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I was just a skinny lad...
From my very first “serious” relationship (at the age of 16) through to my wife, my partners have tended to be older than me. There’s been a few exceptions — a few girlfriends the same age or younger — but my preference is for women, not girls. Sure, most of the younger ones had nice, tight bodies and pussies to match, but the experience and sexual knowledge of a mature lady beats them hands down.

And in any case, who says that an older woman’s body can’t be sexy?

It all started with an encounter that I had when I was 15 — with my 35 year-old aunt, Rosanna. I’ll never forget it, that first sexual encounter. As the cliché goes, ‘she made a man out of me.’

Let me clarify something first. She wasn’t my auntie by blood, being married to my dad’s youngest brother. In fact, at that time, Rosanna and my uncle had been divorced for about 2 years. However, she was still considered part of the family — certainly, I still considered her my auntie.

Not having a large income, my auntie had sell the house she had shared with my uncle before the divorce. She ended up renting a house on a farm. I went there fairly often, mostly to babysit my cousins.

On this occasion, I’d asked her if I could sleep over, even though my cousins were with my uncle for the weekend. She enjoyed my company, so she readily accepted my request. I think my parents were just as happy to have me out of their way; my mum almost broke the speed limit, rushing me up to the farm as soon as I got home from school.

After the preliminaries of unpacking what gear I had brought with me and dinner were out of the way, we were seated in her cosy lounge room, a fire burning in the fireplace while we watched a DVD that she had rented. My auntie had drank a few bourbon and colas by this time and had given me a couple, like she usually did when my parents weren’t around.

The movie was mostly action, but there were the almost obligatory love scenes to temper the violence. During the last one, a real steamy scene, I squirmed uncomfortably. My auntie noticed this and stopped the DVD player.

“Okay, what’s up with you?” She asked in her sweetly husky and Birmingham-accented voice, turning to me. She must have been more than a little drunk by this time, but there was no trace of a slur in her speech.

“Nothing,” I replied, embarrassed at the boner that was starting to grow in my jeans.

“No, come on, tell me,” she prodded, “it’s to do with sex, right?” I nodded.

“Auntie Rosie, um, how old were you when you first did it?” She smiled and chuckled, turning her face away slightly.

“I’m not going to tell you that! Alright, I was about your age. Why do you ask?”

“Well, I’ve just been hearing some of my mates at school bragging about what they’d done with girls. I’ve only ever kissed one, and that was back when I started high school.”

“Look, love, I wouldn’t worry about that. Your mates are probably full of shit.” She turned back to me. “You’ve only kissed a girl once, huh?”

“Yeah,” I said, looking down, “I haven’t had a girlfriend since.”

“Well, it’s been a long time for me, too. I don’t get offers every day, you know. Who want’s a fat old hag?”

“Oh, you’re not fat, auntie, you’re gorgeous.”

“Don’t be ridiculous, look at me, I’ve got too much blubber, especially on my arse.”

“You’ve got curves Auntie Rosie, and as for your arse, I like it.” I did, too. It was — more than a little — on the big side, but it had a nice shape to it and it looked fantastic in the tight jeans she almost always wore. In any case her arse was balanced out by her big, pillowy boobs.

Speaking of my auntie’s boobs, it was then I noticed —even in my newly embarrassed state — that they were unrestrained by a bra, under her white cotton blouse. I could even make out her nipples through the thin fabric. She saw me staring at this and I could feel my face getting even hotter with embarrassment (and more than a little arousal). She chuckled again.

“I can see what else you like about me,” my auntie said through her laughter. “So, really, you’ve only ever kissed a girl?” I nodded by way of reply. “Well, come here, then.”

“Why?” I asked.

“Just do it,” she said with mock exasperation. I bum-shuffled a little closer to her on the couch. “Closer than that,” she said, pulling me over so that our thighs were touching. My pulse started to race. “Don’t be scared,” she said soothingly, “your auntie just wants a kiss.”

Slowly, hesitatingly, I leaned in towards her. Gently, with lips slightly parted, I kissed her cushiony lips. I only lingered there slightly, but it felt electric to me. I could feel my cock growing even harder, pushing against the inside of my boxers. Her eyes opened and looked into mine as I broke away. She smiled contentedly.

“That was nice, but I think you can do better than that,” my auntie told me, “here, let me show you.” Her hands held me around my torso as she pulled me towards her. With our eyes closed, her tongue flickered out and she ran it around my parted lips, tenderly forcing them open. With my mouth opened enough for her liking, she slid her tongue into my mouth, playing with my tongue as her wide-open mouth clamped down over mine.

The room was full of wet sounds as we kissed for what seemed like ages. I didn’t want to break contact. I don’t think she did either — in fact she kept pulling me into her tighter, her boobs squeezing up against my skinny body. I could feel one of her hands slide around to my stomach, and then down to my crotch. She gave my jeans-clad cock a firm squeeze, which made me jump a little and give a little yelp.

“You alright?” My auntie asked, breaking the kiss. Too overwhelmed to reply, I nodded again. “Do you want me to stop?”

“No,” I replied, “I want you.” Her eyes widened, showing her surprise and excitement.

“Alright then, let’s take care of you first, then it’s my turn,” she said. “Just relax, love,” she cooed as she reached for my jeans button, swiftly undoing it.

Guessing what my auntie wanted, I lifted my skinny arse from the seat, allowing her to pull my jeans and boxers down to my knees. Freed from its restraints, my young cock sprang out, almost touching my bellybutton in its hardness.

“Mmmmm, you’re a big boy already,” she said appreciatively, “you’ll be huge by the time you get your growth.” My cock twitched as she lightly gripped it with her thumb and forefinger — the very first time that a woman had touched my cock. Cupping my balls with her other hand she slowly tugged down on my cock shaft, making my foreskin roll back from the purple head. It was already glistening with pre-cum.

Her lips and tongue found mine again while she stroked my cock from tip to base, squeezing on each upstroke. More pre-cum oozed from the slit; her slowly stroking hand spread it along the shaft.

As could be foretold I didn’t take long to cum. My auntie made sure of that, tongue-kissing me with an unrelenting passion while she swiftly built up a rapid wanking action. I could feel my foreskin rolling back and forth over my so-sensitive cock-head.

With all the feeling of a freight train roaring down a track, my first non self-induced orgasm rushed up on me.

“Mmmmm! Mmmmm!” I moaned into her mouth, then my cock spasmed as a stream of thick, hot jizz fountained from it. My auntie stopped kissing me to watch in amazement as my load, forced out by the strength of my orgasm, spurted out of my cock. She didn’t slow her wanking, even though her hand now wore a gooey coating of jizz, until the gusher of cum subsided to a dribble.

“There,” she said, milking the last of my load with long, slow strokes. “That should ease your load a bit.”

“Mmmmm, yes,” I replied, not yet back down to earth. She kissed me briefly on the lips and got up from the couch. I could hear water running as she washed her hands, then my auntie’s voice echoed out to me from the bathroom.

“Are you going to come and clean up, honey?” She asked. Holding up my pants, I shuffled to the bathroom. When I got there I couldn’t see my auntie but went ahead and did the necessary, anyway. I stepped out into the hallway when I had finished, but still couldn’t see any sign of her. Then she called out to me again — it sounded like her voice was coming from her bedroom. I hurried there, eager anticipation written all over my face. And there she was. My gorgeous Auntie Rosanna, totally naked, reclining at the top of her bed with her legs crossed at her chunky thighs.

“I told you it was my turn next, didn’t I?” She said. At the sight of my open-mouthed stare, she giggled. I just couldn’t take my eyes off her womanly body. Her boobs sagged a little, but that was only due to the sheer weight of them. I didn’t care — they looked like a perfect set of tits to me, topped with big, dark nipples that were half-erect in the cool air of her bedroom.

My gaze moved down here body, over her slightly rounded belly to her pussy. Rosanna could see where I was looking, and she uncrossed her legs so I could get a better view. I could feel myself start to get hard again as I took my first real glimpse. She had a triangular, groomed-looking, thatch of pubic hair — as black as the hair on her head — over a swollen looking pair of outer pussy lips. In that instant I fell in love with hairy pussies.

“Well, are you just going to stand there?” She asked teasingly, breaking the spell.

“Where do I start?” I all but stammered.

“First, you’ve gotta lose those clothes,” she told me. I did so, and then stood there with my semi- hard cock jutting out in front of me, “now c’mere.” I got on the bed, kneeling next to her.

Smiling up at me, she grabbed me by the wrists and guided my hands to her glorious boobs. Not wanting to hurt her, I gently squeezed and kneaded them.

“Don’t be so gentle,” my auntie instructed me, “I want to feel your touch.” She covered my hands with hers and pressed them, showing me how hard she wanted it. “Like that, baby — that’s how you do it.” She dropped her hands. Heeding her advice, I massaged her tits, more firmly this time.

“Oh, that’s good, love,” she breathed, “now, play with my nipples.” Cupping my hands around her boobs, I rolled my thumbs over and around her nipples. She voiced her approval with a low moan; I could feel my newfound playthings harden to my touch.

Experimenting a little, I first lightly pinched them, and then I licked my fingers and rubbed them against her rigid nipples. My auntie’s moans intensified, and I knew I was doing well. At the same time I noticed a strange scent that had pervaded the room, hot and musky smelling. I’d never smelled that scent before, but for some reason it intensified my arousal. With a renewed hardness, my cock sprang to full attention again. Seeing this, my auntie reached out and took hold of it.

“Mmmmm…I forgot how quickly young guys can get it up again,” she purred. “We’ll have to do something with that, but for now, c’mere, honey.” Letting go of my cock, she grabbed my upper arms and pulled me towards her. Taking the lead, I slid my tongue between her willing lips, exploring her mouth. My auntie broke away.
“My, you’re getting good at that,” she smiled.

“I have a good teacher,” I replied, smiling back at her. We kissed again, deep and full. She took my hand, which was still playing with a stiff nipple, and slid it down her body. I felt my fingertips slither over the soft skin of her abdomen, and then they ran through the thick curls of her pubic hair. Pressing on my fingers, Rosanna guided them between the outer folds of her pussy, into the warm, wet hole inside. My auntie sighed contentedly at the touch, and the scent I had noticed before grew stronger.

“See how wet you’ve made me already?” She said in a sex-charged voice. I slid my middle finger to the end into her surprisingly tight and wet hole. It felt like a loosely sucking mouth around my finger, but much softer. “Mmmmm, now make like you’re fucking me, but with your finger,” my auntie instructed. I did as she said, slowly sliding my finger in and out of her.

“Oh, yes, that’s so good, love,” Auntie Rosanna moaned. Encouraged by this I went faster, her pussy making sticky slurping sounds as I pumped my finger in and out of her. She ground her pussy up against my hand with each in-stroke. Then, somehow, my finger slid completely out of her pussy and up the slick slit of her inner pussy lips. My finger found a nub of flesh near the top of the slit and my auntie gasped at the touch of this, her hips almost involuntarily rising up from the mattress.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, panicked.

“Nothing at all, baby, you’ve just managed to do something it took your uncle ages to do…find my clit. Keep going, rub it — but gently to start with.” Complying with her wishes, I ran my finger over her slowly hardening clit in an up and down manner. My auntie’s breathing grew heavy and she let forth a series of moans, her hips rising and falling. In a flash of inspiration, I ran my finger all the way down her inner pussy lips and dipped it into her hole, then ran it back up again to her clit, repeating it with long strokes.

“Mmmmm, you’re good at that, too,” my auntie moaned, “I loooove the way you touch my pussy.” Her hand found my cock again and massaged the shaft, squeezing in time with my strokes. Changing things up a little, I rubbed her ‘magic button’ in a circular way, increasing the pace. It wasn’t long before this took effect.

“Oh, god yes! I’m coming already!” My auntie screamed. Her whole body spasmed as her orgasm rushed through her. Not knowing what to do at that moment, I kept rubbing her clit as she climaxed for what seemed like minutes, moaning at the top of her voice. Her body relaxed when her orgasm died. She grasped my hand and removed it from her pussy.

“You can stop rubbing me now,” she said smiling, “I’ve come.” I flopped down on the bed next to her, laying on my back. She rolled onto her side and kissed me, briefly this time.

“Thank you,” she said, “that was wonderful.” A moment of silence passed. “Now, are you ready?”

“For what?” I asked, not thinking.

“To have that gorgeous cock of yours inside me — what else?” At those words, my cock seemed to grow twice in size. As I lay there momentarily stunned, my auntie got up straddled my waist, kneeling on one knee. Reaching down between her thighs she took hold of my cock and pulled the foreskin down. As she lowered herself onto me, she guided my throbbing cock towards her soaking pussy.

It was my turn to gasp as I felt my exposed cock head slide between her pussy lips. I’ll never forget that incredible feeling of my cock sliding into her soft sweet honeypot. She took her time, easing herself down on me so I could relish the sensation of her hot, wet pussy sliding over my cock. She took me all the way in, my cock engulfed in her hot wetness. She knelt there, straddling my narrow waist with her plump, soft bum resting on my upper legs, pausing for a moment. I grunted involuntarily as my cock twitched.

“Don’t you come yet,” my auntie told me, “we’ve only just started, big boy.”

“I’m trying not to,” I half-moaned, “but this feels soooo good!”

“I know, love — it feels good to me too. We’ll just have to take it slow to start with.” Instead of moving up and down on me, as I would have expected, my auntie started to rock her hips back and forth leisurely. I lay there for a minute, starry-eyed, watching my auntie’s body writhe above me as she ground her sopping pussy back and forth on my cock. I could feel her juices dribbling down to the base of my cock shaft. We locked eyes and she leaned down for another deep, burning, tongue-filled kiss. I reached up to play with her boobs again.

“You like playing with them, don’t you?” She asked, a lustful smile on her lips. “Why don’t you taste them?” I half sat up; my auntie held me there as I bent my head down to a rigid nipple and, slurping, I sucked it into my mouth. Her hands slid up to cradle my head. She thrust her chest against my face as if wanting me to devour her whole boob.

“Mmmmm, that’s soooo good,” my auntie panted. “Now, give it some tongue.” I ran my tongue over and around her thumb-sized nipple, drawing an approving chorus of moans from her. Working my way over to her other tit with a trail of kisses and licks, I gave her other nipple a workout. I flopped back down on the bed as my auntie continued to polish my cock with her pussy.

“You’re not going to come just yet, are you?” She asked me.

“No, but it won’t be much longer,” I replied.
“Well, in that case…” She said, and abruptly got off me. I was momentarily dismayed, thinking she wanted to stop, but when she got on all fours next to me, her bum poking up, I understood what she wanted. I got up, myself, and knelt behind her, staring at her big, round bum in all its naked glory. I ran my hands over the soft, smooth skin of her arse and massaged it as I positioned myself between her legs.

“I nearly forgot you like my bum,” my auntie said, looking back at me.

“Like it? I love it! It’s the best bum I’ve ever seen.” I replied enthusiastically.

“Well, you might get a chance to play with it later, but for now I want your cock pounding my pussy.” Without further ado I aimed my cock at her hair-fringed, sopping pussy and eased it in until her cushiony arse was pressed against my lower abdomen. She dropped her shoulders a little, and it felt like my cock slipped deeper into her pussy. I slipped my cock almost all the way out, feeling the inner lips of her pussy glide over the ridge of my responsive cock-head, and then I shoved it back in again, her bum rippling with the impact of my thrust.

“That’s it, love, fuck me hard!” My auntie pleaded. Encouraged by this I began to pick up the pace, slamming my cock into her welcoming pussy. Her arse slapped noisily against my belly with each thrust. I could do little but stare at the sight of her superb bum undulating with each thrust, my cock sliding frantically in and out of her pussy just below. I grabbed onto her hips, pulling her into me with each in-stroke. She helped, pushing up against me in sync with my motion. I couldn’t last much longer like this; I could already feel my orgasm coming on as my cock swelled. My auntie felt this and increased the pace.

It wasn’t as good as my first orgasm, but it was close. With a howl of delight, I tightened my hold on my auntie’s hips and shoved my cock all the way in again, her bum squashed tight against my belly. My cock spasmed as I pumped my cum deep inside her pussy.

“Oh, fuck, I’m coming too!” My auntie yelled and her pussy contracted around my cock, squeezing every drop of cum from it. My orgasm faded just before hers; she started moving back and forth on my cock languidly as we both slowly descended from cloud nine.

Eventually I slipped my softening cock out and laid beside her. She rolled over and we looked into each other’s eyes.

“You know, that’s never happened to me before,” she said.

“What hasn’t?” I asked.

“I felt it when you came, that’s why I came too.” She replied, “whoa, I’m gonna sleep well tonight.” She kissed me and rolled over, her back to me. I thought that was a hint to go, so I started to get out of bed. “Where are you going?”

“Don’t you want me to go to my bed?” I asked.

“No,” she said with mock exasperation, “I want you to stay here with me.” I laid back down next to her. Reaching around behind her, she took my hand and pulled me over so that I was hugging into her from behind. In this position, we soon fell asleep.

But that wasn’t the only sexual encounter that weekend, or even that night…

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Ahahahahaha zomg the reader below... Sick but so so funny


2008-05-31 13:27:17
Good story. Keep fucking auntie and get her pregnant. Then after arriving home, fuck mommie and get her pregnant. Fuck any sisters, mommies firends, auntie;s friends and sister too and get them all pregnant.

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not as good as my aunt!


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Doggone hot and erotic. I am ahast at even hints of incest, but did not consider this story as such as they were not blood relatives. Good deions.

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