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As the warm rays of the sun crept through the only half shut blinds, shining
As the warm rays of the sun crept through the only half shut blinds, shining very pleasantly at the naked body of Susan Meadows, a single mother in her 30thes, she was slowly but surely becoming more and more awake because of it, though she’d already been awakened by the sound of the alarm clock, which, for some reason, always seemed to manage to wake her up - no matter how deep asleep she was. She was thankful for it, though she wanted nothing more than to stay in bed, maybe ask her son, Tommy, to join her... but she knew she couldn’t stay home from work, not even arrive late. Not again. Not four times in one week! Her boss would go crazy! She really needed that job, and so, she finally decided to get up.

Climbing out of the king-sized bed, she decided to put on a robe, as leaving the warm and comfy bed, made her feel a bit chilly - despite the wet hotness coming from between her legs, as she was thinking of what was about to come. She wanted a special something from her son, she wanted it in her mouth, and she wanted to swallow it all down. And he was the only one that could give it to her. No other man, or boy, would be the same.

But before she left her room, she took a moment to decide what clothes she was going to wear for the day. Being an assistant for one of the top lawyers of a quite a big lawyer company, didn't leave her much choice than to look respectable if she really wanted to keep her job. "Respectable" meaning one of the shortest skirts she ever could wear without being mistaken for a hooker. She didn't mind wearing these kind of outfits though, especially since her body was nothing to be ashamed of. Running a couple of miles a week had really given result.

Then, without further ado, she got out of her room and stepped down the hallway, the door to her sons room at the very end.

She stopped when she'd reached the door, admiring some of the new drawings he'd made recently. 'For such an young boy', she thought, 'he sure got some good drawing skills...' She grinned when she thought about some of his... other... skills. Even though he wasn't that experienced - yet - he sure knew how to do certain things right. She absolutely loved having him between her legs!

With some help from his dear old mom, he would without a doubt become a wonderful lover for whoever he decides to sleep with whenever that time comes. Hopefully not too soon, as she got lots and lots of things to teach him...

Silently opening the door and peeking inside, she noticed the room wasn't particularly dark, she could clearly see him laying there in his bed, sleeping peacefully, just like any other boy of his young age should. She cared so much about her only son, probably making him a bit spoiled, almost giving into buying and doing just about everything he asks for, but so be it. All she ever wanted is to make her son happy. And after all, he's given her so many orgasms during these months it's only fair he gets what he wants nowadays.

She tiptoed towards his bed, placing herself down next to him, then careful not to wake him up as she slowly starts to remove the covers, revealing more and more of his sleeping body, making her pussy tingle. She loved the sight of his tiny, little body, dressed in the pajamas she got for him this Christmas. Like many other boys his age, he really liked the amazing Spider Man, and so, she'd bought him a Spider Man pajamas. He'd told her more than once it's his favorite.

She carefully removed his pajama bottoms about half way down his skinny legs, then taking his soft, small cock in her right hand, doing her very best to get it hard... something that didn't take her very long, as it got hard almost instantly. She hardly even had to touch it. She licked her lips before she leaned over him and his cock, taking his cock in her mouth.

She was able to suck it for a while before he started to wake up, not at all startled in any way, already being quite used to the fact that his mother was giving him, more or less, unexpected blowjobs in the early mornings from time to time.

“Good morning, mommy...” the boy said, slowly realizing what was happening. He was tired, but he would soon forget about that. His mother would make sure of that.

Letting her son's cock slip out of her mouth, Susan said: “Good morning honey... Did you sleep well?”

“Yes I did”, the boy answered with a grin. “I was dreaming about you", he said, "and-”

“Shy, baby, you can tell mommy all about it at breakfast. Mommy desperately wants your cum, I need it so bad... You know how cranky I can get if I don't... and we don‘t want that do we?” Susan said, caressing his cock with her hand. “You don’t mind do you? You don't mind feeding mommy with some of your cum?"

The little boy eagerly started to shake his head, down there his small cock was harder than ever, only inches away from his mothers hot and wet mouth, at the moment his cock being caressed by her soft hand. He really didn't want her to stop doing what she was doing. He wanted her to make him feel that extremely good feeling in his penis again, like she always did.

He didn't even have to ask, as his mother immediately took his cock in her mouth again, having seen the lust in his eyes, probably just as clearly as it must show in her own eyes right now, she was sure of it.

His cock wasn't anywhere near the average size of a grownups, she couldn't even hold it with her hand, using all of her fingers, sucking it at the same time, so she just sucked, and she made sure to suck his dick as if her life depended on it, meanwhile playing with his small ball sack while doing so.

As she was sucking, except for looking at her son's blissful face, she looked around on some of the posters hanging on the walls - something that made her even more horny, Spider Man etc and whatever the posters where of (she didn't really pay them that much attention after all) reminding her of the fact that she wasn't just sucking any boy's cock, she was sucking her own boy's cock!

She'd sucked a lot of cocks in her days, she definitely knew what she was doing, and since the boy was still so young, despite the fact that his mother had been doing this, as well as a couple of other things to him the last couple of months, there was no way he could prevent himself from cuming anytime soon.

She was close to orgasm as well, wanting to touch herself between her legs so badly, put a finger or two, or three, in her hot cunt, wanted to rub her clit - but she decided against it, even though it wasn't the easiest thing to do, but instead wanted to concentrate fully on giving her son a perfect blowjob.

Noticing he was nearing orgasm, she let his cock out from her mouth once again, jerking it with three of her fingers and her thumb as she eagerly whispered to him: "Please honey, mommy wants you to give it to her sooo much..."

"I'm cuming, mommy", the boy almost whimpered, instantly, overwhelmed by the amazing feeling, and so his mother quickly let go of his cock, taking it in her mouth once again, wanting every drop of his cum down her throat, nothing was to be wasted, "I'm c-cuming..."

Squirt after squirt then rapidly shoot out from the top his dick, and she happily swallowed it all down without hesitation, enjoying every second of it.

“Now”, she said after a while, his cock getting softer, though not by much, having given all it could... for now... “you don’t want to be late for school, now do you?”

“No mommy”, he said, climbing out of the bed as his mother stood up, licking her lips, and then removed his pajamas completely. "I love you, mommy!"

While letting her robe fall down onto the floor she said: "I love you too, sweetheart", reaching out with her hand towards him, "now... would you like to join your mom in the shower?"

“Of course I want to!" the boy exclaimed, taking her hand in his, knowing he and his horny mother most certainly would do something even more interesting than just taking a shower together...

The End

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2008-06-09 11:52:26
Fuck mommy and get her pregnant.


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that was a good story


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Excellent, but I agree with the comment that a detailed deion of their first sexual encounter would be most welcome.


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Again, how about a first time, when the Mom seduces her son with maybe a sexy outfit and nylons...

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