In my senior year of High School I volunteered to help out the basketball team. I was too short to play but I loved the game and helped the coaches out with whatever they needed. I got along well with all the players, too. I knew that I was gay but hadn’t acted out on my desires. My school was in the Bronx and all the players were tall Puerto Ricans, Dominicans and black guys. It used to drive me crazy watching these hot athletic guys running up and down the court. But what really drove me crazy was watching them shower. Almost all of them had these huge, mostly uncut, thick brown cocks. I would get so horny that I would have to go into the bathroom stall and jack off after every game.

One day after a game that we lost everyone was down and in a hurry to leave. Only a couple of guys were left when I sat down with Sammy, this beautiful Puerto Rican center. He was tall, probably around 6'2" or so and very lean. I was being kind of careless, I guess I was just used to nobody catching me - so I just kinda looked him up and down while we were chatting. He caught it though, and didn't hide that he'd caught me. “What are you looking at?” He said with a scowl on his face, like he wanted to beat me up or something. I stammered “nothing” but he wasn’t convinced. Reaching down, he grabbed his crotch through his basketball shorts. "You calling this 'nothing'?" He didn't wait for me to answer, "Stick around, come find me in the locker room after everybody else leaves." With that he walked off the court and into the locker room, leaving me standing there shocked. I knew it was a bad idea, but I couldn't resist. I got so horny after watching these guys and I hadn’t jacked off, yet, so my horniness got the best of me. So, I stayed.

I just fucked around for about ten minutes outside in the hallway, waiting until all the other guys left the locker room. After that ten minutes had passed, I thought it was safe to head back into the locker room. I pulled the door open and was immediately hit with the post-game scent of sweaty teens, but more importantly it was quiet - meaning everybody was gone. Everybody except one, Sammy. "Hey man," he grinned, sitting on a bench near a row of lockers. "Hey," I answered weakly, stepping closer to him. He stood up, not saying anything else and moved into one of the shower stalls and drew the curtain. I was nervous as hell, but followed him in, anyway. We were very close at this point and both fully dressed. We just kinda stared at each other for a second, so I moved in to kiss him - but he stopped me, "Uh… no. I don't kiss dudes." Fuck! He wasn't gay, so I'd already misinterpreted one situation and was worried that maybe he really tricked me in here to kick my ass. "On your knees, man," He said quietly.

I dropped to my knees - I still was hoping he liked getting serviced, even if he wasn't gay. I wasn’t sure what to do and he just stood there in front of me waiting. I looked down at his crotch and could see the outline of a growing cock underneath so I decided to take a chance. Carefully, I stuck my fingers into the elastic of his waistband and pulled his basketball shorts down. He yanked his jersey off, leaving him naked except for his sweaty jockstrap, which appeared to be barely constraining his big meat. I pressed my face into his crotch, inhaling the musky aroma of sweat as my eyes darted up to see his smooth, bare chest. I stripped his jockstrap off, freeing around six inches of semi-hard uncut meat. "Oh yeah," he moaned, "put my big dick in your mouth." I instinctively opened my lips, and sucked his hardening dick into my mouth. He groaned as he finally slipped into me and I sucked gently on him, focusing on the head at first but sliding down to his hairy groin as he grew to his full nine-inches. I reached around and grabbed his full, hard round asscheeks and used my grip on them to fuck my face onto his cock. I easily deep throated his length, which he really enjoyed, making loud grunts every time my nose would bury itself in his short, curly pubes. "Oh, fuck yeah!" he groaned.

As I slid down again, I tightened the ring of my lips around his throbbing cock and sucked harder. He let out a series of curse words and even a few insults, though I was too into blowing him to care. As my mouth moved up and down Sammy’s big cock he cried out in pleasure and, almost simultaneously, the curtain to the shower stall slid open. I pulled off of Sammy to see his buddy Ricardo, also a basketball player, standing at the curtain. "Holy shit!" he yelled, "You were right, man - he is a fag!" "Told ya," grinned Sammy, unashamed of his big cock throbbing out in front of him. Sammy had apparently told his buddy that I'd be blowing him. I didn’t know if Ricardo had come back in the locker room and I'd just failed to notice it, or he'd been hiding in the locker room this whole time, I never found out.

Ricardo was built a little like Sammy, except that he had lighter colored skin. He had black hair done up in corn rolls, a cute face, and a tight, lean body. He was still wearing his basketball uniform. "I'm not ga--," I tried to say, but Ricardo interrupted. "I don't give a shit, just suck my cock, too." I shifted over on my knees, which were really starting to hurt at this point, and quickly pulled down his shorts and jock. He was already rock hard and about seven and a half inches, but thicker than Sammy and his cock was bent upwards. As I admired his cock, a drop of precum formed at the slit as he anticipated his coming blowjob - my tongue darted out quickly and scooped up the clear fluid. Once my tongue touched his hard cock, I went for him all the way. I plunged up and down his cock, enjoying the smell of his sweaty pubes as I deep throated his bent dick.

I went to town on his cock for probably a good five minutes before Sammy finally pulled me off of him. "Let's get out of this fucking shower." I was happy to finally get up off my knees and free my cock from the tight confines of my jeans and underwear. When I looked up, both guys were sitting on a bench, leaning up against some lockers, still completely naked with their erections sticking up proudly from their crotches. Ricardo said, "Come on over" I leaned over him and prepared to put his cock back into my mouth, but he stopped me, "No, man! Work us over, like our whole body - worship our fucking bodies like the fag you are." I think they just wanted to see what I'd do. At this point, why the fuck should I disappoint?

I leaned over Ricardo’s body and licked over his neck, before dropping down and licking his nicely defined chest. I locked onto one of his nipples and sucked hard, bringing a loud groan from his throat. I slid over just a little further though and started tonguing his thick bicep, washing my tongue over his muscles. He grinned, though he didn't say anything and lifted his arm, flexing his muscles fully for me. I licked all over it. He obviously enjoyed what I was doing but Sammy had gone without anything for a while now - so I slid over to him and licked across his chest. Sammy had is own idea, though, "Eat out my ass, man - you guys like doing that, right?" I didn't answer, I just dropped down low and spread his legs wide.

My tongue dove beneath his balls, hunting for his lightly haired asshole. "Fuck! He's going to do it man!" Sammy yelled, just as my tongue hit his hole. I pulled him slightly forward to get better access and thrust my tongue against his tight ass. "Oh fuck!" he yelled again, with his eyes shut, "He's fucking eating my ass!" He gripped the bench tightly as a munched on his asshole, feeling it tighten and loosen. Ricardo looked excited, "That shit feels good?" Sammy opened his eyes briefly, "It's fucking amazing!" I continued to work on his ass for probably a solid five or ten minutes - time was passing quickly, while Ricardo stroked his own cock. "Oh, shit man - give me some of that." I slid over, spreading Ricardo's legs and diving into his hairless ass without hesitation. He just groaned as I worked his ass over. I was amazed that I'd worked both boys up to such a frenzy and neither of them had busted a nut, but that was about to end.

Sammy was clearly ready to cum as he got behind me. I was already on all fours, eating out Ricky's ass from the floor, so Sammy spit on his hand and lubed up his prick. I had never been fucked by a guy before. I used my mom’s dildo a couple of times when she wasn’t home and knew I liked how it felt, but was nervous about getting pounded by a real dick. Especially one this big! He pressed his thick cockhead against my tight asshole and pushed hard, until it popped in. I felt that first thrust of pain as he eased his way into me, but forced myself back onto Ricardo's ass to distract myself from the pain. Sammy muttered, "Oh man, this fag's got a tight ass. I won't last long."

Pretty soon, the Puerto Rican stud got all the way in and started working his way in and out, finally giving my prostate the stimulation I loved. Ricardo pushed me off of his ass, "Finish me off, fuckin' suck my cock." I took his slick cock back into my mouth as Sammy fucked me harder from behind. I tightened my lips and sucked Ricardo as hard as I could hoping I could make both of them cum at the same time. With only one hand propping me up, I stroked my own hard cock in pace with Sammy’s thrusts. Sweat was rolling down his smooth body now and I felt some of drop onto my back as he leaned over me with every thrust.

"Fuck yeah!," Ricardo cried, "I'm gonna cum!" The hot basketball player grabbed my head with both hands and pushed me as deep as he could into this sweaty pubes as his nuts contracted and shot their seed deep into my throat. I swallowed as much as I could, but a little cum still slipped out of my mouth and onto his balls and pubes. That did it for me too as I felt my load shoot all over the concrete floor of the locker room. As the pleasure cascaded over my body, I tightened my ass around Sammy’s driving dick. "Oh, that's it," he groaned, still pounding in and out of my ass, "I'm gonna give you my cum, bitch. You want it?" I pulled off of Ricardo's softening cock, "Fuck yeah!" With an animalistic grunt, he pressed deep into my ass and unloaded his seed into me. I don't know how many spurts of cum he deposited into me, but it felt like he kept shooting for an eternity. "Oh fuck," I moaned, as we started to unwind, "that was so hot."

Sammy pulled himself out of me with popping sound, "Sure as hell was - good for you, Ricardo?" Ricardo put his hands behind his head again and just gave a satisfied smile. Well, they left together after taking a shower and I cleaned up and went home. Unfortunately they told some of the other guys and I got jumped one night after school and ended up quitting the team. I don’t regret it, though, it is still one of my best sexual memories ever. I ran into Sammy about a year after graduating and he still looked hot. We had a couple of beers and got around to talking about what had happened. He admitted that he was bi but mostly liked women. Then one thing lead to another and I let him fuck me again that night. He has a girlfriend now but every once in a while I will hear a knock at the door late at night and it’s Sammy wanting a piece of ass, which I willingly give him.

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