smile on her face as they made eye contact. Vanaky's face went bright pink.
"I know you like him and I would gamble that half of the sisters in this castle are more than excited of his presence, we have not seen a man for four years." Iwin said in a much gentler and ecstatic tone.
"Yes that is a pity" Vanaky signed.
For the fact that there are over one hundred and sixty sisters in the castle, all with itches in places that they know where. But one man, a stranger that could be dangerous or refuses to engage in sexual activities.
Iwin detected these problems in Vanaky's tone and look.
"Vanaky, we are are more than just holy sisters, we are seducers, mistresses of telepathy and skilled in the arts of seduction and love, this is a mere soldier that does not stand a chance against us" Iwin had a wicked grin on her face while saying this.
Vanaky's inner fire was relit and she licked her teeth with excitement. This is going to be a craving time for all of them.

Meanwhile while the Mother Superiors left Tenniese on her own in the soldier's apartment she sat on a stool next to his bed and gazed into his sleeping face, he was handsome, looked very young, about in his mid twenties and was sexually attractive to her eyes. Tenniese could feel her body tingling with lust, and her thoughts keep hitting her, she is on her own with a beautiful man and she knows that none of her sisters or superiors are going to interrupt them through out the whole night. After a little while she decided to go with her sexual instinct, she undressed herself. the extra dressings and robes did hide her figure but after she took it all off and revealed her true body. she had bright blonde hair with very light blue eyes and her large lips were bright red, her skin was tight and honeycombed colour, her breasts were a 34C size cup and her belly was extreamly flat, eventhough she was still wearing small old panties her legs were very long and her feet her small.
Tenniese left her pants on and got on to the bed and laid right next to him, she pulled part of the covers off to see his muscular upper body, he was very well built, he had a clear six pack on his belly.
The soldier suddenly started to groan in his sleep, he was delious and started to sweat but tenniese quickly sat on top of his belly and used both of her hands to hold his temples, she then closed her eyes and entered his mind.

Inside his mind was restless he was in a dark place with nothing in sight, he doesnt know where he is and for he knows that he could still be in danger, he had to find his men, he had to regroup, they relied on him to make sure they didnt get killed. Then all of a sudden something warm and gentle entered into the back of his arm, this immediatly made him jump and spin around and he saw a ghostly white outline of a young girl, looking into his eyes.
"Who are you, how did I get here?" asked the soldier in suspecting curiosity
"I am Tenniese" She replied in a gentle and generous voice. "Do not worry I mean you no harm, you are in a fever at the moment and I am here to ease your mind."
The soldier look bewildered and confused, he was going to say something else when Tenniese interrupted.
"Shhhh... let your mind rest for now, you safe now."
Before he could react her ghost shoot right into him, he quickly panicked wondering what was happening then a voice echoed in his head telling him to sleep, he soon then went drowsy and tired then he simply collapsed in his mind and fell asleep.

Tenniese exited his mind and looked upon him again, he was in a peaceful deep sleep, she smiled, how she managed to easily comfort him. She then remembered that she was almost naked on the bed ontop of this sleeping soldier and how hot she was feeling. She then went under the covers which made him turn over with his back towards her, she smiled again and laid on her side next to him, pressing her breasts into his back and her hips instictively buckling against his naked ass, he was very warm which heated her up some more, she then slipped both of her arms around his body so she could feel his chest and belly, she was getting wet in her pussy and was building up to a climax while rubbing against his muscular ass with her pussy and clit.

Then her hand went further down towards his crotch where she found the front of his thong covering his penis, she pulled her hands slowly to both sides of his hips and peeled the whole thong off down to his knees. Now she sent her hands back up to his crotch when as she went back up she found something big and hot leaning on his lower left thigh, her heart pounded as she felt it, his penis must have been about eight inches long and four inches round this is the first penis Tenniese has ever touched.

She is a virgin but she was trained to do this and she could not be anymore excited than be on a brink of a climax with a warm and sexy guy, holding his penis in both hands. She quickly pulled her right hand back over and fingered her pussy, she was breathing fast, nearly hyperventelating as she went in and out very quickly while her other hand was still holding his dick. then she felt it comming, it was building and it was going to be big and then...she made a small supressed squeal, she covered her legs and the bed sheets with her juice. Her heart was beating at a fine pace again, she has never cummed like that before, she does tend to masturbate but it was never with anyone else before. She fell asleep by his side, but she knew one thing before she dozed off, this was not going her last encounter with this man.

End Of Part 1


2006-05-30 15:32:14
Well the writing is to see the Sisters in their point of view because they dont know what a gun is but in the second one it jumps to his point of view aswell where things will make sense. Just keep in mind this is my first story and I always improve the more I write.


2006-05-30 14:30:40
i like this style of writing, but alot of pleople can't follow a deep storyline or keep track of all the special talents.


2006-05-30 10:13:11
not sure i want to read a second chapter. hard to follow story. gave it a 5,


2006-05-30 09:06:46
I thank people like Ashley Barbie and Archiac giving me some positive comments, it helps keep it going and I would also thank the guys that gave me negative comments as well, it shows that I have more work to do.


2006-05-29 22:45:58
this doesn't suck, i'm sorry. the story needs to be fine tuned but the writing style is good. the idea is original. and, goth is always great.

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