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In certain circles, it would seem that when one hears the word “Trinity” a mental picture of biblical teachings would come to mind. In others, it would bring up visions of Carrie-Anne Moss fighting “Agent Smith” or even Jessica Biel battling Count Dracula.

In this day and age it would seem that biblical teachings have some what taken the back seat for most people, for various reasons, especially when it comes to “Trinity”. I for one have definitely experienced a single situation where forever more “Trinity” has taken on a new meaning. Although it wasn’t of a biblical sense it was definitely of biblical proportions.

The date was Friday, July 2, 1993. I was a Staff Sergeant in the United States Army’s Combat Intelligence Community. I had recently returned from a lengthy tour of duty in an insignificant country named Somalia on the east coast of Africa. My combat unit was given an R&R so we all decided that we were going to spend the 4th of July weekend at our Command’s Headquarters Ft Belvoir, Virginia

After arriving at the Air Field, we went towards Alexandria on US 1 and got our rooms at the Best Western/ Mount Vernon. It was a nice enough hotel but definitely a little too pricey for mere soldiers. To off set the cost, I decided to go to the NCO Club and make me a little money. There was always a soldier or two that was more than willing to bet on races, pool, foos- ball, or even Darts. It just so happened that I am “Better than the Average Bear” at a good game of Cricket or 301.

Now up until I was reassigned to the 501st (Korea), I was assigned to the Command Headquarters right here at Ft Belvoir for nearly 3 years. In that time I had the opportunity to hone my skills in the fine art of “Darts”. I eventually joined W.A.D.A. (Washington Area Darts Association) and competed in the Metropolitan area. So needless to say, I could hold my own.

As I walked into the NCO Club, I went to the bar and started looking for my “mark”. In a matter of minutes I found him. In the corner of the room along the wall were 6 dart boards. On the board farthest to the right, there were two soldiers playing cricket. I watched a few games as I sipped my Coors Light. It was obvious who the better of the two players was.

I went over and put up my money and waited my turn to join the game. As I sat on the small bar stool, watching the game, someone touched my shoulder. Turning around, I saw the most angelic beauty I have ever had the distinct pleasure of meeting.

I couldn’t help but stare at her hypnotizing “greenish” eyes and mystical smile with her full lips.

It took a few minutes before I realized that she was speaking, “Excuse me but can I have my seat back?” I was mesmerized. I jumped up out of the seat and gave it back to her.

I stood behind where she was sitting and could easily see those hip hugger jeans wrapped around her hips. I could see that she had a tribal style tattoo on her lower back resting just above the pink string of her thong. Her thong matched her lacey pink tank top. I could only imagine that her bra completed the set. Her hair was long and appeared silky smooth. As time went on, it was obvious that the arrogant prick that was monopolizing this particular dart board was with this angel.

Every time he needed a beer he would “tell” her to go get it like she was his servant or something. Being the pervert that I am, I positioned myself where I knew she would be passing to and from the bar. The place was crowded so every time she passed, we got “rather close”. During one of her trips, I overheard him tell his friends that they needed to get them a “beer bitch” like him.

On one of her trips to the bar, she passed so close to me that her ass rubbed up against my leg. I could smell the sweet scent of the Vanilla lotion she had obviously worn. Although I don’t think the rubbing was intentional, this is the only reason why I like being in crowded bars.

After one of her many “beer runs”, her “man”… “boyfriend”… “date”… (whatever he was) began to yell at her because it took her too long to return. I think to myself, “Shit mutha fucka the place is fuckin’ packed you prick”. Seeing my opportunity, I went up to him and diverted his attention.

“Hey we gonna play a game or what?” Well that didn’t exactly divert his attention. So I flashed 50 bucks in between the two of them.

“Are we going to play Cricket or you gonna stand here and belittle your beer bitch?” In most realms of night life that would be construed as “fighting words” but when it comes to soldiers, most of us like money far too much to fight over stupid shit. Unfortunately for me, she didn’t take my comment too lightly. Although I didn’t personally think of her this way, I had to get his attention. She flashed me a pair of eyes that if they were guns, she would have cut me down like a “skinny” (how we referred to our Somali enemy soldiers). Well, needless to say, I knew then and there that whoever this gorgeous woman was, I definitely destroyed any chances I may have ever had with her.

He took the money and handed it to this goddess of the night and we went to play. As we turned toward the board, I looked back at her and I could tell she was both humiliated and pissed. It was going to be a pleasure taking this prick for all I could. I acted like I was upset when I lost the first few games each for 50 bucks. Having a little bit of experience in the racket, I lost by a very small margin so I can keep him baited. I let him win a few then I won one then I let him win a few more. When I was in for $250.00, it was time to tug on the line. “Double or nothing”, I said seemingly angry. Seeing his opportunity to walk away with a cool $500.00 he bit.

Needless to say, I got him “Hook, line, and sinker.”

As I left the club later that night with hotel and weekend money in my pocket, I heard someone in the back of the parking lot yelling. There was a woman’s voice and a man’s. Lucky for me that was where I parked my rental and quickly found the source.

As I approached, I saw the two shadows near a set of shrubs moving somewhat erratically. The closer I got the more I understood what was going on. It would appear as though they were fighting. I heard the female loudly tell the guy to “get his fucking hands off her” and things of that nature. Then I heard a loud “Thump” and one of the two flew back into one of the cars then hit the ground.

All I could think was, “That son of a bitch hit her”. I rushed over and what I saw both shocked and excited me. The arrogant prick that I played for a fool was face down on the ground out like a fucking light.

Standing over his motionless body was the one who he referred to earlier as his “beer bitch”. All I could do was look on in amazement and laugh. She knocked him the fuck out. This was definitely my kind of woman.

Brushing her hair out of her face, she looked up at me and asked, “You got a car?”

“Yeah, your boyfriend just put a fuckin’ dent in it with his hard fucking head”

Looking at my rental car she simply replied, “Sorry about that. I’ll pay for any damages if you want.”

“Hey no worries, it’s a rental”.

“You’re the guy from earlier, the one that took him for 500 bucks.”

“Well a man has to earn his way ion the world”.

“Soldier, would it be out of line for me to ask for a ride?”

I was speechless. She was obviously still pissed. After I checked to make sure he was alive, we got into my car and left. On the way out of the parking lot, I saw a Military Policeman in a vacant parking lot down the street. We drove adjacent to his car and told him that there was a “sloppy drunk passed out cold” in the parking lot of the NCO Club.

We followed him back to the parking lot and pointed out the “Drunk”. We both denied knowing him and under the circumstances, he was arrested for public intoxication.

Once it was all said and done we left.

After a few moments of silence she spoke said, “By the way, my name is Trinity nice to meet you and thanks for the ride.”

She explained that she was a civilian employee working at a research facility located on Fort Belvoir itself. The asshole was a “Butter Bar” Second Lieutenant right out of UCLA. They had only been dating for about 2 months or so and he already thought he owned her. She told me that she was pissed because of the way he was treating her in the club. What started the argument was when a friend of his told her how he was the one telling everyone that she was his “Beer Bitch”.

All I could think of was that I was off the hook.

It was decided that I would drive her to her apartment in Woodbridge not far south on US 1. Once we arrived in Woodbridge, I turned onto Gordon Blvd then onto Tyler Circle.

We sat in the car for a few minutes outside of her townhouse before she offered me a night cap. It wasn’t too often that I refused a drink with a beautiful woman at her place so I eagerly agreed.

After a few drinks, Trinity asked if I would like to sleep on the couch. She and I went into her room to get me some bedding for my couch. Following her, I had the perfect view of that luscious ass. The waist band of her “hip huggers” barely covered those juicy round ass cheeks. Oh my god how I wanted to squeeze that ass. I imagined myself holding onto those hips and driving my dick deep into her pussy with a full view of that tattoo. Oh how I wanted to watch my hips bounce off that ass. The sheer thought of it sent small electrical impulses into my groin. I could feel myself growing.

After we entered her room, she turned around and noticed my growing manhood. Without hesitation, she kissed me long and deep pressing her body into mine. I was in awe but wasn’t about to pass up the opportunity. It isn’t often that I find myself in this type of unique position. I wasn’t about to let this one pass. How many times does a man find himself in this type of position anyway? You read about this sort of thing a lot but shit like this just didn’t happen to me. I am a reasonably good looking guy. I date but I am a career soldier and career soldiers just don’t have the time to settle down. This puts a damper on most relationships. The military puts it this way, “If the Army wanted you to have a wife, they would have issued you one”

Maintaining the ever growing lustful kiss, I pushed her onto the king sized bed and positioned myself on her side still embraced in the lustful kiss. I know this was wrong of me taking advantage of an obviously distraught woman but what the hell she was fuckin hot.

We continued to kiss and caress each others bodies. It was obvious that she wanted this as much as I did. Totally unadulterated sex. What a woman.

She rolled me onto my back and mounted my hips. Sitting up on my crotch she broke the kiss and sat up. She removed her tank top and her pink lacey bra. She then ripped my shirt open. There were buttons flying like shrapnel. Rubbing my muscular chest, she began to gyrate her hips into my ever hardening cock. As we started getting hotter, she buried her French manicured fingernails into my chest. The feeling was both pleasure and pain.

She obviously felt as though she needed to defend her actions because continuing to gyrate, she leaned over and whispered into my ear. “I don’t usually do this. But I really need you.” I tried to reply but she just planted another kiss on me to end all kisses. As our tongues danced, our breathing became nearly uncontrollable.

As we continued to kiss, she continued her gyrating. I traced the sides of her hard body from her shoulders to her hips. I then moved my arms around her body and rolled her over. Once she landed on her back she spread her legs open and wrapped them around my hips. I moved my lower body into her and we began moving our bodies in unison. She moved her hands from my waist to my back and continued to claw me with her nails.

My kisses went from her luscious lips to her neck line. I then traced her neck down to her collarbone. I could still smell the soft sweet scent of her Vanilla lotion as I slowly moved to her breasts. I moved my body off of Trinity as I licked and sucked on her pert nipples. Holding myself up with my right arm, I used my left hand to gently squeeze and massage her breasts while I continued to manipulate her nipples with my mouth.

After working over both of her breasts in equal fashion, I moved my left hand down her flat stomach. Momentarily stopping at the top of her waist band, I started to kiss down her mid-section to her naval.

I gently sucked on her belly ring while methodically moving my left hand over her crotch. The more I rubbed her crotch, the more Trinity began to moan in ecstasy.

It was obvious to me that she was as hot as I was. After several moments of teasing her, I replaced my hand with my mouth. Pressing my mouth into her crotch, I could feel the heat emitting through the denim. Without leaving her crotch, I moved off of the bed.

Pulling her by the hips, I moved her closer to the edge of the mattress. I then placed my arms under her legs then reached up for her perfectly shaped “C” cup breasts. This automatically positioned her knees over my shoulders. It was apparent that my simultaneously massaging both breasts and working over her crotch with my mouth was doing the trick. Her moans became louder and louder. I could tell that she was reaching a highpoint when she placed her hands on my head and pulled me into her crotch. Now I had become her “plaything” as she worked her crotch with my face.

After continually pinching and slightly pulling on her erect nipples, I moved my hands to the buttons that stood in the way of my mouth and her nether region. Without moving my mouth away from the warmth of her crotch, I slowly unfastened the three buttons on her hip huggers.

Once unfastened, I opened the “fly” portion and moved my mouth onto her pink thong panties. While still manipulating the front of her thong covered crotch, I removed her jeans from around her hips. Trinity lifted her legs over my head and we both pulled her jeans over her hips onto her thighs. Once they passed her knees, I left her to finish while I spread her knees again and dove into her snatch. I could taste her juices that were soaked into her panties. Moving her thong aside, I received my first taste of her juices as I slipped my tongue straight into her vagina.

Apparently I wasn’t the only one who enjoyed this because Trinity had already removed her jeans and had her legs spread wide, thus inviting me to achieve full and unrestricted access. It was amazing to me the amount of juices Trinity had available. As I moved my mouth over to her clit, I inserted two fingers into her now very well lubricated hole. Before long Trinity was pulling my face into her crotch once again and crying out in an erotic tone. I inserted a third then a fourth finger and she could hardly stand the eroticism. She began to buck wildly and came all over my mouth.

The harder she came the harder and faster I manipulated her love nest. As she continued to come, she wrapped her legs around my head thus locking my face into her crotch. It seemed like hours before her orgasmic convulsions subsided. After she completed her orgasm, she sat up on the bed and pulled me up there with her.

Without even saying another word, she kissed me and drove her tongue into my throat. She moved me onto my back and wrapped her legs over my hips. Trinity straddled me and guided my rather large penis deep into her tunnel. She broke the kiss and sat on top of me gyrating again. As she was riding my cock, she began simultaneously massaging one of her breasts and her clitoris. It wasn’t long before she was coming again. I exploded deep inside her at the same time she was having her second orgasm. The timing was impeccable. It couldn’t have been planned any better than this.

If ever there was a night that went down in my annals of history, this would have to be it. Before long it was apparent that although the night may have been nearly over, the weekend had only just begun.



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OK, I've read all of your great stories, Please continue. I'll be checking daily. Thanks


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